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    We are not the only species who suck at our job.
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    Friends of ours have a sign stating, "Beware of Dog - you know, forget about the dog, beware of the kids". It's quite accurate. We put this sign up, which also fits our household quite well: Title says "Welcome to my home", then it's "If you're nice to me, then I'm nice to you", "Sniffing is mandatory", "If you don't want dog hair on your clothes, then don't sit anywhere" and "Fact is, my humans like me more than they like you"; below the pic it states "I live here. You don't". Bit exaggerated, but it works for us overall (doesn't mean we don't do our best to accomodate people with allergies or dog phobia and so on, though).
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    I've added a small rug to my lounge chair to make it cozier, and the cats seem to agree. The other evening, Walter was sitting there, and something looked odd to me: I was having a bit of trouble seeing his tail, due to the camouflage!
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    It's "Tolkien Reading Day!" https://www.bing.com/search?q=tolkien+reading+day&form=hpcapt&filters=HpDate:"20200325_0700"
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    Those places are funny... Not. Imagine people not daring to go get care because they don't have a mask! Where I work, we try to provide those simple face masks for patients with symptoms as best we can. We have a minimum of protective gear for ourselves and are re-using as much as we possibly can without being totally unsanitary. If you don't have anything to cover your nose and mouth, just go wherever you absolutely need to go and keep your distance from unprotected people. Cough into your arm and avoid touching things. If possible, call the practice etc in advance, maybe they can arrange something like meet you at your car or refer you to an infection center. Stay safe everyone. P.S.: sorry I haven't been posting, I work in healthcare and things have been crazy what with flexible working hours, rules and regulations changing daily and having to improvise child care because obviously daycare is closed. Hip hip hurray. Not complaining though, I am honestly greatful that at least I get to keep my job.
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    Quite some time ago, I read that it's not a good idea to post a "Beware of Dog" sign, because then if your dog happens to bite someone, the person can sue you, saying the sign was proof that you knew your dog was dangerous. They recommended saying "Guard Dog on Duty" instead, because that implies the dog is trained. So those people above must have read that article -- but their dog apparently has not! Note: Liability laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so one needs to be aware of any specific wording that might be required in their locale.
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    As if reading my mind, the Tolkien Society raises the question "Why 25 March?" and then explains, "The 25th of March is the date of the downfall of the Lord of the Rings (Sauron) and the fall of Barad-dûr. It’s as simple as that!" I'm more inclined to celebrate September 22nd, Bilbo's (and Frodo's) birthday, but I sure don't mind another reason to celebrate!
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    I had a boyfriend in my early 20s whose cat was raised on wet food exclusively, until the day I brought home a dry food sample I'd got at the supermarket. From this day on, he flat-out refused to touch anything else ... and it's not like we didn't try, because his human (owner seems wrong in the context of cats ) was worried about him developing kidney problems. But he loved his crunchy dry food and never ate anything else again for the rest of his days. So, yeah, happens. No cat pics on hand right now, please enjoy a baby squirrel instead.
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    Yes I am, so far so good. I wish the same for everyone here.🤗
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    A bit like the Marvel franchise then... or more pertinently: can't remember if I told you all this- I used to chat with a sweet girl on Twitter. She missed the fact that Sherlock was still alive, cos she had to run to the loo before the end of TRF!
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    This cartoon was on the bulletin board at our vet's office: I'm sure that's exactly what goes on in a cat's head, but in the wink of an eye.
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    A t-shirt balaclava and a rag soaked with detol would make a fine short term mask. I'm trying not to worry about the social and economic future we can expect. Instead I'm trying to focus on writing and starting a blog. I'm trying to maintain a routine of some sort and avoiding the relentless onslaught of terrible news from around the world. I'm just taking it day by day and looking towards the end of all this. I don't expect things to be the same, but I do know that we can all get through this if we support each other and ignore the idiots. Stay home, stay safe, be well.
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    Same here, I think. Ironically, medical facilities are saying if you come there and you have any symptoms, please wear a face mask, and I'm trying to figure out where all these magical face masks are supposed to come from. Alex and I figure if we happen to need one, we can rig something up with a handkerchief, though.
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    Is that your dogggggg??? Can I come over?? Don't worry we don't need to socialize, just leave the dog (and cake) outside and I'd come to play and go and you wouldn't even notice anything. I wear fur loaded clothes with pride everyday, my dog is blonde and I love black shirts. Please put the sign around the cake that "This is reserved" "Mycroft distancing area". Don't worry about translating anything, I heard he is good at languages.
