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    This dog has obviously watched "The Lying Detective" once too often....
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    I get the impression Moffat thinks the same way about them, judging from a couple of plots he's mentioned toying with. Seems like they always end up with Irene stealing Sherlock's clothes but that's about as close to physical as it gets.
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    There's this amazing invention called the internet. Oh, wait.... 😛 Seriously, just type "funny animal pictures" into your browser. Enjoy!
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    we are therefore several detectives wannabe, but we still haven't found the answer to our question 😂
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    It's even funnier if you've seen Series 4.
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    I bet the same thing happens to Sherlock all the time -- they just don't make episodes about it. Never!
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    Yes, that might help! Maybe it contains other clues.
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    There was a motion picture, but it was very fast, Sherlock was smiling, I can't remember anything else. I'll try to find this video!!
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    Er, I hate to burst your bubble, but I meant I was quoting Bones from memory. I had, in fact, watched the end of the episode to confirm I had the right one. But during the few seconds it took to switch from YouTube back to this forum, I'd already forgotten the exact dialog. Hey, I figured I was doing pretty good just to remember the right episode!
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    I do think the fact that sex or sexual desire is not part of a relationship should not lessen the value of that connection or make anyone take it less seriously. But the opposite is true as well, imho. I don't consider anyone's love less beautiful just because they also want to bang the person they're in love with. With Sherlock and Irene, my personal impression is that they do have a lot of sexual tension but I can't really imagine them meeting up just to have sex, I think they'd both find that way too boring. My headcanon is that they have a standing affair where they play intricate, dangerous games with more or less overt sexual undertones but hardly ever touch each other. As for John, there's zero evidence on screen for me that he's into Sherlock sexually and I take his word for it that he's not gay. And I still see his and Sherlock's as a love story and one of my favorite love stories too. If some fans think it would be a better story if the boys went to bed with each other, that's fine with me, and I feel sorry for them that they were perhaps disappointed. But just for myself, I'm perfectly happy with the way things turned out.
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