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    Forgive me if I answer this with Sondheim first (the song in question starts around 4:40 if I goofed that link up): I can't think of any major decision in my life that I haven't second-guessed at some point. Hardest, imo, was coming to the conclusion and accepting that I'd probably do most things the same, even knowing how some turned out. But I don't fret about any of them - there's just one life, and we do the best we can. There may be Martinas in parallel universes who took different decisions and now live lives radically different from mine, but I'm okay with my place in this one.
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    Because the Witcher wasn't supposed to be pretty. People were closing doors, dogs barked and cats hissed seeing him. Scarred, sinewy, with a nasty smile. Cavil is a big puppy, not a monster killer. And his wig comes from a totally different fairytale, as people say in my country.
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    My Christmas card this year, starring my cat, Pepper. Hope you all had a good one!
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    Whaaaa...Have I ever been obnoxious with pun?? Tsk tsk... that accusation... Why am I worried that this guy is up for something? And sorry doggie, I know this is embarrassing but
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    It is, isn't it - who knew Jon Cryer could sing? Not me, anyway, at least not before stumbling over that version of Company a couple years ago. I have it on DVD and I'm quite fond of it - there may be more artful performances out there, but Neil Patrick Harris puts not only skill but also so much raw emotion into Being Alive that it's easily my favourite.
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    I would say the people expecting you to respond are the rude ones, then. Unless it's a genuine emergency or work related, your time is your own.
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    I know, it's the story I'm interested in.
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    I think I might prefer "What if Superman were (except for his superpowers) a fairly typical human being, warts and all? (Sort of like Peter Falk's description of Columbo as a perfectly average fellow, except that he's the world's greatest detective.) That would interest me a whole lot more than the gory version!
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    Same here, I love it too but I definitely think we should keep it to festivities only. There are far too many people who buy them with no with no knowledge of which are "decent" or simply don't care.
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    I still say cats invented yoga -- and I have no idea why that pose is called the Downward Dog. Obviously it should be the Downward Cat! *grumble* *grumble* *grumble*
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    Twilight for boys - that's a good one. It's hard to judge for me. It's the same problem old Holmesians have with Sherlock or old Tolkienists with LOTR and Hobbit. I cannot say I grew up with the books, they came when I was… 18? 19? and they were companions in my early 20s. They are part of my mental DNA though and it's hard to have an independent opinion, esp. on how others may receive the films. Plus: I don't know the PC games, which for many are the "canon" Witcher. What I surely miss in the adaptation, is the tone of the novels - the kind of playfulness Sapkowski dealt with the material, his self-irony. I fear it's something that gets lost in translation already. I've read some parts, don't remember if it was German or English and they didn't have the same feel. I'm afraid you will have to see for yourself.
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    Most items are not made to last which is absolutely criminal considering the price of appliances. When I was shopping for my fridge I was shocked at the prices! I started housekeeping 25 years ago with my mother's appliances which she had owned for several years. Except for the dryer this year and a refrigerator a few years ago, the stove and washer are still working, although the stove is showing its age. My appliance plan covers everything regardless of age and it's been a life saver. I've had my furnace/ac unit replaced a few times as well as my hot water heater and some plumbing issues addressed. I don't know how long the new items will last but I'm sure it won't be as long as the ones they replaced.
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    I made 1000 posts already? Woohoo!
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    I kind of agree...I just want them to say so!
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    Don't quote me on it, but I'm pretty sure they've confirmed that it won't be based on the Silmarillion (which mostly takes place in the First Age, from what I remember). Now I have to Google... There are several articles about it, but here's an excerpt from one of them: ...
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    You are welcome to quote my comment to them.
