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  1. I thought Abu was the monkey in "Aladdin."
  2. Arcadia

    Interesting quotations (on any subject)

    So I got curious and looked up "logic"; here's part of the Merriam-Webster definition "a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration...." Now, inference … isn't that an interesting word? That implies a bit of intuitive thinking right there, doesn't it? To infer something is not the same, to me, as to know something … it requires a certain leap of faith. So logic itself could be described as, in some way, a function of insight. Dizzy yet?
  3. Aw, I wouldn't worry … I bet it still has plenty of meaning for those who believe in its message. And I like hearing it … it's pretty, and easy to sing along with. I don't think you really have to know the "meaning" of a song to appreciate it. And I'm willing to bet that if the "mockers" heard it being sung solo on a street corner, they wouldn't think anything about it one way or another. They might even leave a tip if the busker's any good. It's the people who think they can change the world that they're contemptuous of, even if they aren't singing. The song's just a convenient symbol to describe those people, imo.
  4. We had an incident in Virginia a few years ago when the attorney general took offense at the state seal -- which depicts the goddess Virtus with one breast bared. He had a version made which covered her up. As I recall, he was pretty roundly mocked himself, which is possibly the biggest difference between then and now.
  5. Maybe. But it seems to me it's more the act of getting together and singing that's being mocked, not the song itself. It could be another song … "Get Together" by the Youngbloods, for example, which I remember was used at protests back in the day … and people still mocked the protesters. "Kumbaya" is a more universally known song, though … if you reference it, more people are likely to know the kind of thing you're mocking. Or so it seems to me. I might agree, except that Kumbaya isn't an idealistic song, exactly. When I was at church camp, back in my teens, the song was considered a prayer invoking God's presence, or at least that was my impression. ...…...The negative comments quoted in that NPR article were mostly about people supposedly thinking they could solve the world's problems by "joining hands and singing Kumbaya." That sounds to me like an accusation of naivety rather than idealism. Maybe naivety is a better word for what I mean. Although it's my perception that those-who-mock equate the two … to be idealistic is to be naïve. (Which I disagree with, to some extent, but that's another matter.) I think that's very possible. I don't have a clue what the song is "about," I just know groups of people who gather for a common cause tend to sing it. Well, the chorus. Seems like there's ever only 1-2 people who sing (or know) the bits in between. No, you're cynical to think that.
  6. Not because I actually disagree, but just to be argumentative ... but those who painted the Virgin Mary cannot possibly have known whether she exposed her breasts in public, not having been alive themselves at the time. I think that's more of an artistic convention than an attempt at veracity. Also I think there's less anxiety about viewing a painting of a nude than there is about viewing a real nude, if you see what I mean. Although … too lazy to look it up, but I'm willing to bet there's been more than one attempt (successful?) to ban nude paintings from public view, too. I think the key word in Carol's comment, though, is "proper" Victorian ladies … meaning, gentry. Pretty sure poor, untitled women weren't considered as "proper" at all. (Or even as human, possibly.) (Still aren't, come to think of it. Look how we treat immigrants these days.) Either way, I don't think the issue is whether women should breastfeed, but whether it's okay for them to do it in the public eye. It's been a long time since I read any Dickens, but it's my impression his women largely stayed indoors … ? Having said all that, I utterly defend a woman's right to breastfeed in public. As long as I don't have to see anything.
  7. Arcadia

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I miss Dave Barry's column, it was always the highlight of the week.
  8. Personally, I was hoping Moftiss would finally see the error of their ways and focus on the women of Sherlock. Eurus Holmes and Dr. Hooper meet, are weirdly attracted to one another, move in to 221C Baker St. and start a crime-solving agency. Occasionally they recruit the aid of the boys upstairs, but mostly they just consult with Mrs. H and the ghost of Mary. Sally Donovan makes a guest appearance but doesn't really have much to do.....
  9. I didn't realize this was a thing, but after reading that article, I recognize the tone of mockery. I don't think they're making fun of the song, though, they're making fun of the people who sing it, aren't they? Making fun of idealism. Revealing their own cynicism in the process. Cynicism is big, now, and I admit it's easy for me to understand why.
  10. Arcadia

    Star Trek Beyond ... and beyond

    Something else to add to my list of things to watch, I see...…
  11. Arcadia

    Interesting quotations (on any subject)

    Or BBC's PR department.
  12. I wish I could see this!
  13. Arcadia

    Martin Freeman News

    So it's based on a true story, then? Never mind, I just looked it up. It does sound interesting. I wonder if I'll ever find time for this backlog of videos I keep hearing about.....
  14. Arcadia

    Star Trek Beyond ... and beyond

    Some things are just magic that can't be recaptured again. There was something about that original set of Star Trek characters that just worked. The first set of Star Wars movies was the same way. Fairport Convention was never the same after Sandy Denny left. Etc.

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