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  1. Oh, aren't those lovely? My mom never did that to me, but a few "friends" did. Sheesh.
  2. Yeah, the way it's set up is confusing. If I understand correctly, there's 12 volumes altogether, but they have different subtitles … so the volumes covering the LOTR text is, logically, called the History of LOTR. But I read some (all?) of the ones that came before that, too, which covers a lot of the material in the Silmarillion … can't remember the subtitle for those. And then I think each individual volume has it's own title, relating to whatever chapters it's covering. The most interesting one -- and to be honest, it might be in a different publication, such as The Annotated Hobbit -- is the one covering the original version of the end of Gollum's riddle game, and the subsequent changes to the text caused when Tolkien decided to make the ring into "The Ring." That, I really enjoyed. As to the rest of them … it's more like doing research than simple pleasure reading. So if you like that sort of thing … seeing into the creative process, following the evolution of ideas … you might get something out of them. Some of it's pretty repetitive. The most interesting bit to me was the above-mentioned evolution of Trotter, and I believe that's the only volume I actually own. The rest, I checked out of the library. What Christopher Tolkien did was assemble his dad's rough drafts, in as near to chronological order as he could make them, added some commentary in the gaps between passages, and that's the books. So if you enjoy reading three slightly different versions of how Gandalf met Radagast, or six different versions of Gimli's name, then you might enjoy the History. I found a lot of it dull going, but fascinating nonetheless. I really missed Middle Earth at that point in my life. I'm afraid I can't link to the specific book regarding Trotter right now, because I don't have the book with me (I'm on "vacation") and I can't remember the title. I just know it's part of the "History of LOTR" group, which is something like six or seven volumes (?) It's been awhile since I read them, and I'm not even sure they were all published at the time. The description of the last couple of volumes doesn't sound familiar to me. Hope that helps.
  3. Arcadia

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Doorway by Civil Twilight. Don't know why, haven't heard it for weeks, but it's stuck but good.
  4. It's also in The History of Middle-Earth, most of which, believe it or not, I have read. Yes, I am just that much of a Tolkien geek.
  5. Arcadia

    Recently watched movies

    Although Toy Story is the remake that's getting fabulous reviews. Wait … it's not a remake, is it? It's a sequel. Never mind. (But we have too many of those, too. Movies are turning into television.)
  6. Arcadia


    I have, as far as I know, never had nightmares about toilets. But I may now.
  7. Cool. Does anyone remember what the seven stars represent?
  8. Arcadia

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    Well, that gobbled up some time! Thanks JP. It's amazing how much I still miss this show. It's also amazing to me how you can almost always tell instantly if Cumberbatch is being Sherlock, or being himself. He's one of those actors that just disappears into his role, imo.
  9. What a beautiful animal he is! But he does look like maybe he has a cold. Do birds get colds?
  10. Arcadia

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Yes, that's why I ended up losing interest … firstly, I wanted to slap Ross, and mostly, I'm just not very entertained by the soap opera content. There was always a hint of that in the series, but it took over the longer it went on. Oh well … I'll probably watch bits and pieces of it too, it's not like there's anything better on.
  11. Because I don't like them enough to add the leftover to whatever I'm eating, and because I might need a little more for a different dish the next day. We used to do that, but it got to attracting too many unwanted insects and other critters. And then we'd end up not using it. Also I've got too much work out there already; I'm trying to scale down the yardwork, not add new projects! Exactly! That's exactly what I felt. There were a lot of things about T6T I didn't appreciate, and that was chief among them. Thank you. Yep. Same here. TEH undermined the drama of what we thought was happening in TRF, but Sherlock himself suffered some consequences for his deception. But T6T turned HLV into a joke. That episode broke my heart, and then it was treated like it didn't mean anything. As you say … gah. TLD almost made up for it though. Where he ends up at the end of that episode -more honest, more reflective- is how he should have started S4. Isn't this where this conversation started?
  12. Arcadia

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Awesome! And I don't think it's worthless at all. 😉
  13. Arcadia

    Recently watched movies

    Yeah, that one might be okay. I really don't understand their sudden need to turn all these films into live action, though. Disney's always been at its best when doing animation, why spoil it? Ah well......
  14. Arcadia

    GIF Your Mood

    Yeah, there's nothing quite like being there, especially when you're close enough to feel the "booms" reverberate in your chest. That's actually a pretty decent video, Artemis. I tried getting a few shots one year, but they were too blurred to get much out of them … and same, I found I enjoyed the fireworks more just watching them. But I try to remember to take my camera everywhere; you never know when your going to get the perfect reference photo for your next painting!
  15. Arcadia

    The great toilet-paper debate!

