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  1. Hi there, Valeria! Welcome to the forum!!
  2. This is it exactly! I can't see either of them fitting into the opposite era. They just fit where they are. The same goes for the Watson's. I think that the Burke/Hardwicke Watson is exactly what I imagined Watson to be. I really enjoy Hardwicke's on-screen chemistry with Jeremy Brett. I think it's friendly and very real feeling. I haven't yet seen the Rathbone version, but I hate the idea of a fumbling dumb Watson. It so doesn't fit what Doyle wrote.
  3. I've been considering checking out The Mentalist for a while... now I definitely will. It looks interesting!
  4. I've been watching my way through Granada Holmes for the past month or so. It is brilliant! Jeremy Brett looks and feels like a Sherlock Holmes that is right out of the pages of Arthur Conan Doyle's books. The show is almost word for word as the novels are written, which I like a lot. But there are a few changes, which actually are better then the books i some ways I think.
  5. Wow! That's an amazing find and awesome of her to give that to you! There's nothing like old books... especially ACD! I hope you enjoy them! They are just as fabulous as the show.
  6. Willkommen im Forum!! I haven't practiced my German in years. Anyways, hi Alexandra! Glad you decided to join us here! I just started watching the Russian version a few weeks ago. I love it too, but I agree BBC Sherlock just has something special to it. See you around!
  7. Hi there!! Welcome to the forum! Glad you decided to join!
  8. Hello there Jim. Welcome! Please don't turn me into shoes...
  9. *Also ducking!!" Welcome! Great name! I'm also a big Doctor Who fan and a HP fan. Excellent! See you around!
  10. Too bad, he would have made an amazing Master! But I don't think Benedict would have time to do anymore filming this year. He's pretty darn busy as it is. But the for now is interesting. Hoping for Benedict in the future!!
  11. Ianto Jones (Torchwood) Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1) Stephen Maturin (Master and Commander) Tom Paris (ST Voyager) Trip Tucker (ST Enterprise) Jamie McCrimmon (Classic Who) And of course Sherlock Holmes (canon, Granada and BBC) I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now! I tend to like shy, intelligent, loyal characters. They all happen to look good in suits as well.
  12. Hi there, Sarah! Welcome to the forum!
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