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  1. joanna48

    Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    I read that Laurie King has agreed to let her Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series be made into a television show by a British broadcasting channel. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  2. joanna48

    Holiday-Special News ("Abominable Bride")

    Carol, I live in the USA. Can I order the Sherlock Victorian Maxi poster thru GB Posters?
  3. joanna48

    Holiday-Special News ("Abominable Bride")

    I just noticed that GB Posters is now offering a couple of posters based on "The Abominable Bride" -- one called "Sherlock Victorian Maxi Poster" and the other called "Sherlock Bride Portrait Maxi Poster." Their website doesn't yet have pictures of these new posters.... Now they have the pictures, and joanna48 is in luck!
  4. joanna48

    Holiday-Special News ("Abominable Bride")

    I love the Christmas special picture of Holmes sitting in the chair and Watson standing beside him. I wonder if there is some way to get a large copy of it. It would look great in my small office at home.

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