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  1. sittything

    Recently watched movies

    Thanks, I'll check it out! I've never seen much on it other than the little I've played and some online youtube gameplay.
  2. sittything

    Recently watched movies

    Last of Us is a visually stunning game...
  3. sittything

    Molly Hooper

    I realize she's not Sherlock or John Watson, and certainly the show could have existed without her, but she's important to me. Same with Mycroft. While I would agree that I think it's totally logical for people not to ship them or see anything romantic in their interactions, I would disagree that he didn't like Molly. Obviously, his relationship in the show with her is never portrayed in the same manner or with as much time devoted to it as his relationship with Watson (as it should be.... this is Sherlock, after all). But my takeaway from the show was that we were shown that deep down, Sherlock was a man very much capable of emotions and loving and caring for those around him. Time and time again he showed his devotion to his friends (in a sense his family) in wanting to keep them safe. And I don't think Molly is excluded from that group. She made the mistake of thinking she was and he corrected her on that.
  4. sittything

    Molly Hooper

    I think it's great Irene and Moriarty got Funko Pops. They're iconic characters from the books and integral to the story, but I would have liked to have seen more of the recurring characters, specifically maybe more of the women of Sherlock, although Lestrade would be great too. Obviously, I'm biased and if I had to pick, I'd want a Molly Pop first as she's right up there with Sherlock and Mycroft for me, but, IMO, Mrs. Hudson, Molly, Lestrade, and Mary are all deserving of Pops.
  5. sittything

    Recently watched movies

    HI @Van Buren Supernova I think? the last movie I saw in the theater was Avengers: Infinity War, which was rather disappointing as the only character I truly care about is Loki.
  6. sittything

    Molly Hooper

    Speaking of Molly Hooper, I'm rather frustrated that we've never gotten a Molly Hooper funko pop (or any of the other women for that matter). I'm still annoyed that their first release only included Irene Adler.
  7. sittything

    Why Sherlock But Not Holmes?

    Hi @Carol the Dabbler !! I'm going to try to be around more. So far Sherlock is my only TV show/fandom to not disappoint me this year. 😆
  8. sittything

    Patrick Melrose

    Found it! I've only seen the first episode, but IT'S SO GOOD. Ben is really phenomenal in it; truly outstanding performance.
  9. sittything

    Molly Hooper

    Interesting. I thought they used wigs more in the latter seasons. But I wasn't super great about following filming info so I'm far from the most knowledgeable source on the matter. I need to go dig around but is anyone talking Patrick Melrose? *off to look*
  10. sittything

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    I'm here! I got caught up in my Sherlock feels today and here I am. lol
  11. sittything

    Why Sherlock But Not Holmes?

    I have read A Study in Scarlet and liked it OK. I read it only after watching the first 3 seasons. It obviously didn't grab my attention enough to entice me to keep reading the other stories, but I didn't dislike it. I may take a stab at all of the stories at some point.
  12. sittything

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    I have more recently discovered Outlander and Poldark, but especially Poldark. I love Poldark the most of the two. Currently working my way through the books waiting for Season 4.
  13. sittything

    Molly Hooper

    Isn't Sherlock's hair in the latter seasons a wig? Regardless, Ben is nuts complaining about his Sherlock hair. I find him most attractive as Sherlock with the curls. I also have a thing for Jamie (Outlander) and Poldark so maybe I just have a thing for fluffy curls...
  14. sittything

    Molly Hooper

    I've been MIA and all of these replies are going to be horribly delayed, but my answer to this is that I don't think it is off the table. I still don't think it's very likely, I think they left it all vague and ambiguous, but even Cumberbatch said at a panel at a Con earlier this year (after your post) that "... it would have to be Molly, wouldn't it?" in reply to who he could be coupled with. SITTY!!!!!!!! Where ya been, lady? Welcome back!!!!! Yeah, Ben went and revitalized my diminished hopes for Molly to get her dream to come true at last. Dang him. I've been around the interwebs... fell into a Walking Dead hole after some post-Season 4 Sherlock ennui. lol For whatever reason, maybe my discontent with TWD (The Walking Dead) right now, I've been all about the Sherlock again. Not sure why b/c who knows if or when we'll ever see Season 5. But yes, I still can't believe that here we are... my one little ship that I thought had a 1% chance (and that was generous) of ever happening, is no longer something I completely conjured up in my mind. In a way, if canon never happens, I still think we got a pretty good ending for Sherlock and Molly.
  15. sittything

    Molly Hooper

    And all too often I think they were just throwing a sop to the Sherlolly fans. :( If they were, they could have given us a more consoling sop! I'm available if they want advice on the next one... like Sherlock has to kiss Molly or the villain will blow up Scotland Yard... or they have to go on a romantic holiday to Paris or else an assassin will take out poor Mrs Hudson... or they have to spend the rest of their lives together or else the puppy gets it... I feel like this is an extensive list of tropes from all the Sherlolly fan-fics I've ever read. lol

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