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    One day as I drove through our neighborhood road, I saw these two guys on motorcycle. It's typical carefree people; very casual clothing, no helmet, and.. they carried one big pole with moving wooden two-bladed propeller at the end. The full length of the propeller could easily be 1.3 - 1.4 meter (4 - 4.5 feet?). The rider rode slowly, while it's obvious that the pillion was struggling for a bit, because the propeller..was moving like a helicopter blade above their heads. It's a challenge itself to balance this long device, not to mention it's full blown against the instability of the wind. That is not a smart way to carry that thing! They could easily tied the blade to keep it still instead of balancing it while it's moving. Nevermind, stranger things have happened before. So I drove slowly around them and hoped they didn't harm any chickens dogs or cats or humans along their way. Maybe about two three weeks later, I saw the same guy. This time he was alone, riding with one hand and balancing yet a propeller with the other hand. WHAT? Now the task seems more ridiculous without someone to help him. But he looked like he was enjoying himself and rode slowly but in constant speed. Nah. It was quiet afternoon anyway, maybe this guys was living the dream of riding helicopter. Then another week or so passed by, and I saw him again, still balancing the propeller with slight or great difficulty depending on the wind that that time. Good God! I am a curious person, would anyone explain this or do I really need to ask him? Now it's intriguing and if I knew his reason and if it's good enough, maybe I would volunteer helping him holding that bloody propeller. Gah gah gah. But I had to live with that question. Until another week after. When I passed by another neighborhood and I saw this familiar wooden propeller, rising and moving against the wind majestically higher up there, decorated a house in a way people decorated the front yard with flag. I think it's something the locals enjoy that I didn't notice before. That guys was probably a propeller crafter doing the 'test drive' for his handmade product. Mystery solved, there is no need to call Sherlock.
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    Yes I thought I should maybe have employed an emoticon...in my unfortunate exchange with the facebook friend. Anyhow, our mutual friend got back to me... She says she unfriended that particular individual ages ago: yes, knowledgable nurse, but thinks she's an expert in everything and absolutely no sense of humour...
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    That is one problem when my hair is shorter; the static electricity is always dragging it into my face. I believe that's why God invented ponytails.
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    You don't think it's interesting to see how those governments come to their budget decision? I think it'd be hilarious!
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    Meh, I’ve seen it done. I don’t think the OG Superman is all that superhuman in terms of wants and needs and emotions anyway. He’s about as human as anyone.
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    Neither -- I meant the questions. If they had omitted words like usually or rarely, I would have found it a lot easier to apply the five-point scale. But with those words included, it felt like the thing was already quantified, and I was expected to add another layer of quantification. Plus, with my usual reluctance to say always or never, I was already working with a mere three-point scale anyhow.
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    ^ I agree. I think that celebrations are important for the human psyche, so I don't advocate their disappearance. But I don't like hearing backyard fireworks every night for weeks around Independence Day, often into the wee hours. My dogs don't scare at them unless they're very loud, but even the slightest boom gets them barking, which can get very frustrating night after night, hour after hour. No one sets off New Year's fireworks where I live, it's too cold, lol.
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    Good luck to you! (And you too, Arcadia!) I'm not strictly self-employed but I have been freelancing off and on for about 10 years, and I'm trying to transition out of it for awhile. I'm burnt out on contract work, and would like to find something more stable and consistent, if that still exists.
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    And C) because they think it's funny.
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    If someone else will do the Feats of Strength.
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    For clarity's sake, the majority of the anger is over the alleged "queerbaiting", rather than the end/pause of the show.
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    That is just plain ridiculous. Sure, I hope they'll do more Sherlock, and the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned -- but not till they've regained their enthusiasm for it, 'cause halfhearted Sherlock wouldn't be any fun. How would those people like it if there were an online demand for them (i.e., those Tumblr posters) to stick with a certain job (or a certain club, or a certain fandom) for the rest of their lives? Liking someone's work doesn't give you the right (or, thank goodness, the ability) to dictate their decisions. Sheesh -- people!!!
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    I saw him! *panting* I saw Dracula!! *falls over to the floor*
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    Season 1 of Moftiss' "Dracula" is up on Netflix! I'm currently making my way through season 3 of "The Crown" (its best season yet in my opinion), but "Dracula" will be next. (Judging from the trailers it looks pretty gross, I hope it's not unwatchable.)
