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    Yes, 221 Baker Street is like the boarding platform to Hogwarts; if you are a Muggle without a guide, you will never find it.
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    My father was accustomed to having everything his own way, so I'm eternally grateful that his care was in the very capable and patient hands of my mother. I can't even imagine how I could have dealt with him. You definitely have my sympathy! Hang in there....
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    It's not nearly that cold here -- yet -- but I'm wearing hmm, let's see, five layers up top and two pairs of pants. Just a couple weeks ago I was still wearing shorts. It's that transition that'll get ya. I have a heated footrest (either this one or a very similar earlier model) under my computer table. I love it. If my feet are warm, the rest of me is a lot more likely to be comfortable. Added: After reading some of those reviews, I'd guess that there are several variations being sold under the same model number.
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    They should call it # 221 3/4.
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    Here's a video about how to turn your keyboard backlight on/off. Warning: it starts out kinda loud! And apparently different computers use different function keys for this.
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    Yeah, what's with this move to "reserved seating?" It's not like the theaters are so packed that you can't easily find a seat you like once you're in. Of course, I only go to matiness … maybe it's different at night. Still, we managed to survive decades w/o reserved seats......
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    It obviously pays to ask around, since some places charge far more than others. Maybe check the bulletin board at the supermarket. Or ask people you know whether they can recommend anyone; that way you'd know if the person does good work. It's getting harder in general to find people who will repair small items (e.g., toasters, shoes), but such people do still exist, thank goodness.
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    A lot of pasticheurs have Mrs. Hudson uproot herself from London to follow her exasperating tenant to the Sussex Downs to keep house for him there, but although this is an appealing idea, I don't think that's what Conan Doyle intended. Mrs. Hudson is a lady of property in London and as such is rather well-off. She could of course have sold up and moved to the country because she felt bereft of being abused and taken for granted by Sherlock Holmes, the big slob. But it seems more likely that Mrs. Hudson retained her place and standing in town, and some local lady looks in on Sherlock Holmes daily and cooks his meals. Doubtful she would live in in a tiny cottage. This begs the question--what *did* happen to 221A and B Baker Street after Sherlock decamped? I favor the theory that Mycroft bought Mrs. Hudson out so that the site could be kept as a perpetual museum to his little brother and also used as an MI:5 safe house/place for top secret meetings. Plus Sherl would have needed somewhere to crash on his occasional jaunts to London in service to His Majesty's Government. His continuing involvement in the shadow services while ostensibly tending bees in retirement on the Downs was a closely-held government secret. After the death of the Holmes boys, 221 Baker Street must have disappeared like Brigadoon, to materialize again when, and only when, another worthy occupant appears. Mrs. Hudson retired to Italy and there, late in life, found amore again with a passionate younger Italian man who owned a vineyard. That is how I like to think of her anyway. And I think of her resolutely as "Martha".
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    It would be the nephew’s Carol. I wonder why only these three get a mention? https://conandoyleestate.com/
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    Yeah, I think I once read that they do it because of heat retention. Apparently it's a pretty universal cat trait, too:
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    That's hard. I actually do not desire or want (any more) love, but it still can happen, that my hormones go berserk over someone and because I always fall for those I know I can't - or even want(!) to get, it's always super-annoying and feels more like an illness. Not to mention it's a waste of time and energy. Good, it doesn't happen too often and the last time it happened 10 years ago.
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    I was at a party where another guest had brought something in a paper grocery bag, and said bag was then lying on its side on the floor. The hostess's cat walked into the room, and all the cat people were cooing, "Ooh, look, now she's gonna go inside the bag." Which of course she did. And all the non-cat people were bewildered -- "How'd you know she was gonna do that????"
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    Perhaps Condon pointed out that all he did was extrapolate from the earlier (no longer copyrighted) stories. Having seen the movie only once, I'm trying to recall -- did it mention Holmes's bees, or the location of his cottage? Which point makes me realize why Moftiss referred to said bees in such an indirect manner, by having Janine buy the cottage, complete with beehives. They never said a word about Sherlock living there or having any interest in the bees. It was just a wink. Your friend and her sister (et al.) have my complete sympathy. I hope there are enough people involved that no one needs to go short on sleep.
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    I enjoyed "Mr. Holmes" very much, too, though it was tough to see the Great Detective depicted as so frail. Truly the loss of his intellect would be a fate worse than death for the Great Detective. A former correspondent from the Amazon Movie Lounge declined to watch it owing to the 'decrepitude of the icon' which it depicts. Sherlock Holmes remains so popular 132 years after his creation because he's the original superhero, defying time, age and the limitations of the human body. Sherlock Holmes accepts no limitations and defies Death to its face and spits in it! (This despite abusing his instrument pretty grievously--Superheroes are Teflon.) Laura Linney playing the uneducated lower-born housekeeper was droll, because Ms. Linney is very smart and usually plays very highly articulate, educated and competent types. Nicolas Rowe (Young Sherlock Holmes, as was) turned up in the 'movie within the movie' as "Sherlock Holmes' and the first time through, I didn't recognize him straightaway, but that long face just looked *so* familiar! Kudos to Bill Condon for that little tie-in to a Sherlock interpreter of the past. I don't think Mr. Rowe turned up at the audition entirely by coincidence. Nic is still in work, most recently appearing as Winston Churchill's secretary, then Queen's equerry Jock Coville in 'The Crown'. Since the whole principal cast have been replaced for the upcoming seasons, I don't know if we will see him again in that project or not. The Estate of Conan Doyle Ltd. kicked up a fuss over this screenplay and sued Bill Condon and the production, owing to the depiction of a retirement-era SH still being protected by copyright in the United States until 2023, I believe. Since the movie went ahead, I can only assume the Estate lost their suit. Perhaps Condon and Co. sicced Leslie Klinger on them! A friend from high school is currently caring for her 77-year-old mother who has dementia and rarely recognizes her loved ones any more. My friend gave up her apartment and moved in with her sister's family so that someone would always be on hand to supervise Mom. This sweet lady had already been though so much,; widowed young, raising four children on her own as a single mother. She was a college professor, which makes her affliction all the more ironic and sad. She's younger than my mother, which just makes me realize how fortunate my sisters and I have been that our Mom is still independent and firing on all cylinders. It's a cruel thing to be taken away from your loved ones and even yourself before you are actually gone.
