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    I just checked, I was right, yay! It's right after Bones says "Shut up, Spock, we're trying to rescue you!" I'm so proud of myself. Yep, she's one of us alright. Poor kid. Yep. Sigh.
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    I'm so happy when I find a forum like this ! I think I'm crazy, yes, and I really like to come here 😂 It's fun to be crazy!!!😁 Glad my avatar is such a source of discussion 😁
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    But -- didn't we decide that wasn't really John? It was his evil twin Pierre?
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    Hey, watch it! This isn't the kinky forum!
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    @Jen, you see what happens here? We are sleuthing over your avatar with deep analysis and discussions. This is our nutty world when we run out of Sherlock episodes to discuss, although I wonder why we haven't cracked the 247 (237?) types of tobacco's ash. Geez guys, slackers! It seems like you are as nuts though, the fact that you haven't run away screaming tells me that. Thank you!! I've been looking for someone to validate me on that, but everyone else told me to network for my advantage (pssst, including Carol), but I worry it would make me unlove doing what I love (excuses!). My wallet disagrees strongly with me, sigh.. This world belongs to extrovert people, at least the wealth, so it seems to me.
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    I had leather short boot before, not sure how authentic it was, it's okay but I wouldn't say they are suitable in most situation, definitely not for rough terrains (even city ones like rubbles etc) or for running, I also think my other shoes are way more comfortable, but that's me. I prefer anything that bend together with my joints. Comfortable motorcycle wears, actually a lot of things are comfortable, when you are on the go. It's windy, breezy and sometimes cold. Under the sun, you's hope to have enough protection otherwise you could feel the body hairs start to curl. Under the rain, raindrops are very painful to the chest and some extreme would reduce visibility to close to zero. In both scenarios, it's good to be properly protected but it also requires different kind of protection. For me, still nothing leather. Hot weather is very unbearable during a stop in traffic or heavy traffic, it's sauna inside! I felt trapped in my outer wear, and leather would be crazy idea for that. In rain, ahem, what is the collection point of rainwater for motorcycle riders?? Take a wild guess! It's.. the crotch! So we would need a good wearable raincoat that is big enough to put over the regular wear. Raincoat is waterproof, equal bloody hot inside again, another sauna. And to the topic, why politicians never consider leather 😆. They mostly sit inside aircon room, no? It's probably more comfortable than suits? Well, Mycroft?? Imagine him and Lady Smallwood in leather!
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    Please explain this one? And this is dramatidog!
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    I'll watch the end of "The empty hearse" again, I'll tell you if you're right 😅
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    Isn't it odd how positively you can respond to somebody you've never met? He seemed like such a truly decent fellow.
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    Yes. But how is that less of a nightmare???
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