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  1. Around here, I think fat people do face prejudice and ridicule, but it somehow seems to be even more accepted to openly joke about slender people. "Yes, but you do not eat", "Maybe you can shop at the children's department", and, recently, "I'll just take two pieces of pie since you never have any" - this from a chubby colleague to a colleague with a very low fat percentage who is exceptionally active in sports (and consequently eats enough to feed a small country [emoji14]). If the sportswoman would have replied "maybe you really shouldn't eat that", that would have been considered incredibly offensive. But for someone to comment on a skinny person was totally acceptable even though my coleague was hurt. Bottomline: if everyone would just keep their comments about someone's appearance to themselves, the world would be a much nicer place. (To clarify: none of these comments were directed at me, I'm not skinny in any sense of the word [emoji14])
  2. I completely understand your feeling and would probably have felt the same if the big "modern day mind palace" reveal had not occured. I did enjoy it so much more after that, but I can also imagine that it wasn't enough for you to fix the Victorian scenes, which indeed felt off for me. Going to read your blog now!
  3. I assumed Molly was hostile in the MP because that is how Sherlock perceives Molly's attitude to him at this time. Last we saw she was slapping the snot out of him for his drug use in the lab. I'm guessing he thinks she doesn't have a high opinion of him at the moment and is angry and disappointed in him. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337Z using Tapatalk To me, Molly's hostility was not completely out of character. Molly is not in love with Sherlock. She is madly in love with the handsome, charming detective that visits her lab regularly. That man is not Sherlock. Sherlock's only charming when he needs to be, when he wants to manipulate Molly into doing something for him. Whenever Sherlock is truly himself around Molly, she gets upset, angry, or feels hurt. (Which is, to some degree, understandable because he is often acts somewhere between bluntly honest and completely rude.) We see this when he does not want to have coffee with her. When he identifies Jim from IT as gay. At the Christmas party. When he gets high "for a case". Within his mind palace, Sherlock is completely himself - or his perception of himself -, and that's not someone Molly particularly likes. I know this is quite a dark take on their relationship and I'm sure many will see it differently, but it is one of the reasons Molly's not my favourite. However, I have to say she redeemed herself somewhat for me in The Empty Hearse. (Only to have it blown away again by her behaviour towards her own fiancee in Sign of Three.)
  4. Also - for me, it's pretty clear that 2015 was the real world and 189...? was the mind palace/dream state that was used to figure out the problem. Also because Victorian Mycroft mentioned 'the virus in the data', which can't be a 125 year old saying. :D And I love explorations of Sherlock's substance abuse. I would not mind seeing more of that in series 4.
  5. I was afraid I wasn't going to love it. I was afraid I would see Benedict Cumberbatch playing a Sherlock Holmes instead of 'my' Sherlock, especially after the release of that trailer where Mrs. Hudson welcomes them back home - the lines felt rehearsed, and it all seemed a bit too self-indulgent. I was happily proven wrong yesterday in the cinema when I simply enjoyed the episode and loved the acting (except for the aforementioned scene, which still seemed 'acted' to me). However, it was fun but not great for me. Then we were suddenly on a plane with modern day Sherlock and I sat at the very edge of my seat and realised this was 1,5 hours of insight into how Sherlock sees himself and the people around him. Finally I felt that excitement and rush of adrenaline I would expect to come with a new Sherlock episode. I don't watch Sherlock because I love Doyle's books or the mysteries. I watch the series for the psychology of this BBC Sherlock, the genius, the addict, the socially incompetent man with so many hidden emotions. And most of all, I watch it for his bond/relationship with John. Looking back, it turned out this episode was all about that and that's what made it great. So, my expectations were not great but I ended up in love with it and can't (but have to) wait to watch it again.
  6. I really enjoyed it! Will give no further spoilers. It finished in the cinema here around the time it started in the UK so enjoy for those of you who are watching right now! I've taped it and will be re-watching soon :D
  7. I find it surprising Germany doesn't have BBC although maybe it's because dubbed content is such a standard? Come visit your friendly Dutch neighbours, we have BBC as well as imports of your excellent beers! ;)
  8. Liking your post does not seem an appropriate response to such a sensitive topic J.P., so I'll put it in words instead: I agree with you 100 percent.
  9. I am going to add this to my head canon! I've always pictured a younger Sherlock lying on a couch somewhere, chain smoking and listening to Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails and, indeed, the Smiths (How Soon Is Now would be his theme song). I love the idea that he still listens to depressing post-punk and only uses the violin as a ruse to maintain his upper class, high society image. :D
  10. I dreamt that I was in the cinema for the global release of the Christmas special. Steven Moffat was sitting next to me and my husband although he became Mark Gatiss later on. He did speak to me but mumbled so badly I couldn't understand a word of it. The special itself was very confusing - it was a series of short stories revolving around Sherlock which each focused on one of the main characters at the time. John was up first and he had only five minutes of total screen time. So whatever happens in December, it can't nearly be as bad as what I witnessed last night!
  11. Ewan McGregor? Wow, your connection beats mine any day - he's one of my favourite actors (although our connections are actually of the same length [emoji14])! :D It's fascinating how these things play out - makes me sing-song 'it's a small world after all'. I have another family member who, ah, holds a minor position in our government which connects me to the prime minister which then connects me to most world leaders without ever leaving my seat or knowing anyone remotely famous.
  12. You know your obsession is bad when you are very excited to realize what your 'six degrees of separation' is from Benedict Cunberbatch and, thereby, all Sherlock cast and crew. (From Wikipedia: Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.) These are mine: family member who works in the music industry and has worked closely with the band Elbow - Guy Garvey - Mr. Cumberbatch. Lol, geek alert.
  13. I think mr. Moffat's wording in that interview is still ambiguous enough to allow the special to be a memory or storytelling within modern times. The writer of the article seems pretty convinced of what's going to happen but we do not know if that's his interpretation of Moffat's single quote or if this is a rewording of some unquoted things Moffat has said. Agreed with the nervous feeling, though - I have a hunch this is not going to be my favourite out of the ten eps. But I still can't wait for Christmas!
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