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    No, if the size of the pool is around as far as we could see. Yes, if the pool is much bigger than shown in picture. No, if the pool is much bigger than shown in picture, but there are multiple other bears who do belly flops simultaneously.
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    Yes to this. No worries, in here, many times we disagree with others quite a bit but certainly welcome other's pov. It's been years and I still argue with Arcadia about Magnussen. Can you believe she said it's okay for him to pee in that fireplace?? (Wait.. no that? Oh okay, something about Sherlock killing him, but close enough. ) To me, a movie or a book should be able to explain themselves independently. There are times when I like movie adaptation because I have read the books and everything makes sense, but then I look back and imagining not knowing the book, and there are many many important things that are missing, characters that are misunderstood because the movie fails to deliver a stand alone and relying on audience's knowledge on books. Also, there are many many ways of interpretations, and if they come from various sources and multiple ways of thinking and views, and all considered, it could blur the presentation of that particular series. Sherlock is quite an unique example, as it comes from a source that exists since looong time ago, had been interpreted and recreated countless times across various platforms, style, each with their own. Now added with complication of internet culture and modern times, it could go to the spectrum between holistic and a mess. (Johnlock, cough) So, for me personally, I love to see it from BBC's Sherlock point of view at its own. And by itself, my point of Mary could actually be sum up as simple as this. Mary shoots her friend and lies to her husband to protect herself. It is so selfish in my eyes. Yes, she wants a happy life free of baggage, but how selfish it is to achieve that by sheltering her husband from the truth and shoots his friend, the one she knows very well whose(?) death devastates John. Now, the surgical stuff. Imo, noone could ever surely predict the physic and mental of another mortal being. And we were shown it's not a piece of cake for Sherlock to survive it, not at all. Even taking that chance is not right with me. Wait how come it's not simple, I thought I could explain that in one sentence. Oh well. Regardless how complicated Mary character and way of thinking, which I don't disagree, to me, she is selfish. You never harm a friend for your own purpose. (especially for something that doesn't last. Seriously, Sherlock is a proven well-known detective with Mycroft the british goverment as big brother. How many Magnussen she needs to kill to keep that secret?)
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    Haha I'd love to meet Expeller of Evil! NOOOoOOoOOO Bear NOOOOOOOOO Must be a very majestic belly flop.
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    That sounds like what I get sometimes when I'm badly stressed. It's called spastic colon. The best "treatment" I've found is whatever can calm my nerves, which depends on why they're frazzled at that particular time. So even if you don't know what specific thing is upsetting your dog's insides, it sounds like you're helping to calm him, whether with hugs or with occasional medication. I'm glad that you have each other.
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    And that's just addition! Wait until you get to long division, you'll be amazed at how much you'll long for a calculator....
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    Thanks for all comments. This is going to be long, though not too long, but I just want to clarify a few ideas. My point is not really to defend Mary and be biased. https://wellingtongoose.livejournal.com/28988.html has some interesting thoughts. I just want some people to see what she's like. For me she wants to let go of her past, be a mother to Rosie, a wife to John and work in a different setting. She's decided to move out of danger. However, her past catches up with her in the form of Ajay. There are reasons why she doesn't want to talk to John and Sherlock, but we're not told what they are. Gatiss said she wanted to kill CAM and shot Sherlock because she was vulnerable. When Sherlock enters the office she's scared and asks if John's with him. At the hospital she's frightened. If she wanted to murder him she could've done that easily without anyone noticinh this at the hospital. I understand why some viewers may be outraged. If we look at the script carefully, we can see why she did some things or why she said certain words. Mary investigates with Sherlock and John for a while. That's why I said that if Sherlock saw her as a threat he'd move her from John's path asking Mycroft to fake a car accident for example. This wellingtongoose user has some interesting thoughts about other issues as well, related to the series. S/he, though I think it's a woman, seems to be a voice of reason online amid all the hatred that's circling around. As for being grey I say it applies to Lady Smallwood more then to Molly. And the idea about Rosie is meant to be ironic, I think. I don't think Mary wanted to murder Sherlock. She wanted to kill Magnussen. Why? Listen to this. Have you read the original story? If not I'm revealing the ending, so make a decision to read more. Who shot CAM? A lady. Sherlock Holmes (not Sherlock, that's modern) knows her name, but doesn't reveal it to Inspector Lestrade. Why? Because he's protecting her. Don't we get a similar disussion between Lestrade and John? Now, why would Sherlock protect Mary? Because he knows she's not the equivalent of a killer employed by Bond's Blofeld. That's why earlier I made references to Poirot and glass shattering. Mycroft mentions the mirror in Sherlock's mind palace. Sherlock in his mind palace says the mirror is complete. When Sherlock enters the room he thinks it's Lady Smallwood on account of the perfume. Lady, see? In the story the woman who shot Millverton was respectable. We don't know if she was an aristocrat with a title, but she wasn't a