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  1. I think that's originally why I never got into Star Wars initially, that cheesy/camp factor. I also, like you said, thought the characters in the OG trilogy felt flat or two-dimensional, so it was really hard for me to feel invested in them. The prequels seemed awkward and stilted when I originally saw them, although I did feel for Anakin as a character, and his character definitely felt a little more fleshed out than those in the OG. What got me hooked was that in the sequels everyone felt more real to me; the characters felt more fleshed out. By caring about Rey and moreso Kylo/Ben, I began to care more about the OG and prequel characters because they were a part of Kylo/Ben's story/history. So I guess that was when my interest in the overall universe, and the Skywalker family more specifically, really took off. Han is by far my favorite of the OG trio, and my heart broke into a million pieces in IX when we really got to see the ways in which Han and Ben were alike. I've also really enjoyed Anakin, Obi Wan, and Ahsoka in The Clone Wars. Clone Wars Anakin is > prequels Anakin. I started watching that series for more background info since some of The Clone Wars characters will be making their way to season 2 of The Mandalorian.
  2. I saw the original movies as a kid, although I was really young (it was prior to kindergarten), and the prequels in my 20s, but never really got hooked. I'm also admittedly a huge fan of Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. He's my favorite Star Wars character sooo I get I'm odd man out, overall. I also really enjoyed The Mandalorian, and I'm looking forward to season 2 of that.
  3. To each their own I guess. I wasn't a big Star Wars person prior to VIII. It's what sucked me in. Maybe I'm a Rian Johnson fan. I did enjoy Knives Out. lol
  4. Did you not care for VIII, b/c that's my fav Star Wars movie of all time? 😆
  5. You're not misremembering. I just hate both decisions for multiple reasons. I was trying to figure out how I might explain my reasons, but I'm not sure how to do so in a reasonable length post, and I'm unsure of my ability to keep my emotions in check right now. I probably shouldn't have even addressed it at a superficial level; I just tend to jump at any chance to declare my hatred for this film. lol Mostly because it left me pretty devastated in December. ETA: Sorry if this is a non-answer for now. I just don't want to give an emotionally charged brain dump, when I think it deserves a more well thought out reply.
  6. Oh sorry for the confusion. I was abbreviating for The Rise of Skywalker. Not Revenge of the Sith.
  7. People really don't know what they're missing out on with Turn. I've tried to get my mom, friends, husband to watch it and so far nobody has. I watched it originally for Burn Gorman, whose character I LOVE...Major Hewlett ♥️. But Simcoe was also fantastic, and Andre broke my heart. I think the first season of Turn is probably the slowest. Still good, but I really think it picks up steam from season two on.
  8. I may have to check this out. I discovered JJ Feild in TURN: Washington's Spies (A VERY GOOD SHOW, btw!! currently on Netflix) as Major John Andre and really liked him in that. If he plays a morally ambiguous, messy character, I'd probably love the character (see: Loki, Ben Solo).
  9. I never thought I'd ship something, have them kiss on screen, and have people question whether or not it was romantic, but here we are. 😆 ETA: As far as TROS, I hated it. I personally don't get how the moral of the story of the Skywalker Saga is 1) they're all dead in the end; and 2) it took a Palpatine to defeat Palpatine. The Skywalkers were cursed. It was just a very depressing ending for me, overall. If I wasn't already hooked on Mando, I'm not sure I'd watch anything Star Wars again.
  10. Resident "Sherlolly" and Molly stan reporting for duty. 😜 I really like Irene as a character, but when it comes down to the two of them, I'm Team Molly all the way. Molly just feels like a more real and relatable character to me. As far as ending up with Sherlock, I think it's pretty unlikely we'll ever see Sherlock with anyone, but if they did go there, I'd have to agree with Benedict that it would have to be Molly. While I definitely think Sherlock is attracted to Irene and finds her interesting and exciting, there's an undercurrent of danger to Irene (similar to Sherlock, I think they have a lot of similarities), and I feel like any relationship between them would probably be mutually destructive and undo a lot of the character development we see in Sherlock over four seasons. That whole great man, good man thing. I disagree that Molly is too timid to call Sherlock on his BS. I thought the show did a pretty good job of showing that Molly always saw Sherlock for what he was and was never afraid to call him on it. This started in season 2 with the very cringey holiday party mess. This gets reinforced across multiple seasons, from the slaps some people despise to John Watson himself saying in Season 4 that Molly was the one person who was able to see through Sherlock's bullshit. It's likely just my own biased opinion as a shipper, but I thought it was interesting the speech John made to Sherlock at the end of TLD, presumably about Irene (for John), but for me that speech wasn't about Irene at all. Especially in the context of the very next episode with Sherlock thinking he's about to lose Molly, the "I Love You," and then the subsequent coffin destruction.
  11. It reminded me a bit of Hitchhiker's Guide in its overall feel, if you've seen that. Maybe a little less ridiculous and over the top, but similar feel to it.
  12. Good Omens is such a great show. Definitely try to see it at some point if you haven't. I think I raved about it elsewhere here, but Tennant and Michael Sheen were great together and even many of the side characters were delightful. I've watched it all the way through an embarrassing number of times.
  13. I was a little sad Ray and Shosh didn't end up together. They were weird, but cute together in their diverse weirdness. I'm still on the fence about the whole Adam/Jessa thing. Despite me liking Jessa more than Hannah, I thought some of the sweeter moments on the show were between Adam and Hannah. So that's confusing for me. lol Elijah was just great. I loved his entire episode that focused on his auditioning for that Broadway play. I could probably watch a spin-off about him, tbh. I found the ending kinda sad, what with everyone kinda growing apart and going their separate ways, but then I guess that's life. Also, kudos to Ebon Moss-Bachrach b/c I loved him in Punisher, but his character was THE WORST in Girls.
  14. @bedelia1984 I was tripping down memory lane in the Molly Hooper thread and saw your mention of Girls and Lena Dunham. I watched this show for the first time earlier this year, only b/c of Adam Driver. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Ironically, I liked a lot of the guys in Girls more than I did the girls. Jessa and Shosh were likable enough, but Hannah and especially Marnie got on my nerves fairly often. Adam, Ray, and Elijah were great characters, though! Love them all.
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