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    Same here, lol. I've always had good hand-washing habits. When I worked in a library, my hands would get grimy from all the materials passed from person to person. I became really sensitive to the feel of dirt on my hands, even when I couldn't see it yet, and I started washing my hands after touching anything I thought a lot of other people might have touched, e.g. after shopping. When I heard that handshakes were cancelled I was just like, 🤷‍♀️ ... fine by me! Never cared for them anyhow, I'd rather just nod if I must acknowledge someone, lol. As far as personal distance is concerned, nothing's really changed all that much for me except for the fact that, like I said before, I now have to circle far around people when I walk by them sometimes instead of continuing in a straight line. Oh they definitely are. My mother's an extrovert, and normally I only occasionally hear from her, but I've been getting texts from her every day lately that are along the lines of, "HELLOOOOO, ANYBODY OUT THERE????"
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    Hey remember when we had nightmares about toilet? How have you been sleeping lately?
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    I've seen high ratings for it, but I personally was not a fan. I gave it a couple episodes but just... didn't enjoy watching it. I like the concept more than the show. Ditto to that.
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    Had cats more than two decades ago and they ate human food. Back then we, mostly everyone, knew nothing about proper animal care like today, as long as we give them shelter, food and love, we knew nothing about vaccination or proper nutrient. I'm not sure proper vet existed in my area. We adopted this female cat and she had multiple kittens. We fed them boiled fish (they love the innards too, we mixed them with rice to get more quantity), milk once in a while (it's luxury for us too) and everytime we called them for meals, you could hear them running from a mile away, so excited for meal time. We had a shop back then and let them roam around to help catching mice and they loved to lounge on the ceiling space. Always fish for them, chickens and other meats or leftovers were for the dogs. Recently, when my parent's home had regular stray visitor, they fed her same thing plus some dry food once in a while and she loved them all.
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    Just came across this picture online. Not sure how I feel about all the points, but the first one kinda coincides with this convo.
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    And Spock's in it. And Number One. Shades of The Cage (the first Original Series pilot)!
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    He would do both; roll around on his back and eat little bits.
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    Hello, I don't know if there are any Lego fans out there, but if so, I encourage you to go vote for my Lego Ideas submission if you want a Sherlock Holmes Lego Set (and if you like it of course). Here's the link, thank you https://ideas.lego.com/projects/04887c1a-2ebc-46a0-9c2a-07ba02997060 Jean-Christophe
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    PS -- take a walk, that might help. Did me. Although the jogger appearing out of nowhere gave me a start.
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    Somehow, the fan just spoils it....
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    If that German phrase actually means what it looks like to me, you may be amazed to learn that there's a type of stonecrop (AKA sedum) known in the US as "fat hen" or "hen and chicks," though I don't think they look much like chickens. (I double-checked that info on Wikipedia, and found that in the UK, "fat hen" refers to a totally different plant, a wild spinach relative known here as "lamb's quarters," for the shape of the leaves.)
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    The handsome kitty in the photo -- is that Carlos? I have known several plant-eating cats (which is why our few houseplants live in the kitchen, where the cats are not allowed). One friend who had a very determined plant eater bought a macrame plant hanger and suspended a plant next to the top part of a living-room window, about five feet (1.5 meters) above the floor and well away from any furniture. He came home from work to find the cat sitting in the pot. Note: This was the same cat who pried the same friend's dresser drawers open in his absence. (She could also operate standard doorknobs.)
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    My cat eats mainly dry food but he's on medication so twice a day he gets a small serving of wet food with his medicine in it. He definitely prefers the wet but is a bit picky about what flavors he likes. I opened a can of Fancy Feast beef and he refuses to eat it. He looks at it then me as if to say "are you kidding me?" His favorite , right now, is fish and shrimp flavor. He may be a little spoiled lol
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    But just as cute! Back before they told us dry food was bad for cats, that's all we ever fed them. Not saying that's all they ate ... all of our cats were indoor/outdoor cats, and there was, er, evidence ... that they supplemented their meals with the local wildlife. Since then, all of my cats have eaten both wet and dry, with a distinct preference for the former. Oddly enough, the cat I have now shows no interest in "people food" -- all of my others have been greedy little beggars when the meat came out of the fridge!
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    A local friend of ours apparently sells most of her art online, has been for years. Are you set up to do that? Just think of it as practice for retirement.
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    Same. This is one effect I'm not feeling, 'cause my days normally blur together, lol. I guess the bright side, on my end, is that I'm actually more productive right now. Now that I don't have a job wiping me out every day, I've been able to spend my energy on other things I was too exhausted to do before. I'm cleaning house and organizing my things, finishing small projects I'd been putting off, taking my dogs for more walks, and I'm getting more writing done than ever before. So I suppose that's one thing to be grateful for.
