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  1. Once when I was at a petting zoo, there was a young boy who kept pestering the llama. His mother (?) and aunt (?) kept telling him to stop, but he went right on pestering the llama. Finally the llama decided it'd had enough and basically hawked a loogie at the kid -- though based on some reading I've done since, llamas don't simply spit or even hawk, they can actually expel the contents of their first stomach as well, so it's pretty gross, and slimy, and stinky. As I recall, there was enough of it to do a good job on the little boy's head and get a fair start on his shirt. The kid started to bawl, and the two women laughed their heads off. And the llama wasn't pestered any further.
  2. Thanks, Martina. Right about the time I decided that I probably don't need to "join" in order to look around, they hit me with a cookie ultimatum (AKA "privacy notice") that seems to have no work-around. So I clicked your link again, and found the search function (which doesn't load till almost everything else is up) and was able to (nearly) complete one search before the ultimatum cut me off again. Still haven't found a way to get an alphabetical list of what's on (for example) Netflix, but somehow doubt that I'd be allowed to finish reading it anyhow! I don't generally consent to cookies right away except for sites (such as this forum) where they're likely to be helpful to me. Otherwise I try to work around the "request" (even if that means scrolling the actual content through a one-inch window) till I can determine whether the site has any utility for me -- and most don't.
  3. P.S.: I've already mentioned MovieChat, which started with content from the old IMDb talk pages, saved by one member before IMDb shut them down. Just happened to come across this comment from 3 years ago in the MTM Show discussion: ... the comments on IMDB from 5 years ago are so much more interesting, civil and movie/character oriented than since MovieChat has taken it over. Mind you, MovieChat is moderated, and IMDb was not. So either TrentnQuarantino is misremembering and/or the past 8 years or so really have seen a shift toward less actual conversation.
  4. OK, I see your point. I don't recall that FB was actually advertised as a forum substitute, but I've heard some people recommend it as such -- apparently meaning that those people saw no purpose for forums other than posting news. So FB was at least an unintentional enabler. But I don't think it would have been able to do that if enough people had wanted discussion forums. So maybe the question is, did forums used to be popular because people in general were more into actual conversations back then, or merely because there were fewer people online and those few tended to be more conversational?
  5. I see what you mean, but am not sure whether FB is a cause or an effect. It's a good platform for posting news, but not really designed for conversations. That seems to be a recent blight on society in general -- I'm right, so you're wrong. People have always tended to hang out mostly with people they feel comfortable with, of course, but there wasn't all this polarization and demonization that I started noticing around 2000. Mercifully, though, there seems to be a hint here and there of a return to the concept that people of good will can simply disagree -- and that it's interesting and even useful to compare ideas.
  6. Odd -- all I did was go to Google and type in Sherlock forum Admittedly that didn't get me anywhere in February of 2012, but fortunately I tried again that April, when there actually was such a website. I see that you didn't join till 2015, though, by which time the waters may have been muddied considerably!
  7. I know very little about Dr. Who other than the Tom Baker and Peter Davison eras, so I had to look this up. Judging by conversations such as this one (on Reddit), Chibnall (a recent showrunner) gets mixed reviews from the fans, something like Steven Moffat -- but that seems to be the standard to any public figure. Hopefully you're not talking about anything truly hostile or slanderous, but that does, alas, seem to be occasionally par for the course.
  8. Oh, I like some of them OK. I like lots of shows that aren't Star Trek!
  9. OK, now I see what you mean -- like I don't consider anything after Next Generation to be real Star Trek (more like soap operas -- complete with evil twins! -- set in the Star Trek universe). Has anyone heard what era Sherlock & Daughter is set in? Or what country?
  10. Have I missed some recent ones? All I'm familiar with is the fannish claim that Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout's super-sleuth) is the son of Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes -- interesting thought, but I'm not the least bit convinced!
  11. The CW network recently announced a new TV series Sherlock & Daughter, starring David Thewlis (Remus Lupin in Harry Potter) as Sherlock Holmes, Blu Hunt as a young American woman who may be his daughter, and Dougray Scott as the obligatory Moriarty. Here's pretty much all I know about it: https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/david-thewlis-sherlock-daughter-cw-1235912276/ The CW (which I've heard mentioned but don't know much about) is apparently a sort of hybrid network in the US and Canada, with some free-to-air channels (including one in Indianapolis, yay!), some cable channels, and some streaming.
  12. You literally have my sympathy (from a Greek expression meaning "same pain")! I'd love to find some really good discussion-oriented places for older shows and movies. Right now, I'm mostly using MovieChat ( https://moviechat.org/ ), which is the continuation of the IMDb chat pages you mentioned. It's well moderated, and sometimes has interesting stuff. For that fairly recent show, you'd probably have pretty good luck. (And here's a thread where I posted tips whenever I encountered another of the site's peculiarities -- see the very last post for an explanation of how MovieChat came to be.)
  13. I don't recall ever having sauerkraut on a pizza myself, but it's traditionally paired with ham or Canadian bacon. Looks like it's still popular in Iowa.
  14. Pineapple has been a fairly standard option here since the 70s, mostly as part of various "Hawaiian style" pizzas, but also available on a "build your own." When I lived in Iowa they also routinely had sauerkraut, but either that was just a local thing or it fizzled out. I don't recall ever seeing corn, though.
  15. OK, there are currently two options: YouTube: All three episodes are currently on YouTube, with subtitles. We tried to watch it via our TV set last night, but got only a few minutes in before it either got into serious buffering mode or just plain hung up. This happened several times, and after half an hour we gave up. So Alex downloaded all three videos onto his computer overnight, and we watched the first one this morning. It ran just fine, but apparently the subtitles had not downloaded, which presented a bit of a problem, partly because there's a constant music soundtrack (and partly because using the TV as a computer monitor doesn't permit us to use our external sound system). This morning, I watched some of the first episode on my computer, and it played just fine -- perhaps last night's problem was due to something in the TV connection, or simply due to the fact that our internet is often noticeably slower in the evening, when everyone in the neighborhood is at home. It does have very nice subtitles, apparently actual human-produced ones, and the sound (perhaps thanks to my headset) is noticeably better. DVD: The three-episode DVD will be released this coming Monday (February 12), and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon UK. It isn't currently listed on Amazon US (and I suspect it never will be), BUT Amazon UK will ship to the US (and presumably to other countries as well). Here's the listing. Unfortunately the listing does not mention subtitles, one way or the other. Presumably some of the reviewers will say something eventually. However the Amazon listing does offer a two-minute sample of the video, and the sound on there is much crisper than YouTube on either our download or my computer. In fact, one fellow that I couldn't understand at all last night gave me no trouble this time.
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