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  1. Here's how Wikipedia explains the origin of those terms: "The terms "left" and "right" first appeared during the French Revolution of 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the Ancien RĂ©gime to the president's right and supporters of the revolution to his left." As for the current-day difference, someone characterized it this way: When there's a problem, the left wing says "How can the government fix this problem?" whereas the right wing says "How did the government cause this problem?" Here in the US, there did use to be a lot of overlap between the two major parties, but I've noticed an increasing amount of polarization since about 2000 (and it probably started before that).
  2. One of our neighbors has hens and roosters, but we're out in the country, so neighbors are much further apart. I don't generally hear even the roosters unless I'm outdoors or have the windows open, and even then it's not loud enough to be a problem. I kind of enjoy hearing them, because it reminds me of my childhood, when Mom raised chickens. (I especially like the song the hens sing when they've just laid an egg: Bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-buh-BAWK!!!)
  3. Thanks for that link. One tidbit from the article: "Cara, a new artist portfolio site, . . . aims to protect its users from the scraping of user data to train AI models, . . . ." Of course Rolling Stone has always been avant garde, so we'll see how these projections pan out.
  4. But does it have what you might call the "soul" of a genuine XYZ piece? That sort of thing (albeit done by humans rather than computers) has been going on for ages in fiction, with varying success. For example, Robert Goldsborough's professionally published Nero Wolfe novels have some fans, but I (and a number of other fans of Rex Stout's original series) find them a bit lacking. All of Stout's pet phrases are there, and his characters are in character. There's nothing really wrong -- but despite the new plots, they're a little *too* much like the originals, as though you'd simply fed all of Stout's novels into a meat grinder. I assume that's basically how AI works.
  5. I see. OK, earlier you had said that Adobe "claims everything you made with their software is free for them to use." So they aren't saying you don't have the right to sell your product to other parties, just that you can't stop Adobe from "borrowing" it. I guess that's reasonable, assuming that they tell you ahead of time. (Not that you'd likely read or notice or understand that part, since it's presumably buried in a whole pile of small-print legal gobbledygook, like the 16 pages the insurance company just sent me.) It's not like this is likely to infringe on the ability of your customers to enjoy the artwork they bought from you. More like because it becomes easier/cheaper, I suspect. Oh, that's priceless! Kind of the opposite of having a real photo not being allowed as evidence. but as you say, kind of the same. Soon? Maybe already. Like the people who believe/doubt anything they read.
  6. That's like Microsoft claiming that a book you wrote with MS Word belongs to them! Isn't it? I wonder if Adobe's claim would stand up in court -- though of course if more than one country is involved, that could get very iffy anyhow. Yeah, that's almost funny, isn't it? I keep thinking that sooner or later, you could go into a courtroom and present a photo or a video of a crime actually being committed, and the judge would rule it irrelevant because it could easily be a fake.
  7. OK, that makes sense. I imagine -- in a generic sort of way -- that it could be done by various methods, so will save the how-to for a day when I'm feeling more curious. Glitter traps are new to me also -- though porch pirates have been around for years -- so I looked it up to be sure I had the right mental image. One datum worth remembering is that *cellulose* glitter is biodegradable, so that's the type to use if you're merely pranking someone.
  8. I might read that if I had the slightest idea what an image data poisoning system is (other than it sounds like a bad thing). Could you give us a basic explanation?
  9. I've been seeing these Felix the Cat clocks for years: I had sometimes wondered why they put a clock in (specifically) a cat's stomach, but now I think I know: Our cat Dora has gotten very good at yowling when it's (give or take just a few minutes) an hour before a regular meal time, so it would appear that she really does have a clock in her stomach. At such times I'll say (for example) "It must be three o'cat." (Of course she keeps on yowling till she's been fed.)
  10. Trump has commended Putin's restraint (when he happens to show any), and has said he thinks Putin is smart, a good strategist, and so forth -- but I don't think that's the same thing as admiring him. Isn't it possible to think that someone is both a brilliant strategist and a low-down despicable snake? (Meaning no offense to actual snakes, mind you!) Technically he is not yet "convicted" -- it's the judge who convicts a person, when sentencing them. The charges were related to the 2016 election (not the 2020 one), involved "hush money," and could well be overturned on appeal. The 2020 election aftermath is a whole 'nother kettle of fish, about which we are sure to be hearing more from both sides. Ain't it the truth! I've been noticing this polarization and demonization since the 2000 election, though it might have been growing under my radar well before that. I think you're quite right. Competent, hard-working, modest individuals generally have quite enough to do just running their own lives (and perhaps the family business). And yes, it probably does take a good chunk of chutzpah to even consider running for office, especially a major one. So the personality presumably comes with the territory. Some offices do indeed have the "two consecutive terms" limit. But -- though most people don't seem to be aware of this -- the limit for the presidency is actually ten years (regardless of whether they're consecutive). That way, if President Jones dies in office and Vice President Smith serves out the remainder of that term, Smith could also serve two full terms after that, as long as the remainder of Jones's term was two years or less. Well, it was basically the Democrats who "fired" Trump, and basically the Republicans who want him back. As you said, a whole lotta division going on! It also helps that (at least in the UK) the monarch isn't exactly in charge. I don't fully understand their system, but apparently the House of Commons makes most of the decisions. It's been my impression that Harry doesn't even want to be an active prince -- so I can't imagine he'd want to be king. If it ever came to that, he might well abdicate.
  11. No argument there -- but (at least in this country) it was not being openly expressed, and appeared to be mostly the opinion of the same extreme-right-wing people who hate just about everybody. Now it's being *very* openly expressed, and by the extreme *left* wing. My suspicion is that there's a relatively small group of people behind this, but they're able to fire up a bunch of impressionable college kids. I've often thought that if they went far enough, the really extreme right and left wings would eventually merge. That's sad and very worrisome. Mercifully that attitude is not popular here. There does seem to be broad support for enforcing the immigration laws that are currently being ignored, but I think that's just common sense.
  12. Not sure I follow you -- could you elaborate a bit?
  13. * Fo*r all practical purposes, yes, though I expect Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (who is running as an Independent) to get a substantial number of votes this time. There are also several other parties (with the exact number depending on where you live), but people are hesitant to vote for them because one of the two major-party candidates will virtually always win. I'm gonna make the wild guess that you're talking about Trump. That NYC case is very likely to be either blocked or overturned on appeal, due to the "creativity" of both the prosecutor and the judge. No argument! I assume they're both at least nominally Christian, yes. But if Mr. Biden's running mate continues to be Kamala Harris, there's a woman in the mix who's both Asian and black. And there's talk of Trump picking Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, or either of two female governors as his running mate. Sad but interesting. Over here, Jews are being attacked (sometimes physically) by the radical *left*, who are cheering for Hamas.
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