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  1. Better hurry, while such things are still an option.
  2. I'm noticing more and more ratings without reviews. Recently, one product that I was interested in had good ratings from a few dozen people -- but no reviews whatsoever. Ratings are better than nothing, I suppose, but I prefer to know people's reasons for their ratings. Otherwise a five-star review could be one of those meaningless "it just came today and I can hardly wait to try it" things, and a one-star review could be just an "it took two weeks to get here" rant. Considering the increasing frequency of reviewless ratings, I suspect that Amazon is actually encouraging them -- which leads me to wonder whether we'll wake up one day and discover that Amazon reviews have disappeared entirely, like the late lamented review comments. I fervently hope I'm wrong about that!
  3. We'll look forward to your Speedy's report next year, then! Actually, it seems to be the maps that are being difficult. I've tried both Google and DuckDuckGo, and neither one is producing consistent results for various addresses in that area. They can't even seem to agree on whether the hotel's address is/was #23 or #19. So there's another assignment for you, Bev! Go to Leinster Gardens and determine which numbers correspond to the fake houses. By the way, Henry VIII is/was by no means a four-star hotel. I happened upon a review on Yelp that says "We pretty much knew what we would be getting when we booked this room - cheap, convenient lodging in central London. However, I didn't expect the room to be quite as small as it was. There was room for a double bed - only. The bed touched each wall on either side." She does, however, go on to say that everything was clean.
  4. I can't tell you which story it's in or quote the exact passage, but it's my impression that it was stated Holmes keeps Watson's checkbook locked up in his desk so that Watson can't bet too much money on the horses. Hopefully one of our Holmes fanatics will set us straight!
  5. Even though it's called the "Underground," some of it runs above ground -- the line to Gatwick Airport, for example, starts out underground in Central London, but then emerges from its tunnel and runs above ground the rest of the way to the airport. And city-to-city trains tend to go underground in Central London. The defining difference is that the Underground AKA Tube trains run on their own set of tracks and have their own stations, whereas the city-to-city trains run on other tracks and have their own separate stations. (Also, stations are further apart for the city-to-city trains, the trains run less often, and the trains themselves are different in a number of ways.) Leinster Gardens is a street in the Bayswater area of London, so yes, when the trains pass under the missing houses, they are in Bayswater. According to one site, the hotel is no longer in business, which may be complicating my attempts to locate it (at #23) in comparison to the facades. I'll check into this further tomorrow (unless somebody beats me to it). Yes, please, anyone who has any news since last year, please share!
  6. Went and looked that up on YouTube. I'd say Imelda Staunton is in no danger of being typecast! And good heavens, the comments say that other (rather peculiar looking) person is Emma Thompson?! Looks like Trelawney has kinda turned the tables on Umbridge!
  7. The other day we watched an episode of Murder, She Wrote in which Angela Lansbury played not only her usual role of Jessica "J. B." Fletcher, , but also Jessica's English cousin Emma, part-owner and star singer of a traditional London music hall, who sang a song called "Little Yellow Bird." I looked it up, to see if it really was an old music-hall song, or if it had been written for the show, and found that a] it was written in 1903, and b] in the 1945 movie Portrait of Dorian Gray, it was performed in a nightclub / music hall setting -- by Angela Lansbury (age 18). So of course I went looking for that scene online: ... and of course it's now stuck in my head (where it has at least displaced "My Bonny").
  8. Come to Indiana and I'll give it a try!
  9. Doubt that I'd be surprised, having already seen Imelda Staunton in two night-and-day roles. But I've never seen Nanny McPhee -- what sort of role does she play in that?
  10. I have not even attempted to pill a cat since the sweetest, gentles kitty I ever knew (who apparently had a strong gag reflex) managed to bite clear through my fingernail. The vet usually makes a suspension for me, or else I crush the pill or open the capsule. Then there's no doubt whatsoever whether the medication actually got swallowed.
  11. Ah, he worked in the car-wash area -- lots of soap, no grease! Still don't recall that one, though. Guess it's about time I rewatched the series.
  12. A - Sorry, I'm confused -- what reminds you of it? B - Monk pretended to be a mechanic? As in, greasy overalls? How can that possibly NOT ring a bell?! C - Love that show!
