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  1. I think we've found the secret to how Moftiss' comes us with their ideas! Here's some more... Sherlock: What do you think Moriarty will do for a distraction? John: He'll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do. *Building explodes and several car alarms go off* John: ... or he could do that. Sherlock, banging on the door: Moriarty! Open up! Moriarty: Well, it all started when I was a kid... John: No, he meant- Lestrade: Let them finish. Sherlock, Molly, and John are sitting on a bench Lestrade: Why do you guys look so sad? Sherlock: Sit down with us so we can tell you. *Lestrade sits down* Molly: The bench is freshly painted.
  2. If Laurence Fox is who I think he is, I might give him a big kiss too. πŸ˜‰
  3. Oh, I don't know. If I were being arrested and forced to lie face down on cement with my hands tied behind my back, I think I'd find a nice soft warm kitty on my back very comforting. Geez, that cat must weigh a ton. πŸ˜›
  4. Arcadia


    Egad! That's almost cruel!
  5. Oh come on, we can't work miracles, you know .... πŸ˜›
  6. Oh, yeah, now I remember! *Swooon....* I rewatched S4 a couple times after it aired, and I started to rewatch the whole series a couple years ago .... and I think I would have preferred the latter approach, except I could never find enough time to do it properly (meaning, watching the next episode while I could still remember how I felt about the one before it.) Days and days would go by before I could find time to watch another episode, and then I'd fall asleep half way through, etc. .... that's what my life has been like for awhile, alas. At any rate, I just couldn't enjoy it as much if I couldn't watch it on some sort of schedule, I found. But .... someday! I've promised myself. I just don't know when! Oooops, gotta run....
  7. Arcadia


    I loved West Wing. Just sayin'.
  8. Ooooh, I really want to see that. How much do I have to pay?
  9. Arcadia


    Herlock, you almost make me want to give this show another try. I loved it the first season it came out, but after about 3 years I couldn't watch it anymore ... House got too mean and out of control. But having watched other iterations of Sherlock since then, maybe I'd have more sympathy for his character ... ? I know you are not the only one who adores the show, so there must be something to it!
  10. Thanks Carol and Herlock. I'd heard of that kind of thing, but never heard the term "New Year's Honours List" before. Seems to me Brett deserved something, his portrayal of Holmes had a BIG impact on future productions, imho. So it goes, I guess.
  11. I can't imagine how I possibly missed seeing this thread before now............ 😁
  12. Okay, no offense, but I have to pass on Celtic Frost; not a fan of trash metal. However, I just noticed that DCD has rescheduled their concert for later this year, so I hope I get to go after all. Pretty soon I'll be vaccinated, so I'll feel more comfortable giving it a try ... I think. Still wary of crowds, to be honest. But I'd love to see them. Just discovered another band that I somehow missed when they started ... Massive Attack. Haven't heard a lot of them yet, but what I'm hearing is fantastic. Need to buy some tunes. I can't believe I forgot to put the Beatles (Rubber Soul and Revolver, in particular) and Crosby, Stills and Nash on my list ... possibly because I don't really listen to them anymore, partly due to not having a working turntable at the moment, and to not having the funds to re-purchase my entire record collection in digital format! But also I suspect I just wore them out a little. Which makes me realize ... I seldom buy albums anymore, I mostly just download 2-3 songs from an album that I like and stop there. (However ... I just recently learned about McCartney's latest album (McCartney III) and managed to listen to it online ... and liked it so much that I actually purchased the whole thing. I have to admit, now that I've played it a few times, it will never be a "favorite" -- but the first half is sensational and I'm glad I bought it. The second half is a little too "Magical Mystery Tour"-ish for my taste. Still, it's amazing ... apparently he plays all the instruments and does all the vocals.) Anyway, that's why most of my "favorite" albums are so old ... I don't have many new ones. Just bits and pieces of new ones. I feel a little bad about that ... there was something special about listening to an entire album by a band. At the same time, so many albums have at least one track, and usually more, that I really don't want to listen to. So digital downloads really appeal to me. But I feel a little guilty about helping to destroy the "album experience." Phoo. 😞
  13. What is the New Years Honours List and why was he removed? And did Brett receive any kind of (official) recognition at all for his role as Holmes? As revered as he is by contemporary viewers, you would think so. I may have said this before, but I have fond memories of watching the Brett series with my Dad, who was a big fan. I remember him telling me he liked it especially because of how they treated the character of Watson. I think I was a little shocked to learn that the Nigel Bruce version wasn't the definitive version.
  14. Oh geez, you want me to be practical? Good grief, Dabbler!
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