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    Speaking of reptiles, do you know skinks? Speedy little guys. Cute. Zip all over our porch. I've been letting my cat go out on the porch with me when I sit out there, so she won't have to stay in the house by herself. I leave the door open a crack in case she gets scared and needs to run back inside. One day she's out there, half snoozing, and there's a sudden commotion and she's got a skink in her mouth … and she dashes inside with it. Aaarghhhhh! A lizard in the house! A fast lizard! Noooo! I go running after her … and she's already deposited it on the landing. Thankfully (for me) it's already dead. She starts batting at it, then looks at me and gives the most piteous cry … "Mommy, why won't it play with me anymore?" I felt so bad for her I went into the kitchen and fed her some special treats.
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    Hello, David -- welcome to Sherlock Forum! Every time I see a reference to Ronald Howard, I have to go look him up, because my first inclination is to think of Ron Howard (the child actor turned filmmaker), and that's clearly not who you're talking about. But I see that your Ronald Howard was a British actor (and the son of Leslie Howard, who played Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind). Odd that I've never seen his Holmes series. I'll have to look into that!
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    Hello my real name is David I am 29grew up watching the basil rathbone films checking them out at the library .
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    Very cool. I just recently checked out the Ronald Howard tv series on DVD enjoyed it a lot.
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    Welcome to the forum! That's a tricky question there ... I'd go with Rathbone, too, mostly for nose-related reasons.
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    Or maybe it's just a very literal-minded snake. It just occurs to me I've never seen a green snake. All of ours are black, brown, black-brown, reddish brown and some have spots or stripes, usually yellow. But no green snakes. Isn't that odd? You'd think green would be excellent camouflage for a yard snake.
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    Yes, some wild animals adapt to the living in an urban environment.
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    "Personnel" was the last reasonable name for that department -- and that was, umm, a few decades ago. Everything since then has been looking at employees as corporate assets. Bleh!
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    No wonder people look at me funny when I say I used to work in "Personnel."
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    Quite true. But what I actually meant to say was that Bogart's agent insisted he change his name -- at least the "Humphrey" part -- but he refused.
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    I found something alarming and as a good fellow member I feel that I should give you a warning Carol. It is published in 1894, even before our precious year of 1895. But then, I'm as disappointed as this one Amazon's reviewer.
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    Question for cat owner; have you ever tempted to name your cat Schrodinger?? Because please do so!
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    The dog looks like embarassed Dobby bereft of his shirt (or whatever it was)
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    I met a girl in college who was carrying around a kitten in her bib pocket. I still remember the shocked reaction of the professor when it suddenly woke up and stuck its head out.
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    You can tell, because it's dancing an Irish jig.
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    If I got this on my cat I don't think I'd stop laughing for days.
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    Good, I contacted my job coach and she said that she just needed the documents that confirmed that I actually went to that internship. So hopefully I get the money next week, meanwhile I'm working temporarily at a different department, and the new department SUCKS!!! when I still went to school people mocked me and my peers because we would just be ordinary receptionists and we had no idea how to manual labour, some people I swear.
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    How did that go? ***** While browsing the website of a company where I used to work, I found a term that's even worse than "human resources" -- namely "human capital." I mean, "resources" merely implies sources one can count on for assistance, whereas "capital" implies actual ownership!
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