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  1. I would love copies of all the scripts as well. They're a goldmine for writers and fans alike.
  2. These folks don't run conventions concurrently. Look 'em up. They're the biggest convention organizer in the UK. They'll be two separate dates for sure.
  3. I actually wish they hadn't shown the plane turning around.
  4. I just found here in the News Stand area that Arwel confirmed the rose was from Irene Adler. I don't have the DVDs yet. They're not out here until tomorrow.
  5. Official convention working with the Sherlock production. Should be a brilliant event.
  6. I don't follow any kind of buzz so I had no idea. I didn't even remember seeing a rose:)
  7. A friend told me yesterday that the red rose on the table in Sherlock's hospital room is from Irene. And there's even a card signed 'W'. Anyone else know more?
  8. Certainly does seem like maybe the Holmes Daddy had an affair? Perhaps another brother came from that...?
  9. The conversation Sherlock has with John after Molly slaps him was a double entendre for a lot of things, I think. "Just an addict needing a fix' or something John says. Sherlock says something like 'Yes, I think it was.' Though they were talking about something else, I think Sherlock was answering for himself as well. I think Sherlock used the 'case' as a reason to justify going back to drugs (if for just a little while) because he was missing the adventures with John.
  10. Put my comments in RED since I haven't figured out how to do it another way:)
  11. Who knows what went on in that family behind the scenes... A genius mother who gave up her career to look after two difficult boys while her husband did - what exactly? And they "never do" Christmas usually, according to Mycroft. Maybe they are just trying to become "normal" as they grow old? And who know how "sane" Father Holmes really is. Mary looked pretty wholesome until the second half of His Last Vow... Oh if we could get a scene with Mummy or Daddy losing their $h*t when they find out Mary shot their boy, I'd be so happy.
  12. Well said! I've thought the same thing! That he's been back on the drugs for a while as a coping mechanism for the substantial changes in his formerly orderly life. Which was why he's acting so so differently. I absolutely thought he was high during the wedding. I'd love to see this play out in Series 4. A personal issue with addiction would screw with Sherlock's perception and reading of people. I'd like to see him fighting this inner demon as well as the outer more tangible enemy-of-the-season + whatever he's hiding about what he knows about Mary.
  13. I'm hoping Mummy finds out who 'put a bullet in her boy' because I want to see her turn 'absolutely monsterous'. I do still have a hard time reconsiling the Holmes parent's normality in my brain with Mycroft and Sherlock being so emotionally distant and seemingly (Sherlock more than Mycroft) scarred.
  14. Yeah, I enjoyed seeing BC's parents interviewed for this last PBS segment as well.
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