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    Oh Lord... I'm late to the, um, can you even call this a party? But whatever. I just read that article and it seemed to me as if the author never really watched Sherlock. First of all, BBC Sherlock certainly does not let the main character's attitude go "unchallenged", in fact, a massive point is made of him being a huge dick and as the story progresses, the disadvantages of that and the effects on himself as well as literally everyone else he cares for become more and more apparent until in the end, it's the stereotypically "feminine" values that Sherlock learns to embrace like love and compassion and making room for feelings in general that win the day, not Mycroft's "iceman" brain-cult. Secondly, "masculinity" is about the last word I would associate with this particular portrayal. I always feel as if the show would work just as well if the main character was female. This Sherlock comes across as very androgynous to me, that's one reason why I find him appealing I guess.
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    Gaaah!! What is that!! Kill it! I think J.P is holding herself really well.
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    "Fries" (aka "French fries") is the American word for these: While "chips" is the British word. "Chips" is the American word for these: While "crisps" is the British word. As I understand it, anyway.
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    But @Artemis, you never told us why do you want to know! Meanwhile, I hope they don't risk their lives with capes because they don't even wear mask the proper way!
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    Absolutely. Especially after Trump's rhetoric became "fancy". All the neo-nazi-zombies crawled out of their holes feeling validated at last, happily adapting all possible conspiracy theories, with T as the saviour of our world. Poland's ruling party had it's head so deep in T's a** that they didn't see the light anymore. They seriously wanted to take the troops moved from Germany and build a big, new, beautiful military base called Fort Trump. I'm really curious what the current theocratic government will do now. The whole country is torn between two factions which seem to remind those in the USA, AFAIK. PS: To me it didn't look like a demonstration that went out of control (and as I mentioned, I was watching the whole thing almost in the real time). Why there were hardly policemen at site, even though EVERYBODY knew the mob would appear, wearing guns and looking for trouble. Why the mob was let in? Where was the Nat. Guard - during BLM protests they were called long before anything happened. Why it took so long to send out the orders calling them?
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    How should they react? Accept the unacceptable? Pence didn't want to invoke 25. Amendment. What else could they do to show their stance? Remember what the subject of Impeachment was in Clinton's case? If they get him impeached, he cannot run for 2024. He would lost his salaries and other costly privileges. As for the majority: I'm not so sure any more. Once Trump got irrelevant, many of the Reps might change their minds to save their faces, like those who "realized" the coup "was too much" for them. Also - it might be the matter of how massively they are threatened by their own electorate and how they react to it.
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    ETA: crossposted with Arcadia I think - as we were talking about it discussing Sherlock - The effect of words depends not only on who is saying them, but also - or even more - on who's listening. There is still a Twitter account with the name "Trump War Room". He knew who his fans were and how they will react. Call it deliberate misunderstanding. His auditory was for years now dominated by militant, gun loving, flag waving freedom fetishists. They love him for allowing them to keep their assault rifles. They wanted to use the second amendment to overthrow Obama. They feel entitled to own the country. What was missing: a leader. I'm not saying all his supporters are like this, but a big part of the bunch that came to DC surely were. And they were told, again and again that they have been robbed, duped, that there is a conspiracy to take their landslide victory away and they have to prevent the parliament to declare Biden's victory etc etc. How could they react? Then you have the pictures of policemen opening the fence for the protestors and taking selfies with them, which suggests the whole action was prepared. A bit much for a "joke we have misunderstood again".
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    I think you put it very well, VBS. I'm actually almost teary-eyed. For myself, I guess I have to admit that I don't believe certain beliefs ... white supremacy and male grievance, to name a couple ... deserve representation. Counseling, yes. But not an advocate. And I also believe that many -- too many -- in Trump's base are NOT careful, thoughtful people. There's a lot of anger, resentment and desire for revenge bubbling around in there. I say this, because I know some of them. They are not prone to dispassionate analysis of his words. And the words of a president carry more weight than those of John Doe down the street. I remember how often the right made fun of Obama's very careful manner of speaking ... and it could indeed take him a long time to say something ... but I think Obama was acutely conscious of the potential for inflaming passions with words. Trump is too, but in a different way ... he doesn't give a damn about the results of his rhetoric as long as it feeds his monstrous ego. Whatever happens to anyone else is of no concern to him. I could go on (indefinitely!) but basically I feel the leader of any country should be held to a higher standard of behavior than most people. And in that regard, Trump has failed miserably, over and over, since the moment he was elected. What I don't understand is why he wasn't impeached after his first month in office ... it was abundantly clear even then that he was neither suited to public service, nor capable of growing into his role. *sigh* I think the impeachment process is confusing to everyone, (even those in congress!) but as I understand it, the end game is to prevent Trump from ever running for office again. Which is nice, but frankly I'm far more terrified that he will start his own media empire and continue to foul the world with his lies and bombast. Oh well, I guess that will happen anyway, whether or not Trump is on the loose ... the genie's out of the bottle. Maybe it's useful to have a public face to tie it to. I don't know, I just know I wish he would cease to exist.
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    Evidently! Although this one didn't get it quite right....
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    You guys have to bear with it. My lazyness.exe refuses to open the laptop to do anything with the stolen turkey, and I don't want to attempt it with my phone, this is how I ended up last time I tried. Flat tire in Alaska.
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    It is necessary. It will prevent him from holding any position in politics, and from trying to go for 2024 election. It strips him from his Ex-President salaries, security and so on. It would prevent him from doing something stupid until end of his term. But since he's gone from SM, nobody knows what he's up to - and it feels a bit uncomfortable.
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    Happy Birthday to Mr Holmes and a Happy New Year to all.👍
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    Happy New Year to all and let’s dump 2020 into the dustbin of history. New Year, new start. The Game’s Afoot!😃
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    I agree, it's downright obnoxious to breed animals for characteristics that are likely to make them unhealthy or uncomfortable -- like flop-eared cats, which are bound to have ear mites, or hairless cats that are likely to be cold in cold climates and sunburnt in hot climates. Stupid humans!
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    Some of them are quite well done, imo: And he's a good sport about it too, his store already has a "Chairman Sanders" sweater, with all proceeds going to Meels on Wheels Vermont. Honorable mention:
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    I find those memes hilarious, here is a link with some of the memes https://amp.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/30-best-bernie-sitting-at-inauguration-memes-storming-the-internet/86556582/
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    I stuck here because I find other 'different' people here. Eventhough we are unique, just like everyone else here 😋, we are not so alone after all.
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    Cats are jerks. Trust me, Dog person
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    As far as I understood, the idea is to prevent him from running for office again. As for the majority, it seems unlikely to me too but who knows. We'll see... Even if the whole thing goes through, I am far from optimistic though. First of all, like Arcadia pointed out earlier, there's still nothing stopping him from influencing public opinion and future political movements through social and other media, and besides, even if he disappeared completely, the people who gave him power in the first place wouldn't. As for the loss of compromise and nuanced discussion, imho that became next to impossible when people stopped agreeing on basic facts and began to live in at least two completely separate realities. You need some kind of common ground after all. Also, the extreme ends of the spectrum seem to be getting louder and louder and I think we all have a point beyond which we aren't willing to go.
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    My personal unqualified impression is that Trump and his presidency are mostly symptoms of much greater and deeper-rooted problems than causes of such. So unfortunately, even if he retired from politics and the public life completely, the people who gave him power will simply find the next leader to follow and the next movement to join.
