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  1. That *would* explain The Final Problem, wouldn't it? I'm definitely with Lestrade on that one!
  2. I would guess / hope that it's externally rigid and internally padded.
  3. Thank you. If I see anything that might confuse people, I'll do that. In fact, I've been doing that, and not just in your posts!
  4. It's times like that when I tell myself I should have been copying my post-in-progress (Ctrl-C) every so often. Did the captcha work properly, at least? The other day I wanted to order some garden seeds from a very reputable company's website. As soon as I put my first item in the cart, it added a packet of free mystery seeds. I do not want free mystery seeds! If it was something I wanted, I would have ordered it already. And if it's something I don't want, it'll just go to waste, and I hate letting seeds die. So I clicked that line's Delete button. It went away, but then came right back. I checked that line's Select box and then clicked the Delete Selected Items button. Same result. I changed that line's Quantity Ordered to zero. It immediately went back to one. I went to their Contact Us page and explained in detail why I'm not ordering from them this year. I filled out the Captcha box very carefully and even checked it a few extra times. When I hit the Submit button, it said Invalid Captcha -- and erased my entire message! I reconstructed it in an email and added a comment about their Captcha procedure. That went through, and I got a very nice response the very next day, saying their techs are already aware of the Captcha problem and are working on it, and she will submit my suggestion about not requiring people to accept free seeds. We'll see what happens next year!
  5. Of the people that I know, most are choosing to be vaccinated. A few are not, but I doubt that'll make much difference in the "herd immunity" effect. The main delay will be with people who aren't in any of the groups being vaccinated just yet. That is a really cute picture of you! I'll have to see what old photos I have around here. I think there were one or two that weren't too bad!
  6. Looks like it might come in handy (so to speak) sometimes, like if I want to watch a long video on my tablet, without all the blood draining out of my arms. Doubt that I'd buy it, though. For one thing, doesn't look very comfortable. We have people of all sizes and shapes, but yes, there are a lot more really fat people here than there used to be. I blame fast food, junk food, and processed food in general. One factor all those tend to have in common is "natural flavor," which is a (presumably intentionally) very misleading term. For example, you'd think that if "natural vanilla flavor" is listed in the ingredients, that would mean an extract from actual vanilla beans, right? Nope, that would be listed as "vanilla extract." According to this article from Scientific American, "natural vanilla flavor" is probably derived from rice or cloves or wood (which may at least be a step above "artificial vanilla flavor," which is derived from petroleum). "Natural flavors" may be a problem for several reasons. First off, they are retraining people's taste buds. A lot of folks now prefer "natural strawberry flavor" over the real thing because it "tastes more like strawberries." So people aren't eating as much fruit and other real food. Next, the synthesized flavors are tweaked to be as alluring as possible -- so that they don't just taste good, they taste incredibly good -- which induces people to have an extra helping. Finally, there is suspicion (as yet unproven, as far as I'm aware) that certain "natural" flavors, as well as some artificial sweeteners, can act as appetite stimulants -- meaning that diet soda pop may actually make you fatter than sugar-sweetened types, because the artificial sweetener may induce you to eat more potato chips with it. [/rant]
  7. Me too. Not sure I've watched any of the series since shortly after S4 came out. Good question! Dunno how many times I watched S1 and S2, but I never seemed to tire of it. S3 I watched several times, but not as many -- it's just not the same. As for S4, I liked the first two episodes at the time, but considering the series now as a whole, bleh. But yeah, maybe if I got a running start by watching S1 and S2, then kept my momentum going.... Not sure whether I want to, though. Maybe if there was a Series 5 on the way?
  8. Well, canon Moriarty "didn't last" either, did he? And Mycroft was in only one or two stories, barely a recurring character, let alone a regular.
  9. Could have been more to it than that. According to this article: They also quote the actress, regarding Cuddy's reasons for leaving: So I'm thinking perhaps being busy on another job, plus possibly a bit of hard feelings over having been asked to take a pay cut. Also, considering the "car through the living room" bit, maybe the writers couldn't think of any plausible way to bring the character back.
  10. The following may or may not help explain why Brett never won any major award for playing Holmes: Leonard Nimoy never won any major awards for playing Spock over a span of fifty years in television and movies [link]. I have a couple of theories: 1. Both roles were simply too one-of-a-kind to be compared to the other candidates; or 2. Neither science fiction nor mystery was taken seriously as a drama genre. Also, in the case of Nimoy/Spock, 3. The original series was seen as a commercial failure, which may have dampened his chances of winning, even though he was nominated for each of the show's three seasons.
  11. Total ignoramus here, but maybe she was contractually obligated elsewhere at the time?
  12. Practically all of those people (at least the ones I recognized, which was the vast majority) are best known for their film work, whereas Brett was best known for playing Holmes on television. Maybe it took a while for the BAFTA people to take TV really seriously (assuming that they do now). That's one point in favor of the American system, I think, where there are two entirely separate organizations handing out the awards.
  13. Maybe they figure that if they sufficiently mistreat the customers who've been with them longest (and thus remember how usable and customer-friendly the site used to be) those troublemakers will leave, and they can then concentrate on people who've joined in the past couple of years, and are obviously willing to put up with just about anything. And pay money for the privilege!
  14. "Cat-proof" is a relative term! A friend's cat (the same one who got the sweaters out of his dresser drawer [link]) could open the door from his apartment into the hallway (because there happened to be a nice perch right next to the door, where she could sit and fiddle with the knob), and would then wait for a friendly neighbor to let her outside.
  15. There are reasons other than political protest, apparently. A footnote on that page quotes Kipling's wife as saying that he could "do his work better without it." Concerned that it might go to his head, perhaps -- or that it would change people' expectations of him? He never even got a BAFTA? Please excuse my ignornance, but did they exist then?
  16. Interesting. I was under the impression that the American government didn't allow its citizens to accept foreign titles. Maybe that applies only to things like dukedoms, though, and not to honorary titles. I'm a mere casual observer of such things, but it's my impression that when members of the entertainment industry are honored, there's generally a more serious reason given as well, usually charitable activities. This may have been even more the case back in Brett's day. Perhaps that's where he fell short, and his career didn't quite make the grade on its own until it was too late.
  17. You must be some relation to me! I've corrected some of my posts that were far older than this.
  18. I've heard of people refusing, and Lennon may well have been one. But is it a significant percentage? Added: Lennon did not refuse his MBE. He later returned his medal to the Queen, but there's no protocol for renouncing one's honours, so he's still an MBE. [link] How is Marquess pronounced? I'm guessing it's the British equivalent of Marquis? And is that why it ends in "-ess" even though it's a male title? Was there any indication that the offer might have been politically motivated, with just that outcome in mind?
  19. That's the people the Queen is planning to grant various titles to (e.g., Sir or Dame) on New Year's Day. It's possible to decline, but I don't think many people do. There's also an Honours List for her official birthday in June. He died in September. You'd think there'd be some sort of provision for honoring deceased people, but apparently not. I agree! My father poo-pooed the idea that anyone could play Holmes better than Rathbone -- until he actually watched Brett!
  20. The book left off after Series 3, but her blog includes sections on Six Thatchers and Lying Detective (with some references to Final Problem).
  21. Oh, of course. Sorry! You may be right about that, although I've always just thought he looked sad, presumably remembering how he'd felt at the time. Well, I'm gonna guess Anderson wasn't much fun during the "Many Happy Returns" era, and of course he no longer worked with her, so it would have been easy enough for her to dump him at that point. As for her taking up with Greg -- that never occurred to me, but they were both apparently unattached -- so maybe? They seemed very professional towards each other at work, but after hours, who knows?
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