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    Okaaaay, this one's not funny so much as eerily accurate after S4 ... Sherlock: I really like this whole ‘good guy, bad guy’ thing you guys have going on. John: It’s not an act, it’s just that I’m mean and Lestrade isn’t. This one's a little better but I had to modify it a bit to have it make sense... John: I trust Sherlock. Lestrade: You think he knows what he's doing? John: I wouldn't go that far. And the winner is....! Sherlock: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's happened to me. John: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you? Sherlock: Yes! Lestrade: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.
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    Well, mine came out about what I expected: lots of red around Ohio (where my Dad is from) and Tennessee (where my Mom is from), and Maine & the South (the two places where I've spent most of my life.) Interestingly, the darkest reds are in Connecticut and Georgia, two places I've never lived. There's also a hint of red in California, where I was born, but we left there when I was pretty young so that makes sense. After that we lived overseas a lot, who knows what influences I picked up then. I'm pretty sure by now I would sound pretty Southern to most non-Southerners. But the locals know I'm not from around here. PS for those who haven't looked at the quiz ... red means that's the region where your dialect is most common.
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    Well put about blurring imagination with the real world. That was my point in asking this question. I even wrote that this fragment appears out of nowhere. Modern Sherlock is outside the car in his famous contemporary coat and then we get this scene that makes us think about what we're actually seeing. I like that coat it's a nice transition from the Victorian coat. It's strange that I wrote how Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, but it seems such emphasis is needed, though not necessarily here, I hope. There was a famous survey where respondents thought Churchill was fictional! This Prime Minister lived to be 90 and the current Queen even attented his funeral, wow. The difference between fiction and reality has always baffled scientists ever since we left the Middle Ages behind us. I'm glad my question has generated interest.
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    *whisper* There is a search funktion in this forum.
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    Exactly. Works surprisingly well with the boys, especially circa S1. John: You saved me. I owe you my life. Sherlock: No thanks. I’ve seen it and I’m not very impressed.
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    OK, so basically you pick the number of people and optionally give them names, then click the Generate button and it plugs your characters into a randomly selected joke -- or am I missing something? Yours is pretty good. Here's the best I've gotten so far: Kirk: Spock, what do IDK, LY, and TTYL mean? Spock: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later Kirk: Ok, I love you too, I’ll just ask McCoy. I may have just discovered the true origin of slash fanfic!
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    Don't know where else to put this ... have you come across the Incorrect Quotes Generator? https://incorrect-quotes-generator.neocities.org/ . Add character(s) of your choice and press Generate Prompt.
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    I know, but really! See Carol's answer. Would YOU have been able to find it? Thou art indeed the goddess of the search function.
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