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  1. Everybody here talk about Sherlock and only him. Well, as someone who is always more interested on the older of the Holmes brothers, I would say that I don't mind versions that change his character dramatically. As long as I find the adaptation/version/whatever is to my taste then it is fine. (Glares towards Mofftiss for making Mycroft looks like a wimp at his own home and Sherrinford when it was him who went undercover to a Serbian crimelord's lair to rescue baby brother who got himself captured and tortured).
  2. The current forum is absolute H*ll to my phone. Too big sections and non-existent field to reply a thread despite the button is there. I misses the old format, much easier to browse around. T_T
  3. http://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/miss-sherlock-hbo-2018/ And the funniest comment so far is, Maria Wang So will we be seeing a male Irene Adler, “The Man”? Can they get Benedict Cumberbatch to play him? Me: :lol:
  4. All gone but it is always possible to create fresh one just for you. ^^
  5. [waves to Boton] I am back and still wanting that fic. :3
  6. Am I going to get booo-ed if I write here that I hope they will make a movie about a certain platinum blonde elven king and keep Lee Pace in the role? :D
  7. Last bread pudding gone, after spending hours to make a large batch of various kinds it is so gratifying to see it all gone. ^^
  8. Sherlockians, Happy New Year! May 2018 be a fruitful year for all of us. ^^v
  9. Part and parcel of the image of perfection as an elven-king, eh (must be exhausting ^^; ). Brownies? Wait... that's wood-elves and in this universe they looks like Tauriel. That reminds me, today I have time to bake some brownies the cake. Fudgy-brownies... yum. A chocoholic in need of occasional death by chocolate dose. :D
  10. It seems so to my eternal shame.... I want that kind of hair (without the surely god-awful efforts to keep it gorgeous like that, please). XD Also, he is aesthetically pleasant. If there is such thing as male-beauty he would be easily occupy the nomination for the top spot. 0_0 How on earth he keep that hair from getting tangled so much, with teflon-coating or what?!
  11. O.O How could all these times I missed the Mr. Fabulous himself, Thranduil the Elven King of Mirkwood? Not even Legolas managed to capture my attention like this.
  12. 1. Times like these it is easy to see why there is a saying that when introverts thinks before saying, the extroverts talks before they think. 2. People who is control freak even in private life and fond of inflicting it on others (especially to ME) is asking for trouble. No need to cry if backlash is coming your way, you reap what you sow.
  13. Try sticking with the crowd who talks about science, social-economy and politics. