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  1. This psychological similarity is probably why John chose her (as mentioned in the story). What John saw from her behavior gave him an ideology of her psychology but unconsciously he got the same vibes from her as he had got from Sherlock which he always enjoyed.
  2. Congrats T.o.b.y. ...Keep it up...You inspire me to think and post more.
  3. Damn it. Benedict in my opinion would have been a wonderful guy to play the Winter Soldier. Although because he was not in the first avenger he could not get selected.
  4. I think Mycroft told Mrs.H to not rent out 221"C" or any other flats. This is because he didn't want any stranger living next to Sherlock perhaps to avoid the knowledge of Sherlock's drug habit or midnight gun firing (Mrs.H is cool about these things). He couldn't stop Watson because Sherlock chose him.
  5. Serbian Roots. ( is the rule exactly 1 word to reply or way mine fine ?)
  6. I was wondering that when Sherlock was subjected with the carriage( I won't call them cars) why did he not ride the train. When I saw the episode for the first time I felt that the rat had hid himself inside the tube(under the seat perhaps). I felt Sherlock should have gone in the train to observe anything which stood out. Because he would have entered the same carriage he would have not found it and noticed it extremely fast. After riding the tube i'm pretty sure he would have noticed a siderails onto which the train had stopped. Also shouldn't the train journey have taken a little bit longer now making the average time taken and the time observed in the CCTV footage set suspicion. I'm really sorry if this question has been discussed before. It is a bit difficult to find these questions if they have been questioned before.
  7. Sherlock fights his way back to life: 4 The pool scene: 3 The rooftop scene: 2 The best man speech: 1
  8. The best thing to do is to use our imagination. Make up anything that requires the skills of observation and deduction. It could also be sequence although it is a ridiculous idea and nobody will enjoy it. On the day the creators would post their mysteries, everybody PM's their solutions the mystery creators, after 24-hours the creators stop accepting solutions and post how the case should have been solved. I basically repeated what I said in one of my earlier posts but I wanted to confirm this as our common ground.
  9. Parv your puzzle was too hard. I am thinking that day the puzzle should be something like an unsolved criminal case with images, newsreport .etc
  10. Undead Medic, Dick Tracy has 0 votes. Kindly remove him and put Batman(he is the world's greatest detective in the DC Universe). Batman Vs Sherlock is also a very famous Epic Rap Battle video on youtube. - I am frankly Surprised that he wasn't suggested.
  11. I officially give up........Now, let's watch some Game Of Thrones......
  12. 1)It's Cloudy otherwise the sun would cast yellowness upon all the objects. This type of white light only happens when its cloudy. 2)That source of light is a mirror. Its trees all the way to the end.No chance of it being the sun and Why would there be such a powerful source of light in a college/Univ. 3)The lighting seems fishy. We can't deduce the time of the day. Only that the sun is towards our left. The Clouds are not distributed equally throughout the image. Cloudy towards the left.
  13. 1)Three people are running towards the light. ( probably representing knowledge) 2)Towards the right there is an open field/playground. 3)The motorbikes are not abandoned as the seats look clean and India is dusty. 4) People look in their 20's. 5)Towards the right trees are planted. 6)Best guess - This is a college/University. 7)The planted trees in the left, light at the end of the path and the field on the left probably represent something. -----Guess------The road of life.---Birth(planted trees), the pursuit of life(the road leading to light) and freedom(the life after getting educated.) How did I do parv ???
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