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  1. Would Dr. Frankland have offered SH a room in his flat? Does not make sense; Frankland does not even live in London, does he?
  2. I am moving my answer from the "improbableone" thread to this one: Really thanks for providing this video. (BTW it is absolutely realistically made). But again (I now others have recongized before): In the news video it is NOT mentioned that also the body of Moriarty was found. Sherlocks death was referenced to have happened yesterday. So who has removed the body before it was found and why? I hope this will be explained in the next season otherwise it is a severe error.
  3. Interesting topic though I also would guess it's maybe Mycroft ...
  4. I fully agree. It would have been no change to the plot if the member of the royal family was young male. (But what a discussion we'd now have).However, they clearly (intentionally) defined a "young female" which in reality does not exist. I would say it is the fictitious granddaughter of the Queen.
  5. Wow the interest in this topic is fantastic! Not!!! (What I've learned so far is that the general Sherlock Fan loves Star Trek more than football...)
  6. Thanks, it came into my mind by itself. Though others had the same idea I figured. Well she does look really cute....
  7. You can even see in the episode that she is not driving her car can't you?
  8. Yes that's a good one. After all I believe Deckard is one of them, isn't he?
  9. Harold & Maude (This film is about love, life & death and yet it's funny too)
  10. I like British TV series, films, humour and music. But for football I need to support my own team. (Sorry England) Spain again would be boring right?
  11. Oh great! But now you'll also have to tell how you arranged that? I guess you did not just look her up in the phone book and said "Let's meet in front Baker Street 221B" right? Is that the real door anyway?
  12. Dear all, I am from Germany and I really like this BBC Sherlock series. I have always been into crime stories with either clever, surprising or suspense plots. I've seen a lot of Hitchcock's movies for instance. One of my fav films is "The Sting". Anyone know that? It is really good. Regarding this Sherlock series I must admit that I can't imagine that something similar could ever be produced in Germany! Somehow nobody dares or they are just not capable to do that. Has anyone ever seen something as modern as cool like that from Germany? BTW, the same with funny movies. Another fav film of mine is "Hot Fuzz". Very good mixture of black humour, buddy movie, crime story, action. German films are more severe or rather old fashioned style I think. "Sherlock" is really raising the bar!
  13. Thanks again for your detailed answers. To me this basically concludes the discussion. I agree Moiarty's probably dead; I can't imagine now how this could continue and come to another end. Maybe the authors wanted to leave the question open for themselves, if not then surely for us.
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