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  1. It's tiny, and the deck is almost as big as the house; which is okay by me because I love to be outside. And it is beautiful out there!
  2. Well, congratulate me everyone ... it's been over a year, with a lot of missteps, setbacks and emotional turmoil ... but as of today I own my own home. Woo hoo!
  3. I can think of a couple explanations, but I'll refrain....
  4. 😉 (To this day I still think he's mimicking Capt. Jack Sparrow when he asks for the tea.)
  5. I watched it; or at least, the first season. It never engaged me, the characters were too ... I'm not sure what. Boring? There's something about Daniel Bruhl that puts me off, I'm afraid, and the other actors couldn't quite make up for it. Disappointing, since it got such rave advance notice.
  6. Oooo, sounds like my kind of show! And I don't remember much about the film (except that I rather liked it) so that wouldn't bother me. Available on DVD, one hopes? Or is it one of those streaming things?
  7. Yeah, that. It must have been horrible. It must still be horrible, if people actually still live there.
  8. I keep thinking how terribly unpleasant that must have been for the people who lived on either side of those fake houses. Can you imagine?
  9. I think the fact that he seemed to trust Mary completely sort of tells us what conclusions he reached, though. I don't know if he spent the whole day in the empty house ... he had to set up the projector, find Billy and tell him what to say to Mary, move John's chair ... all of that must've taken some time too, even if Sherlock didn't do it all himself.
  10. As far as little ol' me is concerned, that describes about 99% of the world's population.
  11. That was my assumption as well; Mary wasn't sure what she was walking into, or what kind of reception she was going to get ... and I imagine her default mode is to expect the worst, and be ready to defend herself. As long as Sherlock didn't try to harm her (or capture her) she wasn't going to cause trouble. I hope. But she wanted to be ready for ... whatever. Although she wasn't, was she? It never occurred to her that Sherlock would bring John into it. I know they sort of indicated that Mycroft knew "all about" Mary in T6T, but I don't quite believe it. Or rather ... it makes sense to me that he didn't have any inkling who she was until after the events of HLV, at which point I assume he looked into it pretty quick. There's also no indication (I think?) that Mycroft ever met Mary in person when she was an agent. So I'm willing to believe he never made the connection between sweet Mary Morstan and Agra, until, as I say, the events of HLV made it imperative to find out all he could about her. And I'm willing to believe that what he found out about her led him to believe Sherlock didn't have anything to fear from her. As to why he didn't take steps to protect her when Ajay appeared ... as I said before, maybe he just didn't care. Or maybe he figured Mary could, and preferred to, take care of herself. After all, she did ask both John and Sherlock let her handle it. And it's possible things might have turned out better for her if they had stayed out of it. Good point. It's at least a clue that Sherlock thought of her in that way. True. I hadn't really looked it quite that way before. Maybe Sherlock was the one who knew more than we gave him credit for!
  12. Wait ... the gun was pretty noticeable to many people in HLV, wasn't it? Yet isn't John still waving it around in T6T? Or was that a different one? Of course, he's not in England at the time ... but still, you'd think it would finally have been confiscated ... did they just return it to John after Sherlock was captured and/or set free? Apparently, yes....
  13. They'd met when Sherlock dragged John along to see the pink lady, and later during the "drugs bust." I don't recall John's expertise with a weapon being discussed, however. More likely to me is ... he'd already turned a blind eye to so many of Sherlock's exploits, why not one more? Evidently not. There's a whole webpage devoted to the use of guns in Sherlock: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Sherlock. Creepy, but it appears to list every instance a gun was used in the show ... John managed use his mostly when only Sherlock and/or the criminal were present. So Lestrade aside, maybe the police simply never noticed he had one. Guess that answers my question!
  14. I've always thought that Lestrade knew darn well who shot the cabbie, from the smirk on his face when Sherlock walks off to talk to John. But if not, he was practically standing next to John when he shot the Hound. And the entire police force saw Sherlock point a gun at John's head in TRF, altho perhaps that doesn't count since it wasn't John's gun.
  15. I've always assumed that's what was being implied (suicidal thoughts) but that also seems very unlike John to me. But despair and frustration can do funny things to people. It's not so much the having of the gun that perplexes me, it's that he (and Sherlock) use the dam**d thing with impunity. You'd think at some point duly appointed officer of the law would have noticed its existence and confiscated the thing....
  16. You've been thinking about this ever since 2015?
  17. Here's a thought ... just because Mycroft knows doesn't mean he cares. He protects the people HE cares about, his parents and Sherlock ... but is there any indication he protects the people Sherlock cares about? I can't remember. Besides, he seems pretty hands off as long as Sherlock isn't taking on someone that Mycroft has an interest in. He didn't intervene during the Blind Banker or Hounds, e.g.
  18. In addition to what Carol said above: Yes, that was an intentional clue that the story was not actually taking place in the past, that it was all in Sherlock's head. There's a few other clues like that, although at the moment I can't remember what they are. That's always bothered me too. Maybe the Moftisses think they're writing for American TV. Come to think of it, didn't the American Masterpiece Theatre provide some of the funding for Sherlock? Maybe they really were writing for Americans!
  19. Is time travel involved? I've actually heard of the series but never tried it. If I ever get up-to-date on the Gamache series I may give it a try. I wouldn't mind re-introducing some sci fi into my reading habits ... it all seemed to get so bleak that I stopped trying after a while. Oddly, I seem to be enjoying non-fiction more than fiction these days, such as the above-mentioned West By Night. But I have so little time to read, it's really hard to say what I like. I haven't touched a book since I wrote my last post in this thread, e.g. 😞
  20. Ah. I'm not familiar with that species. Is it any relation to this one?
  21. Eek. I hope you're right about that. I've been burned by so many people in so many different ways in the last few years that I just expect the worst from all businesses now. Sad but true.
  22. Dang straight, we don't want yer kind over here!
  23. What the ever-lovin'........... That reminds me of this:
  24. Well, I probably can't remember any differences from how I talk now and how I talked as a kid (except for - perhaps? - a larger vocabulary? ) but no, I didn't make a conscious effort to do it differently, I was just curious to see if I'd get the same result. I'm not sure they were even all the same questions this time? What's interesting to me is how my parents' points of origin seem to have affected my dialect more than the places I've lived. Makes sense, I suppose, as those were the most consistent dialects I would have heard during my most formative years, but somehow I didn't expect it. But I imagine my other influences muddied the water enough that it's not easy to pinpoint the exact area they were from. It's weird, thinking back on it, to realize that my ever-travellin' parents never went more than 50 miles from where they were born ... until their mid-twenties, when WWII came along and changed everything. Whereas I never had the chance to stay in place for more than a few years until I was in my mid-twenties. Quite frankly, having gone through a huge move recently myself and facing another one soon ... I don't know how my mother stood it! And she had four kids to move with! Egad. 😬
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