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  1. I don't feel particularly agitated about the remarks quoted - they are offensive but hardly unique, and we've all heard such nonsense many times before. It is, of course, possible he was misquoted or spoke ironically but, if it keeps happening, maybe he should take a bit more care to be quoted accurately. Maybe lay off the irony too... What do you mean, exactly, by the artist having very little responsibility to the audience? Agghh, you've sussed me out! I'm not very good at being "exact" (much more comfortable with shades of gray, sorry) but I'll give it a go. With qualifiers, tho, cuz I can't help myself. :-) Yes, I guess I do mean that. An artist may have a responsibility as a human being to promote "only that which is good," but as an artist ... I'm not so sure. If you produce only that which your audience finds acceptable, is it even art anymore? More specifically ... if Moffat is in fact, "misogynistic" (your word) ... well, too bad for him, but (according to him, see assorted interviews) he's created something he loves and has thrown it out there hoping enough of us will love it too, so that he can continue doing it. But when the audience then says "yeah, great, but you're doing it wrong, you should be doing such and such ......" No, I don't think he has a responsibility to listen to us. I would say that his responsiblity -- as a creator, mind -- is primarily to his own vision. Well, I might argue that most good fiction writing is subjective too ... but not right now. :-) I probably shouldn't have used Wagner as an example because I know next to nothing about him, I've just always heard him cited as an example of an artistic genius who was also a louse. But to answer your question ... do I think he should have altered his world view out of deference to an audience? As a person, probably yes. As a composer ... mmm, I have to say no. Apparently I think the artist is separate from the person. On one level I don't see how that's possible, but on another level I think it's true. Yes and no. (Did I mention I'm more comfortable with shades of gray? :-) Your work may reflect who you are ... but it's not a perfect mirror. I would say that quite a lot of hiding goes on. I think as an artist I project what I want people to see of me; which, quite frankly, in my case is not much. My work has often been described as "ambiguous", tho, so I appear to be projecting more than I intend. Oh dear.
  2. I read the article ... I have to take it with a heaping grain of salt, it doesn't come across to me as very objective. Like Zain said; I don't know the context of any of those remarks. Some of them could be meant ironically, for all I know. And even if it's all true .... I don't really care. I've always heard Wagner was a jerk, that doesn't take anything away from the beauty of his music. I think we've had this discussion here before ... how much responsibility does the artist have to the audience? As an artist myself, I would argue ... very little. Sorry, this probably sounds a little arrogant, but ... I create to please myself. I like to think I have pretty high standards, and I'm over the moon when someone else likes what I do ... but I'm not going to change why/what/how I create to fit into someone else's notion of what is appropriate. And believe me, I DO get a lot of critcism from people who think I could do "better." Artists have to learn how to shrug this stuff off, or they can't function very well for very long. I think the role of women in fiction is a great subject to discuss, but I'm fairly uncomfortable attacking the artist for being who they are, or for doing what they do.
  3. Yes, that's it! Thank you. I was really sorry it didn't make.
  4. I don't know if production design is real either, I just assumed it sort of ... happened.
  5. Okay, since I am the EMPRESS of Loving-Shows-That-End-Up-Dying-An-Early-Death, I'm going to throw in a few really obscure ones ... anyone else remember these? Earth 2 (so much promise...wah) Roar (Heath Ledger! Nuff said.) Max Headroom (which ended just in time, actually) SeaQuest was pretty good at first. and more recently there was something cool with Dominic Monaghan and John Cho in it, but I can't remember the name. (Yes, I remember obscure shows from 20 years ago but not one from last year....) Something about everyone missing a few minutes from their lives. Anyone? And of course the late, lamented Firefly.... I think the only shows I've ever liked that made it past 3 seasons were Buffy and B5. I'm not sure what that sez about me. And so happy to see another Reboot fan! Almost forgot that one, now I'm going to have to track it down. :-) And since I'm in animation territory now... the lovely Escaflowne, which Fox yanked after a half dozen episodes, thereby earning my eternal enmity.... (cemented by their "news" staff) and the amazing FullMetal Alchemist, which may be the only show I would choose over Sherlock if I were stuck on the proverbial desert island. Maybe.
  6. Looks like someone's already beat us to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN_y0E9j8T8
  7. Oh no, you DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!! "Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs U2 at the Oscars." http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2014/03/03/benedict-cumberbatch-photobombs-u2-at-oscars/5963729/
  8. Alas, the "sightings" were all too brief and few, but there were some and our boy looked (and sounded) fantastic. :-) Anyone with a Twitter account, see if they posted the pic with him and Brad Pitt.
  9. If memory serves, at the end of TRF they showed the sniper packing up his equipment. Which doesn't clear up anything, really, but I thought I'd mention it.
  10. Because your wish is my command, here's a clue to the March anagram: And if you just wanna know the answer:
  11. Sherlock. Sherlock or the first season of Lost?
  12. They're html code for "non-breaking spaces" :-) But why they're there I haven't a clue. I've been having trouble with the quote feature lately too.
  13. Sherlock. Sherlock or .... (really racking my brain here for something to compete with Sherlock...) um, Columbo.
  14. Sherlock. Sherlock or Buffy?
  15. Another one most of you have probably seen already...
  16. Or maybe it's just that different people, for many reasons, interpret what they see differently. The stories are obviously written in such a way as to promote many interpretations. So much is deliberately ambiguous. Case in point: See, I thought tossing the thumb drive into the fire WAS his act of courage. John's been portrayed up til now as accepting and forgiving, even at his own expense, and I took this to be another example of that. Do I agree with his actions? Not really. But without much data to go on, I decided this scene was meant to illustrate his steadfast heart, not a sudden lack of nerve. Could be wrong; everything was very open-ended. Here, I just took Sherlock's word as gospel; that is, she was trying NOT to kill him. (This doesn't mean I approve her actions; I thought she made a horrible decision.) I interpreted his forgiveness of her as a way of showing greatness on his part. Which sounds really corny when I write it, but I found it rather moving at the time. Again, I could be way off base, time will tell. I hope. Truer words were never spoken! I can't watch most tv, where everything is tied up with a neat bow at the end. ("Boring!") I guess I like being kept on the hook! And now I suddenly have a yen to go and watch a few reruns of Lost....
  17. Sherlock. Sherlock or Inspector Morse?
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