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    Hi all, just dropping in to let you know I'm still around, just been super busy. FL, sorry to hear what you've been going through, I'm in a similar situation with someone who I once thought of as my best friend. I'd like to keep her in my life, but she's sure making it tough. I hope your situation resolves. It sounds to me like you're on the right track. Hope everyone is staying safe. I'll try to drop in more often, miss you all!
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    I my opinion, it sounds like you did the only right thing in that situation. From personal experience and after some thought, my stance on that kind of situation is: people have a right to choose what they want to do with their life, even if that means they choose to get rid of it. They do not, however, have the right to burden me (or anybody else) with that decision. If anyone sends me a halfway believable suicide note, I will call an ambulance, period. If they aren't happy with that then don't send me the note. End of story. Only you can decide whether you can and want to forgive her and if you want to renew the friendship. Maybe make a list of pros and cons?
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    At irregular intervals along our highways, usually attached to overpasses above the road, there are signs that can be electronically altered from a central location. There's one between here and Indianapolis that's recently been reading something like this: ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY STAY AT HOME SLOW DOWN But today it read: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU SLOW DOWN YOU MUST .
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    Happy Star Wars Day to one and all -- May the Fourth be with you!!!
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    Sorry if I'm repeating myself, can't remember if I have previously shared this on here or my other forum. To try and keep it brief: years ago, when I was young...my then best friend really upset me. I confided in Mum and she gave me this advice: do you want to keep this person in your life? In my case, yes I did... We lost touch for years...but a few years ago we got back together and have never looked back since.
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    I don’t know if this is the kind of thing you were looking for, but the University of Minnesota is currently home to the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes collection. You might consider contacting them and donating, if there’s mutual interest.
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    That, in my experience at least, may hurt even more than cutting her off completely, because you keep being reminded of the old camaraderie. YMMV, of course. Sheerluck is right, you did the right thing and should be proud of yourself. A suicide note is nothing to be taken lightly, and if she sent one just as an attention grab, the fault lies with her, not you. Still, people do weird stuff while grieving, so if you can find it within herself to forgive her, you might want to see if she's back to normal (whatever that may mean in her case) again. Only you can know if you're ready and willing to give her another chance, however.
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    Sounds as if she was just attention seeking and you gave her the kind of attention she didn't want or expect. You did the right thing. That said, I would forgive her for your own sake, but limit interactions with her for a good long time. Be polite, but keep her at arms-length.
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    Frankenstein is free on YouTube. Both versions. For a week. https://www.youtube.com/user/ntdiscovertheatre
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    Did you Americans have that scene cut? Before Eurus shoots John, she tells him her name and that she is the Holmes sister.
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    Hello CGRaines and welcome to the forum! One one hand, I kinda like the idea ... Lady Smallwood struck me as tough and intelligent (at least going by S3, can't say for S4) and she can't have been too happy in her marriage, so she was presumably well over her loss at that point. On the other hand, wasn't Mycroft hinted at being gay in S2 (that "see the Queen" quip by Sherlock)? As for the age difference, nobody would bat an eyelash if it were reversed, so good on her, I'd say.
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    Perhaps it has something to do with the google google paradox?
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    When using ddg, if you want to search google put g! before your search term and you will get a google search.
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    Oh [censored] ... poor boy and poor you! It's hard when that moment we all dread comes unexpected, but it's even worse when you can see it coming, imo. Give him a hug from me, and have one yourself.
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    Real, his name is Charlie - many more pics here: https://mymodernmet.com/dalmatian-with-heart-eyes/ .
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    No, everything was in english... But I think it was "the final problem", since nothing was magically translated anymore!
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    I disabled the program that haunts the posts... I'm writing this in english, I hope it will be like this when you receive!!!
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    Good grief, you guys are right, it even translated my moderator's note into Portuguese! I am bewildered. I think I'd better delete the entire contents of that initial post, then type in an English version of Rebecca's message, and hope it stays in English this time. So -- to anyone who saw the Portuguese version but couldn't read it -- go back and read the first post again. With any luck, it'll be in English now. Note to Rebecca: It's interesting to have a real mystery right here in the forum! I'm guessing that your original post was in English, like your others. Do you have any idea what happened? (Also, please let me know if my version of your post is not accurate.)
