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  1. Really? Taking a mental census of my friends when I was in that age range -- well, many of us weren't even in the same state as our parents, having moved to attend one university or another, and then stayed. Of the local people, I think most did live with their parents at least some of the time, and in some cases that arrangement was clearly for the parents' benefit -- one gal's widowed mother would have been struggling to support herself and a teenage son, had her two adult children not lived with them and shared expenses, and another gal's father was in poor health, so she moved back in with him. So maybe things haven't changed all that much, after all.
  2. Sounds like we're a bit different, then, although my dreams are more like J.P.'s than Caya's, other than me "standing" while she's "swimming."
  3. She may have been feeling starting to feel over the hill at 40. If Japanese actresses are (like American actresses) expected to remain eternally youthful or risk being replaced, then she might have seen her first wrinkle or her first gray hair as the impending end of her career.
  4. That possibility had never occurred to me, but that's a good point. Of course it won't be real mink or ermine or whatever, but it could nevertheless be some sort of cheap real fur dyed to look like something more expensive. As J.P. says, there are ways to tell. I wonder what the outcome would be if you complained to the vendor that their "faux" fur was actually real fur -- in other words, fake faux fur? Would you be taken seriously or laughed out of court, so to speak? I no longer buy fake fur unless it's very clearly fake, and preferably some non-fur color (e.g., pink or blue) as well.
  5. It sounded to me like there were a bunch of other interpretations being proposed, which is why I posted mine (which I agree seems quite clear from context). But maybe what I took to be other interpretations of that bit of dialog were actually interpretations of one aspect of the entire episode (or one aspect of the entire series). Sorry. Didn't mean to confuse anyone. Goodness knows I'm often sufficiently confused for all of us!
  6. I misspoke earlier. I don't think the building is for sale, just the business and the remainder of their lease.
  7. That technique sounds interesting -- and simple -- and your successful experience with it encourages me to give it a try. I may have asked this last time we talked about such dreams -- but when you folks say "flying" in this context, what does it look like? Are you flapping your arms like a bird, or soaring like Superman (or what)? My dreams are like neither of those -- I'm "standing" upright, able to control my altitude with my thoughts. The best analogy I can think of would be how a hot-air balloon must feel, except that I can also consciously control my horizontal movement. Anyhow, that's why I refer to it as levitation. And I don't move very fast, just sort of float along. If I'm already half awake, I can often start controlling a dream, but then it becomes something of a daydream.
  8. True, some of the negative comments I read could have been reactions to that just as easily as to Enola's feminism. I also wonder how many of the negative reviewers had even seen the movie?
  9. The books are Enola's territory, so neither Mycroft nor Sherlock spends much time "on stage." She nevertheless manages to bamboozle them pretty regularly. Doyle's Holmes describes Mycroft as smarter than himself, but since he never acknowledges even the existence of Enola, who knows what he might have said about her relative intelligence?
  10. Of those choices, I'd have to go with the faun ears. In fact, that photo could well be our first view of her face. Odd though, I'd never imagined her with a beard. Or should I say "him"? (His/her profile lists gender as "Not telling.")
  11. Hmm, yeah, kinda. *shudder* Though in Shirley Jackson's story, the violence was one very specific ritual, based on long tradition, whereas in both The Purge and the Star Trek episode, it seems pretty ad lib.
  12. And (in any business that deals with the public) you can't very well tell them to come back at a more convenient time, because -- well, public relations. Who knows if they might soon be in a position to choose your establishment? Come to think of it, I've never held a job where that sort of thing was likely to happen. (I've been a high-school teacher, an office worker, and a software engineer.)
  13. Hold the presses! Just found this on Speedy's Twitter account: Overwhelmed with the memories everyone has of this place, however to confirm, we are not closing... ... @speedyscafe is for sale! Anyone who's interested call Chris.... So they're apparently selling the business as is, not just the building. Added: Actually, I don't think the building is for sale, just the business and the remainder of their current lease.
  14. Grrrr!! Mine's apparently like that. The phone is complaining that it's nearly full, and I've already deleted all of the downloads (hardly any of which I'd ever intended to download; I thought I was just looking at a web page) and that made enough of a difference that it stopped complaining for a week or so, but now it's irked again. So I thought I'll get rid of those stupid apps that I never use -- but the best I can do is deactivate them, which is presumably no help with the space issue. I am thinking of deactivating the news feed, though, mostly because their symbol is the same shape as my text-message alert symbol, which I DO care about. I hope you're right!!! But if they're not fans (and, oddly enough, not everyone in London likes the show) or don't think the fans bring in enough business -- well, legally speaking, whoever leases the space next can do with it more or less as they like. It'll probably still be some sort of restaurant, though, since it's already got the layout. Like "Antonio's" (from Study in Pink) is still a restaurant, just not Italian -- though come to think of it, I'm not sure it ever was Italian; maybe they just faked up the exterior for the show.
  15. Maybe someone already said this and I misunderstood, but my interpretation of this scene: SHERLOCK: It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling, from time to time, that we might all just be human. JOHN: Even you? SHERLOCK: No. Even you. ... is that Sherlock has seen how John has been beating himself up because he had thought about cheating on Mary. So he's pointing out that even though John is basically a good man, nobody's perfect, and that's OK.
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