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    I have a few of my childhood pictures. Here's one of me and my brother. I was around 8. I had very sticky-out ears as a kid, but I grew into them, lol.
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    These are awkwardly so relatable.
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    I like puzzle and so glad that I have dog instead of cat. I am convinced that they don't care about human misery. I mean, look at this: and
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    That's not a crime, that's an improvement!
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    I was led to believe that there is no such thing as a cat-proof barrier, given a reasonably determined cat, or is there?
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    It certainly did! I'm just not sure what....
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    I doubt that, but you actually raise a good point. Maybe Gavel shouldn't be fired.
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    Oh, I don't know. If I were being arrested and forced to lie face down on cement with my hands tied behind my back, I think I'd find a nice soft warm kitty on my back very comforting. Geez, that cat must weigh a ton. 😛
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    Hope you both indeed started with better month! I believe you both have cats, so do pet them, it helps. At least you won't get arrested like this man, but he gets his priority sorted. It's old news, but certainly memorable. I believe Florida Man is definitely a weird species. Goes with title "Florida Man Running from Cops Stops to Pet Cats, Goes to Jail"
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    Let me see if I understand how it works. Hey, I like this Sherlock: Why isn’t the statue smirking at me? John: It isn’t smirking at anyone, they’re all just imagining it. Sherlock: Three of us saw it, John. How do you explain that? John: *points at Mycroft* Sleep deprivation. *points at Mrs.Hudson* Paranoia. *points at Moriarty * Delusional personality disorder. Hey! This one is mean! Sherlock: Would you guys be there for me if I was going through something? John: Nope, absolutely not. Mycroft: I hope it sucks, whatever you're going through. Mrs.Hudson: I hope it emotionally scars you for the rest of your life. Moriarty : I hope you reach out to me so I can ignore you. General Shan: I can't wait to go to your funeral, knowing I could've changed that outcome. This is so our boys! Mahaha Sherlock: There is no future. there is no past. do you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time, when the whole design is visible in every facet. John: Mycroft: Lestrade: Everyone Else At Sherlock’s Surprise Birthday Party: John: All I asked was if you wanted to cut your birthday cake first.
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    I lost all of my childhood picture, so I don't even remember how I looked like. Pretty sure it's not only downhill, it's avalanche for me. Now I have to get used to you not looking like Jeremy Brett. Reality still hits me now and then that some of you are not your avatar. on vaccine again, I hope there is no serious problem with antivaxx. No NO! All this should be teamwork, we are on second year now, that is embarrassing. It shouldn't be this hard to defeat.
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    Got my second dose of Pfizer on Thursday. Had yesterday off from work, which was just as well. I had no major side effects, but I definitely felt this one more. The first jab was nearly undetectable, but the second one was a real Ow. Felt like a bee sting. I had the same nurse as before, so I don't think it was her technique. Other people reported the same thing. Immediately after I got back from the observation period, I put a cold pack on my arm for 2 hours and took three Tylenol. My arm still got sore, but doing this bought me about three additional hours before that happened. It wasn't more painful than before, but it has definitely lasted longer. First time was 24 hours almost to the dot. I'm in hour 47 now and I can still feel a little pain when I lift my arm. I switched up arms so this time was in my dominant one (the right). I developed a headache between my eyes around 9 or 10 pm that night that lasted for a couple of hours; I took 3 more Tylenol before I went to sleep. No problems sleeping; no night sweats, chills or fever. At worst, I felt tired, heavy and stiff. Kind of like you do when you've got a cold, except there wasn't any congestion or coughing. I had a stuffy head for a little while when I first lay down, but that went away. That might have also been from dust mites or the seasonal change in temps. All in all, not bad. I'm glad I didn't have to work the next day but I think I could have, if required--though pushing it may have made me feel worse than I did at home. It was a great excuse to lay in bed for most of the day watching movies, in between bouts of making food. My appetite seemed normal, but I tried to eat fairly light over the two days because I didn't want a lot in my stomach in case I felt pukey. I didn't. I would advise, if feasible, that anyone getting the second shot (or the first, in the case of J&J) schedule a sick day for the following day. My employer was generous in allowing us an hour each time on the clock to get the shots without having to take time. I was prepared to get more ill, so I would have taken a sick day if I hadn't been off already. You most likely will feel pretty OK, though you might not feel up to your usual activities and will just want to sleep or relax. If you do have to work, at least try to take a half-day or do lighter activities if you can. If your job involves being on your feet a lot or heavy lifting, probably best to avoid that first day after. I'm at work today and I feel fine now.
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    Alas, a similar crime was committed at my house. I left a large pastel drawing (a work in progress) on my drafting table. The next morning there were little kitty paw prints all over it. And all over the floor, and all over the bookcase, and all over the computer desk.....
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    Well they clearly needed a Brother Barktholomew of their own then.
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    Don't know where else to put this ... have you come across the Incorrect Quotes Generator? https://incorrect-quotes-generator.neocities.org/ . Add character(s) of your choice and press Generate Prompt.
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    I think we've found the secret to how Moftiss' comes us with their ideas! Here's some more... Sherlock: What do you think Moriarty will do for a distraction? John: He'll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do. *Building explodes and several car alarms go off* John: ... or he could do that. Sherlock, banging on the door: Moriarty! Open up! Moriarty: Well, it all started when I was a kid... John: No, he meant- Lestrade: Let them finish. Sherlock, Molly, and John are sitting on a bench Lestrade: Why do you guys look so sad? Sherlock: Sit down with us so we can tell you. *Lestrade sits down* Molly: The bench is freshly painted.
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    Egad! That's almost cruel!
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    Looks like it might come in handy (so to speak) sometimes, like if I want to watch a long video on my tablet, without all the blood draining out of my arms. Doubt that I'd buy it, though. For one thing, doesn't look very comfortable. We have people of all sizes and shapes, but yes, there are a lot more really fat people here than there used to be. I blame fast food, junk food, and processed food in general. One factor all those tend to have in common is "natural flavor," which is a (presumably intentionally) very misleading term. For example, you'd think that if "natural vanilla flavor" is listed in the ingredients, that would mean an extract from actual vanilla beans, right? Nope, that would be listed as "vanilla extract." According to this article from Scientific American, "natural vanilla flavor" is probably derived from rice or cloves or wood (which may at least be a step above "artificial vanilla flavor," which is derived from petroleum). "Natural flavors" may be a problem for several reasons. First off, they are retraining people's taste buds. A lot of folks now prefer "natural strawberry flavor" over the real thing because it "tastes more like strawberries." So people aren't eating as much fruit and other real food. Next, the synthesized flavors are tweaked to be as alluring as possible -- so that they don't just taste good, they taste incredibly good -- which induces people to have an extra helping. Finally, there is suspicion (as yet unproven, as far as I'm aware) that certain "natural" flavors, as well as some artificial sweeteners, can act as appetite stimulants -- meaning that diet soda pop may actually make you fatter than sugar-sweetened types, because the artificial sweetener may induce you to eat more potato chips with it. [/rant]
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    Personally, I watched S1 and S2 a couple times while trying to forget that anything ever came afterward (only watched S3 and Bride once, never could find the stomach for S4; Plaidder's Empty Houses is canon, as far as I'm concerned ). But I'm wishing you the best of luck for many happy rewatchings.
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    How nice! You guys are good looking, nothing wrong with the ears! My good friend doesn't grow into them, I make fun of him all the time but I know he doesn't mind.
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    Hi Arcadia, He certainly wasn’t the easiest character to like but there were moments where we saw glimpses of the more human side of House. He consciously tried suppressing this though as, like Holmes, he saw himself as a brain; a solver of puzzles. I always thought that it was strange when I heard people say “I’m hooked on Game Of Thrones,” or Breaking Bad or anything but I certainly got hooked on House so that I was genuinely sad (not heartbroken, couldn’t eat or sleep sad of course) when I got to the end. I said in an earlier post that I don’t think that I’d like to see House return as Wilson is now dead. But then again..... “Everybody lies.” 😃👍
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    You can pay $8/month or $80/year. I subscribed for $7/month, but they’re raising the price $1. ”Loki” starts on June 11. It’s 6 episodes long, and they’ll release one episode per week. If I were you, I’d wait to subscribe until they’ve all been released. That way you can binge “Loki”, “WandaVision”, and “Falcon/Winter Soldier”, and only pay for a month if you want to.
