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  1. The other brother, I thought that there is an older brother in the books of conan. But correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. OMG!!! Brilliant!!! Now making plans to go camping in Moffat and Gatiss front yard, Not gonna wait another 2 years! Loved it!!! Boyfriend and I absolutely loved it!
  3. Thank you, i watched the episode on BBC but english is not my native language, so I probably missed some things or did not understand it correct. This clears some things up for me!
  4. Only just saw this I'm sorry. Good luck and have fun, Mods are often the life of a forum. They have to know the right balance, congratulations!
  5. Ok not really spoiler just one of my ideas My god, I don't know what's worse, waiting for the last Vow, thinking about what's going to happen, or the knowledge that after sunday we will have to wait again? When it's again two years my faith will be the same as Anderson.........
  6. Yes I completely agree, and that's why I think she's is gonna be in trouble or something. I don't think she's is gonna die, but maybe hurt or do something, like kill somebody. I feel like they need something more than just the hunt for the last episode, and we already know he would go the extra miles for John, Mrs Hudson and Lestrade. We never really found out what she did to help Sherlock, we only know that she matters because he said so, and that she helped him in someway. She is very important, but her role has been very small the last two episodes, a façade relationship, a " let's go sleuthing together joh..molly" throw the girl a bone. But maybe I'm completely of, I am not familiar with the writing style of Gattis and Moffat besides this show, I just can't shake the feeling they have a surprise up their sleaves and where they want to go with Molly.
  7. Hee you Guys I think this is the right spot to talk about it, but when it's not Please feel free to change that. The last week I' ve been wondering about the last vow, what's gonna happen, everybody talks about Mary maybe dies or is turning evil, but I've got a feeling they are going to do something to Molly, End of season 2 she's the one that matters, but that's hardly been touched this season, she's just plain old Molly, she is always there but that's it. Plus she's the only not original character of the show, they (moffat and gattis) can do anything to her without it being predicted. This is just based on a feeling, but what do you guys think? I think she will become of great importance the next show.
  8. Welcome to you both love the variety in this forum.
  9. Welcome love to see your Posts!
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