    One of my friends bought one of those things. After watching if for a few minutes, I have to admit … I'm tempted. Can it get up and down stairs by itself, though? I mean, why should I have to do ANY work, it should be smart enough to leave me completely alone....
  16. Arcadia

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I used to wonder why parents took babies to movies, especially loud action movies, where the baby would inevitably start crying. Then I spoke to one young mother, who said she was just desperate to do something besides stay home and take care of the kid … and either couldn't afford or couldn't find a babysitter. And she wanted to see a movie SHE would enjoy, because the kid wasn't going to care either way. It still annoys me when a baby starts crying in a theater, but it's now tempered with a little sympathy for the parent. Although it seems to happen less than it used to … maybe they're more willing to wait until the video comes out, these days.
  17. Arcadia

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Not on my machine it ain't! I get Pennsylvania on both of them. Weird, weird, weird. Identical videos, but I see the link is different. Bizarre.
  18. I have to admit I've never encountered anything like that around here. As much as I don't really like fast food, I have to admit they are pretty darn well run places. But in other places I've been … yeah, I know what you mean. Maine is the worst, it takes forever to get served up there. I suspect the problem is usually under-staffing … they just don't have enough people around willing to take those kinds of jobs. Around here, even the fast food places have to pay higher than minimum wage if they want to attract enough employees. But they can afford to, because their volume of sales is so high. McDonald's, for example, is always busy. On a little lonely country road in Maine … not so much.
  19. Yeah, same. Plastic bags almost never get thrown out around here, unless/until something really smelly gets stored in them. Or something rots inside them, like the 1/4th of tomato that I threw out a couple days ago. It was VERY squishy. I guess I should have saved it for Carol. Is there a (reasonable) alternative to plastic bags for taking garbage to the dump? When I was a kid I'm pretty sure we always used paper grocery bags for the garbage, then put them in the metal can outside, and the garbage truck guys would just empty the can into the truck. But here, since we only live 3-4 minutes from the landfill, we always take our own garbage and skip the (very high) monthly pick up fee. I don't want squishy smelly garbage all over my trunk, so it all goes in plastic bags (and they don't let you just dump the contents of the bag … you have to put the whole bag in the dumpster.) You can't dump cardboard either, it has to go into the recycling shed. Paper leaks. So what's left? And is it affordable? Our landfill is a rather amazing place. They have special handling for almost everything, from anti-freeze to tree branches. They've won awards! And the workers are really nice. (Well … all but this one guy...) It's weird, but except on really hot days when the smell is overpowering, I rather enjoy visiting it. A friend of mine even made a series of paintings inspired by the landfill for her final project in college. They gave her a tour. We thought she was nutz but the results were actually kind of cool.
  20. Arcadia

    John Watson

    Eh, I think most people will do anything if they think their kid is in deep trouble. Kate said she didn't know who Sherlock was, so could she have known John was a famous sidekick? At any rate, it was always my impression that she was going to Mary for comfort and maybe advice, and not really "expecting" that she or John would offer anything except a shoulder to cry on. I know the feeling, actually. I have always wondered why John seemed less than sympathetic towards her, however. That always seemed a bit un-John-like, to me.
  21. Arcadia

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I can actually answer that because my sis-in-law did something I consider similar; she read The Hobbit to her kids when they were wayyyyyy too young to get anything out of it. Why? Because SHE enjoyed it. That's all. At least it didn't cost the family a lot of money.
  22. Arcadia


    Gee, thanks.
  23. Er … not crunchy, no. But slightly firm, yes. Definitely not squishy, I don't think I like any squishy food. (I can't believe we're having this conversation. Mofffftissssss! This is all your fault! ) And what is it? I'm curious what you mean by this. Yes, that was one of the moments in HLV that broke my heart. I interpreted that look as Sherlock sort of saying "sorry, John" … I think he expected that his action would, in one way or another, cost him his life. And/or tarnish the image John had of him. Darn that Cumberbatch guy! He almost made me cry!
  24. Arcadia

    What song is stuck in your head?

    I see the exact same thing I posted, right down to the links for other videos at the bottom when you pause it. Weird!
  25. Arcadia


    I think some version of "feeling trapped" is the most common one I've had; when I was a 'teen, I remember having a whole series of dreams about being in a building and not being able to find the exit. I called them "frustration dreams," because that's how they left me feeling. Another version was trying to accomplish something, but not being able to because other things kept getting in the way. Those were especially annoying. A couple of times I remember waking up laughing at a dream, but I can't remember anymore what I found so funny. Rats.

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