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  1. The selfie Ellen didn't publish....
  2. Let me guess, you're were considered "too brainy" as a girl. The Roddenberry thing was "Earth: Final Conflict." Geez, I'd forgotten about that one. "Earth 2", I have just learned, was another Amblin' thing.
  3. I assume the same. "Sherlock" has its own vocabulary, which is fine with me. I have no idea what a "true psychopath" would be, anyway - it's not an official diagnosis, as far as I know and I'm not sure whether there's any hard definition. It just sounds so much cooler when Sherlock refers to himself as a "highly functioning sociopath" than if he would say "I am highly idiosyncratic". Carefulness with words does not often help fiction's entertainment value... "I'm quirky, and I have your number." You're right, that doesn't sound intimidating at all! It's good to remember that it's a show about boys, written by boys. Sometimes I think the inspiration for Sherlock is not Arthur Conan Doyle but Steven Spielberg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5xjvls7vSo
  4. Finally, an explanation for the weather this winter! Yep it's the Oncoming Storm...oh wait that's in Doctor Who! No, it's the East Wind!
  5. And I luv her giggle at the end. She gets it too!
  6. So... Sherlock is talking about them both, but whereas Sherlock doesn't mind being different, Mycroft does...? I think it's more like -- Sherlock has learned to appreciate not being isolated, whereas Mycroft assumes that's the normal state of affairs for someone as brilliant as himself. That has become one of my all time favorite scenes. (I've always loved duels!) I liked it from the first, but it took a few watchings before it really sank in what was going on. The way Sherlock leads Mycroft on, then springs the trap ... and the music swells to a glorious little flourish. It's perfect. Notice how Mycroft strikes back in the next episode ... (parry, thrust, riposte!)
  7. Finally, an explanation for the weather this winter!
  8. I got rid of Chrome fast cuz I had so many problems like this with it. Have you tried going thru your internet settings to see if they're all set right? Also, have you checked Chrome's help pages? I found a partial solution there to one of my problems. But finally I just went back to IE. Also do you have a fairly recent operating system on your computer? (Vista or above). After I upgraded to Vista I had far fewer problems with the 'net. 'Fraid that's all I got for you, I'm no techie either. Good luck!
  9. I guess I'm either too dumb or too old, but I'm not offended by Moffat. He's a guy, with a big success and a big ego to match. Guys like that are all around me every day, I'm used to them. They love to bulls**t, they don't mean half of what they say. I don't take them seriously, and they respect me for that. In their own weird, dim-witted way.... :S I would prefer if the whole show became more careful with the terms "psychopath," "maniac," "sociopath". I assume they're meant to be droll synonyms for "idiosyncratic," and there was a time (now known as childhood :-) when that was not objectionable. But with so many true psychopaths popping up and popping off in schoolyards these days, I can see why some people aren't laughing.
  10. (Is there a way to make these bigger?)
  11. I think this one actually sorta happened .....
  12. I thought the man himself came up with the best one ... "Cumber People". It's not gender specific!
  13. 2 versions are attributed to Mike Blake of Reuters, but the Reuters website doesn't list them. However, there's a third version from a slightly different angle on the Corbis wire service, attributed to Herbert Boest, so much to my amazement I'm inclined to think it's real... http://www.corbisimages.com/stock-photo/rights-managed/42-56424652/86th-academy-awards?popup=1
  14. Yes, I think that's the other side of what I was trying to say.
  15. As do I, as do I! Art is a pretty broad term, it's not that it doesn't apply, it just occurred to me the way I was flinging the term around made it sound rather, erm, pompous, given the context. Yup yup. Abso-friggin-lutely... and I think they definitely enjoy driving us crazy....
  16. ASiP - 10/10 (last one mostly a lucky guess, tho) TBB - 6/15 TGG - 5/10 SiB - 9/15 THoB - 3/10 :-( TRF - okay, did so bad on that one not even going to admit it :-) Yay! I now have the perfect excuse to watch them all again! Thanks!
  17. I am going to add that all this talk of "art" is a pretty heavy load to put on Sherlock, which is, essentially, escapist fiction, and television to boot. Not that I don't think escapism and tv can't be artistic; just that they have contraints on them that limit what they can achieve (as all forms of expression do). The term "art" may imply a gravitas which I don't really intend. Sherlock is fun, the acting, dialogue and look of it are AMAZING, and it seems to make most of us think (yeh) -- but I have very little idea what it intends to say about the status of women, if anything. It's an adventure story, with two male leads, and there's only so much room in a 90 minute production to begin with. I'm happy they do as much with it as they do, frankly.
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