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    Awww, an animated Satan though.
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    "Captain Marvel". Most of this was newish material for me (the Kree-Skrull war and so on), so it took me 20 or 30 minutes to orient myself to the world-building. The war was briefly mentioned in "Guardians of the Galaxy", and there was a connect to Ronan, the primary villain of that movie, which I thought was neat. I always look forward to seeing how they're going to connect things in the MCU. Anyway, once I'd situated myself, I felt it got better as it went on. Things I loved (without being too spoilery): 1. The cat, and Nick Fury with the cat. 2. Seriously, the cat scenes were the best scenes, lol. 3. The opening Marvel logo was a tribute to Stan Lee. I loved that they did that. His cameo also made me wistful. 4. 90's tech jokes. Ahh, the good old days of dial-up. 5. No romantic relationship. 6. "Ugly aliens have feelings too." An underused concept in film. "Ugly" aliens are usually portrayed as purely evil, violent, animalistic beings, sometimes with subhuman intelligence. You don't care if they die, 'cause they're like bugs and you just wait for the heroes to squash them like bugs. You will rarely see the ugly alien expressing emotion, protecting their family, displaying reason or a desire for peace. (Granted, it's not like these are the ugliest aliens you've ever seen, either: they're still largely humanoid. But still.) 7. A cast full of characters that, to me, felt rich and rounded-out; or at least made a good start of it. I even liked the villains. Things I loved less: 1. Stylistic choices: too much desert, too much brown. This is entirely subjective, but my brain craves color; it just does. After awhile I start to get bored with films that are too brown, gray, dark, or generally monochromatic (characteristic of war movies and post-apocalyptic movies). The majority of this film was set in either the desert or inside sterile buildings and ships, and after awhile I just felt like I needed some green or something. The most color came from her glowy superpowers. Maybe that was intentional, maybe it wasn't. But I would have enjoyed it more with more color. To be clear, though, it wasn't terribly monochromatic. Just a bit too much for me personally. Most people probably wouldn't even notice or care. 2. There's something else I can't put my finger on... but I think it has to do with Brie Larson. I don't know if her acting was just "meh" for me, or if her on-screen presence is domineered by the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law... but next to the other characters, she seemed just a little bland. I didn't dislike her, but I liked every other character more than her, and I don't know why. But I suppose it should be noted that I'm probably predisposed to be a bit extra critical of her. An era of the MCU is ending, and this film marks the beginning of "old" characters being replaced by "new" characters; a prospect which, while perhaps a necessary evil, doesn't exactly thrill me. There really isn't much bad to say about this movie, and my complaints are barely even complaints. But honestly, I don't know if that's because the movie was good, or because it was a little bit mediocre. I did like it, and it's worth seeing, but it won't go down in my personal list of MCU top favorites. So... I'm not very good at number ratings, I never really know what number would accurately represent a film. But all told, I guess I'd put this at a 7/10? Right about on par with "Black Panther". Goose, however, gets a 10/10. P.S. As with most Marvel films these days, there are two scenes in the credits: one in the middle, and one at the very end. The first is connected to Avengers: Endgame/the post-credits scene of Infinity War, and the second is more cat. 🐈
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    Hello, Sco0T -- welcome to Sherlock Forum! You posted your question in the General Sherlock Holmes Discussion area, so I assume you're asking about the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I must admit that I'm no expert on those, but I do know that there were several stories where he did disguise himself, and it was sort of a standard joke that Watson never recognized him. In fact, if some obnoxious fellow was annoying Watson, you could just about bet that it was actually Holmes. I can't offhand name a story where Holmes used more than one, but he sometimes used some very elaborate disguises. One of the most complicated ones was in "The Empty House," where he came to Baker Street disguised as a hunchbacked old book seller. Watson still thought that Holmes had died in the waterfall at Reichenbach some years earlier, so when Holmes took off the disguise, Watson was so surprised that he fainted! There are several forum members who know a lot more about the original stories than I do, so you'll presumably get a far better answer to your actual question.
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    @Artemis...is there any other kind? Tee Hee. 👹
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    St. Patrick's Day! 🍀 Time for corned beef and potatoes, wearing my favorite color, and 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'!
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    Yes, Ma'am! Unfortunately, this video doesn't seem to include the very end of the competition (and the teams were very close at last accounting). Does anyone happen to know who won?
