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    Oooooh, I almost forgot! I finally found my camera! I can show you a picture of my new cat! Gang, meet Pepper. Pepper, meet the gang. Of course, as soon as she saw the camera, she dove under the bed, because … well, because she's a cat. I finally enticed her part-way out by making scritchy-scratchy mouse noises....
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    Hmm. When my face is mashed into a car door I have the courtesy to allow someone else to do it.
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    To be fair, as the century continues...living under a rock may not only becomes appealing, it might actually prove to be essential.
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    And here is a very nice theory about why it feels weird. I hope you can see it. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1125856091261136896.html
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    Yeah, well, courtesy's not my strong suit either. Basically I'm clumsy, that's about the limit of my talents. 😛
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    According to my high-school chemistry book, water is a colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid. The author obviously never lived in Terre Haute, Indiana.
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    I suspect it's intended as a sort of shorthand or analogy, but I see your point as well. Maybe they don't realize that anyone is thinking they might mean it literally. (I tend to think in analogies myself, which may be why I didn't get your point at first.) I agree, GMOs are definitely a need-more-data issue, and here in the US we're not getting that information because nobody is subjecting them to much scrutiny, plus GMOs aren't identified as such, even in the produce section, where the sign just says (for example) papaya. The thing that bugs me most is the claim that GMOs are "just like" regular crops, except for whatever advantage they were created to have. That's not fact, that's assertion. It's not like they go into the cell nucleus with a scalpel; as I understand it, it's more like firing a shotgun at the nucleus and hoping that the payload ends up in the right place. So who knows what unintended effects the process may also have? I'm also irked by the claim that there's no real difference between a GMO and a hybrid. That is utter bilge. Hybrids have been occurring ever since there have been plants (and animals) with male and female parts, and the seeds sold as hybrid use the same natural process except that it's an arranged marriage, so to speak. Whereas GMOs often introduce genes from other species, meaning that that particular organism has never existed before, and *could* never have existed without human intervention. And each new GMO is a whole new ballgame. How do we know what effects it might have on us, perhaps only becoming apparent years from now, or perhaps affecting the children that we conceive after eating it?
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    Can we think of that as merely hyperbole for the purpose of making a point? I am personally opposed to the way GMOs are currently being handled in the US. They are doing some good, obviously, for example with bacteria that have been "trained" to produce certain medications. But the Department of Agriculture allows GMO food crops to be produced and sold with very little testing (and what little testing there is, is done by the people who developed the crop, so gee whiz, guess how the testing is gonna turn out?). In effect, the major testing is being done by the public, using themselves as the guinea pigs. I'm in favor of mandatory labeling, so the consumers can decide for themselves. At this point, the only way to be pretty sure you're not getting GMOs in your food is to buy organic (which may be one big reason why organic is becoming so popular).
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    Are you sure? Seems to me like most of the people who are in the news spotlight are there because they enjoy the attention (mentioning no names....). And it's often people who aren't in the spotlight who do a good bit of the harm (mostly appointees who make rules and regulations that we have to abide by even though we can't vote them out). I thought you might be joking, but decided that maybe some other people didn't know, so I used your question as an excuse. I'm pretty sure that non-British people (or at least their work) can win BAFTAs under certain conditions. For example, they're not eligible for Welsh BAFTAs, but if for example they film a show in Wales, then the show is eligible.
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    I hardly dare voice my opinion on this show publicly here because I know so little about it, really, but as far as I can see, I agree that for many recent developments, it's not the What that bothers me, it's the How. I feel like (almost) the same outcomes could have been achieved in much more believable and satisfying ways. (And J.P.: Personally, I think Sherlock fared way better than GoT as a series).