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    I personally prefer the BBC's "Sherlock" editions of the original Conan Doyle collections and novels (Study in Scarlet, Sign of the Four, The Adventures of SH, The Return of SH, The Memoirs of SH, and His Last Bow). Good heavens, I see that I've omitted the other two novels, Hound of the Baskervilles and Valley of Fear -- has BBC Books not yet published them, or have I neglected to order them, or have I misplaced them (must check into that)? Anyhow, BBC Books has published each of the first six I mentioned above in a very nice paperback edition at about seven pounds apiece. They have photos of BC & MF on the covers (front and back), and proper multi-page introductions by the Moftisses.
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    I think that would only be if the asexual person is also aromantic. I lack sexual attraction but still desire love, companionship, and even marriage. That puts me in an infinitesimal percentage of people, and you can imagine how well it goes over with most men who are also seeking romantic partners. It's not easy. I know the feeling. I think all of us probably make less progress in a year than we hope to. It can be hard to muster the energy for it all. I hope you'll feel a bit better about life once your personal New Year passes. Happy Birthday, whenever it is!
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    I also hope that he gets the long overdue recognition that he deserves in the form of some kind of Lifetime Achievement Award.👍
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    I have been away from the site and this thread for a good while and I find that I've stumbled into a quagmire I didn't even know existed. Hate crimes against asexuals? I know asexuality is a real thing--I have been part of the public llibrary world for over 20 years now and I have met a large number of individuals of both sexes which I would place in this category, though that's mostly through personal observation and not really though any discussions I've had with the individuals concerned. So I might be wrong. It is a truism that my profession boasts a very high percentage of Introverts, and I suppose those with an I disposition are more statistically inclined to also identify as Asexual. It's hard to fathom people getting so incensed at others who choose to *not* have sex. That seems like the most neutral and non-objectionable position imaginable, unless of course some of these attackers are mad because they wanted to have a physical relationship with an Ace and were rebuffed. People as a rule are made very uncomfortable by individuals who buck 'the norm' for whatever reason because that might lead to uncomfortable self-analysis about their own knee-jerk conformity. Lashing out is the easier course than introspection, and they can always tell themselves that it's righteous anger as guardians of 'the normal' they are using to justify their rage. I"m not asexual, but for practical purposes, I might as well be. If my internal orientation matched my external circumstances I would no doubt feel a lot more content with my life. Having just recently celebrated another birthday which shoves me further into my middle age, I am basically accepting now that singlehood is, barring some miracle of God, going to be my perpetual state. Asexuality is really a blessing if it allows a person to be free of constantly yearning for a partner who is not going to materialize. When I was younger, I used to pray to meet somebody, but I have shifted my focus into a more useful channel: How can I make the most of my life by myself? If someone else comes along to share in it, that would be great, but I no longer expect that to happen. I can't wait until I'm coupled to start experiencing my life fully, whether it be traveling certain places by myself or saving up to buy that comfortable sofa or 'good' towels/TV/laundry machines, what have you, for myself to enjoy alone. I'm in a sort of maudlin/introspective place on account of it being now just over two years since I joined this community (October 31, 2017) and I'm in a taking-stock mood. My own personal New Year has always tended to be at my birthday rather than January 1st, a time when I have to face up to the inevitable reality that i have once again disappointed myself by my progress through the year. The weather at present is not helping me feel more cheerful. The extra hour of sleep I got yesterday was appreciated but not so much when the bill--darkness at 5:30--comes due. I'm going away now and coming back when I feel more positive about life! The windows are getting smaller for that.
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    That was certainly a high point of the art. Some of the newer computer-assisted stuff is technically quite good too, but it tends to suffer (in my opinion) from some of the same bigger-faster-louder overload as today's live-action movies.
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    That's a good question, and I think you may well have a good point. As I've said before, I have the impression that Sherlock (in the BBC series at any rate) isn't nearly as pure-logic as he seems to think he is; that his elaborate "deductions" are actually flashes of insight strung together with logic.
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    Being the spoiled brat that Sherlock is, manipulation would be right up his ally. Like he tells John on their way to Angelo's "That's the frailty of genius, John, it needs an audience." And I love John's response, that sideways glance and a "Yes."
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    We only saw what happened in that room. Maybe he hacked into the area's cell phone tower and hundreds of people were baffled to read that they were wrong about something. Could've caused some interesting situations. "But dear, you know I had to work late yesterday." *ding* "Wait, I'm receiving a message."
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    Can “cold” be a mood? ‘Cause I’m freezing. Got as low as 0 degrees F early this morning. Average temps for this time of year are in the 50’s, but we’ve been getting teens and 20’s for weeks, and snow is lining the streets. I’m not ready for winter, at all.
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    ^ Me three. ^ Mood is still this. It was a very crummy and disappointing weekend.
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    No movie for me. My dad had a medical "emergency" that turned out to be not that much of an emergency, so I had to miss the movie to attend him. Lost my monies too, because the theater is reserve seating only, and they only take cancellations in person, no less than an hour before the start of the film. *Sigh*.
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