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  1. Not really. Just enough so you can (hopefully) see a pattern forming. Plus you can borrow things. Or test yourself in stores (if they have untinted windows -- bring your own mirror). Give it a try and see. I know it sounds weird, but it works for me. Failing that, you could search the web for a color consultant in your area. Some consultants claim to work online, but I'm skeptical of that. Also, unless you're really into makeup, be prepared to say a firm "no" to that part of the analysis -- you have to have clothing anyway, so why not get it in colors that look good on you? There are official Color Me Beautiful consultants, and there are some independent consultants as well. I was still hoping against hope to be an Autumn, so I tried one official and one indie -- and got the same result from each. (Be aware, though, that some "color consultants" are interior designers, not clothing advisors.)
  2. Let me know if you find out. Pending further news, one of my main peeves is packaging that's not recyclable, even when it easily could be. Like the plastic produce bags at the local natural foods market which have no recycling code (or anything else) printed on them. Wouldn't ya think? I need to ask why -- wondering whether maybe they're number 5 plastic, which may be less likely to leach into the food, but which (in bag form) isn't recyclable around here even if it *does* have a code. I keep meaning to bring my own pre-used bags (either recyclables from the grocery store or just re-use those unprinted ones).
  3. The old saying is that the UK and the US are two countries divided by a common language.
  4. I have a vivid imagination, so yes even though I've seen some pretty bad things already over my lifetime, I certainly can imagine some real toppers. With Democrats coming into office now, most of my current nightmare scenarios involve financial disasters. I prefer to think that they're unlikely to actually do such things, though. I hope. Or are you asking specifically if I can imagine Trump doing something I'd find unforgivable? Well, of course -- he *could* do just about anything. So could Biden. They're politicians! But in general, worst-case scenarios don't tend to happen, thank goodness, and life goes on.
  5. For years now I've been seeing vitamin bottles getting bigger and bigger, and had been assuming the manufacturers were simply wanting more shelf space than their competitors. But it recently occurred to me that they may be more or less legally required to use bottles that could easily hold several times that many pills. Used to be, a bottle of supplements would just say "Vitamin C" or "Bilberry" or whatever, plus how much was in each pill, and maybe a few otherliittle things. Nowadays, they still have to put that of course, but they also have to list ALL the ingredients (which is a good idea), and they have to let you know if the label says anything that hasn't been explicitly approved by the government (which is an improvement over their previous rule, not allowing them to say such things at all), and so on and so forth. So it's not really the vitamin bottle that needs to be oversized -- it's the label!
  6. I see the resemblance, yeah. One day the sink in the little kitchen on my floor of the dorm was an utter mess, heaped with dirty dishes. and someone had tacked up a paper towel above it, with a hand-drawn "reaction" face. Some years later I saw "The Scream (for the first time, as far as I was aware), and immediately knew what that towel face had been based on. Oh, 'nother neat thing -- every so often Sky and Telescope magazine has nifty detective-type articles where they track down the background of something. They did one on "The Scream" [here] and it turns out -- well, just follow that link.
  7. These days, it seems like everybody (including those in the public eye) has a personal point of view that colors their analyses, and that most certainly includes the media -- just decide what you want to hear and pick your news outlets accordingly! I would call very few people liars, but everyone has their way of looking at things, and they do have certain people they believe and certain people they don't. Trump tends to be sloppy, and also makes pointless "jokes." My experience with Biden is pretty much limited to watching the debates, but he said one thing that even I knew was demonstrably false, so at best it had not been fact-checked. People are presumably far more likely to fact-check what their opponent says than what they themselves say. I find myself pining for the days of bipartisan compromises and Walter Cronkhite's straightforward news reports -- and wondering whether that era was just an anomaly, and we're now reverting to the normal human condition. *sigh*
  8. I'm not sure that's an accurate test. Here are the basics of the Color Me Beautiful test: You'll need a garment or a tablecloth or whatever in a color you want to test. If you're wearing makeup, remove it, likewise any jewelry near your face. Find a mirror near a window (or take a mirror outdoors into bright shade) so you have natural lighting, and hold the garment near your face so that it covers up your shirt. Look in the mirror and see where your eyes are drawn. If you find yourself compelled to look at your face, the garment is a good color for you, but if you find yourself looking at the garment, it's not. One store where I sometimes buy clothing actually has a mirror near a non-tinted window.
