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  1. 11 hours ago, Carol the Dabbler said:

    Amazon has a vast selection (7 pages) of kitchen curtains, and they've got a much more varied color range than that -- white, off-white, cream, pale gray, taupe, and sometimes black.   :P

    Aren't kitchen curtains supposed to be cheerful???


    Remember when there used to be all different color cars on the road? Now there's like 5. Black, white, gray, red, dark blue. The occasional yellow beetle (which, frankly, I could do without. :D ) I miss my beautiful teal Mustang, and the family's metallic sea green Buick....

  2. On 7/6/2022 at 12:36 PM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    Thanks for the info, but the link takes me only to a sign-up page.


    Yeah, I figured that might be the case, since it's a subscription service. And they seem to have removed it anyway now. 😞 

  3. On 7/10/2022 at 3:52 PM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    We happened to be watching an episode of The Monkees on a rerun channel.  Because the show is about a musical group (basically a parody of the Beatles), there's a lot of music, and one of the songs had a familiar tune, which is likely to get stuck in my head because I'm trying to remember what other song I remember the tune from.  All I've recalled so far is that it rhymes "pink and pleasant" with "phosphorescent."  Probably not one of my favorite songs!

    Oh, hang on a minute -- it's "Plastic Jesus."  Whew!

    I was a MASSIVE Monkees fan for a long time, but I don't remember any song of theirs that sounded like that..... any hints to the lyrics?

  4. On 7/15/2022 at 12:19 AM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    I've been road-testing color-match puzzles, and am a bit frustrated.  They all seem to be the same game, give or take a few minor details, and I enjoy the basic concept.  But why do several of the colors have to be so similar?

    If I concentrate, I can tell the reddish-orange from the orangey-red, and the slightly-darker gray from the slightly-paler gray -- though the extra effort detracts from the fun.  But every time I think I've figured out which pieces are bluish-green and which are greenish-blue, it turns out I'm wrong, which wreaks havoc with my attempts at strategy.

    I wish they'd use basic colors (like a medium-small box of crayons) and forget the three-dimensional look (which, though attractive, introduces confusing streaks of other colors).

    Admittedly my eyes aren't quite what they used to be, but why do ALL of the color-matching games seem to be designed for people with top-notch vision?  If anyone knows of one that isn't, please tell me!


    As to reasons, I'm guessing it's so the puzzles are hard to solve? :D 

    The one I enjoyed the most so far started pretty easy; fewer colors further apart on the spectrum. But as it went along the colors become harder to distinguish. There was an all-blue one I simply had to give up on. But I can't say I wasn't challenged!

    That game was called "I Love Hue Two" (or "Too", I forget). I'm playing the original "I Love Hue" now but it's not as much fun because it's all rectangles. The sequel had several different shapes. Fewer levels though. I really liked it.

    Have you tried turning up the brightness on your display? That often helps.

  5. On 7/6/2022 at 12:24 PM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    My worst bites apparently come from chiggers, a type of mites which are, I believe, a uniquely American pest.  They can't fly, they just crawl in search of protected areas, so my husband has found that applying tea-tree oil to his ankles before mowing the grass cuts way down on the number that make it any further.  So I've recently started applying it to my forearms before doing any heavy weeding, and it does seem to help.  I still get a few bites, but jewelweed makes those bearable.

    Oh yes, chiggers are horrible. I don't have a lawn at this new place, tho, so I don't seem to be troubled by them (yet). But I know what you mean.

    I was walking past some jewelweed a couple days ago and tried it out on an itchy spot; not particularly sticky after all, but not particularly effective either. :smile: 

    On 7/7/2022 at 9:30 AM, kimber8ada said:

    I'm a mosquito magnet! They will chew on me mercilessly. And if I don't get medicine on me immediately I swell up and itch for days. I usually carry a Benadryl stick with me especially when I might be outdoors. One got in the house a few weeks ago and before I could kill it I had at least eight welts.


  6. If any of you are Sirius XM subscribers, I just noticed that Martin hosted an episode of "My Fab Four" on the Beatles channel. I've only listened to the first song so far but I assume there's four of them.....