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    Please refer to what I had tried to say earlier, which unfortunately I don't have the skill to articulate it well enough. All these technicality, semantics (or other terms I'm not so sure with) is indeed applicable for common folks, or average folks, or earthlings, but NOT to someone who is known to spew unchecked facts, data, accusations, lies, denials on his ordinary life AND WHEN he is actually holding very high power (leader of the free world they say?) and when he is known to have followers who follow the same recipe, fact is pfft, who breathes and eats everything he says and then some and on shaky ground to do questionable things. (I bet many, many who stormed the capitol thought it was just harmless fun, endorsed by someone who has power to protect them). Add all those things up, his lawful remarks ARE NOT HARMLESS AT ALL; it carries weight, it pushes movements, it gives reasons and justifications, it becomes weapon. In short, it is dangerous and has significant capability to be very destructive. Having said all above, allow me to be honest with you Carol, I don't intend to be offensive, but I have to be very honest, I'm with you that things shouldn't be black and white, there are different sides, POV and shades, but many times, your fifty shades of grey frustrates me. We had talked about many things before in the past, from Bill Cosby to many other things I can't remember all, and while I enjoy level-headed and respectful discussions, which I really appreciate, I probably don't have the energy to dissect all those shades. Many times I found myself ready to try to indulge with counter reasonings, but then I stopped myself because I could picture which and which reasoning of mine that you would pick up and question, which, in my humble opinion, only send us to spiral discussion that I have to go back to my point again, after going around the forest. I blame it on my INTJ and your INTP, I have an INTP friend and while we are both normally very quiet species, people could find us talking for hours about all kind of nonsenses and like you, he always wants to look and question any, every, every, and every single angles, which is not something bad at all, which I like to do as well, but for me, something seems clearer than the other, something wronger than the other. Especially in this case, of course I habe repeated myself before, I had very bad personal experience dealing with similar situation on the wrong end of the stick, just regular people who suffers from division, chaos, hatred, unfairness, fear, sowed exactly like and from someone or organization similar the way he does thing, and trust me, words could do as much damage as action. My experience goes way way worse but the beginning is pretty similar. This is just the beginning, if nothing is being done. Me and my family suffer 'only' trauma, financial, livelihood and material lost, but there were many lives and dignities taken and things are and will never be the same. So there is only so much energy I want to spend in trying to convince you the actual damage that this guy is capable of shouldn't be judged just by him actually goes down and wields the sword himself. Words are not just imaginary, virtual, defensible coming from him. So I would let others try, this is not a battle I want to be, especially I know that you are genuinely trying to understand. This is not over but for reason above and the risk of me turning into fluffy bunny 😋, I just said what I said in the beginning of this post. Feel free to think I am just blabbering and to all, sorry if my post is messy, I am sure it's full of grammatical and vocabulary errors. P.S. Sorry for other nicer INTJ. I don't represent us and not sure what I am.
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    2016, I invested a bit too much time and emotion to this, and it affected me a little bit too much to my liking. And just couple of weeks ago, I thought it is finally ending, bad, but fortunately not as bad as I imagined, but I was wrong. I guess the reason of why I suddenly 'care' in 2016 because I experienced the impact directly, of species in this magnitude, stupidity with power. @Carol the Dabbler, but not to you particularly, his kind of statements and comments would be just another blabbering idiot if he is no one. But with power, it comes with high price. That's why I always, always, ALWAYS, AL-effing-WAYS resent religious and political leaders who speak without knowing the actual consequences. Maybe, maybe we could see behind those immature statements, but for many others, it's not that obvious, especially if they choose to believe what they believe, most time without facts. And it's fertile ground for those with agenda to stir it to the direction they want because they have necessary rocket fuel. Anyone with bits of logic could see that this one doesn't take defeat well, FFS, he was throwing tantrum when his reality show didn't get an Emmy. Which is why I can never fathom 2016 result. Overall what I want to say, never never ever underestimate the effect of stupidity with power, and that's why they have to be hold accountable.
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    The transcript https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/donald-trump-speech-save-america-rally-transcript-january-6
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    November, 2015: An activist chanting Black Lives Matter at one of Trump’s rallies was beaten by his supporters, prompting Trump to remark, “Maybe he should have been roughed up, because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.” February, 2016: Regarding hecklers at his rallies while on the campaign trail, Trump suggested that his fans, “knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously," he said. "OK, just knock the hell. I promise you I will pay for the legal fees.” February, 2016: When a protester was taken out of a Trump rally, Trump remarked, “He's walking out with big high-fives, smiling, laughing. I'd like to punch him in the face, I'll tell you.” August, 2016: Trump suggested that “second amendment people” could stop his rival for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton, from appointing judges. Given that the second amendment states citizens have the right to bear arms, this was commonly understood to be a suggestion that his supporters assassinate her. July, 2017: Trump remarked to policemen that they should not worry about injuring suspects and “please don’t be too nice.” (Borrowed from Harper's Bazaar, too busy to look further.) Forgive me if I hold the president to a higher standard than the rank and file.
