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    Artemis, regarding your coat decision: Have you ever seen a book called Color Me Beautiful? [Link] I've found it very helpful. The basic idea is, you can't really generalize (e.g., redheads shouldn't wear pink) because colors are such a subtle, individual sort of thing. Most of us know what our best and worst colors are, even though they may not be our favorite colors. If you're interested, I can tell you how to test yourself -- here if anyone else is interested, or via private message otherwise. My hair is reverting to what it was when I was little. I was what they call a "towhead" (where "tow" is another word for flax), meaning my hair was a very pale blond. It gradually got darker, till it was what the dye boxes call "dark blond" (because it wasn't brown, exactly, it was still the same color, just darker). They say that "gray" or "silver" or "white" hair is actually still the same color it always was, it's just got so many tiny bubbles in it that it looks paler. I do notice that when my hair's wet it looks pretty much the same as it did a few years ago. But when it's dry, the part around my face is a very, very pale blond. Call it silver if you like!
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