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    "Fries" (aka "French fries") is the American word for these: While "chips" is the British word. "Chips" is the American word for these: While "crisps" is the British word. As I understand it, anyway.
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    Some of them are quite well done, imo: And he's a good sport about it too, his store already has a "Chairman Sanders" sweater, with all proceeds going to Meels on Wheels Vermont. Honorable mention:
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    I find those memes hilarious, here is a link with some of the memes https://amp.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/30-best-bernie-sitting-at-inauguration-memes-storming-the-internet/86556582/
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    I stuck here because I find other 'different' people here. Eventhough we are unique, just like everyone else here ๐Ÿ˜‹, we are not so alone after all.
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    There's a whole bunch of those, plus behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/c/OwlKitty/videos .
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, Artemis. That decision is the worst any pet owner has to face, and it's heartbreaking. Give Cooper a hug from me, and have one yourself. And sorry for not speaking up earlier, but my parents' gentle old dog Ika is going through a bad phase too atm, so it took me a couple days (it's a bit of a raw topic right now). Why must dogs' lives be so short? It's just not fair.
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    This and Covid makes me realize how bad is the street IQ of the world. Unlike me, Sherlock knows this all along, for more than a century. That's why he is a great detective and I'm a struggling nobody. On another note, I just found out the existence of Diet Coke button, when it's pressed, it would summon butler with Diet Coke on silver platter. At leasr it's not Nuke button.
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    I saw that, I also saw that the lady who made his mittens is flooded with requests, I also saw this cute crochet doll https://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/933832118/bernies-mittens-crochet-doll-pattern-pdf?ref=shop_home_active_1&crt=1 unfortunately, you can buy the pattern and not the actual doll, but I'm sure it will be a matter of time before you can buy the actual doll on etsy.
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    Oh, I bet this one is of a Zoom meeting with the boss.
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    He's not being mean, he's giving his beloved sibling a lovely head massage. The poor little thing has a headache after hearing too many puns.
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    Gawd no, white looks horrible on me. I look like the Pillsbury dough boy in white. Black suits me, though, as long as it's a cool black. I actually took one of those "what colors should you wear" courses many, many years ago, and I love it ... it makes shopping for clothes much easier, since I can skip over 3/4 of everything on the racks and go straight to something that has a chance of looking decent on me. I've always heard that turquoise is the universal color ... but of course, there are many different shades of turquoise. I know that sea-green turquoise looks awful on me, e.g., but dark turquoise is one of my go-to colors. Now if I could just find clothes that fit me properly...........
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    Tsk Carol, you seeeee, but you don't observe.
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    People have colours? Just wear what you want, guys.
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    Jen, you might have a look at our other thread https://www.sherlockforum.com/forum/topic/2543-myers-briggs-personality-types-and-quiz/?tab=comments#comment-37997 and maybe also take the test.
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    I'm not an expert, but if you feel different, maybe you really are an introvert. A lot of people think an introvert is the same as a shy person. Some introverts are shy, but some are not. Being an introvert means approximately this: Even if you sometimes enjoy being with other people, you may need some time alone afterwards. Also, you may prefer to visit with just one person or a few people, rather than with a group. Also, you often enjoy doing things by yourself. Then again, maybe you're an individualist. The world needs individualists! Otherwise everybody would be just alike, and the world would be very boring. It doesn't sound like you're pretending to be different, it's just the way you really are. As long as you're politely doing what makes sense to you, I think that's great. I used to try to "fit in," but I was never very good at it, so I gradually started doing what I thought made sense instead. I'm a lot more relaxed now!
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    I've been grey for years... I looked distinguished. Ha!
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    Cats are jerks. Trust me, Dog person
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    Absolutely. Especially after Trump's rhetoric became "fancy". All the neo-nazi-zombies crawled out of their holes feeling validated at last, happily adapting all possible conspiracy theories, with T as the saviour of our world. Poland's ruling party had it's head so deep in T's a** that they didn't see the light anymore. They seriously wanted to take the troops moved from Germany and build a big, new, beautiful military base called Fort Trump. I'm really curious what the current theocratic government will do now. The whole country is torn between two factions which seem to remind those in the USA, AFAIK. PS: To me it didn't look like a demonstration that went out of control (and as I mentioned, I was watching the whole thing almost in the real time). Why there were hardly policemen at site, even though EVERYBODY knew the mob would appear, wearing guns and looking for trouble. Why the mob was let in? Where was the Nat. Guard - during BLM protests they were called long before anything happened. Why it took so long to send out the orders calling them?
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    What do hamsters dream about... Tunneling? Running the wheel?
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    Let me know if you find out. Pending further news, one of my main peeves is packaging that's not recyclable, even when it easily could be. Like the plastic produce bags at the local natural foods market which have no recycling code (or anything else) printed on them. Wouldn't ya think? I need to ask why -- wondering whether maybe they're number 5 plastic, which may be less likely to leach into the food, but which (in bag form) isn't recyclable around here even if it *does* have a code. I keep meaning to bring my own pre-used bags (either recyclables from the grocery store or just re-use those unprinted ones).
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    I know it's next to impossible to do this because you always forget to include one but anyway...let's see what might be in your album collections. Any embarrassing favourites? Put them in any order if you can't separate them. Just to suit my own choices I'll allow one box set if you want to add one. So this is me... 1. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin 2. Close To The Edge by Yes 3. Clutching At Straws by Marillion 4. Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan 5. Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche 6. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd 7. Made In Japan by Deep Purple 8. Into The Pandemonium by Celtic Frost 9. Pawn Hearts by Van Der Graaf Generator 10. The Early Music Collection (Naxos box set)
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    I agree. Waste is a real problem, and excess packaging too. It's the same problem in my country. It's ridiculous, really.
