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  1. That would take TAB down to what? Fifteen minutes or less?
  2. If anyone is interested, I've fleshed out what might have happened during Sherlock's week in solitary. It is in canon with the show. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11262213/chapters/25180593
  3. Just popping 'round to say hello. Also wondering... where do you think Moriarty was being held in prison at the end of THOB? The bowels of MI5?
  4. I didn't attend the event even though it was within my city (sort of if you count where I live as "greater Los Angeles"). However, I did know people attending, and I had one of them pick me up some of the pieces of wallpaper that Arwel sells, so I'm expecting those soon.
  5. Although Moffat has said before that he has a 5th season in mind, I really feel as if he and Gatiss have painted themselves into a corner. I am honestly not sure they had Eurus in mind in S1 and S2. But somewhere between S2 and S3 they came up with something that really didn't quite work (I keep thinking of the line from THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS - "Then he got an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea!"), and I hate saying that because I love the show so much. But I did not LOVE S4 the way l loved the others (I am not including TAB when I say S4). Although I knew that Moriarty was dead, I did like the idea that his influence was not - but not through Eurus. I think at this point they are so far left field of any pretense of canon that they simply have no place to go.
  6. Maybe this as been mentioned before, maybe not, but does anyone know the background music from the dropped tea cup sequence? It's some famous classical piece, and I want to say Mozart or Beethoven, but perhaps someone can be more specific? The car chase is of course Beethoven' 9th. Nevermind. It's the andante movement from Mozart's 21st piano concerto.
  7. Of the three episodes form S4, I think it was right to choose TLD for Emmy selection, regardless of whether or not Moffat wrote it. It was a much more cohesive and complex episode, and it also stands out for BC too. Did he get nominated?
  8. Sherlock would only cock-block, just as he has done repeatedly.
  9. But is it a matter of shipping? I don't think so. I think it is merely examining what is already there and saying that although they didn't come together as a couple on the screen, that clearly there is something very special but very much in the background between them, and it had been brewing and bubbling since ASIB and finally had some resolution in TFP. As both John and Sherlock said, "It is what it is."
  10. I should also add that it's very hard to say ILY to someone for the first time because of the fear of rejection, another reason why I think she had him say it first. She created her own soft landing by that. She may have always felt it, and he may have known for a long time that she felt that way, but saying the actual words was something entirely different. To him they were just words to be said... until he said them himself. Then he had a little light bulb moment. Those words were powerful.
  11. Well, lots of things. First of all, I think she and Sherlock have a very deep friendship, and that no matter what, he can count on her and trust her, even if he's being an ass, even if he's drugged out--he knows she will be there for him and NOT because she's pining hopelessly for him but because he put his trust in her when his life was on the line. That alone created an intimate bond between them that could never be broken. She was there for him, believing in him in his darkest hour and he clung to that like a lifeline. For two years she didn't spill the beans. If he had died on his mission, she probably never would have said anything. Why put John through Sherlock's death twice? The point is that she and Sherlock have an unstated intimacy between them (not sexual but deep friendship). He probably calls her often. Sometimes for a favor, sometimes to gossip. He expects her to pick up the phone when he calls, and I think it's a bit of a wake up call to him when she doesn't pick up every call. He's in a bit of a panic about her not picking up, but she's not in a panic. He also knows flat out since ASIB that she loves him, that all the adornment she wore and the color of her lipstick and the color of the wrapping paper was all for him. And having her work with him for a day in TEH was like a date - Sherlock version - that ended with him wishing her a happy life when he acknowledged her engagement. Two ships passing on the night, but she declared out of his earshot that he was just her type. Still she carried on with Tom for another 6 months but it was clear at John and Mary's wedding that she only had eyes for Sherlock and that Tom was doomed. The writers could have had her go on with Tom and live happily ever after, but they didn't. They freed her up. In TAB, much nonsense was made of Sherlock not knowing Dr. Hooper was actually a woman, people forgetting that Sherlock assigned her that role in his mind palace, and just as she had kept his secrets after TRF, he keeps that secret for her. He protects her. That's how he feels - protective of her since TRF. And at the end when the ladies are revealed in that cavern, she steps forward into the warm light by him but Janine only stays in the background, and Irene is nothing more than a picture in a locket. That warm light is very deliberate on the part of the filmmakers. This is how he thinks of her - warmly. This is his mind palace. That's why he would never do anything to humiliate her in TFP, and Eurus' interpretation of it was from the POV of a psychopath. Molly knows he knows how she feels. Whatever happened that made her day bad was like her saying, "Really, you want to do this now? Why are you asking me?" She had to believe, however, that there was something more to the question or he wouldn't be asking it at all. Of course I'm not saying she thought that there was any kind of nefarious plot behind it, because she was oblivious, but for him to ask that out of the blue was something that likely triggered that ultimate deep friendship between them where he was saying yet again, "trust me." She could tell he wasn't playing one of his "stupid games." He was too serious for that, but she took control and made him say ILY first, and if he didn't say it like he meant it, she would not have said it back. That he said it even the first time made her smile a bit, but it was only after the meaningful second time that she said it. And that's not humiliation. That's actually her level of trust with him.
  12. If she truly felt she was being humiliated, she would not have done it. She would have told him to bugger off and hung up on him. If he also hadn't said ILY like he meant it, she would have just hung up on him, because she does see through his bullshit and always has, as is documented as far back as TBB in her blog. I think the call was bad timing for whatever reason she was having a bad day, but I don't think humiliation was happening.
  13. Well they've already done all the big ones, so who knows... and they've always said, it's not a detective show. It's a show about a detective.
  14. I seriously doubt they will just wash S1-4 under the bridge as if it never happened. That would be a little too weird.
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