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  1. Boton

    Favourite Music in the Show?

    Hey there! Haven't been in for a while, but this looks like an interesting discussion. I actually like the entire score from SiB, but especially "Irene's Theme," or whatever they call the piece Sherlock composes when he thinks of Irene. It carries a lot of emotion, and I think it tells you a lot about his state of mind when he considers her.
  2. Boton

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    Actually, I'd be OK with a dubious anime set in a hospital too.
  3. Boton

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    I would watch BC in any medical drama he cares to be in. MF too. In fact, all my favorite male actors ought to get together and make a medical drama. We can call it "Hottie Hospital" or something.
  4. Boton

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    I do *a lot* of background viewing. I'm doing a complete rewatch of Grey's Anatomy right now, and then I have two more medical dramas to catch up on. I mostly watch medical shows these days.
  5. Boton

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    *Offred, not Ofglen. Clearly time for a reread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Boton

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    I agree that Gilead is not very realistic. I haven't seen the show, as I said, but yes, in the book it is implied that Ofglen (she never gets her real name) escapes. The question is, where does she escape to? Clearly, in the book, she can't remember a darn thing about about her life pre-Gilead other than these flashes of her family and of different kinds of freedom. I doubt the book Ofglen would have gotten more than a mile out of town before she blew her own cover. But yes, the proximity of a fascist experience in history has to put an additional layer on things. I personally don't think most of us would jump into the forefront of a resistance, mostly because it is difficult to tell when you are in the middle of it. I think it was Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem that made clear to me how easy it is to make these little decisions that as long as your own family is relatively safe, there is always the overriding desire to keep flying under the radar. That's another problem I have with the book. The way it was portrayed, Gilead came on way too quickly. An awful lot of men and women would have had to be not just flying under the radar but flat out complicit in order for the take-over to happen that quickly.
  7. Boton

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    I haven't watched it, but we had to read the book as part of our freshman reading program in college, and I've read it a few times since then. I understand the first season, at least, tracks pretty closely to the book. I think whether it is "emotional horror" is down to whether or not you personally feel threatened by the possibility of an intensely-patriarchal society where women are given only highly delineated roles. If it doesn't feel too personal to you, it is a good dystopian story with a couple of pretty major flaws in plausibility, which is typical for any utopian or dystopian fantasy.
  8. Boton

    The Political Thread

    Oh, absolutely. The challenge of being human is the struggle of overcoming the default settings. An imperfect analogy: fight or flight. That's a default setting for sure. But most of us encounter things regularly that trigger that impulse, and we know how to suppress the impulse and use our minds to judge whether the situation is really a threat and the cost/benefit of reacting. So, am I a bad person for feeling the urge to punch my boss in the nose, or a good person for knowing that this action goes against my moral code? Yeah, people are complicated.
  9. Boton

    The Political Thread

    I agree, but I think that accepting visible difference is only one dimension of understanding that people belong in your tribe. Honestly, accepting different races in your playgroup is not inconsistent with the whole idea that you look for a small group you identify with. I'm from a (formerly) very small town in the Midwest. Although our ethnic diversity was pretty much limited to Black and White, we all played on the playground together without a second thought of it. I can't remember ever hearing anyone say anything racist that would apply to anyone in town. (Give or take the odd linguistic appendix that needed to just be dropped out of the language.) But if you were talking about people from "the City" (whether that be the nearest one, or LA or NYC), there was an intense suspicion of those folks; they weren't our tribe, and it was hard to accept their opinion. I think that the human default is suspicion of the other, but "other" can be defined a lot of different ways, and we can't limit it to race/ethnicity, sex/gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  10. Boton

    The Political Thread

    I've often thought of the "aliens" solution myself. It doesn't hurt that I'm a sci-fi fan, so intelligent life from elsewhere is pretty much a win-win in my book. I think we also have to deal with the idea that human beings didn't evolve to think of things on a global or even a national scale. For most of our evolution, we existed in groups of a few hundred up to a few thousand people, at most. Asking people to understand the complexity of dealing with millions or billions of people may not be realistic.
  11. Boton

    The Political Thread

    We had a discussion in one of my classes in undergrad about the human need to identify the "other." Like you say, it has good survival value - if you are living in a cave or tribe of a couple of hundred people, it makes sense to be wary of the people you don't recognize coming over the next ridge. Understanding that is the key, IMHO, to having productive dialog - in order to get anywhere, you have to make your "opponent" into something that is not "the other." That's why I like forums like this or discussions with people I already like for another reason; people are already a part of my "tribe," so it is much easier to listen to their perspective and see what information they can add to my understanding. Hopefully they feel the same.
  12. Boton

    The Political Thread

    I remember debating this vigorously in grad school, when my profs were mostly Baby Boomers who protested in the 60s/70s. They contended that there was no such thing as objectivity, so it was useless to try to create anything objective or unbiased, because it would always be tainted by the beliefs of its creator. I agree that we are all trapped in our own perspective, so to speak, but I do think that we have just given up on trying to be objective. I think that anyone can learn to recognize ways to remove one's own bias from the equation. The attempt to be objective gets you asymptotically closer to the goal, even if you can never reach it.
  13. Boton

    The Political Thread

    I lay a lot of the blame on the shift from comprehensiveness to speed. Everyone is so interested in getting the "hot take" - the most retweeted tweet, the most-shared online news item, etc. - that we aren't doing a very good job saying "This is what we know now, but it is subject to change as we get more information."
  14. Boton

    The Political Thread

    Thank you, Arcadia! JP, I used to depend on Snopes a lot, but they were bought a couple of years ago by some company or other (escapes me at the moment), and the feel of independent fact checking that I used to like seems to have lessened. So I use it as one source but not as a definitive one.
  15. Boton

    The Political Thread

    I would need to see evidence that this is occurring. But yes, “illegal” should mean “not using proper channels.” I would also like to know more about the conditions that need to be met to be granted asylum. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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