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  1. Wrong way to handle it, because it didn't address the issue that bothered me ... in my world, there should be some consequence for committing murder. But there was none. And I don't much care for the idea of a world, even a fictional one, where it's "okay" simply because the "good guy" did it. Probably. And yet how many of us said that we, in some way, identified with the character of Sherlock? It wasn't just about finding meaning, I don't think -- something about Sherlock's character made many of us feel that we'd found one of our tribe. (Look how many of us still celebrate our introversion, for example. ) I think I have to put most of that down to Ben's performance, and not to any grand scheme of the writers. I still remember reading one interview, where Ben indicated that he had asked Moffat what Sherlock's motivation was for a certain scene. And Moffat's response was, basically, "he doesn't have one." So Ben was left to invent his own, it seems. And it works to make Sherlock seem very real to us. But that "realism" isn't necessarily supported by the scripts. Ah yes. The whole character of Mary is a continuity nightmare. Look, she's a sweet, funny nurse! Wait, she's a deadly assassin! No, she's not, she's a heroic rescuer! Oops, hold on, she's sweet and funny again. Oh, wait, that's just John's memory of her. I think when it came to Mary they focused far too much on plot and not at all on character, and so she never seems real. She's a device instead of a character. Which is too bad, because I absolutely adore Moffat's portrayal of her in TLD. Well ... I guess it's a portrayal of John's memory of her. But John had to develop that image of her based on something. I still wish they'd taken time to explore more of that side of her instead of being in such a rush to kill her off.
  2. Looks to me like it was a brilliant idea, look how much fun those cats are having! Oh, wait ... unless the buyer actually meant to use them as doors......
  3. By the way, here's another continuity thingy that's probably not really a continuity thingy ... alas, it's S4 again. But at the end of S3, Sherlock's being exiled for murdering Magnussen, then suddenly brought back because of Moriarty's broadcast. But the murder's still hanging over his head. However, in the Bride, Sherlock offers the perfect solution ... he should get a pardon. That meant, to me, that he would be found guilty, but forgiven. Story resolved. Yet in TST, he just waltzes away from the murder as if it never happened. That probably turned me off just as much as other fans were turned off by the Reichenbach non-explanation, or by the Johnlock teasing. It trivialized something that I had been deeply affected by. My fault for caring, apparently. 😞 But really, is it fair to expect Moftiss to understand how deeply some fans care about certain things? Perhaps not. Still, I wish they weren't so cavalier about glossing over certain story points, sometimes. Ah well. It is what it is.
  4. Sad if true. I've largely (I think?) defended Moftiss, esp. the Moff part, but this sounds all too plausible. And I admit at the time I found it rather funny. I mean, some people were pretty obsessive.... but in retrospect, it's not very kind. Also sad if true. But more understandable; we creative types tend to get restless doing the same thing over and over. Although I think that applies to the actors more than to the writers. I don't really detect boredom, though. Maybe by S4. But by then, elements of the fandom had become so toxic that it sort of overshadowed everything else, imo.
  5. I gave it a listen. I like it! But you're right, JP ... I wouldn't want it stuck in my head.
  6. Maybe ... but I have another theory ... the fans came up with such well-thought out theories that they realized theirs wasn't very good, and decided to complicate things hoping no one would notice. On the whole, it doesn't ruin the show for me; more of a minor irritant. But it becomes so easy to start nitpicking at it..... urk.
  7. If I remember correctly some of the Moftiss interviews and such from back then, I'm inclined to think both your theories are applicable. It's almost like they panicked when they realized that a) many people had already figured out their intended explanation and b) they realized their explanation would be closely scrutinized. Whatever ... I'm afraid I'm left with the impression that the fans took the whole thing a lot more seriously than the creators did, and rightly or wrongly, their reluctance to provide a solid explanation really rankled a lot of people. I'm lucky, I think; since I didn't have a couple years of joining in the speculation about the resolution to TRF, I wasn't overly offended when no real resolution was forthcoming. (Also I think it took me awhile to realize there was no resolution! ) At any rate, I was free to enjoy S3; which I did, immensely. But I think for many fans it was spoiled from the first episode, and then the whole Johnlock frenzy erupted and spoiled it for a bunch more. I wonder if there's a connection? It's a discontinuity!