    ETA: Holee crud, I just discovered Benedict's on there too, and there's also videos with both of them. I didn't even know Sirius had videos.

    I have no idea if this will work, since Sirius is a for-fee service but here's a link to one:


    If it works and anyone wants it, I will post others.


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  7. On 7/4/2022 at 1:14 PM, Carol the Dabbler said:
    On 7/4/2022 at 9:03 AM, Arcadia said:

    We were told to simply rub the flower on the itch....

    One flower?  They're supposed to be medicinal, not magical.

    Lol. No, the juice of the flower, enough to coat the itchy spot. They grew prolifically where we lived, we probably just grabbed a handful and crushed them. I know my Mom tried it too but wasn't too impressed, I guess, since it didn't become a go-to solution. The consistency may have been off-putting too; as I recall it was a bit sticky?

    Interestingly enough (well, interesting to ME :P ) I'm not very attractive to mosquitos either. People around me will be slapping like crazy and I don't have a single one around me. I found one on my arm yesterday, but it wasn't biting, just sitting there. (I smushed it anyway, for the betterment of mankind.)

    On the other hand, I get swarmed by noseeums (gnats); they bite me like mad, and their bites are much worse than mosquito bites. Yet a lot of other people don't seem bothered by them.

    Weird, huh?

  8. On 6/28/2022 at 12:34 PM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    Your milk jug is presumably #2 plastic (high-density polyethylene), but the clear jug is more likely #1 (Polyethylene terephthalate -- yeah, I had to look that up!).  My money would be on the #1 to last longer, but unfortunately I don't recall ever buying anything in a gallon-size #1.  Number 5 plastic (polypropylene) is also very durable, but that's mostly yogurt tubs.

    Ran across this scary bit of info today............

    Plastics can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose, depending on the material and structure.  Additionally, how fast a plastic breaks down depends on sunlight exposure.


    Plastic can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose or break down in any environment, including landfill. When plastic decomposes, it breaks down into small pieces that may not be visible to the naked eye, however, these small pieces of plastic will never fully decompose...

    Thank goodness for repurposing/reusing/recycling, but I do wonder how effective that is.....

  9. 17 hours ago, Carol the Dabbler said:

    OK, so you're already familiar with the plant.  Do you happen to recall what color its flowers were?

    Orange, although I think there may have been some yellow ones too. We were told to simply rub the flower on the itch, maybe a more "processed" version may have worked better?

    17 hours ago, Carol the Dabbler said:

    I didn't realize till just the other day that two different types of alcohol are sold at drugstores.  One is typically labeled "Isopropyl Alcohol" but is often referred to as rubbing alcohol even though the description on my bottle says it's mainly intended as a disinfectant (e.g., the stuff they rub on your arm before an injection).  The other is actually labeled "Rubbing Alcohol," intended for use in massages; its active ingredient is ethyl alcohol, aka ethanol, aka grain alcohol, aka booze -- though the label on my bottle (70% ethyl alcohol) says FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY, so the other 30% apparently includes a "denaturing" (i.e., poisonous and/or nasty-tasting) substance.  So which kind are you talking about?

    As far as I know I've only had the isopropyl kind, but it's possible that I've used the other too, without realizing they were different. As I recall, I discovered that it stopped the itching by accident when I was using it for something else, but the details escape me. I know the one in my cabinet right now is isopropyl, and an acquaintance told me that's what he uses too.

    Seeing a dermatologist costs money, which I'm in short supply of, so unless it gets worse I may have to pass on that. :smile:  I've sure thought about it, though.


  10. Funny -- we had tons of jewelweed in North Carolina, and it was highly touted as a salve for a variety of itches (and possibly other things, I forget.) But it never did me a bit of good. In fact, most itch-relieving products don't do much for me. What works best for me is rubbing alcohol. Stings like heck at first, but afterwards the itch goes away. Hydrocortisone is the next best thing, but I'm wary of using it too often (for some long-forgotten reason.) Also the relief is not as immediate, it seems to me.

