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  1. My mouth started watering looking at the first image. Unfortunately I can’t blame it on any really good food related smells as there are none around me.
  2. Maybe that’s why they made him Khan and sent him to Klingon. He would have blended in slightly. Star Fleet just got there before he could finish his costume and fully blend in.
  3. Maybe he entered a David Crowder lookalike contest (do an image search for David Crowder Band to see what I mean because just David Crowder may not pull up the correct hairstyle).
  4. Would it have been better, worse, or about the same if Benedict had done the voice over?
  5. The British term marrow is any various summer squashes including cocozelle and zucchini (courgette). (Per dictionary.com)
  6. If Milverton were towards the end of Sherlock’s career (or after his resurrection for that matter), it could be possible that Watson gained weight making him look less like how Paget originally drew him.
  7. The cat looks enamored with Sherlock’s curls.
  8. Of course. Then it eventually ends up on the blog. And before kiss ends, Mrs Hudson sees it starting a whole other set of rumors. Maybe she sees it just before John arrives.
  9. Maybe it was one of those cats that had the misfortune of being declawed. Sherlock deduced it in a surprisingly polite way, maybe with apologies thrown in; the cat became love struck (which Sherlock also deduces), leading to the shot we now have. Besides, Sherlock decides to file away the information on what it would be like to kiss a cat because it could be useful for a case.
  10. I agree Arcadia. His curls (what little shows when his hair is his normal length short) are beautiful and need to be embraced by the actor as much as possible.
  11. The beluga looks like a female. Wonder if this is shortly after post-pregnancy making her a little more flabby than normal to go along with ocean currents and general body movements before breaching (if I’m remembering the correct term).
  12. If you’re going to do a swan disguise, at least make the head a realistic size. This is why Sherlock is periodically disappointed with the criminal class.
  13. Then he finds out that Sherlock doesn’t actually exist and never has (along with the rest of characters from the show).
  14. The last one is optional, unless your Linus Caldwell pretending to be Lenny Pepperidge; then the nose plays. But, since this is Sherlock not Oceans 13, it is not strictly necessary except under extreme duress while helping Mycroft with a case.
  15. May Pseud can find it because I haven’t a clue as to how to locate that one on Ao3 in anything remotely called a timely manner.
  16. I’d think about giving but I’m currently rubbing 2 pennies together so I can cook the food before my job starts.
  17. I’ve also seen quite a few Martin/Arthur stories which seem only slightly more plausible than the Martin/Douglas ship. I still go with Martin/Theresa. And one of the more interesting one of those I read a few years back was a Sherlock crossover where the MJN side was all in his head. He thought he was Martin when he woke up in a place during his 2 year absence but actually wasn’t or something like that. (It’s been awhile since I’ve read it.)
  18. I haven’t noticed it. I’ve heard Tank You several times from foreigners who haven’t been raised around the English TH sound.
  19. I’ve never seen that one before. I don’t really expect them to get along very well unless talking about mechanics of flight.
  20. I thought it was an emu. Not sure if that’s correct because I haven’t looked at a picture in awhile that I don’t remember their size.
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