  8. Now that I'm ... ahem ... older, I'd like to start getting the flu shot. I've only ever had one or two, mostly because I simply don't remember to get it done. Also I've only had the flu once or twice and didn't suffer unduly, so I didn't really feel the need. But now I think it would be pretty wise of me to get it. It would help if I had a doctor who would recommend it! Alas, the doctor I used to have wasn't too great about that ... and I haven't had time to find a new one.
  9. No quibble with any of your others, but THIS ... this is the kind of thing I was thinking about when I brought up this subject. Maybe it's not a continuity error, but their failure to come up with a plausible, coherent narrative for the events of "The Fall" has always been tough to overlook. "Assume", "presumably" ... those are not the kinds of words you want to see in the explanation of such a major event. And for Moftiss to pass off the lack of clarity as a sort of joke on the viewers is ... well, it doesn't really sit well. As I've mentioned before, it sort of spoiled TRF for me.
  10. I've had that! Or something like it. But it wasn't from the Covid shot, it was a few years ago and I've forgotten what the shot was. But given the time frame, it was likely either an antibiotic or the flu shot. At any rate, it was a bit scary looking but apparently harmless. I had the Pfizer shot, and I definitely felt the needle going in. But I'm extremely tense when I get a shot, the poor nurses are always telling me to "relax." I can't relax, you're about to poke me with a needle!
  11. I'm beginning to think the kind of thing that bothers me isn't considered a continuity error. But we'll see. In the meantime, I found what turned out to be a kind of cool little site called Movie Mistakes. Here's their list of errors: Sherlock (2010) mistakes (moviemistakes.com) While you're there, check out the "corrections" tab ... it lists moments people have thought were continuity errors, but on closer inspection, aren't.
  12. I actually had seen that somewhere before. I have to admit, those kind of errors don't usually bother me (if I even notice them!) I think of those more as production errors than continuity errors, anyway. Considering how little time they are given to film these things, it's a wonder there aren't more of them. I'll look for more later, in a crunch right now.
  13. Phoo, that's what I liked about it too ... it made Tony more of a "real" hero, because he had to overcome human problems too, not just bad guys. Plus it helped remind us that RDJ is a really good actor. Sometimes that can get lost in the suit. Thanks, I hope so too. It's been awhile, I plan to revel in it when it finally arrives. (It better arrive! Or I shall turn absolutely monstrous....)
  14. I'm finding accents are getting harder to decipher as I age. Whether it's because I'm losing hearing or brain cells, I don't know, but I live in a community where there's people from all over the world, and I used to navigate it just fine. Now I'm going "huh?" all the time. It's embarrassing to me, and must be frustrating for the people I'm interacting with. Most of them are nice about it, though.
  15. Aha, of course. Maybe the actor switch has something to do with the "adversarial relationship" too. I never saw the Ed Norton version (I seem to recall it was panned as well -- ??) and didn't realize it was considered part of the MCU, but I really like Mark Ruffalo's portrayal, so all's good. And yay! Another Iron Man 3 fan! I've seen a lot of people dismiss it but I think it was my favorite of the three; it was a bit out of the box, for one thing. It took me by surprise when I saw it, I figured it would be more along the lines of the first two. And I LOVED that the little boy showed up at Tony's funeral at the end of End Game. It's that kind of continuity and attention to detail that cements my love for this universe. (And lack of continuity is something that always bugged me about Sherlock. Just sayin'.) I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan, but Age of Ultron was a bit of a disappointment ... for one thing, as you say, too much fighting; and the story just didn't grip me. And now that all these allegations are coming out about Joss, it's sort of tainting everything he's done, which really bums me out. Firefly was one of the best things ever to hit TV and right now I don't have the heart to watch it.... Ditto. I completely get why Loki is such a favorite character of so many, and I love the way they play off each other. I think I would too. (I love both Zoe Saldana and Evangeline Lilly, for one thing.) I just haven't gotten around to them. Someday, I hope. I have rather a lot of other things distracting me these days, alas. I don't think I've watched a movie in at least six months ... I don't ever have two hours in a row when I can just sit and enjoy. And I hate watching movies in interrupted bits, spoils it. I'm hoping my situation will change in a few more months, though. I may celebrate by binge-watching all the Marvel movies in order.
