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  1. Carol the Dabbler

    GIF Your Mood

    Does anyone else think of Francis Gary Powers when U2 is mentioned?
  2. Carol the Dabbler

    GIF Your Mood

    I've seen something of the sort in California, but I don't believe we have them in this part of the country -- maybe they live only the area west of the Rocky Mountains, which is just as much a different continent as Europe is from Asia.
  3. Carol the Dabbler

    Mark Gatiss News

    Well, I do now! (If I'd heard about it before, it had slipped my mind.)
  4. Carol the Dabbler

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    The quitting rate for any job is 100% eventually. I would take that as more of a description of how hard the job is, rather than a prescription of what necessarily happens. If you're concerned about Mr. Moffat's involvement in Sherlock, remember that when he quit Doctor Who, he announced that he was going to quit, while he was still actively involved in the show, and then he did quit, right on schedule. With Sherlock, he's been saying that there will probably be more episodes sooner or later, so he just might be telling the truth there as well.
  5. Carol the Dabbler

    Mark Gatiss News

    I had no idea he did that sort of thing!
  6. Carol the Dabbler

    Hi again!

    Hey, Alice! Welcome back! A new member was asking about role playing a couple weeks ago -- you might want to check that out. Anyhow, hope to see you around more often now!
  7. Carol the Dabbler

    The Political Thread

    Oh dear, that must have been it. I really should go easy on her, huh? But it's a whole lot more fun to tease her!
  8. Carol the Dabbler

    The Political Thread

    Oh, she's fine, she merely has a hard time adjusting to changes. You'd think that someone who has encountered terrifying toilets in Cambodia would be more resilient, wouldn't you?
  9. Carol the Dabbler

    Episode 3.3, "His Last Vow"

    Hey, you do excuses your way, and I'll do 'em my way! I worked hard on that one!
  10. Carol the Dabbler

    Martin Freeman News

    A brand-new interview with Martin Freeman has a good bit on his experience filming Ode to Joy (and by the way, his character is from Brooklyn, so that's presumably another accent added to his repertoire), then touches briefly on the Black Panther series (he assumes he'll be in the next one, whenever that is) and Sherlock (more or less ditto), and ends with a discussion of Breeders. And naturally all the sites that quote that interview seem to be focusing on those two little bits in the middle. By the way, if you're looking for The Operative in theaters, be aware that there's another movie with exactly the same title, and that's the one currently coming up on Fandango and such sites. The one you're presumably looking for is, however, available for streaming on Amazon. Oh, darn -- according to IMDb, MF's Operative opened in the US (and a few other countries) on August 2 for a limited run. *sigh* Waiting for the DVD, I guess.
  11. Carol the Dabbler

    Episode 3.3, "His Last Vow"

    Thanks, Bev! I never heard of either of those, though I had searched for a Sherlock forum right after S2 aired in the UK, and found nothing. I repeated the search a couple months later, and found both of the current forums.
  12. Carol the Dabbler

    Episode 3.3, "His Last Vow"

    You're right, Bev, there was an online Sherlock discussion way back (I posted a link to it here), but it was technically just a thread on a larger forum (TWoP or Television Without Pity, which unfortunately no longer exists). The two major dedicated Sherlock forums both started shortly after Reichenbach was aired, so I tend to consider that the beginning of major Sherlock fandom. As for my "only three hiatuses" comment, I must admit to having miscounted somehow (that's what I get for doing higher math while wearing mittens), but then rationalizing that the first one wasn't a "real" hiatus because I spent it merely hoping there'd be more, rather than obsessing over it.
  13. Carol the Dabbler

    Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    A few years back, I actually started a whole new thread, suggesting that the Admins consider adding a "posts I haven't read" link for each thread in a list. Then Tim pointed out that the star/circle to the left of the thread's name does exactly that. Some other members said they'd been wondering the same thing -- so I didn't feel too bad. And the blue line is news to me!
  14. Carol the Dabbler

    The Political Thread

    Railways? Oh, right, we used to have those.... Seriously, Alex and I were thinking of taking a train from Indianapolis to Chicago a few years ago, but found that there's at most one a day, and it leaves (and comes back) in the middle of the night. Not exactly customer-friendly! I think it's basically a run between Chicago and somewhere on the east coast, and we just happen to be en route.
  15. Carol the Dabbler


    Now there is a great first line for a novel.

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