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  1. Ah, yes, you're right. I've misspellt it again! From The Reigate Puzzle: And I listened to Stephen Fry's narration. He says it with a delightful French accent "Moe-peh-twee". I guess we'll never know what was in the script!
  2. I think it's French. And, my apologies. It's spellt "Maupertius" not "Maupertious". I may have heard the pronunciation on my audiobook version of ACD's Sherlock Holmes. I can't remember the name of the narrator, but he sounded British. I also have the Stephen Fry-narrated version. I'll check that particular adventure where Baron Maupertius is mentioned, and hear how Fry pronounces it...
  3. What I found funny (and I read this somewhere else... sorry for not giving credit here) but Mycroft, as the apparent competent linguophile, pronounces "Maupertious" as "Maw-per-shus" instead of "Mopper-twee."
  4. elbafo

    The Geek Interpreters

    Does anyone know what make of vehicle Mycroft's government car is?
  5. For me, I think it was the character of Sherlock that drew me in initially. My husband says I always like the clever but mean characters, and he always cites Fawlty Towers as one such example (I absolutely LOVE that show!).
  6. Wow, I have four kids, and I've never been accused of being selfish before. Nor do I think everyone needs to reproduce. I have kids because I love kids. Everyone else can do what they like.
  7. elbafo

    Recently watched movies

    Oh, I couldn't wait at all, and it's really nice imagining Benedict narrating the books and acting as the characters. I've already awarded him a couple of BAFTAs for those performances. Well, in my mind. But in reality, he is long overdue!
  8. elbafo

    Recently watched movies

    Haven't seen any of it, sorry. He has quite a few projects coming up... so it will indeed be a CumberFeast once more. Does anyone else read the books his upcoming shows are made from in preparation for watching them? I've recently read The Child in Time, and now I'm wading through the Patrick Melrose books. Ben will be perfect as Patrick.... OMG!!
  9. elbafo

    Recently watched movies

    We are.In fact, I was rooting for him :D. I don't know about other version of Khan, but I like it when they make villain as multi dimensional character instead of moustache twirling evil. In fact, some are so good that I'm more fascinated with the villains. Eh.. do you also find that Khan is... HOT! :p :D Definitely!What I found funny: he surrendered after the rescuing the Enterprise crew from the Klingons, and his hair was all messed up from fighting. After they handcuffed him and were leading him through the Enterprise, his hair was all neat and slicked back again. I thought, "Aw, he's gone and fixed his hair!"
  10. elbafo

    Recently watched movies

    I've never read LOTR, so I wouldn't know which actors were suitable or not. Last night I rewatched Star Trek Into Darkness, in preparation for reading a writer friend's STID fan fic. We are meant to feel bad for Khan, are we not? Or is it only Cumberbatch fans that do so?
  11. elbafo

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Glad to hear it was enjoyable, Pseud. We have quiz nights in Australia as well. Sometimes they're called "Trivia Nights". I always fail dismally with the sports questions, and that's where hubby excels.
  12. elbafo

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Wow! All the best with that!Sometimes I can do those sorts of things with complete strangers, but feel more uncomfortable if there's even one person who knows me. It's kinda like a 'starting with a clean slate' thing. In the distant past, I'd go to a 'thing' and forget I'm supposed to interact with people. If it's something like a short course, I'd come away with 'wow, awesome, I've learnt so much!' And then I realise (by the end) that other people have paired up or formed little clique-y coffee groups. They've MADE NEW FRIENDS! And I forgot to.
  13. Yes, I should take that on board! I guess I'm analysing way too much into the show because I write fan fiction that largely consists of writing missing scenes.... those scenes that explain how things came to be sometimes. I think there's a permanent bruise on my forehead from colliding with my keyboard on a regular basis. Flamboyant! Love it!
  14. I think we as an audience are supposed to think these things are cleverer then they actually are. I now harbour a great deal of cynicism for the show. I think Mofftiss wrote themselves into a corner with Sherlock surviving the fall. Couldn't think of a genius way of explaining it, so just left it ambiguous. With John and Sherlock leaping out of the windows due to the explosion in TFP, they couldn't even be bothered making up a slightly plausible explanation as to how they walked away from it. I love the show and have to keep reminding myself why I do. I find it best not to look at these holes too closely.
  15. The elusive Australians,

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