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    For years now I've been seeing vitamin bottles getting bigger and bigger, and had been assuming the manufacturers were simply wanting more shelf space than their competitors. But it recently occurred to me that they may be more or less legally required to use bottles that could easily hold several times that many pills. Used to be, a bottle of supplements would just say "Vitamin C" or "Bilberry" or whatever, plus how much was in each pill, and maybe a few otherliittle things. Nowadays, they still have to put that of course, but they also have to list ALL the ingredients (which is a good idea), and they have to let you know if the label says anything that hasn't been explicitly approved by the government (which is an improvement over their previous rule, not allowing them to say such things at all), and so on and so forth. So it's not really the vitamin bottle that needs to be oversized -- it's the label!
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    I hate pink. Unfortunately, several of the bright shades look good on me. *sigh* I adore lavendar, but wearing it makes me look like I'm ill. *double sigh* Life is so unfair. Yep, as demonstrated above, "cool" black veers towards blue, "warm" black veers towards red (or yellow). As do all colors, actually. There are "cool" blues and "warm" blues, for example. I enjoy keeping my art students confused trying to figure out which is which....
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    I'm not a fan of rules, but I think it is needed now. False advertisement is one thing, but wastage is already a crucial problem. This is in the same level with ridiculous excess-packaging. These are the sample of excess packaging I myself have just receive my online shopping, four tiny tupperwares, packed in box (that can fit approx three dozens of those), each wrapped in more than one meter bubble wrap in length. And more bubble wraps to fill the empty space inside the box. I now have enough materials to open an online store.
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    See, I know nothing about fashion. And I had to google Pillsbury dough boy. And google these, broccoli and garter but instead of answers, I have more questions. Broccoli body type turns out nothing, what is it like? I know about guitar, pear-shaped, pencil shape, but Broccoli? You are not that fella from the classic swamp thing yes? And garter! Okay I googled it and all my page is filled with those racy thingy possibly worn by Irene Adler or the kind of lacy stuff worn by bride on tigh. So you guys can imagine what J.P looks like in my head. Greeny swamp thing wearing Irene Adler's style garter. Help me guys. P.S. I remember taking the test here to see what I am, I think I turned out to be autumn, and purchased an autumn color T shirt but then it doesn't look good. I have a long coat in same color and I think it looks great. Then I tried the T shirt again and it looks good. One day I look great in white the other I could look like something from garage sale. I conclude it's inconsistent guys.
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    Cats complicated their lives, really !!! ๐Ÿคฃ
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    I hope that's true, but I wonder ... it seems awfully convenient. But then, I can't figure out how anyone ever believed in Trump to begin with. The Washington Post has kept track of every lie and misleading statement Trump made while he was president ... the total was over 30,000. Why do people think he would lie that much about some things, but not lie to them? *sigh* Thank you! I saw the one with the Edward Hopper painting and couldn't figure out what the joke was! I guess I didn't notice him at the inaugural. But that is pretty funny.
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    I'm sorry Artemis, I know how hard it is to put down a dog. My mom and I had to put our dog down 2,5 years ago, know that it while it might be the hard thing to do, it is the right decision.
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    I can't see it. The Capitol police wear black, is it one of them? Did anyone watch the inaugural? I expected to be bored, but I actually found it quite moving, instead. It was ... dignified. Something that's been sorely lacking for the last four years. My friend, who normally doesn't show any interest in politics, suddenly announced that she felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Aye to that. I hope the feeling lasts.
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    Maybe Mr. Fry was offered Mycroft as a sort of consolation prize, seeing as the vaunted Holmes-Watson project never got off the ground. His portrayal of Mycroft is one of the highlights of Game of Shadows, the other being Jared Harris as Moriarty. SF was not always as portly as he is now, but he's never ever had the rail-thin physique associated with Holmes, nor, I should think, his rather manic energy. He played Jeeves, the steady, calming bedrock butler to Hugh Laurie's Bertie Wooster, a daffy, not-bright and decidedly nervy aristocrat. I can't really envision Mr. Laurie as Doctor Watson, and see him more as a Holmes. SF could certainly embody certain features of Holmes--the erudition, the snottiness, the black moods--it's the extremely physical litheness & indefatigable energy of Holmes that seems missing there. He is perfect for Mycroft. I love his Mycroft so much, I want a whole Mycroft movie, with 'Sherlie' and Dr. Watson as supporting comedy relief. At best, Fry & Laurie present us with two Holmeses and we are still short a Watson. Dr. Watson extends his hand upon meeting his flatmate's even more singular elder brother. MH: No! (walks away) SH: He doesn't.
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    You expect the cat to be responsible for what that tail is doing? Don't you realize that tails are autonomous creatures that follow cats around, causing trouble that people like you blame the cat for?
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    My personal unqualified impression is that Trump and his presidency are mostly symptoms of much greater and deeper-rooted problems than causes of such. So unfortunately, even if he retired from politics and the public life completely, the people who gave him power will simply find the next leader to follow and the next movement to join.
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    I agree, more golden than ashen. Of course it also depends on the lighting. If that photo was on a box of hair dye, though, the results on one's own hair could be just about anything. (Voice of experience here. I once went for a nice subtle auburn and got flaming red.)
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    This fluffy bunny rabbit? Is "whenever" often for you?
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    โ€œThe Isolation of Smaugโ€.
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