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    It's not just the one speech, Carol. Trump has been fomenting this kind of behavior since the day he started running for office, if not before. He could have stopped talking the way he does at any point, but instead he chose to continue an us vs. them approach. I've seen unedited videos of his speeches; the media is not putting words in his mouth. He DOES use inflammatory language, and he DOES incite hatred towards elected officials (as well as many other people). A more balanced person may take his rantings with a grain of salt, but not everyone is as open minded as you are. Some were bound to be riled up to the point of violence, and he did nothing --- NOTHING --- to counteract that. I'm on the fence about impeachment. On the one hand, I think Trump is evil and should be punished for being who he is. On the other hand, I don't see what good it will do, he's opened Pandora's box, the ills he's unleashed will only feed on his "martyrdom." And on the third hand, I'd rather see Congress get on with the business of fixing this country rather than continuing to split it apart. But even if that means letting Trump get away without even a slap on the hand? I don't know. Some betrayals are too big to overlook, maybe this is one of them.
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    Belated Happy New Year, everyone. It's sure gotten off to a rocky start. There IS good news, though ... several of my acquaintances have already gotten the vaccine, or are about to. Hopefully we are finally turning the corner on this thing.
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    Quite the other way round. So far, there's been zero evidence of Antifa involvement (while plenty of MAGAs have been identified, most after kindly incriminating themselves, like that shaman). Forgive me for asking for more evidence than "but they might have been there".
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    Precisely. Because Sherlock in antlers is the only explanation, obviously. A bit early, to make up that I was late for Christmas, it seems hopeful at the beginning, but now it seems not too, but whatever it is, I still use my same old formula, that as long as my loved ones are healthy and well, that is a good year for me. That is what I hope for the coming year. Eventhough I am still separated with some, I have been reunited with some others. Nothing to complain about, really. Money, yeah, not good at all, but money is money, it's a transport. SO HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS. Hope is a powerful thing, let's do that. Well, having said all that, come to think of it, I have one big complain; I think sport bra is not really for sport, but it is named that way because IT IS A SPORT to be able to get in and get out of it. Don't ask me why.
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    Hold on! I indeed only know these 😁 Have never used rotary phone, although I think I understand how. Anyway, I think it's the disadvantage of modern day. It used to feel so good when you hang up on somebody. You suck! HERE's WHAT I WANT TO DO TO YOU!!! and BLAM! While nowadays you have to channel all the pissy mood into one button smaller than your thumb and have to do it carefully and gently. Argh!! I AM MAD! ENOUGH TALKING! and slowly and carefully press the button. What's the fun in that?
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    Gawd no, white looks horrible on me. I look like the Pillsbury dough boy in white. Black suits me, though, as long as it's a cool black. I actually took one of those "what colors should you wear" courses many, many years ago, and I love it ... it makes shopping for clothes much easier, since I can skip over 3/4 of everything on the racks and go straight to something that has a chance of looking decent on me. I've always heard that turquoise is the universal color ... but of course, there are many different shades of turquoise. I know that sea-green turquoise looks awful on me, e.g., but dark turquoise is one of my go-to colors. Now if I could just find clothes that fit me properly...........
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    Tsk Carol, you seeeee, but you don't observe.
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    People have colours? Just wear what you want, guys.
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    Jen, you might have a look at our other thread https://www.sherlockforum.com/forum/topic/2543-myers-briggs-personality-types-and-quiz/?tab=comments#comment-37997 and maybe also take the test.
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    I've been grey for years... I looked distinguished. Ha!
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    Happy new year everyone!! With a lot of delay 😅
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    You expect the cat to be responsible for what that tail is doing? Don't you realize that tails are autonomous creatures that follow cats around, causing trouble that people like you blame the cat for?
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    I think you are into something. The perspective looks weird, but maybe she is living in different world, we'd never know. Sticking my hand into that drawer?? Nah.. for all I know, it only contains alphabetical order of someone's socks. Boring! I don't think I'm agreeable to domestic-wild breeding or in smaller scale, any cross breeding for aesthetic/non-functional purposes. The reason that you mentioned, is one of good reason not to. The poor animal needs space, lots of space, lot of movements, some likes to travel long distance, some thrive in a pack, some needs to fulfil their natural instinct like hunting which ordinary house can't provide for them. Not to mention their diets etc. I also feel icky with certain breeds of domestic animal, some example certain dogs have difficulty breathing because they want shorter and shorter nose, others have overwhelming maintenance that the owners didn't consider that results in them being abandoned, and dogs in inappropriate climate, for example long thick fur in tropical setting, they'd most likely suffer skin problem. All those for fanciful human.
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