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  1. Sure, why not? I mean, whatever works for you!
  2. There, there! You can always come here and bitch when you're feeling overwhelmed elsewhere. We promise to be gentle, at least every now and then.
  3. Heaven knows! Discrepancies between phone and computer seem to vary from person to person, even if both are using the same OS and browser. I got ether (nasty smelling stuff!), but they were more polite, just told me to count backwards. However whenever I had a bad sore throat (mostly before I had my tonsils out), it took two grown men (my father and the doctor) to hold me down for the penicillin shot (which used a huge needle in those days). Yes, that is very common, even with more modern anesthesia. It can last several days.
  4. For a while, most stores said that fully-vaccinated people didn't need to wear masks, but now they're saying masks are recommended or strongly encouraged or the like. I don't see many people wearing them, though, except in places (e.g., medical offices) where they're still required.
  5. Can't say whether it was there or not when you asked, but just happened to notice it today. It's been moved to the bottom of the stuff under your avatar. Custom ranks can currently be modified (and possibly added by those who are already Consulting Detectives) under "Retained" at the bottom of the profile-edit page. I still don't see a regular rank (e.g., Constable or Consulting Detective) anywhere under anyone's avatar, but it does show up on everyone's profile, both the drop-down version and the full page.
  6. Well, as VBS mentioned, the security footage showed a number of people holding up their cell phones, apparently either photographing or filming the rape. But as of the report I read, none of them have yet come forward, possibly because the initial word was that they might be prosecuted for failure to report a crime. Now they're saying that's unlikely, and they're looking for those other passengers. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this. Of course it's possible that it didn't occur to those cell-phone users that they could call 911 from a moving train (those of us who grew up in the look-for-a-pay-phone era have probably made similar unconscious assumptions). And perhaps they were intending to present their recorded evidence when they reported the crime to police at the next stop. But then the authorities stepped in, due to being alerted by said train employee, and they figured -- well, why get involved.
  7. It's still there. I would post a link, but I seem to be missing most of my editor buttons right now (which is at least better than missing most of my marbles, I hope). I suspect you searched on the entire title (as you remembered it), and it's actually "Sherlock's" rather than "Sherlock." Fortunately I searched on just "Fun Facts" and it came right up. It's in the BBC Sherlock General Discussion area, currently toward the bottom of the first page. Like I said, most of my own "missing" items are due to slightly faulty memory. Welcome to the club!
  8. I have no idea, VBS. There have been times when I couldn't find something that I remembered seeing (or even remembered posting) here, but several times I found it later and realized I had misremembered a key word -- so I tend to blame all my "missing" items on faulty memory -- though now you've got me wondering if that's always been the case. If it's any help, I remember that thread of yours, and will see if I can find it.
  9. Maybe it's extroverts, but then I wonder about the false personas. Are extroverts always phonies? Or are these introverts pretending to be extroverts? Or maybe introverts who feel safe behind a facade? Don't ask me. I find it sufficiently time consuming to just be myself.
  10. By the way, it's not just English -- H is always silent in Spanish.
  11. We'll, thank goodness a train employee finally noticed and called 911, so they were able to catch the guy in the act. Plus the whole thing was recorded by security cameras, so there's no doubt of what he did. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/riders-watched-woman-was-raped-septa-train-no-one-called-n1281695 Sadly, this sounds like another case of people not wanting to "get involved." The cell-phone part is a new wrinkle, but that's presumably just because they didn't have camera phones decades ago.
  12. I don't generally care for that sort of thing myself. But in situations where two people work so closely together that I seriously have trouble remembering or even figuring out which of the two did or said what, it does seem like a logical workaround. I suppose I could say "M&G" but then I'd probably have to explain what I meant. People are, as you point out, already familiar with the other term.
  13. That reminds me of something I was pondering just the other day. There are some actors that I tend to think of as nickname+surname. Oddly enough, most of them are named (and billed as) James, but I think of / refer to them as Jim Garner, Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy Doohan, and so on. I suspect it's mostly because that's how their co-workers refer to them in interviews, though in the case of Mr. Doohan, I've heard fans who met him say that he always insisted they just call him Jimmy. As for Mr. Cumberbatch, although I'm aware that his co-workers call him Ben, I tend to think of him as either the full Benedict Cumberbatch or just (Mr.) Cumberbatch, and tend to refer to him in writing as "BC" (following a fannish tradition that goes back at least to the early days of Star Trek).