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    The following may or may not help explain why Brett never won any major award for playing Holmes: Leonard Nimoy never won any major awards for playing Spock over a span of fifty years in television and movies [link]. I have a couple of theories: 1. Both roles were simply too one-of-a-kind to be compared to the other candidates; or 2. Neither science fiction nor mystery was taken seriously as a drama genre. Also, in the case of Nimoy/Spock, 3. The original series was seen as a commercial failure, which may have dampened his chances of winning, even though he was nominated for each of the show's three seasons.
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    Total ignoramus here, but maybe she was contractually obligated elsewhere at the time?
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    I just looked it up Carol and it started as the British Film Academy in 1947 founded by Alexander Korda, Charles Laughton, David Lean, Carol Reed, Roger Manuel and others. The ‘television’ part was added in 1976. BAFTA hand out the usual awards like Best Film, Best Actor etc but they also give 2 special awards. One is a BAFTA Fellowship first awarded in 1971 to Hitchcock. Other winners have been David Lean, Charlie Chaplin, Lawrence Olivier, Richard Attenburgh, Stephen Spielberg, Frederico Fellini, Michael Caine, John Thaw and most recently Siobhan Reddy (who I’ve never heard of,) Also theres the Outstanding British Contribution To Cinema Award won by names like The Monty Python team, Kenneth Branagh, The Harry Potter Film Series and Andy Serkis. The most recent winner being Noel Clarke who I’d never heard of but clicking on his name I found that he’s the actor that played Mickey (Billie Piper’s boyfriend) in David Tennant’s Dr Who.
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    Maybe they figure that if they sufficiently mistreat the customers who've been with them longest (and thus remember how usable and customer-friendly the site used to be) those troublemakers will leave, and they can then concentrate on people who've joined in the past couple of years, and are obviously willing to put up with just about anything. And pay money for the privilege!
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    I like the title👍 The Honours system has come in for a lot of criticism over the years with accusations that they are often used as a reward for services to a particular political party. Make a large donation and some kind of honour will come your way which devalues the process for those that genuinely deserve recognition. When lists are produced you can almost hear the cries of “why?” I notice that in the 2020 list Craig David got an MBE but I don’t know anything about him or why it was felt that he deserved one? Toby Jones got an OBE and Sheila Hancock became a Dame for her services to drama and charity (John Thaw got a CBE in 1994) Peter Cushing got an OBE in 1989. Christopher Lee got a knighthood then a CBE along with a lot of military awards which were sadly all auctioned off in 2017. I don’t know why Brett was overlooked but I know that there is a petition here (which I’ve signed) to get him a posthumous BAFTA. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/jbbafta
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    Typos? There were typos? 😄
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    Thanks Carol and Herlock. I'd heard of that kind of thing, but never heard the term "New Year's Honours List" before. Seems to me Brett deserved something, his portrayal of Holmes had a BIG impact on future productions, imho. So it goes, I guess.
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    You must be some relation to me! I've corrected some of my posts that were far older than this.
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    I've heard of people refusing, and Lennon may well have been one. But is it a significant percentage? Added: Lennon did not refuse his MBE. He later returned his medal to the Queen, but there's no protocol for renouncing one's honours, so he's still an MBE. [link] How is Marquess pronounced? I'm guessing it's the British equivalent of Marquis? And is that why it ends in "-ess" even though it's a male title? Was there any indication that the offer might have been politically motivated, with just that outcome in mind?
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    Hi Arcadia, Its simply a list announced every New Year (they also make awards on the Queen’s birthday) of people who have been given awards such as Knighthoods KBE (where you become Sir something) or, if you’re a woman you become a Dame DBE (like Judy Dench) Then there are awards like OBE (The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire - they haven’t noticed that the Empire has gone yet😃) The MBE (Member Of The Order Of The British Empire) or the CBE (Commander Of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire) They’re based on the old heraldic orders of chivalry. Knight and Dame are the highest. The CBE, then OBE then MBE. CBE - The CBE is awarded to individuals for having a prominent role at national level, or a leading role at regional level. CBEs are also awarded for distinguished and innovative contribution to any area OBE - The OBE is awarded to individuals who have made major contributions at a local level, or whose work has gained a national profile MBE - The MBE is awarded for an outstanding achievement or service to the community which has had a long-term, significant impact. Thats without going into Baron’s, Esrl’s, Viscount’s etc. It’s pretty complicated (even for us) That’s 2000 + years of history for you.🙂
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    That's the people the Queen is planning to grant various titles to (e.g., Sir or Dame) on New Year's Day. It's possible to decline, but I don't think many people do. There's also an Honours List for her official birthday in June. He died in September. You'd think there'd be some sort of provision for honoring deceased people, but apparently not. I agree! My father poo-pooed the idea that anyone could play Holmes better than Rathbone -- until he actually watched Brett!