  9. I've tried a few things today, with no real success. I tried to "save image as" from a forum page, with the same results that you report (jpg >>> webp). And it appears that Imgur has never heard of webp, so that's no help whatsoever. Then I tried downloading from PB to my computer. This time I got the whirly circle, so I was somewhat hopeful. But even though I had selected an album, what I ended up with in my folder was a compressed file that my system couldn't open (which does NOT sound like jpg). I deleted it. Phooey.
  10. That seems to be true of people in general. Politicians will often say something that they surely know is "not quite true," as long as they think people will believe it, and it will further their goals. And people are more likely to believe statements made by someone (for example, a politician) they generally agree with, and more likely to disbelieve statements made by someone they generally disagree with. It's just that such statements are a whole lot easier to spot if you already disagree with the person saying them. Let me give you a non-political example of that from right here on the forum, shortly after Series 3 aired. One of the other moderators and I were PMing about some of the hubbub on certain threads, and she mentioned one member she thought was being particularly obnoxious. I responded that I didn't find that member nearly as annoying as a certain other one. It turned out that my fellow mod had not even noticed a blatantly unsupported statement that the latter member kept repeating, simply because she (the mod) agreed with that member in general, and was therefore not in a critical frame of mind when reading those posts. We were each far less critical of the member that we were in basic agreement with, even though both were admittedly being truly obnoxious. Humans are like that.
  11. Gaaah! There was one time, the driver behind me started honking when the light in the other direction turned yellow. I figure sooner or later he will get to an intersection at the same time as the guy who thinks it's OK to run a red light, as long as it was still yellow a few seconds ago. Self-correcting problem.
  12. It's not like somebody passed a law or anything. It's just that, like Arcadia said, each person has certain colors that look best on them. I'm basically a no-nonsense type when it comes to my appearance -- I haven't worn makeup since I was in my 20s, and I don't fuss with my hair (other than to wash it, comb it, and get it cut once a month). But I've always loved colors, and my life has become a whole lot easier since I started buying only "summer" colors, which look best on me. Trust me, if I really wanted to wear some other colors, I would. But I don't like the way they make me look, so I don't really want to wear them. I've always loved "autumn" colors (rust, avocado, etc.), so I married Alex -- he looks terrific in them. Try to ignore what other people have told you -- as you say, they don't even agree with each other. Just tell us what colors you think you look best / worse in. So far, I'd say you're not a Winter -- they look best in black, white, and bold primary colors. What do you mean by "pastels?" Do you mean anything lighter than medium, or do you mean super pale colors? How do you look in chartreuse? Some people lump all of those hair colors together, which makes no sense to me, because if they were talking about colors of paint, they'd make a distinction between silver, gray, and white. Of course it's sometimes easier to refer all those hair colors by one name or another, if you're talking about people in general. But for a specific person, it makes sense to use the specific color. I used to do that too! The only silver hairs I had then were the little clump in front of each ear, so when I did my "fancy" hair style (everything loose except a small braid on each side), I used the silver hairs as one strand of each braid. Dunno if anyone else ever noticed, but I thought it looked pretty cool! I used to think that, because "everybody" says so (presumably the same people who claim that white goes with everything) -- but I look horrible in them, all washed out, and apparently Artemis does too. It depends on the shade of red hair (and perhaps also on the shade of lilac). "They" always used to say that redheads shouldn't wear pink, but my mother had auburn hair and looked great in pink, as long as it was toward the lilac side. Wearing coral-pink made her look ill, though. I agree! Being a "summer," I can just skip all the black and khaki pants and go straight for the blue. You say you look good in "cool black," though -- I thought black was black. Do you mean a bluish black? (I look good in bluish gray.) Here's what Carole Jackson says in Color Me Beautiful: "Everyone can wear Summer's soft white (this is not a yellow-white). Other good colors for a group are Spring's corals and her light warm aqua, Autumn's deep periwinkle blue, and Summer's watermelon. These colors are not included in all the palettes, how- ever, because they are a compromise for some." The book's light warm aqua color sample looks to me like a light-ish (closer to medium than to pale) blue-ish green. As she says, these colors are going to be a compromise for some people -- coral doesn't look good on me, but there are worse colors. Best to stick with your own colors whenever possible. I was reading that with my American eyes, till I got to the trousers part. Over here, one's trousers (which we call pants) are held up by suspenders, while garters hold up one's stockings. Anyhow, I think suspenders are cool! I've seen some really nice colors and patterns, too.