  13. Me too. Though in my case it's currently more of a "nice to know they're there" sort of thing. There isn't much in my personal movie queue at the moment, barring an Enola Holmes theatrical (or DVD) release.
  14. Our movie theaters were also closed down a good bit of this past year -- but then they'd be open, then closed again. It's a wonder they're still in business.
  15. I bet there have been a lot of people sitting alone in a movie theater over the past year -- wearing a mask! Strange times.
  16. "The Abominable Bride" was the episode set mostly in Victorian times (though it did kind of tie into Moriarty's "Did You Miss Me?" bit at the end of "His Last Vow"). I doubt I'd have known about "Many Happy Returns" if I hadn't already been a member here -- it appears to have been advertised mostly in fan circles. It wasn't shown on television like the regular episodes and the special, just posted on YouTube as of the Christmas Eve before Series 3 aired. Can't tell you how many times I watched that little video over the next few days!
  17. Yes, that's the very first Holmes story (which is presumably why the first Sherlock episode was "Study in Pink"). It's one of the four novels. If you're wanting to stay chronological, the next installment would be another novel, The Sign of [the] Four (which introduces Mary Morstan but was some of the inspiration for the episode "Blind Banker"), followed by the first short-story collection Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (and so on). Once you've read Scarlet, though, you've got the basic background, so you could read the rest in another order if you prefer. There have been four series of three episodes each, plus the mini-episode "Many Happy Returns" [video here] (which aired online just before Series Three, i.e., between Reichenbach Fall and Empty Hearse) and the holiday special "Abominable Bride." If you've seen "The Final Problem" (the one with Eurus), you've presumably seen 'em all -- though it's possible there will be more, eventually. Of course if you want to be really complete, there's the unaired pilot, which was the original one-hour version of Study in Pink, and is available on the Series One DVD. It's basically the same story, but sufficiently different to be interesting in its own right.
  18. That'll do it! You're reading the original Conan Doyle stories? How far have you gotten (assuming you're reading them in order)? I've read about half, but some of the other members are major fans. As you presumably noticed, the forum's main focus is the BBC/PBS television series Sherlock (have you seen any of that?), but we're also happy to discuss other adaptations plus the originals.
  19. You might want to post in a few of the threads in the Introduce Yourself area [here].
  20. Please do! I've never seen it, so can't comment, but if you'll post your thoughts about the show, I'm sure you'll get some responses. And welcome to Sherlock Forum!
  21. I keep teasing our chiropractor about her "pointy little fingers" -- whereas those paws would feel nice and cushiony. Is that office anywhere around here?
  22. Yup. And according to IMDb, he's DI Steve Kirby in this. I assume everyone (or at least those who've seen the Harry Potter films) also noticed Imelda Staunton (Potter's sadistic Dolores Umbridge) as the mother of one of the victims -- quite a different role!
  23. A Confession is also available on Amazon Prime Video [here] in the US and [here] in the UK (plus each of them provides a link to Britbox). Amazon UK also offers it as a Region 2 DVD [here], for those who have a Region 2 or region-free player. We ordered the latter in September of 2019, and it's an engrossing story. He sounds like Freeman (in a role) to me, but then I've seen him in a quite a lot of things over the past eight or ten years, so maybe that makes a difference.
  24. OK, so as far as you or I are aware, the business is still for sale -- or perhaps has quietly found new owners -- or for all we know, Chris may have decided to keep it a while longer. I haven't found much online -- those two December reviews I mentioned, plus a Merry Christmas tweet -- so my best guess is that Speedy's is still on the market, therefore no news. Likewise, it's almost certainly still open for business, or there would be cries of bereavement from fans who've been there recently. As for the memorabilia, what sort of items do you recall? There were a bunch of photos on the wall when we were there -- cast members at Speedy's, cast members with Chris, etc. Photos can be reproduced very easily, so both parties could have them (though only one would have the actual autographed copies).
  25. Are you referring to the conversation from last September [here] which ended with a report that Speedy's (the business, not the building) was for sale? Tripadvisor [here] has a couple of reviews from last December, but that's the only newer info I've been able to find. Is there a news update somewhere online?
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