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  1. Arcadia

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    I think John's would be more illegible. He's a doctor, after all.
  2. Arcadia

    Recently watched movies

    I always thought the Pimpernel was the prototype for Zorro.
  3. Arcadia

    R.I.P. Albert Finney 1936 - 2019

    One of the first actors I remember. RIP.
  4. Arcadia

    GIF Your Mood

    What ARE you two going on about?
  5. That's how my mom's shower is … even though the markings on the knob show it the other way 'round. Drives me nutz.
  6. Arcadia

    GIF Your Mood

    Actually, I think it deserves much worse, but who am I to judge.
  7. Arcadia

    Marvel Movies

    What is this "mblergh" and stabbing that Loki's doing? Is that from one of the movies?
  8. Arcadia

    Martin Freeman News

    Give us a review!
  9. Except when they're not …..
  10. I had a boss who constantly critiqued my hair style. I honestly couldn't see what business it was of hers, but I finally got a perm just to shut her up. Gradually let it grow back out and she never even seemed to notice. People are weird.
  11. I dimly remember stuff like that too. I know that's one reason I was so convinced I was a fat teenager … everyone kept telling me I needed to lose weight. Yet I recently looked at some old pictures of myself … I was fine! It makes me angry, frankly. I spent an entire childhood with a poor self-image that still has its ramifications today. *sigh* Society...…….
  12. Arcadia

    GIF Your Mood

    That bothers me too. I think it's supposed to be "realism" but I just find it creepy.
  13. Arcadia

    Hi All

    Bit late to the party, I know, but I just wanted to add my welcome to Juggler.
  14. Arcadia

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    Hear hear! I loved it at first, but it wandered off ….
  15. Arcadia

    The Lion's Mane

    Don't worry, Herlock -- the forum judges who's "online" and who's not by how long it's been since their last keystroke. You could have been sitting in front of your computer for the past half hour and still be counted "offline." And as long as you're on your own computer (or tablet or phone), there's absolutely no need to log out, ever. You can even be logged in on two devices at once, the forum doesn't seem to care. Logging out is primarily for shared devices, such as library computers. Besides … if it's any consolation, I never look to see who's online anyway. 😛

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