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    I stuck here because I find other 'different' people here. Eventhough we are unique, just like everyone else here 😋, we are not so alone after all.
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    Tsk Carol, you seeeee, but you don't observe.
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    People have colours? Just wear what you want, guys.
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    Absolutely. Especially after Trump's rhetoric became "fancy". All the neo-nazi-zombies crawled out of their holes feeling validated at last, happily adapting all possible conspiracy theories, with T as the saviour of our world. Poland's ruling party had it's head so deep in T's a** that they didn't see the light anymore. They seriously wanted to take the troops moved from Germany and build a big, new, beautiful military base called Fort Trump. I'm really curious what the current theocratic government will do now. The whole country is torn between two factions which seem to remind those in the USA, AFAIK. PS: To me it didn't look like a demonstration that went out of control (and as I mentioned, I was watching the whole thing almost in the real time). Why there were hardly policemen at site, even though EVERYBODY knew the mob would appear, wearing guns and looking for trouble. Why the mob was let in? Where was the Nat. Guard - during BLM protests they were called long before anything happened. Why it took so long to send out the orders calling them?
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    Some of them are quite well done, imo: And he's a good sport about it too, his store already has a "Chairman Sanders" sweater, with all proceeds going to Meels on Wheels Vermont. Honorable mention:
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    I find those memes hilarious, here is a link with some of the memes https://amp.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/30-best-bernie-sitting-at-inauguration-memes-storming-the-internet/86556582/
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    On a lighter note: What seems to be the most memorable thing from the inauguration is the photo of Bernie Sanders. The memes are taking over the world.
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    Oh, I bet this one is of a Zoom meeting with the boss.
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    I can't see it. The Capitol police wear black, is it one of them? Did anyone watch the inaugural? I expected to be bored, but I actually found it quite moving, instead. It was ... dignified. Something that's been sorely lacking for the last four years. My friend, who normally doesn't show any interest in politics, suddenly announced that she felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Aye to that. I hope the feeling lasts.
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    I believe I had shared story that I had plenty, plenty of silver hairs during teenager year (it's more shiny and silverish, not greyish, are they the same?). It affected my self-confidence because some meanies boys made fun of that. Other than that, I think I don't have feminine hands, I have big legs, I have high forehead, all those things made me self aware but I have come to know that my hands are fine, my strong legs are not meant for catwalk but proven to be precious assets in sports and nutty activities that I love, and high forehead means intelligence (said mom who has even higher forehead 😋) In my uni years, I got even more silver hairs but I had learned to embrace it, in fact, a good friend liked to braid it together for me (they are kind of scattered but she managed) and it actually looked special (I insist!). Then I lost them during my adult years, they actually turn back into my actual hair color (very dark brown), it's like reversed aging for hair, I have no idea what happened or noticed when it actually happened. Now I have normal hair age, I think, got silvery sprouts here and there but not allocated like yours. Actually, those 'can't', why can't, I mean, how reliable stylish are these people who commented on that? I wore quite a lot of brighter colors back then, now I stick to dark and neutral colors like black, white, army, navy, brown and beige, or jeans when I wear one. But I don't remember thinking whether those bright colors suit me or not, yah, I'm not the best person to ask about style anyway, but I remember developing something in my head; that if I feel confident that day, somehow I think it projects out and raises the level of attractiveness because confidence affect comfort and we are more free to express our energy and 'charm' instead of worrying about appearance. But what I know, maybe I appear as more cheerful than usual so it could annoying on my confident days, but I am those selfish person who doesn't care what they think as long as I feel good. I had spent too much energy to worry about those people when I was young. P.S. I thought black and white suit everyone, I am serious. Noone looks bad in them?
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    Jen, you might have a look at our other thread https://www.sherlockforum.com/forum/topic/2543-myers-briggs-personality-types-and-quiz/?tab=comments#comment-37997 and maybe also take the test.
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    I'm not an expert, but if you feel different, maybe you really are an introvert. A lot of people think an introvert is the same as a shy person. Some introverts are shy, but some are not. Being an introvert means approximately this: Even if you sometimes enjoy being with other people, you may need some time alone afterwards. Also, you may prefer to visit with just one person or a few people, rather than with a group. Also, you often enjoy doing things by yourself. Then again, maybe you're an individualist. The world needs individualists! Otherwise everybody would be just alike, and the world would be very boring. It doesn't sound like you're pretending to be different, it's just the way you really are. As long as you're politely doing what makes sense to you, I think that's great. I used to try to "fit in," but I was never very good at it, so I gradually started doing what I thought made sense instead. I'm a lot more relaxed now!
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    I've been grey for years... I looked distinguished. Ha!
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    I just got word from my employer yesterday that we will have the opportunity to sign up for the vaccine next week.
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    Happy new year everyone!! With a lot of delay 😅
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    You expect the cat to be responsible for what that tail is doing? Don't you realize that tails are autonomous creatures that follow cats around, causing trouble that people like you blame the cat for?
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    Cats are jerks. Trust me, Dog person
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    The only hope is that he's disappointed his base by not showing up at the Capitol and (even iv half-heartedly) condemning the violence. Maybe also other of his supporters could jump off, as soon as they realized they could not make money or increase their influence with him any more. Or if they stop fearing his revenge. I've had an impression that as soon as Biden won, the EU stopped to treat anything he did or said as relevant. Maybe he stopped being THAT relevant in the US too. It's interesting times, sigh.
