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    That is Choluteca bridge in Honduras. The interesting thing is, it's not a mistake, but some kind of expensive joke from mother nature. The bridge is so well built it withstood hurricane Mitch, but the hurricane was so powerful it reroute the river. Stranger things have happened, Sherlock! Such as this!
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    I can't speak for Arcadia's location, but mine is basically rural. Our little neighborhood is surrounded by farm fields, and the places where we shop are all about half an hour's drive from our house. We can't get city water or sewer or cable TV service, but we do have phone service and electricity (and natural gas is available). The nearest neighbor's house is "only" about 250 feet (about 75 meters) away from ours. We don't have fairies (as far as I'm aware), but we have seen some really spectacular firefly displays in our meadow!
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