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    We still have our lights in place and turned on, if that makes you feel any better. We typically have them on between Thanksgiving Friday and Groundhog Day.
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    Let's face it, folks, she just REALLY REALLY wanted to sit through the whole 20 minutes.....
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    Ah, you mentioned the WPA murals and that does ring a bell, there are some in that style. Good eye! Stop me if I've told this story before ... a friend and I were driving to Maine a few years ago, and I discovered the hard way that she was a terrible navigator. (ahem) Anyway, we ended up on some road at rush hour (my memory says the Taconic Parkway, but don't quote me on that) that had nightmare traffic; we were inching along. After a while I started noticing the bridges crossing the road -- they were all strikingly different and quite unusual. Somehow we discovered they were all WPA projects, each one designed by a different architect. It was beautiful and fascinating; we probably wouldn't even have noticed them if we'd been going at speed. Almost made the nightmare journey worthwhile. No, my friend was not allowed to navigate on the way home. I love that I'm so close to the Skyline Drive/Parkway … views aside, the road itself is quite beautiful (for a road). All those rock walls and tunnels built by the WPA. My uncle worked up there, somewhere. Amazing project.
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    Happy New Year *hic*! I hope you're all feeling the wine the way I am.
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    "Bed 'n' Breakfast." A friend just posted this on Facebook. Cute, but … really, would you want to take your bread out of the breadbox and find this? Eek.
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    It's actually 117 years and it's a classical one with a wire. https://www.centennialbulb.org/cam.htm
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    Things look different here? 🤔 I’d like to wish everyone a great Christmas and New Year .
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    Unpopular opinion: I had a crush on Han Solo 😊 A side note: I have to say that, sadly, it was very visible that there is someone else inside Chewie's fur. I miss Peter Mayhew.
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    This new laptop I have (it's supposed to double as a tablet) loves to zoom when I'm least expecting it. I do indeed get some unusual views of things sometimes.
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    Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune?
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    Is that what it is? I used to think so, but now I'm wondering if some people just don't simply enjoy being a**holes. They're such pathetic little souls that they think it empowers them to put down someone else. Yeah...… 😞
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    Oh yes, she would gladly challenge you to thumb war or debate like a third grader.
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    Night before last I still had about an hour before I wanted to go to bed, so I decided to do a load of laundry, which should have taken right about an hour. But the washing machine had apparently forgotten how to spin, because at the end of the cycle, everything was still sopping wet. So I spent the next half hour or more wringing it all by hand, and even though I didn't wring as hard as possible, I still got over a gallon (~ four liters) of water. The water was murky, so clearly the machine hadn't spun after the wash cycle either, leaving quite a lot of soap in the clothes. For that reason, I'd hesitate to wear the clothing (mostly underwear), but of course I couldn't just leave it wet, so I put it in the dryer and spent the next three hours monitoring its progress. Yesterday everything from my chin down to my waist was a bit sore -- from all that wringing, I assume, since that's an unaccustomed activity. Starting to improve already, though. This washer is only about five years old. The last time my prior washer (bought in 1981) needed repair, they told me the needed part was available only in an assembly that would cost roughly the same as an entire new machine. So we reluctantly decided it was time to say goodbye to Old Faithful. Now I'm half regretting that decision. I assume they'll be able to repair the new one, though. I sure hope so, anyhow!
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    That's terrible, I'm sorry for you and your friend, and your mom. I do part-time work in a funeral home, so I see a lot of sadness and death under sad circumstances. Last week we had a 17-year-old girl who took a nap after school one day and never woke up. They think it was complications from diabetes. Before that there was a young man's suicide, a young woman who overdosed in a hotel room, and a baby who hadn't even been named yet. We see more deaths the closer to the holidays it gets; that's our "busy" time of year. We're not even allowed vacation time because of how busy we'll be. It's just all very sad.
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