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  1. That's how I read this scene too (and the scene at Baker St as well). She assumes her world is going to shatter, and is trying to protect herself. Maybe not the most noble response but certainly a very human one. And one insanely noble, self-sacrificing person (Sherlock :-) may be as much as I can handle. Over in the "what would you like to see in Season 4" thread I opined that I'd like to see some fall out from the actions in Season 3 -- that is, I hope they don't move on from there as if none of it changed anything. At the moment I'm reserving judgement on Mary, cuz I simply don't have enough information about her. For all I know she's the female version of Jason Bourne, who was definitely intended to be a sympathetic character. Lethal, but sympathetic. I would also say that just because she thinks John wouldn't "love her anymore" if he knew her secrets, that doesn't mean she's right. After all, she thought John learning about her deception would "break him" and she would "lose him" -- but it didn't, and she didn't. So she has a lot to learn. Really, the creators have left the door open on her ... I just hope they go thru it, and not pretend everything about her has been resolved.
  2. Ooops, as usual it took me so long to compose my thoughts that the conversation has moved on! This is in response to Carol's remark, above, not to the two after it. ---- I would agree (the explanation of "the Fall" left all of TRF feeling rather manipulative, for example) except that there seems to be a very wide range of reactions to the end of Season 3! Definitely the story was intended to invoke a response (which is why I love this kind of show) but I'm not convinced it was intended to invoke a particular response. I felt it was intending to stimulate debate (even if it's just an internal debate), similar to the one y'all are having above... e.g., when is it okay to kill? Who gets to decide that? Is there anything that cannot be forgiven? Etc. John accepting Mary (note I don't say "forgiving") ... that just made him more lovable in my eyes, but I get why others have had the opposite reaction. Sherlock becoming judge, jury and executioner, on the other hand -- some people cheered, but it doesn't sit well with me AT ALL. But I don't think it was meant to...I think it was meant to provoke. Or I hope so, anyway. I hate to think I'm reading too much into it, I want to believe the creators think their audience is sophisticated enuff to enjoy this kind of thing! :-)
  3. Doctor Who. Doctor Who or Buffy?
  4. I'm thinking it's possible that she did legally change her name to Mary Morstan long before John even met her....
  5. snow (because we're having some right now!)
  6. Maybe it's JOHN who's behind the return of Moriarty, as a way to rescue Sherlock from exile .... bwahahaha....
  7. In case ya'll haven't seen this already ... the real ending of TRF. http://gph.is/17AYY3W
  8. True, true, and these were New York accents, which I think are harder to do convincingly anyway. I've noticed a lot of British actors can do a pretty mean southern accent, tho. :-) I don't think I'll ever get over Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, gaghhghgg....
  9. Nah, I just think to our American ears a cultured British accent makes a person sound more intelligent. And we're more scared of smart bad guys than dumb ones. Because, y'know, we're so dumb ourselves. :-) I was watching something the other day and two British actors were playing Americans. I cringed, cuz their characters sounded like morons. ("Yikes, is that how we sound to everyone else!! I'm so embarrassed.....")
  10. All in favor say aye! This, I would pay good money to see!
  11. Is anyone else a Joss Whedon fan? I just ask because I feel he does the same kind of shows; characters who are offbeat, archetypal and yet somehow real; heart-pounding drama leavened with screamingly funny humor; heartache and betrayal and loss redeemed by hope. I used to think there would never again be a tv show as good as Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I think Sherlock may have moved into my top spot. Gahhhh, I just eat this stuff up like candy......
  12. Yeh, that kinda made that scene for me. There's something about men acting like boys that makes me happy!
  13. Yes, I loved that, I hope that is played with some more in the future.
  14. Waitaminnit .... WilliAm SheRlock ScoTt Holmes, YES! OMG, that explains everything!!!!!! Mary Watson = straw anomy
  15. No way to know what we haven't been shown, but here's some shots in the dark for your entertainment: Question 1. John or someone told him after he woke up in the hospital? Question 2. Different dispatcher? Just came on duty? Drunk? Or maybe John wasn't listening? Question 3. She left them both alive because then there would be no murder to investigate? And she gambled that both Sherlock and CAM, for different reasons, would keep quiet about her presence? (In which case, as it turns out she was only partly right.)
  16. I can't remember who, but someone somewhere suggested the "exotic dancer" reference was to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmyiDes-ICw
  17. OMG this made me laff. Fairy Godmother is so apt I don't know why he would need any other title.
  18. The way it's written I think it's impossible to know what's real and what isn't .... but I LIKE to believe that Sherlock genuinely wanted John's forgiveness, and was genuinely touched -- and somewhat surprised -- when he got it. And I think that's the only part that really matters to me. I actually bought the whole "won't it be funny to fool John into thinking we're gonna die" because I've known men (nephews mine, I'm looking at you! :-) who pull crap like that on their best buds or a beloved brother, and find it sooooooooo funny...... Men can be really weird sometimes.
  19. Mmm, sorry, "no" from me. But I can understand why some will like it.
  20. Yes, it is worthwhile noting the distinction between "justice" and "law."
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