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  1. Not much interest in the trip so far. Postponed until June I guess (trying to give travelers a chance to get the best price on airfare).
  2. I don't watch it in German. In fact, I don't even have a TV. I'm from the US and live in Germany, so I'm glad I have the opportunity to watch it in English. And I'm sure there's similar discrepancies to what you find in Spanish. It's just a product of translation I suppose.
  3. While I personally wouldn't want to see a Sherlock musical I do think it could be accommodated in some sort of "fever dream" plot. We've seen the world through Sherlock's eyes (labels on things...blurry and incoherent when drunk) and we've been inside Magnussen's mind palace. So maybe Sherlock goes "undercover" again in some sort of drug den? Or more plausible is seeing the world through Moriarty's eyes. An entire episode through Jim's insane perspective...likely to the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.
  4. Bedelia, do you watch in Spanish or in English? (It seems like you watch it in English with Spanish subtitles.) If you do watch in English, congratulations! In Germany they overdub EVERY non-German TV show. I couldn't watch something where the mouths don't match the words.
  5. Now all you need to do is visit Pawnee city hall and you're all set!
  6. It's definitely hard to see "all" of the US in one trip. I would give myself at LEAST six months to do a proper coast to coast tour. I've only been to Edinburgh, but I would love to explore more of Scotland. It's relatively small but also very secluded. I always encourage people to explore what they can. If you can't get out of Yorkshire, then take a drive to somewhere you've never been on the weekend. Go to that kitschy Jorvick museum in York...better yet, take a drive up to Lindisfarne! We take our homes for granted so easily that we overlook the amazing things that are just around the corner.
  7. Agreed. Unfortunately it will be somewhat expensive even without factoring in airfare. But things like accommodation and ground transport and such are always a big part of a vacation budget. I don't want to plan anything until I can get firm commitments for the same economic reasons. Typically the least expensive rates for things are non-refundable and booking for 4-6 and then having nobody show wouldn't do my own pocketbook any good. Thanks again for the support.
  8. Doctor Who Doctor Who or Planet Earth?
  9. @Carol, I'm from Wisconsin. I've actually traveled quite a bit throughout the US, and while technically I have been on the east coast, it was Florida...so that doesn't count. The farthest east I've been is to Niagara Falls in NY...unless the count running through the Philadelphia airport.
  10. As I mentioned, it's a basic outline of locations. I've consulted the great locations list over at Sherlockology and contacted them about the tour but haven't heard back. I know set tours are not likely, but if it was timed right and I found an "in" then anything is possible...but nothing is promised. At the moment, I'm gauging interest in the tour. It's a test case for "geek travel" and I'll be interested to see how it works out. Once I can muster at least 4 solid commitments, I can start really planning the tour. I also don't want to give away specific locations because I think it would be fun to show up somewhere and then ask the group where we are. Part of the tour will be asking questions like that and letting the group show off to have the full high functioning sociopath experience. In any event, keep the feedback coming! I've only been through the series once, so I'm by no means the best fan. My strength is as a tour guide, especially for international travel. So I'll take all the Sherlock help I can get.
  11. Take advantage of what you can. The US is huge and offers lots of different people and cultures and climates to explore. In 30+ years I've never been on the East Coast.
  12. Thanks. Again, I apologize for soliciting, but as a fringe fan I'm drumming up interest any way I can.
  13. My visa says "Frankfurt." My passport says "USA." I love exploring new places. This seems new.
  14. Here's a rough agenda for Sherlock Tour: Day 1: Arrive in London - Adjust from Transatlantic flight as needed Visit former site of Queen Charlotte's Hospital: Birthplace of Benedict Cumberbatch Day 2: Sherlock Series 1 Locations - Including "221B Baker Street" Sherlock Holmes Museum Taxi Chase footrace in Soho Day 3: Sherlock Series 2 Locations - Including St. Bart's, scene of The Reichenbach fall Violin Lessons Day 4: Sherlock Series 3 Locations - Including 23-24 Leinster Gardens, the false facade hiding open tube tracks below Scotland Yard Black Museum (if possible) Day 5: Travel by train to Cardiff - Afternoon tour of BBC studios Day 6: Tour surrounding area shooting locations by car - including Dewer's hollow, creepy location from The Hounds of Baskerville (possibly at night?) Day 7: Return to London - Murder Mystery Dinner Day 8: Free day - Police Ride-along (if possible) Day 9: Free day - Motorcycle ride through London (as seen in The Empty Hearse) Day 10: Free day Day 11: Departure There will be several opportunities for photos/cosplay. There will be chances to win Sherlock swag via games & contests. (Chess/Operation like Sherlock vs. Mycroft, Cluedo, etc.) When possible, dinners may include visits from Sherlock experts such as the staff from Sherlockology.com. Activities such as Scotland Yard's Black Museum and police ride-alongs may be difficult to arrange, no guarantees.
  15. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm not entirely sure if it's advertising or not. It's a tour and people will need to pay for it, but only to cover costs and I won't profit from it. I apologize if it's outside of forum rules.
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