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    Never! Incidentally, I think I can beat the fanfiction thing... On another forum, we used to have a thread where we shared our dreams about Sherlock(maybe we do on here!). I once saw one of my dreams in someone's fan fiction...
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    Weird. I swear I posted something here yesterday. Hope it wasn't in wrong thread. Oh well, here is sneaky sneaky peeping dog again.
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    You know, that's how I felt back then. Then I start to use it as mockery, eventually I find it endearing and actually using it 😋. So beware it could happen to you too.
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    Ah, a fanfic based on my fanfic. The highest form of flattery for a fanfic author, lol.
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    Yes! I even save under multiple names on different progresses when playing game. Because sometimes the enemies sneak out behind me and I was so startled that I press quicksave instead of quickload and end up dead! Or I accidentally kill or destroy something I am not supposed to and make me fail the mission! Or I trigger something that make a flood of enemies swarming the map while my team are standing in the open! You get what I mean rightttttt *Can you tell I have been playing lately..
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    The cat digs it (yes, it's obviously photoshop but who cares)
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    You mean I'm not the only one who does that?!
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    Or... this woman's Richard Brook could be real! She did it so brilliantly, it needs a Sherlock to solve a Sherlock competitor that is actually not a Sherlock's competitor at all, but a sophisticated con artist in order to ruin Sherl's life for a bit and get his attention. She is a fake after all, a very good fake, and the Sherl could experience humiliation and humbling experience, learns his lesson, only for him to become an even bigger detective with massive intellect at the end, not needing to spend another day needing to be polite *when it's not necessary and restore my 'I want to be like him when I grow up' faith again, ignoring the fact that I am way further that a grown up because that grow-up thing is supposed to be optional.
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    "WandaVision's Kat Dennings Wants Tom Hiddleston's Loki To Team Up With Darcy." "Do it for the Tumblr." I've been wanting to see this for years, I think it would be hilarious, lol. I hope they consider it.
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    Not to give wrong impression, I don't mind being criticized at all, feel free to do so, very aware of my own shortcoming. Just that particular past felt like personal attack that make me wonder if it's frown upon here (that UK plays a part too) because I would gladly leave without any hard feeling, all my life I try to never overstay my welcome. It's all well now. It must be a dilemma to be allergic but loves cats. Oh dear. As for masks, I have multiple cloth masks that I wash just like how I'd wash clothes. I tried to do whatever tricks someone told me, but almost burned them. Why don't you try one and see how it goes? I'd recommend washing them rightaway after using. Above that medical mask and N95 should provide better coverage with N95 being the higher end. Also, would it help if you change the kitty litter to sand type? The dust could be.. I don't know, more natural?
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    I don't even trust the floppy-disc icon on MS Word, I use "Save" from the drop-down menu to the left of it, because then I can see for sure that it heard me. Hey, if it was something I didn't really care about, why would I be creating a file for it in the first place?
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    Husband and I sure do. Had a bit of a "wtf?" reaction to the first few episodes, but it's shaping up nicely imo. And the actors are doing an amazing job.
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    You know the feeling that you have to do some things, and if they are not done, the burden stays in your head, but instead of doing them, you do something else like browsing the internet or play little game to calm your nerves or delay the inevitable? But eventually it has to be done Moffiss! Mycroft would be my best bet, but if Gatiss returns, there is no reason Mycroft won't be there. So not Mycroft. Molly and Lestrade??!! Because after all, Mrs.Hudson is just another plot device, she would be there!
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    If I see 'Sherl' one more time... I swear I will not be held responsible for my actions!
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    Noòooo, I supposed this is those extremely small apartments. I thought this setup only exists in movies, but it seems quite common. Since you ask..
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