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  1. There is some disagreement as to whether it's still an actual pandemic or not. Covid is not going away, any more than AIDS has. At some point we'll just have to learn to live with it.
  2. I haven't seen any of those movies except the first one (which wasn't bad), but my husband gave me a synopsis of the third one, and I fully agree with you. Bleh. When a story is over, please -- just -- STOP! Likewise for Planet of the Apes.
  3. Well, yes and no. I'm nearsighted (have been since I was 11), so I need glasses in order to see far away, and I wear bifocals for watching TV or driving or going for a walk -- but in my opinion (and that of my late father) bifocals are no &@%$# good for reading, so I take them off when I'm reading. They're even worse for using a computer, because of the way you have to tilt your head way back in order to see the screen through the "near" part -- I actually did that for a while, till I started getting a stabbing pain in the top of my head. So I went to the eye doctor and got a pair of computer glasses -- like reading glasses, only for a bit further away. I wore those pretty much all the time around the house (except for reading), because they were also good when I was cooking, etc. At some point I must have stopped using them, and now I have no idea where they are, so I need to get another pair. In the meantime, I don't wear glasses when I'm on the computer (and have lousy posture from getting my face closer to the screen).
  4. I like your interpretation. Other than the convenient identical corpse, Irene seems like a fairly harmless person, albeit without a shred of altruism. If Moriarty supplied the corpse without telling Irene ahead of time, and she (being in dire straits at the moment) merely said thank you, she can't really be blamed (though Lestrade might want to pin an "accessory after the fact" charge on her). So I am now free to like Irene somewhat (though not to admire her, as I do her Victorian counterpart). Thank you! Good point. Though I suppose she might have been able to fake it somehow, if she realized that Sherlock was checking it.
  5. @Tigeronherbike I'm pretty sure that a comment worth making is still worth making (with the exception of anything starting with "Hey, look out for the .... !!!!). People are still commenting on Shakespeare's works, aren't they? Or if you'd like a more recent example, the original Star Trek? Just ran across this on a totally different forum: The prior posts in that thread were dated in April 2013, and the apologetic post wasn't made till September 2013 -- five whole months later! Ironically, it was that "late" post that contained the information I was looking for.
  6. You're referring to his little comments such as "I'll make you into shoes"? Sounded like she was already in pretty deep with him by then, though, and regardless of whose idea that connection had originally been, there must have been a point where she made the yes/no choice to throw in with him.
  7. Minimally! Consider that she was very "conveniently" able to find a corpse that matched her physical characteristics (other than her face) well enough to fool the Great Observer. My best (and only) guess is that she had encountered such a woman at some point in the past and had somehow kept her available ever since, just in case she ever needed to be "dead" -- at which point the nameless, faceless woman was sacrificed for Irene's convenience. Sounds more like a psychopath to me. In any case, as you say, not at all the honorable lady that ACD's Irene was.
  8. Yay, somebody new to discuss things with -- welcome to Sherlock Forum, Tiger! I once posted something on an old thread (on another forum), thinking that even though the original poster might no longer care, there were presumably other people currently wondering the same thing. Then a moderator came on, chewed me out for daring to post on a neglected thread, then locked the thread so I couldn't even defend myself. WE'RE NOT LIKE THAT HERE!!! A forum is not a chat room -- every forum conversation takes place over time, and if the amount of time occasionally happens to be years, so what? I agree that those emotions seem to have triggered his activity -- but are you saying they triggered it directly, or that the emotions gave him an incentive (to impress Irene / get even) which then triggered the activity?
  9. I can believe that! When I lived in Iowa, there was a week or two straight when the highs never got above zero (that's 18 below, for you Celsius people), which was very unusual there, so even the natives stayed home. We went to the Kmart one evening, and there were about half a dozen cars in the lot -- probably five employees and us. So when things got back into the positive digits, folks were positively giddy!
