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    But @Artemis, you never told us why do you want to know! Meanwhile, I hope they don't risk their lives with capes because they don't even wear mask the proper way!
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    Absolutely. Especially after Trump's rhetoric became "fancy". All the neo-nazi-zombies crawled out of their holes feeling validated at last, happily adapting all possible conspiracy theories, with T as the saviour of our world. Poland's ruling party had it's head so deep in T's a** that they didn't see the light anymore. They seriously wanted to take the troops moved from Germany and build a big, new, beautiful military base called Fort Trump. I'm really curious what the current theocratic government will do now. The whole country is torn between two factions which seem to remind those in the USA, AFAIK. PS: To me it didn't look like a demonstration that went out of control (and as I mentioned, I was watching the whole thing almost in the real time). Why there were hardly policemen at site, even though EVERYBODY knew the mob would appear, wearing guns and looking for trouble. Why the mob was let in? Where was the Nat. Guard - during BLM protests they were called long before anything happened. Why it took so long to send out the orders calling them?
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    Happy new year everyone!! With a lot of delay 😅
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    You expect the cat to be responsible for what that tail is doing? Don't you realize that tails are autonomous creatures that follow cats around, causing trouble that people like you blame the cat for?
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    This brings back so many memories. I love this piece too, it always brings a lot of feels, the music and the scenes using it. I still have Sherlock's ringtones, like you, I think music in Sherlock contributes a looot to the series. And the blessing and a curse of having Sherlock's ringtone as introvert, I use it as excuse to ignore calls to listen to the full song.
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    Cats are jerks. Trust me, Dog person
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    Everything that happens in Europe is more or less a reaction on what happens in the USA. It is hard to compare the political systems and names, the most of the EU have numerous parties, the bigger ones have a representation in parliaments - and "liberal" means something else here. I don't see a political shift to left, but a very strong shift to right. We have Neo-Nazis walking streets and waving flags, politicians threatened and one of them killed. They might not become more right, but surely more visible and present in the politics, while the "left" presents ideas that are not left at all.
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    I really like the music of the show. I like " The woman", "Blood on the pavement", "Sherlocked"... But I think that my favorite one is : What a beautiful sound!! The beginning of the music is epic, and then it gets sad. This is beautiful!!! 💗
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    The only hope is that he's disappointed his base by not showing up at the Capitol and (even iv half-heartedly) condemning the violence. Maybe also other of his supporters could jump off, as soon as they realized they could not make money or increase their influence with him any more. Or if they stop fearing his revenge. I've had an impression that as soon as Biden won, the EU stopped to treat anything he did or said as relevant. Maybe he stopped being THAT relevant in the US too. It's interesting times, sigh.
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    As far as I understood, the idea is to prevent him from running for office again. As for the majority, it seems unlikely to me too but who knows. We'll see... Even if the whole thing goes through, I am far from optimistic though. First of all, like Arcadia pointed out earlier, there's still nothing stopping him from influencing public opinion and future political movements through social and other media, and besides, even if he disappeared completely, the people who gave him power in the first place wouldn't. As for the loss of compromise and nuanced discussion, imho that became next to impossible when people stopped agreeing on basic facts and began to live in at least two completely separate realities. You need some kind of common ground after all. Also, the extreme ends of the spectrum seem to be getting louder and louder and I think we all have a point beyond which we aren't willing to go.
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    My personal unqualified impression is that Trump and his presidency are mostly symptoms of much greater and deeper-rooted problems than causes of such. So unfortunately, even if he retired from politics and the public life completely, the people who gave him power will simply find the next leader to follow and the next movement to join.
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    I think you put it very well, VBS. I'm actually almost teary-eyed. For myself, I guess I have to admit that I don't believe certain beliefs ... white supremacy and male grievance, to name a couple ... deserve representation. Counseling, yes. But not an advocate. And I also believe that many -- too many -- in Trump's base are NOT careful, thoughtful people. There's a lot of anger, resentment and desire for revenge bubbling around in there. I say this, because I know some of them. They are not prone to dispassionate analysis of his words. And the words of a president carry more weight than those of John Doe down the street. I remember how often the right made fun of Obama's very careful manner of speaking ... and it could indeed take him a long time to say something ... but I think Obama was acutely conscious of the potential for inflaming passions with words. Trump is too, but in a different way ... he doesn't give a damn about the results of his rhetoric as long as it feeds his monstrous ego. Whatever happens to anyone else is of no concern to him. I could go on (indefinitely!) but basically I feel the leader of any country should be held to a higher standard of behavior than most people. And in that regard, Trump has failed miserably, over and over, since the moment he was elected. What I don't understand is why he wasn't impeached after his first month in office ... it was abundantly clear even then that he was neither suited to public service, nor capable of growing into his role. *sigh* I think the impeachment process is confusing to everyone, (even those in congress!) but as I understand it, the end game is to prevent Trump from ever running for office again. Which is nice, but frankly I'm far more terrified that he will start his own media empire and continue to foul the world with his lies and bombast. Oh well, I guess that will happen anyway, whether or not Trump is on the loose ... the genie's out of the bottle. Maybe it's useful to have a public face to tie it to. I don't know, I just know I wish he would cease to exist.
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    Evidently! Although this one didn't get it quite right....
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    I'm finding it very hard to tell if people are smiling behind their masks. I find myself grinning extra big, in hopes it will, in fact, travel to my eyes. And yes, I know that sentence was horribly constructed.
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    Me too -- relieved to know I'm not the only one! But I figure -- as you went on to mention -- that the act of smiling also makes one's eyes crinkle, and they *can* see that (unless I'm wearing my sunglasses, of course).
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