  13. Photobucket has not only become expensive, they keep changing the rules without prior notice, and then talking like you've been naughty for breaking the new rules that they hadn't even told you about.. Back in 2017, they suddenly decided my free account didn't include "hosting" (which is their word for hot-linking). They substituted an obnoxious warning for each of my online photos and told me to cough up $400. I just ignored them, till about a year later, when they suddenly apologized for their recent behavior and offered me a basic hosting account for a very reasonable $20 per year, so I upgraded to that (note that they now have my credit card number). Then here recently I got a bitchy email from them, in the middle of my prepaid year, "reminding" me that my account does not include hosting, so I should either upgrade [again!] or else remove all my image links immediately. So far, my online photos are still visible, but who knows how long that'll last? My options now seem to be 1] pay the new, far higher amount, or 2] let them keep charging my card $20 every May 20th (with no promise of continued service), or 3] cancel the account. I have less than four months to decide. In short, they used to be a good site, but they can no longer be trusted.
  14. I tend to mentally translate "chips" as "fries" on this forum (it's based in Bristol, after all), even when the person posting is not from the UK -- unless they're from the US. Even some Americans tend to go all "British" on here, though.
  15. They do seem to have a totally different idea of "what makes sense."
  16. The forum is using different software now, so any techniques posted before late 2017 / early 2018 may no longer work as advertised. The current equivalents are as quoted in the post just before yours.
  17. That sounds promising. Please let me know when the DVD is available.
  18. Sounds like a waste of energy to me, considering that if someone attempts to initiate a handshake these days, one is allowed to simply fix them with an icy stare. Not sure I'd care to lug around a ten-foot pole all the time either. But hey -- whatever works for you!
  19. Poor puppy! Hugs to both him and you. (Hang in there.)
  20. OK, let's start with that. Name as many specific colors as you can think of that you know you can't wear. That should narrow it down some.
  21. I'm not an expert, but if you feel different, maybe you really are an introvert. A lot of people think an introvert is the same as a shy person. Some introverts are shy, but some are not. Being an introvert means approximately this: Even if you sometimes enjoy being with other people, you may need some time alone afterwards. Also, you may prefer to visit with just one person or a few people, rather than with a group. Also, you often enjoy doing things by yourself. Then again, maybe you're an individualist. The world needs individualists! Otherwise everybody would be just alike, and the world would be very boring. It doesn't sound like you're pretending to be different, it's just the way you really are. As long as you're politely doing what makes sense to you, I think that's great. I used to try to "fit in," but I was never very good at it, so I gradually started doing what I thought made sense instead. I'm a lot more relaxed now!
  22. Artemis, regarding your coat decision: Have you ever seen a book called Color Me Beautiful? [Link] I've found it very helpful. The basic idea is, you can't really generalize (e.g., redheads shouldn't wear pink) because colors are such a subtle, individual sort of thing. Most of us know what our best and worst colors are, even though they may not be our favorite colors. If you're interested, I can tell you how to test yourself -- here if anyone else is interested, or via private message otherwise. My hair is reverting to what it was when I was little. I was what they call a "towhead" (where "tow" is another word for flax), meaning my hair was a very pale blond. It gradually got darker, till it was what the dye boxes call "dark blond" (because it wasn't brown, exactly, it was still the same color, just darker). They say that "gray" or "silver" or "white" hair is actually still the same color it always was, it's just got so many tiny bubbles in it that it looks paler. I do notice that when my hair's wet it looks pretty much the same as it did a few years ago. But when it's dry, the part around my face is a very, very pale blond. Call it silver if you like!
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