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    Even if the national guidelines are eased up, the individual states can still continue to issue their own more-stringent guidelines and orders -- and I suspect that many of them will do so, especially those hardest-hit by the disease.
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    What worries me now is that Trump is talking about lifting the restrictions "soon", saying the cure shouldn't be worse than the disease. He seems to be focusing more on the economy, which is important, than he is on the nations health. He's also in favor of payouts or "loans" to big businesses. I realize it's important to keep these businesses solvent, but feel not enough attention is being paid to small businesses as well. That's one of the contentious issues in the bill being debated in Congress right now. There are no restrictions on how the corporations have to use the money. This means the money can be used for executive raises or stock by-backs instead of being put to use in the business itself. So now we have the finger pointing again with Republicans saying Democrats aren't in favor of the payments to the public when that isnt the issue at all. I just hope this is over soon and we don't rush into opening back up, just because some big businesses are pressuring the government. That could put us in an even worse situation.
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    Hopefully this will all wind down fairly soon. China seems to be getting past the worst of it, and I hope they're right about that. So with any luck, things will soon be picking up again over here as well. Hang in there!
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    I hope everyone on here is doing okay in these strange and unpleasant times. Life has become a bit like the kind of scary pandemic movie I don't have the guts to watch. And best wishes to Joe too, that would be silver lining.
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    I feel Trump has really mishandled this crisis from the start. He only closed off travel from China, no other countries (like he's never heard of other international travel), he dismantled our pandemic team in 2018 (you know the ones who are supposed to watch for these things), he totally dismissed and ignored the severity of the virus, saying it would go away with warm weather and would disappear one day "like a miracle". He has repeatedly contradicted the experts by saying we have the virus completely under control and will have a vaccine in a few months. Then the poor doctors have to take time to set the record straight. Sorry for the rant but it bugs me that this man can continually lie and/or take credit for things he has not done, place blame on others and refuse to accept responsibility for anything. If the Democrats handle this properly there is a wealth of evidence proving why Trump should not be elected and I don't think a relatively small payout is going to matter in the long run.
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    Well, it's happened ... I am officially unemployed for at least two weeks. The place where I teach has decided to shut down for the rest of the month. No plans for me to make up the lost income, either. Arrgh. On the happy side, I sold two paintings this week, so I guess my cat won't starve.
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    Is that supposed to be "Art"? ... and if so, then how the heck tall is the rest of Art?!
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    Terrible! I'm stressed about not working, so I've been tossing and turning, having bad dreams, and waking up a lot.
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    I think that's referring to the presence of one big one surrounded by many smaller ones. But you probably knew that. It's all sedum to me, I'm afraid.
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    You'll notice now that the watermark is plastered across the middle of the photo, taking up about a third of the picture.
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    Funnily enough, it refers to yet another plant here, though it does in fact mean Fat Hen - there are a couple of pics here: https://www.gartendialog.de/fetthenne-pflege/ .
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    @Carol the Dabbler : His human tried every trick in the book, but Carlos was picky enough that he'd only eat the crunchies off the wet food. If we mixed them under, he'd stand next to the bowl and complain loudly. And yes, he also refused to touch human food - it was fun to give him a little piece of raw meat or fish; he'd toy around with it for a while, clearly torn between instincts that told him that this was good food and his finicky appetite. In the end, he always left it lying, then (stop me if you heard that one) complained loudly. Oh, one exception to the "just his crunchy dry cat food" rule - he'd eat houseplants (well, just the juicy tips but that killed them all the same). And yes, he had cat grass at his disposal, but for once he liked a little variety. Cacti were about the only plants he left in peace.
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    Like meee. I hope the people who still have jobs don't take that for granted. The shutdown/shut-in sucks, but it's tolerable. What's actually scary is not making any money right now.
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    I agree! It is true unfortunately, but to find the information you have to search for specific shows or studios. For example, if you search for Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Warner Bros, CBS, etc., you will find articles about its production shutdown. Here are two, more comprehensive ones from a couple weeks ago that I found by Googling "Disney production shutdown" just now: "All the Shows and Movies Shut Down or Delayed Because of Coronavirus". "Netflix, The CW, Freeform, Disney and More Shut Down Production on TV and Movies Due to Coronavirus". It's a bummer.
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    My mood... My brother just called to make sure I'm isolating myself. Like I'm not isolated enough already, this means I have to give up the one activity I really look forward too .... urghh. This too shall pass!
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