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    Any other example? I don't know about the fallout with George, I think if he is still in the pictures, a lot of funny plots could be avoided. Green Book is great, yes. I suppose they would come into similar conclusion, as Caya said, the showrunners know the bullet points of the whole story. But the books would get there in much more sophisticated and well-deserved ways. Sadly, I'm starting to think the A.I would take over the world before I finally see it in the bookstore. Anyway, ep 5, penultimate episode. I stupidly spent hours to type in this, but can't help it. 😣 This is the longest post I have ever done. Ever! Sorry. At first, I thought I have nothing to say for this episode, as I had kind of given up, because again the show creators don't give a piss about the importance of process and characters. That they decide to burn years of hard work, their own, by delivering mediocre at best to terrible at most, for the sake of finishing it, or perhaps fan service to "new" fans. I can't understand them, because they themselves were hardcore fans, who fell in love with the series with the same reason as me, and multiple people who are yelling at YouTube now, who studied the dog-eared book trying to imagine a way to bring all these written words to the screen and actually given a chance to do so. So, as for many, and my personal experience, one of the surest way to destroy your faith in something is to work on it, knowing the industry that would then reveal their ugly sides you have never seen and realize it's a nope for you. So for them, do they have work fatigue? Which I could understand that for a decade that's all they do, but there are different challenges that I'm sure GoT creation is never boring and stagnant and they have obligation to put efforts, decent efforts. Not minimum effort that seriously make me doubt that they are qualified. So I watched ep 5 expecting they would screw up, they did. Why they did I had sort of touching them in previous rant. I said I expected, sadly it's true. Too bad because I think there are ways to make it less horrible even if they are using the same structures which I would try to do? I hope I won't take too long to explain and my writing is not too ridden with too many errors. (Spoiler: it takes too long and there must be plethora of grammatical errors)
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    Oooh, Ducky… We have to mention that he FINALLY won a BAFTA. After 8 nominations in (i think) 10 years. With Hawking, Richard III, Turing…
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    Well, I call it a string, but it's more like a thick cord. At any rate, she makes no attempt to swallow it, although she has dragged it off and bitten it until it's dead a few times. But yeah, we don't leave string and rubber bands and other such interesting things lying around, do we, Pep? (She's looking at me impatiently … "Who cares? Why aren't you playing with me?")
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    Sorry, possibly a tad trivial when you are all engaged in this interesting discussion. But anyway... I have Google alerts for any news about Benedict. It's bad enough having to tolerate the usual non- stories...mainly on the 'no news' of any possible S5. There was the 'no rift' non- stories about Benedict and Martin. But honestly today's offering reached an all time low: one non story about a potential S5, one slagging off Benedict for being posh, another slagging him off for being Dr Strange and another relating to a personal slight, which I don't even want to draw attention to. I mean I must confess I have limited sympathy for celebs moaning about their privacy, but really: I could never be one of these gutter press journalists that can cause so much pointless and unfair distress. Click bait is vile.
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    You can still type the BBCode for a quote, though it doesn't seem to be possible to include the person's name any more, so it's just <quote> whatever you want to quote </quote> (only using square brackets instead of angle ones). You could mention the person's name in some other way. But you're unfortunately right, there doesn't seem to be any nice way now to make a quote go into a post when you're editing it. I miss that! I'm pretty sure, though, that you could act like you want to quote it in a new post, and then copy the whole thing (CTRL/A) and paste it into the post that you're editing. I'll try that in a minute and then add my report here. Yup, looks like it worked. Regarding your habits of self-battery -- wow, it's a wonder you're still alive! And regarding your resultant need to use your "other" hand, some people have more trouble with that than others. Someone once told me that when she had broken her right arm, she had trouble putting dishes into the cupboard. I asked if they were heavy dishes that she needed both hands to lift, but she said no, they were fairly light. I'm still trying to figure out how it could be a problem to do that with one's non-dominant hand. But then I'm semi-ambidextrous, or rather, I do some things with my right hand and some things with my left hand anyhow. But I think most people can learn to use their "other" hand if they really need (and want) to; it just takes time (and your hand will probably be healed before that).
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    Agree to all cast, although detective Douche could be a bit too much earlier. I like every scenes with Amenadiel this season. And it always cracks me up on how simple but spot-on Lucifer describes him "the one with very very serious face". :lol5:
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    I want to raise my hand to acknowledge it, but apparently my rock is qualified as gigantic boulder that it's soul-crushingly difficult. 😛
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    Sorry -- I didn't know there was going to be a quiz!!!
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    I said the sky is blue because of sunlight reflected off the ocean and back into the sky. She didn't believe me. Nah, the only reason there are more people with autism is because our knowledge of autism has expanded the past fifty years. So people who were regarded as the weird kid are diagnosed far quicker now. I hope that answers your question.
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    "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." [Link]
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    Happy Mother's Day to all the cat mommies, dog mommies, and various other pet mommies out there!
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    Oh, VBS, you are so egalitarian!
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