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  1. There're many great shows for sure, but Breaking Bad is the king of them all. Great decision to start watching it. [emoji6]
  2. I am 4 episodes into "Legion" and . It's different from all other Marvel shows and i highly recommend this to you all. This is most certainly not your average superhero show!
  3. Logan - 8/10 (maybe even better, like a 8.5, maybe almost a 9, but i decided for an 8, just want you to know that it's a very strong 8)
  4. One of the greatest Action movies of the last years!
  5. If this is it, and it is, then I'm disappointed. This is not the kind of ending I wanted for a great show like this. Sherlock got too big, if you know what I mean.
  6. The Town - 7/10 My second Ben Affleck.
  7. Oldboy (2003) (rewatch) - 9/10 Was actually more humor in it than I had in mind.
  8. Also just a very quick side note, when you're watching "Gone baby gone" you'll notice very quickly how real this movie feels, you'll know what I mean when you watch it, anyway that's what i probably felt first. Now I'm watching this Interview for the film and there Ben says that he actually used people that were on the set, unprofessionals and filmed them, put them into the story in order to create this sense of reality, which really worked out for me.
  9. Gone Baby Gone - 8/10 My first Ben Affleck (here director and writer) movie, also his directorial debut, which is pretty impressive. It's a heartfelt story that isn't just a good thriller about a missing girl, but also an inside in the human mindset.
  10. I'm glad you named Breaking Bad, it's my absolute number 1 favorite TV Show (sorry Sherlock). Dialogue is absolutely important, I agree with that, and some directors can do dialogues brilliantly, like Quentin Tarantino (and others) but I also agree with "Show don't tell", meaning of course to rather show what a character feels or thinks through expressing it nonverbal, than to let them tell us. But that all depends on the movie and what the movie is about etc. Also dialogue is part of storytelling, in my opinion.. That's interesting, didn't know you had 'a tiny bit OCD'. And yes of course personal relation is very important. Everyone has a different taste in movies, everyone has opinions and that's good, and everyone relates to different movies differently. No we're probably not, some of the movies you've listed are on my list too so.. (: You yourself said dialogue was important, so writing too much is not a possibility here ^^
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