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  1. Let that be a lesson to you! (A lesson about what, I don't know...)
  2. I still wouldn't be able to come up with the term "Venn Diagram" but I don't recall a time when they didn't exist. Did hard drives exist before the 70's?
  3. Or Mycroft. I bet he has a whole file of videos of Sherlock, each one labelled with the exact date, time and place they were taken.
  4. I remember the title 'Texas Across the River', but I don't remember that it was a comedy. A couple others in that vein that I remember finding really funny was "Advance to the Rear" and one about the cavalry's use of camels, which I've forgotten the title of. Both featured sort of B list cast members, as I recall, but were fun. (Whoops, no, Glenn Ford was in "Advance to the Rear." Ah well.) However, I find that most comedy doesn't hold up well for very long. So who knows if any of those are worth watching again. I'd definitely pass on 'Hallelujah Trail', based on my last viewing. I do remember seeing 'The Russians Are Coming' awhile back and laughing my head off. But I also remember seeing it many years ago and thinking it wasn't very funny any more. So I guess it has something to do with my mood, or situation, or something, as well as the actual humor in the film.
  5. I woke up early this morning, noticed my cat wasn't curled up in her usual spot, glanced around for her, and she's just sitting there in the middle of the floor. Staring at me. Intently. No wonder I woke up.
  6. Yes, I think there's already 15 or so of them by now. I'm up to number six and it's been one of the better ones. Takes place in Canada, mostly in a small town, but the current one takes place in Quebec. They follow an Inspector Gamache and his team, plus a lot of the characters from the small town play big roles. They're an easy, pleasant read. First series I've been able to get into in a long time. Probably doesn't hurt than one of the main characters is an artist.
  7. Apparently it's not popular around here, couldn't find in either the library or the used book store, and can't afford to purchase new books. *sigh* But I'm reading the Louise Penny series now anyway. Nothing Sherlocky about them but they're enjoyable.
  8. I own this book and I don't even know why. Cute book, though. Alas, that is me in a nutshell.
  9. The Hallelujah Trail. Not as funny as I remembered from my childhood, but Donald Pleasance was still great.
  10. I think he was recruited by Uncle Rudy. Poor kid never had a chance to consider any other career.
  11. I get the impression Moffat thinks the same way about them, judging from a couple of plots he's mentioned toying with. Seems like they always end up with Irene stealing Sherlock's clothes but that's about as close to physical as it gets.
  12. This dog has obviously watched "The Lying Detective" once too often....
  13. There's this amazing invention called the internet. Oh, wait.... 😛 Seriously, just type "funny animal pictures" into your browser. Enjoy!
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