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    Hard disagree there; I think he cares. He cared when Seb said "We hated him." It was written on his face. He's not untouchable, words hurt him. He just doesn't fall apart because of them.
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    The only thing I really didn't like about it was the forced and somewhat awkward romance between Hulk and Widow. But I feel that way about most of the MCU romances, lol. Actually, most movie romances in general.
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    Exactly. Works surprisingly well with the boys, especially circa S1. John: You saved me. I owe you my life. Sherlock: No thanks. I’ve seen it and I’m not very impressed.
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    OK, so basically you pick the number of people and optionally give them names, then click the Generate button and it plugs your characters into a randomly selected joke -- or am I missing something? Yours is pretty good. Here's the best I've gotten so far: Kirk: Spock, what do IDK, LY, and TTYL mean? Spock: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later Kirk: Ok, I love you too, I’ll just ask McCoy. I may have just discovered the true origin of slash fanfic!
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    That last sentence is something I used to tell myself every day then eventually stopped... Now I think it's totally fine to think about fictional people 24/7. I relate to the bit about being as morose or rude or clueless as Sherlock without being able to claim his intelligence or charm (or looks, in this incarnation). That's definitely one reason I adore season 1 Sherlock because he says so many things that I think but would never, ever get away with saying out loud (plus I think he's just plain entertaining that way). Now, of course I don't know you but I'm willing to bet you have some of Sherlock's positive attributes and strengths as well. At least one. And since we got to know him better and better over the course of the series, there's a lot more to chose from than smarts and capability and physical advantages. One good side of Sherlock I think I can see in myself is his lack of resentfulness. I know people got upset that he didn't hate Mary for shooting him but I "get" that. If someone harms me, I'm generally more interested in why they did it than how I could get back at them too.
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    The bunnies are back! This sign is... sizeist? racist? someone bad in translation? or math?? In all seriousness, I'm not sure why Americans are often associated with obesity. Have seen fair share of obesity equally across many nations. Fast food culture etc, but they are everywhere too!
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    Welcome to the club! There were a a group of us emailing each other, and one fellow (perfectly decent, nice, intelligent, even a college graduate) kept using texting abbreviations, which drove the rest of us nuts. I finally did a reply-all to one of his emails, saying that I was able to answer his question because I had finally cracked his code -- which got a round of amused responses from the rest of the group. As I recall, he started writing in English after that. Grump! And then there are the ones who not only read just the first sentence, but manage to misinterpret it.
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    I hadn't thought to check, but of course you're right -- the plain "Barts" moniker (no St -- with or without a period -- and no apostrophe) is indeed introduced in the very first chapter of the very first Holmes story, "Study in Scarlet." So of course that's what Moftiss would call the place in the scripts! It seems obvious now that you mention it. Did they actually call her a lab assistant, though? I don't recall her having any specific title (other than "Miss") or job designation even later on. There's her ID badge, but it's never shown close-up in the show, and no one seems to know where the close-up photo of it came from -- or even whether that's the same badge she wears in the show. I agree, she's being treated far more seriously now, but I still don't recall anything very specific. Do we actually know who's allowing him access? Do we even know that he's being "allowed" rather than merely bluffing his way in? There are a *whole* lot of implications in this show! Isn't DI Dimmock (sp?) with him that time, though? So that one is presumably an official access. I'm a bit irked that they gave so few details of what Molly actually did. In "Empty Hearse," Greg Lestrade says (regarding Sherlock's death) "Molly Hooper laid him out," which I am told means she performed a post-mortem exam, and presumably signed the death certificate. And there was some talk of her procuring that body (which some fans say is the double that scared the little boarding-school girl in "Reichenbach" -- and Moftiss ain't arguing). I'm sure that I've already said a lot more about this issue on either the Reichenbach thread or the Empty Hearse one. Quite true! Quite possibly, but she could still be head of some sub-department, or in some relatively autonomous position, which would give her the authority to do certain things without anyone else's approval. If that's what floats her boat, sure. But what if it's not -- what if she actually enjoys doing autopsies and such, and doesn't *want* to be the big boss? I know a lot of engineers like that -- they don't want to be managers, because then they'd never get to have any fun. Well, that's Sherlock's view of her, true. But how well does he understand Molly? Pretty well in some ways, I think, but probably not in certain other ways. And how much of that apparent ambition was simply a desire to be respected as a professional?