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    Yawning pocket snake. [Link]
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    Sorry, I think the show can only be accessed by purchasing via Amazon or Audible. I highly recommend all of the adaptions. They take canon Holmes and bring something new to it - there's often added dialogue and scenes that aren't in the books but that fit perfectly. I also recommend The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. Same actor portrays Holmes, but they're pastiches written by Bert Coules, taken from references in the original canon. They are some of the best Holmes pastiches I have ever read, they replicate ACD's style perfectly, while raising some serious issues, and the ending is really heartwarming.
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    Hear, hear! That chemistry is SO important!
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    None of us here are pros. Well we do have one member who wrote some screenplays, but she's not much around these days. Anyway, hard to pick a favourite - and does it have to be someone who actually played him? Because I for one would love to see Sir Patrick Stewart give it a try.
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    I somehow find it easier to forgive other people (or at least to think of some plausible reason why they might have done what they did, which I think amounts to roughly the same thing) than to let myself off the hook. Of course I *know* why I did whatever it was, so I can't make up excuses. But oddest of all, I seem to have the most trouble forgiving myself when I really did have a perfectly innocent reason for my actions, but they turned out badly in ways I had no reason to anticipate. People sure are funny -- me included.
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    I agree with both of the above, at least to a certain extent. It seems to me that you have not one but two decisions to make, FL: 1. Can you forgive her? This part is more for your benefit than hers, really. Even if you choose never to see her again, you could still allow those experiences to eat away at you. Letting go of those feelings is difficult -- I know that from my own experience -- but it's really important. Maybe it would help to tell yourself that she was so torn up by her mother's death that she didn't fully understand her own behavior (or its consequences), which is likely to be true. 2. Then, as Bev says, you need to decide whether you'd prefer to have her back in your life -- or not -- and if so, then to what extent.
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    Over 55 years, (since I was 20) I have accumulated a lot of books and other sherlockiana. Since no one in my family is interested ,'I'd like to know where to find either a market, or at least a good home for the accumulation. I do not have a current inventory. It is mostly modern parodies/pastiches, but some rarer stuff. At least 50 original BSJ's, The Hound in shorthand, for use in teaching shorthand, and stuff like that. Can anyone point me in the right direction(s)?
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    Note from Carol the Dabbler: I'm combining a new thread into this one for the simple reason that (unlike the last few pages) it's actually ON TOPIC!!! Here's the original post: ... and here's Caya's response: Hello Occasional Irregular and welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, I have to admit that I, for one, can't help you, but we have some bona fide Holmesians on the forum and I'm sure one of them will be along shortly. Meanwhile, you are from the US, right? Asking because it might help to clarify if you are looking for a home for your collection in the US as well or if you would be willing to ship it overseas if need be? Sad to hear that your family doesn't share your passion. If you want to chat about all things Baker Street-related, we'd be happy if you stuck around.
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    That sort of behaviour is unacceptable. I would alter my previous statement to forgive her and move the hell on. Who needs that sort of aggro?
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    Guys I need your opinion on something, a while ago I posted in the rant topic about that I lost my friend and how I became annoyed that everyone kept saying that things would become okay between us eventually despite the fact that I know she is rather resentful and unforgiving. It turns out that they were right, today she reached out to make amends but I don't know if I should forgive her. But first I'll tell you how I lost my friend. Last November her mother passed away and I tried to support her as good as I could: I took her to conventions and the cinema. Then she send me a suicide note, I called an ambulance and left my work early despite the fact that I didn't had permission to leave from my supervisor. And next time we met she was mad, said that I supported her wrong when she wanted to be alone. But she never asked me to leave her alone, if she did I would've. Then there is the fact that she accused me of not knowing what the consequences were of my actions, that she would have ended up in a psychiatry which was something she didn't want and that her brother was now extremely worried about her and that was my fault. I knew that she would end up in a psychiatry, I knew her brother would be extremely worried about her, it was a risk I took. She can't tell me I didn't knew what the consequences were of my actions, I left my work early despite the fact that I didn't had permission from my supervisor, which was something I had to apologise for. I knew precisely what the consequences were of my actions.
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    It was because of the early show mention of the coming East wind...that is Eurus. Oh and I knew about the canonical spelling, I was trying to be nice!
