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  1. Amen. It drives me crazy when people try to do EVERYTHING on their phone when the laptop's SOOOOOO much more efficient, just because the laptop's on the other side of the room. Get up and walk, people!
  2. I must have known it at one time, because mouses/mice didn't yet exist when I first started using computers. But it rings no bells. I'm genuinely starting to worry about my memory. Yeah, but what I'm not familiar with is something about using the arrow keys to highlight a block of text. (??) Too lazy to look back at what was actually said. But I just keep moving the mouse until everything I want is highlighted.
  3. Yeah, that's what I meant as well ... in spite of Moftisses declarations that they feel free to pull from any source, etc., Moffat seems to feel Irene-as-love-interest is inviolable canon. Not a bad way to look at it, imo ... but I still root for Molly.
  4. If I ever knew CTRL+C/CTRL+V, I have completely forgotten it. And I've never heard of these methods of highlighting text either, I always mouse over the bit I need ... and agree it's a lot harder to do with a touchpad. Especially the touchpad on this machine, which has a mind of its own. Back in the days of desk tops, I loved my HPs. But this HP laptop ... urk. I did decrease the sensitivity of the touchpad and it's helped a little bit. But it still misinterprets many of my gestures, and I still can't find a way to turn off those functions or to turn off the touchscreen. I found several instructions on how to do such things, but none seem to apply to this particular laptop. I did see some good prices for Lenovo's, maybe I'll consider one of them if I can't find a Dell I can afford.
  5. Maybe they got a good deal on them, and bought a bunch with an eye to reselling and making a profit?? Maybe they just like the color?
  6. Yeah, I think the majority of the space being taken up on my hard drive is photos ... and full-size scans of my artwork. (For example, a 16x20 painting scanned at 360 dpi is around 93MB.) I didn't realize music files were that big but I have a ton of those too. And yet I'm still using less than a fourth of my hard drive space. My first laptop would have fainted dead away at those figures.
  7. Hi Herlock! I've been more or less missing myself and just assumed you were still here. Sorry to hear your reasons for going AWOL, but glad you're back.
  8. P.S. -- "badass" Mrs. H is awesome. Especially when she pretends to cry in order to get John to do what she wants.
  9. Yes indeed, it's possibly my favorite episode. And I loved the device of Ghost Mary. One thing I like about this episode is, in spite of the amount of time they spend on Sherlock, it's really a John-centric episode, and I always felt he'd gone a bit missing starting with Season 3. I know a lot of people don't like what they reveal about John, but I'm okay with it. Gives him depth. I think Eurus took the gun along "knowing" it would lure Sherlock into her game. She had to convince him that "Faith" needed him. If it hadn't worked, she would have created a new personality and tried something else. But I agree, she was genuinely surprised to find he was "nice". After all, for 20-30 years all she had to go on was Mycroft. That might be enough to make anyone homicidal.
  10. Hence running over it with the car. Next time I'll try my friend's giant SUV. I'd try leaving it on the railroad tracks but I'd probably get arrested. Thanks, but I already get them. The problem is in knowing which one to buy, I'm not savvy enough about tech language to really understand the ads. Probably my best bet would be to call them and tell them what I need to use it for. Some day.
  11. It's a well-known (although I don't know if it's "proven") notion that the visual artist population, at least, tends to be disproportionally left-handed. I would imagine the same would apply to other areas of the arts. I never noticed Nimoy was left-handed either. I was watching City on the Edge of Forever today and meant to pay attention, but soon got involved in the story and forgot. But in the few minutes I paid attention, I didn't noticed any handed-ness one way or the other. I do notice, however, that in that Nimoy-as-Holmes picture you linked to, he's holding something in his left hand....
  12. Okayyyyy ... I suppose that's possible too ... but no, what I was referring to was, they're all left-handed. (Geez, what's all this obsession with Sherlock Holmes ... oh, wait ... )
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