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    As far as I understood, the idea is to prevent him from running for office again. As for the majority, it seems unlikely to me too but who knows. We'll see... Even if the whole thing goes through, I am far from optimistic though. First of all, like Arcadia pointed out earlier, there's still nothing stopping him from influencing public opinion and future political movements through social and other media, and besides, even if he disappeared completely, the people who gave him power in the first place wouldn't. As for the loss of compromise and nuanced discussion, imho that became next to impossible when people stopped agreeing on basic facts and began to live in at least two completely separate realities. You need some kind of common ground after all. Also, the extreme ends of the spectrum seem to be getting louder and louder and I think we all have a point beyond which we aren't willing to go.
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    How should they react? Accept the unacceptable? Pence didn't want to invoke 25. Amendment. What else could they do to show their stance? Remember what the subject of Impeachment was in Clinton's case? If they get him impeached, he cannot run for 2024. He would lost his salaries and other costly privileges. As for the majority: I'm not so sure any more. Once Trump got irrelevant, many of the Reps might change their minds to save their faces, like those who "realized" the coup "was too much" for them. Also - it might be the matter of how massively they are threatened by their own electorate and how they react to it.
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    I feel the same way (only the other way round, of course). I hate politics, so I originally created this thread specifically so I would know where the political discussions were and could readily avoid them! But then I happened to notice that the "discussions" weren't really discussions -- there was basically only one point of view being represented here. It occurred to me that this could very easily discourage new members from joining unless they happened to be on that side of politics -- which is ridiculous for a forum about a television show! So I took a deep breath and spoke up. I'm neither a liberal nor a conservative, but I live among conservatives and agree with them on certain issues, so I've been doing the best I can to represent the other side. I do not expect everyone to agree here!!! (Hell has not yet frozen over.) But at least things have been less one-sided lately, and there have been some actual discussions. As for your points regarding Mr. Trump, I understand what you're saying and agree to some extent. I think he's made some very poor decisions. But I think the Democrats are going WAY overboard in response, which is why I'm disagreeing with some of what you say. I agree, he merely tapped into a segment of the population that had been feeling increasingly marginalized. I think the root of the problem is the growing polarization in the US (perhaps in the world at large). Used to be, Republicans and Democrats agreed on a good many things, and when they didn't agree they could often discuss their differences and work out a solution acceptable to both. Nowadays there seems to be very little effort to communicate, and a large amount of energy spent on vilifying the other party. The media have become polarized as well. My theory is that this started with the fall of the Soviet Union. Republicans and Democrats no longer had a common external enemy to focus on, so they started seeing each other as the enemy. This has also led to each party making its positions more extreme. And even when there's basic agreement on what needs to be done, the other party is vilified because they favor that action "for the wrong reason." Another theory (from a sociology professor) is that the internet has caused the polarization, and this also seems plausible. (Perhaps both are contributing factors). People have always tended to associate mostly with those they are in basic agreement with. But in real life someone who agrees with you on one thing is likely to disagree with you on something else, whereas the internet has so many forums, chat rooms, etc., that a person with just about any point of view can find a place where just about everybody agrees with them on virtually everything. Plus Google does its best to show them only things that they'll agree with. So there are apparently an awful lot of people who rarely encounter disagreement in their personal life. Thus when they see people in the news who disagree with them in any significant way, it comes as a major shock that such horrible people could exist.
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    My personal unqualified impression is that Trump and his presidency are mostly symptoms of much greater and deeper-rooted problems than causes of such. So unfortunately, even if he retired from politics and the public life completely, the people who gave him power will simply find the next leader to follow and the next movement to join.
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    I agree, more golden than ashen. Of course it also depends on the lighting. If that photo was on a box of hair dye, though, the results on one's own hair could be just about anything. (Voice of experience here. I once went for a nice subtle auburn and got flaming red.)
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    It's been a bad day. Nothing's gone right, but mainly, it's my dog Cooper. ^ This illness, which turned out to be leaky gut, is finally taking a turn for the worse. The severity of it has fluctuated in cycles, usually flaring in the fall and clearing up somewhat in the spring. But he's never been this bad before. Last night he was whimpering all night because of how uncomfortable he was. He doesn't want to move or eat. He has runny, uncontrollable diarrhea. He's pretty miserable. There's no cure for his illness, the symptoms can only be alleviated with medication. But eventually the medication stops helping (if it doesn't lead to kidney failure first), and that seems to be what's happening now. The vet gave him another med that should improve his condition in the short-term, but it runs out in a week. If it doesn't help, or if it does but his illness cycles around again later with this severity, he will probably have to be put down.
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    I don't consider myself as an introvert. But I'm very different from other people, in many dimensions... For a many long time, I was asked to make an effort to be like everyone else. I'm think it's really stupid, but I suffer because I feel unloved. So I, believing that it would please the people I love, I tried to make an effort. Today, I criticized for making efforts!!! They've asked me to make efforts in order to be accepted, and I find it quite unfair that they have come here today to reproach me... I just feel so different from everyone else here 😫
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