tradesman's wife, from what I gathered. The issue concerned letters. Didn't Lady Smallwood's husband write something? That's my idea, didn't find anything to support my view online. In the BBC series it's Mary standing over Magnussen. That's a nice twist I think. Look at Mary's laugh when CAM tells Sherlock she'll kill them both. She knows who to kill, why and when. She wants to kill CAM, not Sherlock. Why? She has a conscience. That's why I said that Sherlock lures her to Leinster Gardens to ask her to fill the gaps and takes John with him. Why does he rush out of the hospital? To make deductions before getting both John and Mary to come and make up. However, he needs to Mary to complete his train of thought. That's why he says he'll take the case and smiles at the bewildered woman. He spends a lot of time at Leinster Gardens from what we know because Mycroft and quite a number of people serach for him. That's why I said he uses the facade bit and the police will find my body to get Mary to tell the facts. I compared that to Vivian and how the secretary is unlike Mary. I'm not saying I'm so intelligent. A number of people online claimed that when Sherlock shoots CAM fatally it's sexist because it's a lady who kills Millverton. I disagree with them. The modern Sherlock has flaws, sure like Mary at Leinster Gardens(my original question), but it's quite good. The thing is it requires analysis and it's easier to show hate online then think logically, using plain common sense or grey cells and ask others for opinions. Each episode is a mind blowing riddle, to be sure, well except the first one about the cabbie. You can disagree and I know that Mary's actions might be hard to swallow. Like I said I think she navigates between John and Sherlock more than Molly does. She's a distraction in my opinion and has been in the series for too long. I read online some say it's Mycroft. Not in my view. He gets a lot of screen time sure, but he's not a plot device. Remember that John's surprised that Mary says she likes Sherlock? Does that mean she's manipulative? She's not Eurus, who is a real threat, though a sister too. I also made a reference to the ending of The Sign of Four when Holmes tells Watson that the then Miss Morstan would be good at what they do. The whole concept of Sherlock Holmes novels and stories is based on an intellectual puzzle. Yes, I'm angry that Moffat fails to explain things in the series and Gatiss in interviews, but if you spend 3 months scouring the internet you may find some interesting things. Not being able to find what you're looking for can be irritating, but we have to live with this, I guess. Thanks for your patience. I felt I had to make a longer comment for clarification purposes after reading other remarks.
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    https://thenorwoodbuilder.tumblr.com/post/61994044448/sherlock-holmes-and-love-yes-youve-read I don’t know if there’s anything worthwhile here? The stories do touch on the subject of love but of course it’s other people’s love and Holmes comments are hardly in depth. He rarely lets the mask slip. The Three Garrideb’s one is probably the most famous. There’s also The Empty House where Holmes returns and meets Watson. I think Brett and Hardwick played it perfectly with Watson still feeling wounded that Holmes trusted Mycroft with his secret but not him. At least he didn’t punch him like Martin Freeman.🙂
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    Two years ago, my dog suddenly showed very strange behaviour. He would try to bite at something behind him (tail area? tummy?) He seemed very annoyed and restless. He would try to desperately to sit on my lap, as if want to disappear there, or hid in the corner, licking nervously at anything. It went so bad he would scream and cry as if in pain and unable to walk up just simple small height differences. He cried when I carried him up and down the car. We went to vet multiple times, multiple xray and found nothing. There were gas and stool, we even tried laxative and it only make him miserable and of course messy. Before this he had lighter symptoms like licking, sleepiness and no appetite but only a very short period. We did some organ tests as well, which is very expensive, and the vets couldn't find anything wrong. She suggested it could be OCD, something like when a dog has habit of chasing its tail, but I was very sure he was more likely trying to 'fix' something, maybe a pain. Other vet prescribed him a nerve medication to help him relax, and it seemed to help. He gradually get better. Now he sometimes showed similar symptoms, and what I would do is hugging him, and wrapping him in the blanket, and holding on his tummy area until he calms down. He is no lapdog, but he would let me and even sleep in my arm and in blanket (regardless of weather) for long time during these times. It never goes too badly, and I believe only one occasion I needed to give him just one or two nerve medications. Sometimes I give him medication for gasses. I don't know what to conclude, I believe he had very bad gas trapped in his stomach that resulted in painful contractions, and he tried to 'fix' it by trying to bite at it. Any movements could cause him pain. Now that when he shows slightest symptoms, he would be receptive to snuggling and warm and light massage and it would gone away. I have this problem as human, sensitivity to tummy area and I know how this pain feel like at its extreme, like someone grabbing all the intestines and everything together and squeeze them at both ends on opposite directions like how you would dry a towel, it would come and go, just like what he experienced. So my guess is that is what happened to him. I hope your dog is going to be okay, it sucks that we can't understand what they are going through sometimes.
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    So if I have no conscience I have you to blame! If someone said to me," why did you do that? How do you sleep at night??? Don't you have conscience at all????!" "No. Carol ate that." Anyway, on the topic, how do you guys feel about the possibility that teeth have genitals?
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