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    Disney reinstates director James Gunn for 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3'.
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    It’s in the Recently Watched Movies thread.
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    I possibly need to discuss with this members of the Chinese community. But I don't see what's stereotypical about the role. Surely it's the complete opposite? I mean there can't be that many British Chinese who are involved with organised crime.
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    Besleybean, I don't think Ms. Chan is criticizing the Sherlock writers. Sounds to me like she's mostly pointing out how different things were only nine or ten years ago, and that what's considered normal has changed tremendously in the interim. I must however admit to some personal bewilderment over the current move toward casting minority actors in historically-inaccurate roles. I'm all for open casting -- there's no reason to assume that a character of unspecified race is white -- but if it was stupid or wrong to cast Italians as American Indians or whites as Asians (as used to be commonly done), why is it now any more reasonable or correct to cast an Asian as a 16th century Scottish noblewoman?
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    Gemma Chan (who is currently playing a blue-skinned alien in Captain Marvel) talks at some length in this interview about her first big role as Soo Lin Yao, and about how much change there has been in casting guidelines since then.
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    Get up, 45 minute commute, 9 hours work, 45 minutes commute, 1 hour run, 2 hour tutorial, 2 hours studying, go to sleep, get up, repeat.
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    That'd be one heck of a bargain on the Ferrari!
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    We sure are a difficult-to-please bunch, aren't we?
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    You are right, I shouldn't subject my dog to that kind of inconvenience. But if it helps anyone should be worried about their face's well-being for attempting. Not sure I should I don't want you to be disappointed with my answer. Let's say it involves 'some' conservation and 'some' research. Anyway, when I first switching to this industry, I thought it'd be my dream job. But as with everything (same thing applies with knowing a human) the more exposed you are to something, the more you know about the whole package, good and bad. And there could be things that don't gel with you or your principle. In my case, it strikes my conscience and ethic, my idealism. My colleague who is more hands-on put it as 'selling our soul". For me I could say luckily I'm not at that level or practically I could say I tried in my position to counter those negativity, well, for a little bit. That was what I tried to do, using little bit of power I have to make things better, however, realistically, it doesn't work as much as I wanted to. I was only another cog in the wheel, they would run better with me but without me they are fine. I could only make that much noise. I'm the fly trying to get them to eat that medicine by buzzing on their head so that it helps their actual headache that they try to deny. (I never say I'm good in example!!) In fact I got into a lot of hot water trying to. With little success I have, there were much more push back. I realize as well that the burden I have in my head for being connected to what I do is gone when I left. It still makes me feel bad, but at least, I'm not there as part of those if you get what I mean. In fact, there was a very bad example of this poor ethical situation on my last week and it really goes against what I want to be, I was left scrapping around trying to make the situation better but at the end there was nothing I could do. The worst it, if I really really put my myself in the shoes of the company, I could see their reasonings. It's valid, it's just not the best. The best means costing the company a lot of money, so they do what everyone do; make it look good in the surface. So, I guess I'd say this turns something I like into something I don't. Something I thought it's good but then you realize the good might outweigh the bad and something that still seems good to almost everyone else. Gotta go, hope that explains??? I don't have time to check what I wrote, hopefully I explain what I have in mind correctly.
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    Just yesterday I happened upon a furniture store that actually carries a type of chair that I'd seen only online before. It was just as comfortable as I had assumed, and I was open to the idea of buying it until I saw that the price was *gulp* $4,650. For a chair!!! As Alex said, we could get a pretty good used car for only twice that much. So I can certainly sympathize with you, Herlock.
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    Hi, there, Juggler! Always nice to see new faces around! As a matter of fact, you may be more privileged than us old Sherlockians, because the adaptations, with a few (minor IMHO) misfires are so much more fun than the actual stories. In fact, Plaidadder has done a complete rewatch both on tumblr and Ao3 worth reading. My only bone to pick with the Granada production is The Eligible Bachelor, and even dear late Brett’s son was against it for health reasons! P.S. Anyone watching dear JB flinging on his overcoat in the Illustrious Client will recognise a familiar trait of our beloved Sherlock, AKA Dr Strange.
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    Couldnt agree more. So glad i had watched Jeremy Brett before reading the stories, he was on every page 👍
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    No argument from me on this point👍
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    If you want a chess set you could try one of these👍 https://moneyinc.com/most-expensive-chess-sets/
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