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  1. You were too good for us, VBS, we couldn't keep up with your sparkling reputation. 😛
  2. So, any resolution? Inquiring minds etc.
  3. I wonder if some sort of work-from-home snafu might be involved, too.
  4. Because they improve your life? I use dryer sheets because of the static thing too. Mine are barely scented so I don't notice that part.
  5. Normally I'm pretty quick to leap to the defense of federal employees, but THAT is pretty pathetic...... I'd be curious to hear their explanation. If you get one. Which I doubt....
  6. We're led to believe it's a secret sister, but it's actually a secret brother. In episode 3 it's revealed he's been cross-dressing the whole time.
  7. Over there too, huh? I assume your reason for not liking it was this: I really enjoyed it while it was on the air, just one episode per week. But we're watching it on DVD now, one episode per evening, and now that we're up to season ten, it's kinda starting to get to me. Quite possibly I should not have read that parody in December: Maybe my current unease is simply due to overexposure, but I'm starting to think that the clues are becoming more tenuous. During the early seasons I would usually spot at least one clue right when it happened. Now, though, I'm sometimes lucky to see its relevance even when Jessica points it out. I used to watch it quite often, but it was never a favorite of mine either. And I agree that it just became too formulaic, after a while I couldn't watch it at all. But I know people who still think it's the cat's meow. I have to admit I adore Angela Lansbury, but the storylines just made me yawn. Off now to read the parody.... ETA - parody was hilarious!
  8. There is definitely one that VanBuren started, but it's been dormant quite a while ... but here it is if you'd like to take a look. A lot of the earlier ones, the pictures are missing, but keep going, you'll find some. And of course you can always add your own. ETA: That's weird, I have no idea where that picture is from, it's not on the page I linked to, that's fer sure. Odd. Looks like a deduction is in order!
  9. Did your John Watson mug faint from the shock?
  10. Once I found some other games, I stopped playing it, so deleted it just to keep from cluttering up my phone. I got to something like level 400 before I lost interest. Same here. I was too at first, but once I tried it, and realized how simple it was to delete them, I stopped worrying. The one I'm enjoying most right now is Get It Right -- you put colored balls in holes, but you have to figure out the correct sequence from the clues. Doesn't sound (or look) like much, but apparently it's just the right amount of challenge for me. And a word game I was pleased to find had less ads than others is called CodyCross. You type in answers to clues, and some of the letters line up to form another phrase. Kind of clever. Oh, and a cute one is Haru Slide, which is essentially Tetris, but with cats. They meow. (But you can turn the sound off.) Pretty repetitious, but I get a kick out of it. The biggest problem with one like I Love Hue is grabbing the correct piece sometimes ... as the levels get harder, the pieces start to get smaller, and it's easy to grab the wrong one. But if you don't care what your score is, it's not that big a deal. At first I was trying to beat the average on every game, but I've stopped caring; I just enjoy the patterns. The one I really liked (but finished all the levels, so it's gone) was just called, I think, Color Puzzle. Some of the puzzles were gorgeous. I actually took photos of some of them.
  11. Hi there, Chongjasmine! Welcome aboard!
  12. Okay, I had Word Trip on my phone, and quite enjoyed it for a long time. Yes, they bombard you with ads, though not nearly as much as some other games I tried. Personally, I think it's worth trying just to see if the ads bother you. If they do, the games are dead easy to uninstall. Lately I've gotten into color sorting games. I Love Hue is one ... there's ads, but they're not too frequent. Some of the games, though, I've uninstalled five minutes after downloading them ... more ads than games! Airplane mode doesn't completely disable the ads either, I discovered .. can't quite figure that one out. But it helps. I rarely bother, though, for the reason you mention ... rather keep the internet access on and put up with the ads.
  13. Herl, let me introduce you to the Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Maker! I don't drink enough coffee to warrant a coffee maker either, but a friend gave me this device a few months ago and it's fabulous. You set it on top of your coffee cup, put coffee grounds in it, and pour in hot water. Makes one perfect cup. Ridiculously easy to use and clean. Here's a link to one that's almost identical to the one I have (mine has a fancier design on the cone ) Hopefully they're available somewhere across the pond. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stainless-Steel-Coffee-Filter-Pour-Over-Cone-Maker-Double-Layers-Mesh-Reusable-Paperless-Dripper-Rubber-Grip-Home-Office-Travel-Use-1-4-Cups/642593986
  14. Oh my, where have YOU been? Yes, Spielberg's done a remake. I'm not sure why, as the original was superlative, but there you go. I guess if you want a musical in your resume, you might as well shoot for the greatest. You remind me of the story my mom told me about my grandmother, when they went to see the original back in the 60's. If you recall, it starts like a drama, no hint that it's a musical, until the Jets start dancing. My grandmother was thoroughly confused: "But why are they dancing?" She just couldn't wrap her head around the idea that it could be a Romeo&Juliet-style tragedy and a musical at the same time.
  15. Well, I wasn't meaning that the way it came out, I was just using a birthday as an example of things I can't remember. And anyway, it was Gerontius' age my brain was holding onto, not Bilbo's! It would make perfect sense to me to remember Bilbo's age. Oh crap, and now I'm remembering that my brother's birthday was yesterday. Need to make a phone call and wish him a belated ... whatever birthday it was....
  16. Oh, did I forget to mention ... a friend and I took out lives into our hands and went to an actual theater to see West Side Story. I think I enjoyed the experience of being in a theater again more than the actual movie, but if you like musicals, it's worth seeing. The music is just as wonderful as ever. Some of the casting was a little off, imo. A little too much exposition in several places. Some nice cinematography, though, and, well, GREAT music.
  17. Well, actually, from the, er, correct angle, it can be rather obvious which ones are the boys.... 😉
  18. Yeah, it didn't amount to much. Thank goodness. Ooooh, I may have to hang onto my Netflix subscription a little while longer after all! That's something I'd really like to see ... based on my (very dim) memory of the film.
  19. Egad. THAT is the information my brain chooses to hang onto? When I can't even remember my own brother's birthday without looking it up?
  20. This saucy fellow (I assume it was a fellow, from his attitude ) was perched on my fencepost for the longest time the other day. Seemed to think I was the intruder....
  21. Christmas alone, urk. I drove to my brother's to avoid that fate. Had a nice time. I'm one of those thousands of people who were without power due to a snowstorm for the last three days, and the house has no insulation (!) so I had to keep the woodstove going all that time. I'm exhausted (had to wake up every two hours to stoke the stove, trips outside to get more wood, collect snow to melt into water so I could flush the toilet, etc.) -- and now they're talking about a similar snowstorm tonite. Ouch. Have to find a way to make sure I wake up if the power goes out again, or I will be a popsicle tomorrow morning...... plus I'm running out of wood.... ak. This is not the life I imagined when I bought this place. One of the most beautiful snows I've ever seen, though.
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