  10. I'm gonna guess that "he" is actually a "she," and the other cat likewise. Tricolor cats are either females or (very rarely) XXY males. Unless some cats are chimeras, that is -- where one non-identical littermate sort of incorporates another one at a very early stage of development, so that the resulting individual looks like a perfectly normal cat except that some portions of its anatomy came from the absorbed littermate. Chimeras definitely occur in humans, though it's rare. I read about a mother who needed legal proof that her daughter was indeed her child -- but the DNA test said she couldn't be! Turned out the mother was a chimera, and her ovaries happened to have come from her erstwhile non-identical twin.
  11. The only time I've personally experienced a "boil your drinking water" alert was in a city where the water came from a protected reservoir. As I recall it tasted OK at other times, though. That's the bottom line, for sure.
  12. If if makes you feel any better, the weather app may be talking about places like coastal British Columbia rather than the Yukon Territory. It's been cold here too (though we haven't hit single digits yet), but they're predicting highs in the 50s, starting in just a few days. I may go back to taking walks outdoors!
  13. From another thread: Unfortunately a lot of employees are actually encouraged to show up for work even if they're obviously ill. It strikes me as highly counterproductive for a boss to encourage (or even demand!) such behavior. Sure, the sick employee may get some work done, but what about the half-dozen or more others who subsequently come down with their bug -- some of whom may be like me, and need to stay at home because if they don't rest they won't get better? It does seem like if someone who's coughing and sneezing wants to go out anyhow (to work, shopping, whatever), it would be thoughtful of them to wear a face mask. (Apparently a mask doesn't tend to be much help, but at least it would keep them from coughing or sneezing directly on you.) Or they could make a point of coughing into their elbow or shoulder rather than into the common air space or onto objects that other people would need to handle. In December of 2019, Hubby and I met some friends at a buffet restaurant. One of the other patrons was a little short lady with some sort of nasty upper respiratory infection. She kept coughing and sneezing without covering her mouth and nose, and she was so short that her face was below the "sneeze shields" that are supposed to keep germs off the food. I never eat at that place anyhow (because the greasy food upsets my stomach), and Alex considered emulating me that time due to the sick lady, but finally went ahead and ate. About a week later he came down with a cold (his first in years), which we're pretty sure he caught from her. And about a week after *that* I caught a cold (my first in years), apparently from him. Our cases weren't nearly as nasty as hers, but they lasted about a month. Later on, we wondered if that might have been an early case of Covid-19.
  14. Yeah, in most cities if there's any question at all about the safety of the water, they add more chlorine. (And in the rare event it's even worse than that, they tell you to boil it.)
  15. Come to think of it, I once watched a half-grown Great Dane try to squeeze through a cat door. So OK!
  16. As a dog person, Martina, how likely do you think it is that the pooch got up there without human "assistance"?
  17. They could definitely sell that in several US towns where I've lived! In one case, the city water came from the local river, and wasn't too bad until spring, when all the dead leaves (and other things) that had accumulated on the banks over the winter were washed into the river by the rain. In other cases, I think it was from wells, so you never knew what you were going to get, even from day to day. Sometimes the tap water smelled like you'd just boiled eggs in it.
  18. Radio Times gives Louis a rave review for his performance in Inside Man: https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/drama/inside-man-louis-oliver-comment/
  19. I suspect that Oliver is his middle name. Just a guess, though.
  20. About the closest I've ever come to either of those sandwiches is bread and butter with thin slices of either radish or green onion. That was back when I was a kid, and those were the first vegetables that were ready to eat from our garden in the spring. We don't do "tea" here, though, so the sandwiches were, near as I recall, just an occasional impromptu snack.
  21. You made me curious, so I looked up the cast: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10948716/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_1 Just offhand, I recognize only two names, the aforementioned Tennant and a young actor by the name of Louis Oliver. It does sound intriguing, though!
  22. What do you put on the bread? And how much of the cucumbers or watercress?
  23. Over here, some are, some aren't, and most are somewhere between. But please enlighten us: How do you make a proper cucumber (or watercress) sandwich? Surely it's not just the veggie between two naked slices of bread! And speaking of bread, does it matter what type, how thick, etc.?
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