  14. Well, that's a couple letters shorter than "Moffat and Gatiss," but still a bit cumbersome. Oddly enough, your use of their first names annoys me a bit. I realize it's very common usage nowadays, but I still hesitate to call strangers by their first name. (The only actor I feel comfortable calling by his first name is George Takei, and that's only because that's how he signed his letters when we carried on a bit of a correspondence some years back.) Just call me old-fashioned! So I guess we'll just each have to go on with what feels right to us.
  15. Thanks, Herlock! It's good to see you again. I assume you're specifically drawing our attention to the large photos on each search page, but the others are also interesting, so I won't edit your post to embed the pictures. It's heartening to see faces from long ago, grown older but still active. Right now I'm thinking of Angela Lansbury and Richard Chamberlain, each of them not only still living but still acting occasionally. Even though it's sad to think of those who left us far too soon, there are more and more in their nineties and beyond.
  16. I can understand that (even though I do not, personally, share your pain), but seriously cannot think of a good alternative. "Moffat and/or Gatiss" is accurate, but would be tedious to read frequently, let alone type. "M/G" is unfamiliar (and could be construed as indicating a more intimate relationship). "Moftiss" is sufficiently compact and is already familiar (perhaps too familiar?) to most fans. I sympathize, Bev, but don't really see what could be done.
  17. I agree! But the creators don't seem to think of her that way. Apparently it was Loo Brealey's idea for Molly to scold Sherlock in Scandal. My apologies, but I have a heck of a time telling which idea came from which of them. They even seem to finish each other's sentences. In cases where I can determine which one I'm talking about, I do make an effort to give individual credit (or blame), but that doesn't happen very often. If you're saying that I should therefore refer to them as "Moffat and/or Gatiss" or the like, I plead laziness.
  18. There were varying reports on that, but OK, call her a government secret agent. That's still a far cry from ACD's Mary Morstan, and surely not the only way to make a character "strong." The Moftisses seem quite capable of making strong male characters in any number of styles, but somehow their female characters all seem to become more interesting by being naughty in some way -- a high-ranking sex worker or wife of a drug lord or some sort of hired killer.
  19. Since professional singers are no longer ipso facto considered shady characters, you mean? Hmm, maybe a singer who works in some sort of shady establishment (say, a run-down casino) while dressed accordingly -- so that she herself could (like the original Irene) still be perfectly honorable, though few people would believe that? Well then, they could have queried some real-life females of their acquaintance as to what makes a woman "strong." Hey, guys, they don't all have to be criminals (or whatever Mary was supposed to be)! I won't argue with that! I think Elementary lost me completely when they made Joan into Sherlock's full partner, able to make deductions equivalent to his. Of course the original Holmes frequently said to his Watson, "You know my methods" -- but then the dear doctor would proceed to prove that even so, he was definitely NOT Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock is definitely truer to the original in that regard.
  20. The major-est ones are the most likely to bug me, I guess. I think Harry being John's sister is clever (and allows for a really funny reaction from Sherlock). I'm (grudgingly!) willing to accept their interpretation of Irene as a dominatrix (though that episode -- and especially That Scene -- make it difficult to recommend the show to a few of my more strait-laced acquaintances). But Mary as a former hired gun is completely contrary to everything we know about the original Mrs. Watson. It's like they offered me a glass of herbal tea on a hot day, so I took a big swig -- only to discover it was actually straight Scotch. At which point they would of course laugh hilariously and say ha-ha we fooled you. No, they didn't fool me, they lied to me. I am not amused. If they want to do that sort of story, fine, just don't advertise it as Sherlock Holmes. Admittedly they're not the only ones doing this sort of thing nowadays. I found Elementary very enjoyable at first, but when they started throwing similar curved balls (and apparently thinking that Big Reveals were equivalent to actual plots), I stopped watching.
  21. Me neither, except for possibly the pilot (which I liked better in some ways, worse in others). But it's hard to compare what you've actually seen to what hasn't even been filmed. And who knows -- if they did edit an existing episode down to 60 minutes, they might do it by removing all my favorite parts! It's just that -- well there are some bits that I could happily do without.
  22. Not saying they should -- just that they could have, and it could still have been good. After all, their first thought was to do a 60-minute show. It was the BBC's idea to expand it.
  23. Right, I was merely wondering how the ensuing series might have turned out if they'd simply proceeded from the-pilot-as-shot. While I agree regarding camera quality, McGuigan's contributions, and the pilot's 221B, there was a lot that I liked about the pilot. For example, Sherlock actually answers his own question about "who hunts in a crowd?" In 60 minutes, they needed to stay more focussed. So I suspect that Hubby may have made a valid point -- though of course that could be seen as either a good thing or a bad thing (or some of each). But if Jeremy Brett & Co. could do their wonderful Holmes in 60 minutes, it seems like our guys could have too.
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