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  1. I'm "meeting" a (small) group of people today at the park to do plein-air painting (i.e., paint outside in nature.) That's what I told them to wear.
  2. Seems like for awhile there I ended up watching 2-3 "mini-series" that were front-loaded with really graphic sex and violence ... and then after that simply got on with the story. That Martin Freeman show set in Miami was one of those. I don't either understand or appreciate that technique, what's the point? My thoughts exactly! Although I did always like Billy Mumy. It was cool when he showed up in Babylon 5.
  3. Well, as you may have noticed, I cut out before the happy juice kicked in. Is that croc from Peter Pan? Same here. Rain in general soothes me to sleep, even (ahem) in the daytime. Usually sleep right through thunder unless it's right on top of me.
  4. My sister somehow missed it too. "I'm so excited about the next season of Sherlock" says I. "Huh? But he's dead!" says my sis. Apparently she didn't watch it to the end. That was one I wanted to see, glad to hear it's a keeper.
  5. The cat I have now, and one I had before, I noticed the same thing ... when I took them out on the back porch for the first time, it was fascinating to see how they calculated the jump they would need to make to get up on the porch railing. Pacing back and forth, bobbing their heads up and down --- you could almost see the calculations they were making.
  6. I was sleeping fine until you posted that picture. Pretty sure I'll have nightmares now.
  7. And you were just encouraging me to get Disney! That really is another component, though, of me not wanting to pay for streaming ... I'm just against the idea. Bad enough to pay for cable tv.......
  8. Thanks, you too. That's all that can be done right now anyway. I'll get through it somehow. You know, we don't have those around here. Never did have many, and they only lasted a couple of years. We simply don't need them; almost everyone has a smart phone, and almost every restaurant and coffee shop have wifi. But they're all closed too. Well, you can get take out, but you can't go in and sit. Anyway, I'm on the internet at all different weird hours (like 11 p.m. ) and wouldn't be heading out at those times anyway. May have to make some major life-style changes. Hope not.
  9. Yeah, quite a while, half hour at least, maybe longer. (Sort of forgot it was on the stove... ) I'm used to Tazo's cinnamon spice tea, which is especially strong. This was almost flavorless by comparison. Smelled nice!
  10. Does it work? Not particularly, no. I think if I'd used more spice I would have gotten a better result, but on the whole it was just easier to get in the car and go shopping.
  11. Yeah, that's what I meant. Well, that does sound like a good price. I'm not paying for anything at the moment, tho ... I'm out of work indefinitely, the tax refund has already been spent, and who knows whether this "stimulus check" will actually arrive. (Seems to me people with low income always get left out of such things.) My savings account is already depleted due to a major car repair, so...... scary times ahead. I may have to stop paying for my internet connection if this goes on for very long. Thank goodness warmer weather is coming, or I'd have trouble paying the heating bill. All of this just as my checking account was beginning to look healthy for the first time in months. So, yeah, because of the cost.
  12. PS -- take a walk, that might help. Did me. Although the jogger appearing out of nowhere gave me a start.
  13. I tried it ... meh. Probably needed to use twice as much spice but that stuff ain't cheap. But it suited me in a pinch. I endured being without my tea for one day, then headed to virus central the grocery store. The road was empty, it was weird. So was I, but the sun came out yesterday, and it's out again today, and I'm feeling reinvigorated. I hate how gloomy weather affects me, and it's even worse at a time like this. Oh well, 'tis what it is.
  14. That is one upcoming Marvel production I'd like to see, is Loki. Don't suppose I'll ever have the chance, tho. 😞
  15. Somehow, the fan just spoils it....
  16. I think that's referring to the presence of one big one surrounded by many smaller ones. But you probably knew that. It's all sedum to me, I'm afraid.
  17. Good point. Wonder how long it will take before people feel comfortable sitting in a packed movie theater again?
  18. There's no denying it ... cats are just weird.
  19. I've never had much trouble with cats bothering the house plants (although they consumed plenty of grass while outside. Weirdos.) But I had one cat that adored cut roses. We didn't quite realize what was going on at first, until one day I caught her up on the table, munching away at a bouquet. No other flowers, just the roses. At least she was discriminating. So when people would give us flowers, instead of enjoying looking at them decorating the breakfast table, we had to hide them high on top of the stereo cabinet where the cat couldn't reach. *sigh*
  20. It's "Tolkien Reading Day!" https://www.bing.com/search?q=tolkien+reading+day&form=hpcapt&filters=HpDate:"20200325_0700"
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