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    the deepest depths of a closet in michigan
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    Drawing and writing and photoshopping.
    Also, poetry.
    And singing.
    And making games, of which I will achieve. Soon. Maybe. Probably not.
    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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    The Great Game
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    A Scandal In Belgravia
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    His Last Vow

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  1. All that matters is the work! :P I honestly do see why people think fanart is something spawned from the depths of Hell (just google "sonic the hedgehog ocs" for examples), but what I don't understand is why people judge the whole entire fandom by a few paltry attempts at art. Don't judge the fan by the fandom, or the fandom by the fan!
  2. That one neighbour who's always blasting heavy metal music in their car
  3. Hey, I would only do it on the side! And even then, not all that much! The rest of my brainpower would go towards making video games. :lol:
  4. Same with how you make sure you get your phone charger plugged in on the first go, or else people will think you're an alcoholic (even though you're not even of age)! :lol:
  5. Yeah, like a piece of cardboard that looks kinda like an iPhone :P
  6. Yippee-ky-yay-yay mutha▓▓▓▓▓! -- Ben in Top Gear
  7. Okay, so here's a nice tidbit for you, not by me but gleaned from the findings of the more observant side of this wild fandom: Two weird connections -- John Watson / Jennifer Wilson John's child will be a girl / Jennifer Wilson's was a stillborn girl John and Jen are lefties John's a minor celeb / Jennifer had a job, probably "something in the media" John goes through relationships like water / Jennifer is a serial adulterer Important details 'bout Jennifer Wilson -- Unhappy marriage for over 10+ years Stillborn daughter born 14 years ago (well in the range of 10+ years) "Rachel" -- her daughter's name -- means "lamb" Strange coincidences, yes? But the universe (well, Moftiss's) is rarely so lazy. And don't forget Moftiss's love of nursery tales -- if the Watson kid does end up stillborn, then that means Mary had a little lamb Its fleece was white as snow* *white, as in a cold and dead body
  8. No, because that evokes thoughts of Sherlock/Molly/Mycroft in my mind and I'd rather not think of that
  9. Not you, not you, not you, not you, not you, not you, you, you, or you...
  10. I like Moriarty. I don't know why. Do birds of a feather flock together or is this an example of opposites attracting? xD
  11. What is your longterm plan there, Bendy? Eh, probably just follow in my older bros' footsteps to become a pro at deductions, and then use that skill (as well as do commission art) to make a little extra money on the side while I go and make my own indie video game company.
  12. I can't really hear Moriarty's accent very well, either because I've heard his voice a lot, or because he always talks softly. Either way, it's very titillating.
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