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  1. I forgot i'd posted these. It's a bit tragic when you get tired of your own joke after a couple of attempts *lol
  2. i would, but not necessarily a whole one to myself.... and certainly not three of them!!
  3. downloaded this to watch over a few nights' night-shifts at work the first half hour is delightful, pitched absolutely perfectly. Watson is hilarious. At first Stephens' Holmes seems a *bit* too Oscar Wilde-ish but you get used to it really quickly and actually it's perfect for a mix of the serious and the theatrical and a touch of melancholy in the music too
  4. how interesting!! Must set aside some time to watch this fully! many many thanks for posting about this!
  5. Khan: "My name is.... Holy Peters!!!" McCoy: "Dammit Spock, you green-blooded hobgoblin!!" Kirk: "Open up that damn coffin." Spock: "This is all highly illogical."
  6. yes! It's kind of hard to define but there is that sense of him being so close to us.... I can see why fans in the 50s were so keen to propogate the idea he was 'still alive' at the time..! it's also so magical to see him actually watching a 'non-canon' film about one of his own adventures!!! Even if he was squirming with embarrassment throughout... The DVD missed a trick in not making this an actual mini-film we could watch, like with the film-within-a-film in the DVD/BD of Tarantino's 'Inglorious basterds'
  7. 'saffas' - i now know a new word! welcome to the site i'm sure you'll have fun
  8. "you see but you do not observe" :D
  9. sorry, i couldn't concentrate on that for more than 3 seconds. What was the article about?.......? :p
  10. i only saw it at xmas very much impressed with it. McKellan is never short of brilliant and he really brought out another side to Holmes, both in the flashbacks and in the 'present'.
  11. MORE ON WATSON'S RABID CYNOPHOBIA!!!! (fear of dogs) This past week I have been lucky enough to aquire some tatty old copies of Classics Illustrated's versions of the Holmes stories. They are very worthy of analysis in their own right, and proper scanning, but a quick post with some cameraphone pics will suffice for the moment. In pondering briefly The Copper Beeches, a few posts above, I had cause to mention Watson's hatred of dogs, a repressed emotion brought out into the open through his association with the great detective. Well, the visual artists of Classics have given us exponents of the Lower Criticism yet more grist for our mill. In rewriting the climactic battle with the deadly Hound Of The Baskervilles, they depict Watson thus:- What savagery! What Herculean strength! This is not merely someone who is "reckoned fleet of foot" but someone with massive untapped reserves of power.... normally dormant, but which erupts when confronted with the object of his hatred.... canines. In lesser vein, here is Watson as the artist 'Zansky' (an ancestor of Banksy??) represents him in 'The Sign of the Four', when sent to fetch Toby: Can't you jet hear the bitterness and anger in his voice, the absolute resentment, not only at having to work alongside a dog, whom he considers a base and lesser creature, but also at having to be sent to fetch the beast? This is food for thought and may possibly serve as the basis for a Trifle Monograph..... OUR QUEST FOR TRUTH CONTINUES!!!
  12. honestly madam, can I be blamed if Mr Watt's handwriting was so close... :p
  13. Baring-Gould, Bell's 'Baker St Studies', Starret's 'Private Life' and '221b', Brend's 'My Dear Holmes', Blakeney's 'Sherlock Holmes: Fact or Ficton?', Holroyd's 'Seventeen Steps to 221b' and 'Baker St ByWays', Harrison's 'In The Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes' and 'The World of..'; Trevor hall's 'Ten Literary Studies', 'The late mr Sherlock Holmes' and 'Sherlock Holmes and His Creator'..... plus the collected Lord Donegal's 'Baker St and Beyond'..... if you can find an affordable copy of Dorothy Sayers' 'Sherlockian Studies' get it!!... I did used to own Bell's 'Chronology' but as lovely an item as it was to have, chronology in detail bores me rigid so i gave it to a friend's charity auction. it's a compact little library but infinitely rich
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