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  1. WOW!!! well, I love both! Sherlock and Spock are my favourite guys + =
  2. Part of the charm of Sherlock (besides his obvious intelligence and extraordinary physical beauty) is the fact that seems unattainable, that makes him mysterious and sexy.
  3. I love this picture, I have an obsession with Benedict's nose, it's so beautiful!! and his lips :drool
  4. Hello! I'm katie, a proud redhead cellist and Sherlock lover I took some time on the forum before introduce myself here.
  5. Janine, you're not my cup of tea... everybody knows it. Oh, Sherlock's speech at John's wedding At the end when Sherlock left the party while everyone was still there... I felt bad for him. There was some solitude at the time ... It caused me a desire to hug him + cumberholmes =
  6. I loved John's reaction when he saw to Sherlock, was hilarious!!
  7. I want to see how they solve this. I am also interested to know more about the childhood of Sherlock
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