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  1. It reminded me a bit of Hitchhiker's Guide in its overall feel, if you've seen that. Maybe a little less ridiculous and over the top, but similar feel to it.
  2. Good Omens is such a great show. Definitely try to see it at some point if you haven't. I think I raved about it elsewhere here, but Tennant and Michael Sheen were great together and even many of the side characters were delightful. I've watched it all the way through an embarrassing number of times.
  3. I was a little sad Ray and Shosh didn't end up together. They were weird, but cute together in their diverse weirdness. I'm still on the fence about the whole Adam/Jessa thing. Despite me liking Jessa more than Hannah, I thought some of the sweeter moments on the show were between Adam and Hannah. So that's confusing for me. lol Elijah was just great. I loved his entire episode that focused on his auditioning for that Broadway play. I could probably watch a spin-off about him, tbh. I found the ending kinda sad, what with everyone kinda growing apart and going their separate ways, but then I guess that's life. Also, kudos to Ebon Moss-Bachrach b/c I loved him in Punisher, but his character was THE WORST in Girls.
  4. @bedelia1984 I was tripping down memory lane in the Molly Hooper thread and saw your mention of Girls and Lena Dunham. I watched this show for the first time earlier this year, only b/c of Adam Driver. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Ironically, I liked a lot of the guys in Girls more than I did the girls. Jessa and Shosh were likable enough, but Hannah and especially Marnie got on my nerves fairly often. Adam, Ray, and Elijah were great characters, though! Love them all.
  5. I do wish we had more of a conclusive answer if we're getting a season 5 or not. I think the not knowing is the worst part. It's like waiting for something you don't even know that you're going to get. Yet, I want to keep hope that we will until someone says we're not b/c the alternative is entirely too depressing for me to contemplate right now.
  6. My favorite/only superhero that I love. It's a good thing they're giving me the TV show after what they did in Infinity War and Endgame. I'm still not over that. And since this is a picture thread..
  7. I think I'm one of the very few here.
  8. I'm really torn on whether or not I want a series 5. I want it for two reasons: 1) I just want more Sherlock; I'm not ready to say goodbye. 2) I want more resolution between Sherlock and Molly. I felt that was left open-ended. BUT... being an X-Files fan, sometimes you're better off not getting what you ask for. It's possible a new season could bring more uncertainties/not be as good. But I'll probably always be hoping for more. Heck, I'd probably watch more X-Files even if i expected it to be a disaster. lol
  9. So I started a rewatch and just finished His Last Vow. It has no many quality moments, but it's also such a very difficult episode to watch, even knowing how it turns out. It's hard to watch Sherlock "lose," and Mycroft's reaction after Sherlock shoots Magnussen always guts me.
  10. I am! I've been on a Sherlock hiatus and been obsessing over Star Wars recently, which is hilarious b/c I was Star Wars apathetic until The Last Jedi. How are you?!
  11. I'm a creature of habit who has a terrible tendency to watch the same shows on repeat ad nauseum (visiting the forum last night led me to starting Sherlock tonight... it's playing now). I LOVED Good Omens and really thought Chernobyl was well done. Loved Valery Legasov as a character in the show. But back to Good Omens, I had no idea who Michael Sheen was prior to watching and only watched it for Tennant, but WOW. I really, really enjoyed him as Azi. He was absolutely too precious for words. I know there won't likely be another season, but I'd love more Adventures of Azi and Crowley. I also totally shipped it. lol
  12. Oh, wow! I can't believe I somehow missed that Dracula wrapped. I even follow Mark on Twitter and have notifications turned on for him. Maybe because he posts so often I largely ignore the notifications. lol I'm excited for Dracula! I'm trying to temper my expectations. If I go and try to compare it to Sherlock it's only likely to disappoint me. Also, a hello to everyone!
  13. Thanks, I'll check it out! I've never seen much on it other than the little I've played and some online youtube gameplay.
  14. Last of Us is a visually stunning game...
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