  16. My brother gave me a book for Christmas called "West with the Night" by Beryl Markham. He said it was one of his all-time favorites. I haven't finished it, but based on what I've read so far, I'm inclined to think it will be one of my favorites. It's autobiographical, about a female pilot who was flying free-lance in Africa during the '30's. Sounds unlikely, doesn't it? But it's wonderful; she starts off with descriptions of flying over herds of animals while looking for a missing pilot, of meeting an old friend unexpectedly in the middle of the savanna, of being attacked by a lion as a child. Which sounds even more unlikely! But she doesn't sensationalize it, it's more about describing what Africa was like. It's fascinating and beautifully written. I have no idea where she's going in the next chapter, but I expect to enjoy the ride. I've also been reading the Inspector Gamache books. He in no way resembles Sherlock, but they make for a good light read. Or did at first; I have to admit I felt the last 2-3 I read were trying too hard to create drama, and she resorted to some rather obvious trickery to avoid revealing whodunnit too soon. If the next one continues in the same vein, I may stop reading them. But I still recommend the first several books in the series. It's set in a small, somewhat mysterious village in Canada, and features a large, diverse and entertaining cast. Most of the characters are pretty humorous and the stories are brisk and entertaining. Of course, over time some of the darker sides of said characters begin to be revealed, and many of them go through rather significant changes. Some of the crimes are more engaging than others, but I read the books more for the characters than I do for the detective-ing. Very entertaining.
  17. What have been some of your favorites so far, Artie? I surprised myself and thought the Cap movies were some of the most well done, especially Civil War. (I was never a Cap fan in the comics.) I liked all the Iron Man films and the first Thor (but not too crazy about the others.) The first and last two Avengers were great. Black Panther didn't do too much for me, I'm afraid, and neither did the Spiderman movies. Or Mar-vell. Never got around to seeing Guardians or Ant Man, I suspect I would like Guardians though. And I enjoyed Dr. Strange, but not sure I would have gotten as much out of it if it had been anyone but Ben, though. Although that kind of story is right up my alley, and Strange was my favorite comic for years. But the movies a little slow compared to some of the others. Not that that's always a bad thing. What've I missed? Was there ever a Hulk movie (Mark Ruffalo version), or was he restricted to the Avengers films? Never a character I cared for, so hoo hey. Hawkeye was always my favorite Avenger, but he didn't come across as well in the movies, imo. I'm rambling, must be more tired than I realized. Shall ramble elsewhere now.
  18. Well, bummer. I was hoping that would be one of the better ones, just because I like Anthony Mackie so well. Although now you've got me curious what's so awful about it....
  19. It was a paperback, one of the larger sizes, but I don't remember anything else about it. Most of my books are in storage right now or I'd take a look. I don't remember having any issues with the binding, etc.
  20. Oooh, I like that one. A lot. Awesome. What it reminds me of is Rag'n'Bone man, and maybe Hozier. Which in turn remind me of Negro spirituals, only more high tech.
  21. Hey Artemis. I just now found this thread, I'm so sorry to hear your news. It's never easy, is it? I hope you and Kippy have been able to console each other. My friend just lost one of her doggies, that's how she, and her other pets, have dealt with it ... sharing lots of love and hugs.
  22. OMG, is it really that hard to crack eggs? I wonder if that's a product that came about in an effort to make money off of eggs that were accidentally cracked in the factory. Otherwise I don't see the point............. and the packaging! Good grief!
  23. Sorry gang, I see where the confusion came from! It was the book "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" that I enjoyed, and the series that was based on it is what I was asking Herlock about. I don't know anything about "Stranger Things" except that it seems rather popular. Herlock, since you were kind enough to answer my first question, here's another: Do the 7 episodes cover the entire book? In other words, if they were to do new episodes, would they have to be based on new material, not the book? I heard they were making a series out of it, I can't believe it's been six years ago already. Yeeesh, time doth ever fly..........
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