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    I feel you, here we are allowed to see 4 people again. I saw 2 already, I haven't seen my friends in weeks and the urge to hug them is huge. unfortunately I could only give a wuhan shake, the skin hunger is real.
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    Well, either when she's off the meds (first attempt to discontinue them will probably be in about a year). Or when we have a vaccine. Or if Germany should by some miracle become new-virus-free sooner. Or if the "immunity after infection" theory were to be proven true and I had a positive antibody test. If there were an emergency that required me to visit her, I would dress up in full protective gear and do it. But otherwise, it's texting, phone and Skype for now. Perhaps when the weather gets warmer, we'll meet outside some time. I think that could work - open space, both wear our masks, keep six feet apart etc. But no hugs...
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    Is the arrow greyed out, or is it black? You have to select the albums you want to download (the big boxes with icons of your photos in them on your main page) before clicking the arrow. If you’ve done it right, the albums should be outlined in blue, and a ‘deselect’ option will also appear in the toolbar. There is virtually no indication that the download is happening. I actually can’t remember anymore whether nothing happened, or whether the arrow turned into a spinning circle. It was one of the two. But either way, it’ll be hard to tell that anything is happening while it “prepares” your download, which takes a good long while. Once it is “prepared”, it will ask you where on your computer you want the photos stored, and the rest should happen fairly quickly.
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    I never knew I was so fluent in Portuguese! Thanks for retrieving the original English post, Caya. I suspect your theory is correct, Rebecca. With any luck, you'll be able to figure out how to turn off the Happy Translator. In the meantime, as long as Caya can retrieve your English posts from her email notifications, we'll know what you said.
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    Ei!! Desculpe pela demora em responder ... Acho que sei qual é o problema! Meus outros posts são realmente em inglês, mas eu escrevi isso em português, porque é mais fácil para mim (eu sou do Brasil). Talvez o problema seja o google translate ... deixe-me explicar: como não sou totalmente fluente em inglês, mas vou a sites escritos nesse idioma, às vezes uso o google translate. O que aconteceu, acho que foi o google traduziu instantaneamente minha postagem para o idioma que eu tinha anteriormente no site. Esta é a minha teoria Tchau! edit by Caya: Something peculiar is happening here - I saw your post in English, approved it, and in that moment it turned into Portugese. Fortunately, I still got the notification email, so I'm gonna paste the English version from there: Hey!! Sorry for the delay to answer... I think I know what is the problem! My other posts are really in english, but I wrote this in portuguese, because is more easy to me (I'm from Brazil). Maybe the problem is the google translate...let me explain: as I'm not entirely fluent in english, but I go to websites written in that language, I use the google translate sometimes. What happened, I think was that the google translated instantly my post into the language that I had previously on the site. This is my theory Bye!
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    As some of you may know, I am an English woman living in Scotland. Now I vary: sometimes I think the English say things better and sometimes the Scots. For example, I think Scots are quite right to say : eye-ron, for the metal 'iron'. In English we do tend just to pronounce it the same as 'ion'. However, for the man's name Carl/Karl, however you wish to spell it... to me, Scots pronounce it 'Carol/Karol...which drives me nuts!
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    You might like this blog post by Diane Duane then, where she talks about the relationship between Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes: http://dianeduane.com/outofambit/2012/02/02/the-starship-and-the-upstairs-flat/ .
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    I'm from brazillian, and Rebecca Watson is a caracter that I create inspired by the historys of Shelock... My play was a small sucess in the region, and now I'm studying to go to England try to be an actress. I aways loved Sherlock Holmes, the movies, the books; but only after I saw the serie from BBC, I had the inspiration to create Rebecca. I'm just writing this because I want someone to talk about my favorite subject, wich is Sherlock Sorry for the typos, I'm not fluent
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! We are honored to have a Holmesian like you with us. And yes, some stories have aged better than others, to put it politely.
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    In my experience, not a bad rule to live by if you can pull it off (I definitely need to work on that forgiving part, and as I get older the not forgetting bit too ).
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    Yes, please remember - forgiveness is for YOU. And forgiveness does NOT require reconciliation, unless that's what you want.
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    Just today, it occurred to me that I haven't had any "spam" phone calls for a few weeks. ("This is Monica from Your Credit Card Company" or "There is a problem with your Windows computer.") Apparently those rooms of wall-to-wall telephones are closed for the duration -- the silver lining on the current cloud!
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