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    Some stuff from Arwel's kind of magic https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/sherlock-designer-arwel-w-jones-theres-a-magic-to-set-design/ https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/sherlock-10th-anniversary-behind-the-scenes-set-secrets/?preview=true&_thumbnail_id=603517
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    We have our own detective heroes here in Egypt but the most famous are the Adventurous Five, a group of kids who solved crimes. The author of the books Mahmoud Salam started out translating the British children's mystery books like "The Famous Five" before deciding to create his own team of kid detectives. The original series ran from 1968 until 1972 but later books would be published by other writers. The kids would be joined in their adventures by their pet dog and a lowly police officer who served as the comic relief. There were a number of adaptations including a TV drama, an animated series and recently a film adaptation that ended up being the film Egyptian film in history to have an online premier, which was due to the recent pandemic.
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    Hello, Sveva, and welcome to Sherlock Forum! It's especially nice when a new member posts interesting questions! Doyle's Moriarty did not reappear (though he might have been referred to in later stories) -- Holmes reported that he saw the villain fall into a raging waterfall, so that was the end of him. Holmes was, however, concerned about Moriarty's henchmen, and spent the next few years dealing with them. Besleybean is correct, there is no Eurus in Doyle's stories. She is, however, based (very loosely) on a few things from those stories and from old fan tradition: The name of the facility where Eurus lives, Sherrinford, was one of the names that Doyle had thought of using for his detective, before settling on Sherlock instead. Some fans of his stories later used "Sherrinford" as the name of a hypothetical third Holmes brother. Near the end of the episode "His Last Vow," Mycroft tells Sir Edwin, "I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion; you know what happened to the other one," thus leading fans of the show to expect a third brother (or a sister). Then early in "The Lying Detective," Lady Smallwood asks Mycroft, "Do you still speak to Sherrinford?" -- thus leading us to believe that the show is following fan tradition regarding a third brother's name. But then of course Sherrinford turns out to be a place rather than a person, and the brother is actually a sister. Her name, Eurus, which is the name of the Greek god of the east wind, was apparently inspired by a line from Doyle's story "His Last Bow," in which Holmes tells Watson "... there's an east wind coming...." in reference to the approach of World War I. This line is quoted or paraphrased several times in series 3 and 4. Again, welcome, Sveva! We hope you stick around and post more questions or comments. Please feel free to post in any existing threads or start more new ones.
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    I (mostly) agree with that when it's a real person; a person should get to tell other people how they want their name pronounced. But when we're talking about fictional characters, and we can't ask the author how he would have pronounced it, then I default to the linguistic origin (taking into account the nationality of the character and how they themselves might pronounce it based on where they live). You and I have disagreed on this before, but I generally think that there are ways of saying (some) things that are "more correct" than others, and I don't accept that all variations are equally correct just because someone didn't know how to say the original. Take, for example, the word "nuclear". In some regions, it's not uncommon to hear people say "nucular". I, personally, would say that that's the "wrong" way to pronounce it, regardless how widespread it has become. I can't stop people from pronouncing it that way, and I won't try; but I still think it's incorrect. If tomorrow the whole of Texas started calling the country "Americay", I wouldn't just nod and agree that that's an equally valid pronunciation; I would say, "That's not how it's pronounced." That's just me though, and I know many would argue with me. I'm a bit less rigid about names, but until Sir Arthur Conan Doyle can rise up and correct me (or I see very compelling evidence to the contrary), I maintain that "Le-strahd" is the most correct way to pronounce the name.
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    I like to think of it as independent souls!
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