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  1. sfmpco

    Episode 3.3, "His Last Vow"

    If anyone is interested, I've fleshed out what might have happened during Sherlock's week in solitary. It is in canon with the show. http://archiveofourown.org/works/11262213/chapters/25180593
  2. sfmpco

    Episode 2.2 ,"The Hounds Of Baskerville"

    Just popping 'round to say hello. Also wondering... where do you think Moriarty was being held in prison at the end of THOB? The bowels of MI5?
  3. sfmpco

    SHERLOCKED: Official "Sherlock" Convention

    I didn't attend the event even though it was within my city (sort of if you count where I live as "greater Los Angeles"). However, I did know people attending, and I had one of them pick me up some of the pieces of wallpaper that Arwel sells, so I'm expecting those soon.
  4. sfmpco

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Of the three episodes form S4, I think it was right to choose TLD for Emmy selection, regardless of whether or not Moffat wrote it. It was a much more cohesive and complex episode, and it also stands out for BC too. Did he get nominated?
  5. sfmpco

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Little bit of nothing article that came out today.\ http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/proposal-they-should-make-sherlock-into-movies-1791916920
  6. Rough estimate of his age? Late 50's to mid 60s?
  7. I would kill every single one of you for a chance to see Sherlock episode in theatre. Any episode. Twice.Well, the killing is once, the watching is twice. The episodes hold up remarkably well on the big screen. Then too, it's always nice to have others around you who enjoy it as much as you do.
  8. Completely quiet but confussed - not because of the plot but because they were waiting for something AFTER - but the Amanda thing came before.
  9. TAB was crowded in the theater both times I saw it, but TFP had maybe 20-30 people.
  10. You known your obsession is bad when you use a gift certificate you got for Christmas to the local theater to see "The Final Problem." At first it was just me and an older guy sitting several rows behind me, and I greeted him with "Hello, Sherlockian!" We chatted briefly until others came into the theater, and then we returned to our own worlds.
  11. So I feel like I've been in a blissful bubble for the last three years - blissfully ignorant of what might happen in s4, but now that S4 has come and gone without any predictable hope of S5, the bubble is gone. I'd almost rather be back waiting for S4 again. It was a nice, comfortable place to be.
  12. sfmpco

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Oh c'mon. What are they supposed to say? Mofftiss can't greenlight more episodes. Only the BBC can do that, and they for sure aren't going to do it until after the dust settles on S4. This type of baiting is just fake news. Maybe there will be, maybe there won't be, but just enjoy what we have now.
  13. sfmpco

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    The last pick I saw of Ben and Sophie together didn't show a very big baby bump. I think she's a few months off. Maybe in April?

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