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  1. Yeah, I think that describes my reservations exactly. I feel crap enough about the human race already, I'm wary of something that might bring me down even more. Gah, when did I get so "sensitive"?
  2. Yet more references I am unfamiliar with! Just more proof, folks, that I am getting old.
  3. I think I've used a variation on most of those, with mixed results. The two most needy ladies, though, keep on going even after I've said I gotta go. Heck, they keep on going even after they've said (more than once) that they're going to let me go! Some people like that I'm perfectly capable of avoiding, but sometimes their need is so great that I can't help but want to respond to it. So I guess it's on me if I suffer the consequences. At this point it's not annoying enough to cut these people out of my life; just annoying enough to complain about.
  4. I never was crazy about rollercoasters, but yeah, even less so now. I had a free pass to a theme park a couple years ago. My lord, most of the rides I saw there looked absolutely terrifying. All about height and speed. One was a) turbo-powered and b) completely in the dark. Several of the kids (and they were all kids, no adults) were sitting outside the amphitheater with white faces and/or throwing up. And no doubt planning to go on it again. At any rate, I asked a friend if there were any "tame" rides I might enjoy, and she recommended some coaster or other. Now I know why they lock you in so tightly to those things. I swear, I was so terrified I would have ripped the bar off and jumped if I could have. The rational brain completely shut down, all I wanted was to escape. Horrible! I did quite enjoy the log plume ride, though. The only ride in the place where the vehicle never got airborne. It was a blast.
  5. I googled it ... apparently it's a sexy pop song. But I don't get the connection. Must be a You Tube thing.
  6. Not much. 😛 I'm actually getting a lot of that from them too, and in the past I would have done the same as you by now. But I'm going through so much trauma of my own these days that it's made me more tolerant of listening to their woes, I think. They need an ear. But when the conversation devolves into pointless observations, it's time to get off the phone, imo. I guess they just are reluctant to let go of the human contact, and I get that too. But still..... It's a shame that people who go on about their problems like that don't realize how it drives people away, leaving them even more isolated than before. Vicious circle. Man, the world's a tough place to be sometimes. 😞
  7. Oh lord. When I was a tot both of those films shattered me. And Pinocchio scared me to death. I refused to watch any of them again for years. Still, somehow it's not the same when it's drawings that are being killed and tortured. But none of those will ever be favorites! Oh, I think age is definitely a factor on my part too. I've seen too much cruelty in real life by now to tolerate seeing it depicted in film, I think. I'm pretty sure I could watch any of it and appreciate the message, the performances, the artistic merit. But I primarily regard film as entertainment, and dark themes don't entertain me any more ... so I don't spend my meager funds on them. I'm not sure they ever entertained me, actually, but when movies were $2 a pop it didn't seem to matter so much how you felt about them. Now that they're a major investment ... yeah, I want to walk out of the theater uplifted, not depressed. On the other hand, I saw Infinity War at least 3 times. But maybe it's because I knew it didn't end there. I've only watched Endgame once, I think it's because I don't have the heart to see the ending again. Wah.
  8. Nope, don't read a word of it, jump straight to the recipe. My brother has started making pies. Apple pies, mostly. I have been the lucky recipient of a few. But then he got hold of some pears, and made a pear pie, which is not something I've ever heard of ... pears just don't seem to have the right texture for pie. OMG, it was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted in my life..... But he hasn't made any more! Wah. Maybe I need to buy him some pears for Christmas.....
  9. Ditto. I also can't watch movies/tv shows where animals are killed or in peril. I used to enjoy nature documentaries, until they started focusing on the savagery of nature instead of the beauty of it. (Or so it seemed to me.) Maybe that's why I mostly enjoy animated movies; they depict a kinder, gentler world than "adult" films. I think. I haven't even seen much of those lately; I've gotten out of the habit, I think.
  10. This describes me to a T. Yes! As much as I enjoy my interactions with certain people, I always relish getting back to just me myself. Which reminds me ... is there a polite way to get people off the phone? I have two acquaintances who I don't mind talking to often on the phone, but why do the calls have to be so lengthy? Especially since we're not exchanging information, it's mostly just me listening to them rattle on about whatever is happening to them at the moment. ("Oh, the dog wants my attention. Hey, the leaves are falling!") I'm sympathetic to their need for human contact, but really.....
  11. Actually, I rather suspect they get fired, but I get your point. I just got offered a commission, for something that will be reproduced, and they were rather surprised when I told them I'd just as soon do it as a work-for-hire piece. But frankly, I just don't want to fool with keeping track of royalties, etc. It's just a pamphlet/sign for a garden though, if I were designing a superhero for a massive corporation, I suspect I'd feel a little different ... but would probably not be offered the option. That's the part that rubs, you usually don't get any say in how you will be compensated. Ah well.... He nailed Moriarty! Pretty good Sherlock, too. But what the heck is this "senorita" business? Me not know the reference.
  12. A friend has invited me to her house to watch this (soon, I assume). I have to admit, I don't have high expectations, and maybe that's a good thing. But we're both artists and cat lovers (and she knows I'm a huuuuge BC fan) so we can't resist giving it a whirl. I did see a trailer for it recently, and it did seem rather quiet and sweet, which is right up my alley these days. So I'll let you know how it goes. Hope I stay awake for it; I fell asleep on the last two movies I tried to watch.... 🙄
  13. Part of me would like to see this movie based on the things I've been hearing about Ben's performance; but most of me doesn't want to go near it, as I don't want to subject myself to the subject matter. I don't know when I became so hyper-sensitive, but I have real trouble dealing with cruelty, bullying, etc. in the performing arts. I'm sure I've missed a lot of quality work, but there you go. I did manage to see a couple clips of both this and the upcoming Spiderman movie, and will say that Ben's American accent has improved. On the whole, though, I think I'd rather watch Louis Wain. Although I'm worried I'll be bothered by what I assume will be references to mental illness. I really am much too sensitive these days.... 😬
  14. Good point; familiarity doth sometimes breed contempt... Still, in this case, I think it's just because I'm a sucker for guys who are both competent and virtuous; but humble about it.
  15. Ugh, this is why artists hate "work for hire". It wouldn't break my heart if Marvel and/or Disney end up having to share their profit......
  16. Faramir has always been my favorite character in the books. Which I guess is a bit odd, since he's a relatively minor character, but there you go.
  17. Ahhhhh, that's more like it. (The pictures.) It's nice to be home....
  18. Funny, I've always thought of myself as a rather shadowy figure ... but thanks!
  19. Geez, I thought I would have tons of animal funnies to go through after being away so long. You gals have been slacking off! Thank goodness, as I need to get busy elsewhere...
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