    I have a recurring rash on my left hand that I get about 3 times a year. At it's height it's maddening and I have tried a lot of things to control it. The two doctors I mentioned it to didn't seem to put much thought into it and just asked if I wanted a prescription for hydrocortisone, which I don't. It's not a really big deal, but I'd love to know why it's happening. That bugs me almost as much as the itch itself! I started having it after I was bitten/stung by something on that hand one spring a few years ago, and at first it occurred just once a year, in spring, always in the same spot, while I was working in the garden -- so I assumed allergic reaction to something in the yard. But then there were a couple years where I didn't have a yard to work in, and it got more frequent! Weird.

    I finally started wearing gloves when working outside (after being repeatedly reminded I was being a dummy by family and friends :D  ) and that seems to have helped. The itch isn't quite as severe. But it still happens. In fact, I've got the beginnings of it right now. *sigh*

    And boy, are we off topic ... sorry! :smile: 

  11. On 6/28/2022 at 12:36 PM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    If it's on YouTube, just copy and paste the page's url.  The forum software knows what to do from there.


    Ah, that may be the problem ... for some reason the one I wanted to post was a file on my computer, not a YouTube video. If I find it again, I'll see what I can do.

  12. 11 hours ago, Carol the Dabbler said:


    I had no idea the same people did all the different voices! Rocky & Bullwinkle was always my favorite kid's cartoon. Very subversive, tho I didn't know it at the time. I watched them again when I was in my 20's and found them even funnier.

    They mentioned Crusader Rabbit ... I remember that was another favorite, but more rare. I must off and see if any of it has been preserved on YouTube.....


    ETA: Found some! But it's not what I remembered, apparently there was more than one incarnation. One thing I did not know was it was the first cartoon created specifically for TV. But that's not the version I saw.

  13. On 6/27/2022 at 11:30 AM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    It turns out that Columbo wasn't entirely right about that, either.  The Eastern species doesn't occur west of the Rockies, but there's a species called Western poison ivy (which I never encountered, and so just found out about).

    I'm happy to see this addenda, as both my brother and my Dad had plenty of poison ivy rashes when we lived in California! I was beginning to question my memory!

    Fortunately for me, I don't seem to be particularly susceptible to the stuff. Which is a good thing as there's a whole thickets of it in this area. But my poor brother gets a rash just by looking at it, practically. I've always found that odd, that different people have such different sensitivities to it. Maybe I just wear better socks. :D 

  14. On 6/26/2022 at 4:41 PM, Carol the Dabbler said:

    I learned something else in the process of filling those jugs of emergency water:  Ordinary one-gallon plastic jugs (such as milk is sold in) do not age gracefully no matter how carefully you store them.

    Okay, this is good to know! One of my storage jugs is in fact a milk jug. The other is clear plastic -- apple juice jug, maybe? Something. I'll used them for comparison purposes. Check back in a couple of years. :-) 

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  15. 7 hours ago, Carol the Dabbler said:

    My scanner has a few different options, and I've figured out how to use some of them to best advantage -- for example, to avoid bleed-through when scanning a two-sided original.  But that's just me doing the best I can with a crotchety machine that advertises more than it delivers.  I haven't yet found any way to delete the bleed-through that's already on a copy.

    I don't offhand recall knowing about any built-in photo editor on Windows.  What's it called?  Or are you talking about File Explorer?


    I don't know if it has a name, and I think you have to have at least Windows 10. But when you click on a photo, and it opens, there's editing options at the top of the window. It's all pretty basic, but one set is labelled "adjustments", which can be useful. Adjusting contrast might make handwritten letters look darker, e.g.

    I don't know of any way to delete the bleed-through either, except by painstakingly "erasing" it. Not a fun task.

    7 hours ago, Caya said:

    If you're looking for free Photoshop alternatives, GIMP (https://www.gimp.org/) is great but it's definitely not easy to learn (then again, might just be me being clueless :lol: ).

    I don't think it's you! I've been using a variety of photo editors for 30+ years, but I never could really figure out Gimp. It wasn't intuitive, or something. Thank goodness I was able to land a cheap copy of Photoshop Elements a few years ago.

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