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  1. When I was doing graphic arts for the library system, I spend much of the day on a chair that was too high for me ... my feet dangled. Over time I began to have increasingly severe sciatica. Doctors didn't help, but at some point the library also hired a specialist in ergonomics, who told me I should always sit with my knees higher than my hips. Which I started to do ... and haven't had trouble with sciatica since. However, that's sitting. I don't know about lounging with your feet up; I just know I began to have back problems until I switched to the couch. I suspect it just fitted my body better.
  2. After all, we have nothing else to do The governor of my state just ordered everyone to stay home. Urk.
  3. No idea. A couple of hours ago I just learned that the governor ordered everyone to stay home to the end of June. So I assume that will apply to the arts center as well. Yeowtch. The school year ends in June, so that's what I was thinking. So at least I'm not surprised.
  4. ????? H is for .... horrible?
  5. Yeah, don't rely on those, though. I'm sure you know the perils, so I'll spare you the lecture. I wish caffeine didn't affect me, sometimes that third cup of coffee is just sooooo nice. But it's not worth the after effects.
  6. I hope so. But it's an educational institution; they tend to follow what the public schools do, and those have already been closed for the rest of the year in this state. (Apparently people are going nuts trying to homeschool! ) I just (re)discovered I have tons of "reward points" on my Microsoft account, which can be redeemed to buy stuff ... like groceries! Yay!!!!! First time something like that has ever been useful, go Microsoft!
  7. I both saw and observed it, but dismissed its utility.
  8. I've always been afraid to try those energy drinks, I get so jittery if I drink more than a cup or two of coffee that I figure they'd send me for a loop.
  9. But why would Netflix want ... oh, never mind.
  10. Yeah, if worse comes to worse I can sit in my car outside Panera's. Which is about a 15 minute drive. I love living in the "country", but it does have its disadvantages. Actually, if I have to drop my home wifi, my next best bet might be a cheapie smart phone plan. Still a lot of money at this moment, but also a lot less than internet. I imagine the minutes are pretty limited tho. Then of course you have to buy the phone too .... okay, maybe not such a good bet after all. I've applied for unemployment compensation, let's see if that helps. Have a feeling I may not be eligible, due to the intermittent nature of my job. Then again, since the Dems took over the Virginia legislature, things have been a lot easier for the "underemployed" than they used to be. We'll see.
  11. That certainly would have been a different take on the character.
  12. I'm "meeting" a (small) group of people today at the park to do plein-air painting (i.e., paint outside in nature.) That's what I told them to wear.
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