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    The last few years we’ve had snow dumped on us starting in October and up through the very end of April, even in May and September a few times. We’ve matched or broken some precipitation records. I’m hoping that won’t happen again this year. We’ve had an average amount of snowfall so far (though it did start a bit early again in October); just had another snowstorm over the weekend. But temps have been a little warmer than usual since Christmas, so that’s been nice. January and February can be tough. Last year around February 1st is when we were experiencing the “apocalyptic” Polar Vortex, lol. This winter has felt especially kind by comparison.
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    We heard our first blackbirds (over by the neighbor's pond) this evening -- even earlier (by a couple of days) than in 2015.
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    ^ I jinxed it. We had a temperature drop today; 15 below 0 (F), with a wind chill as low as -30. 🥶
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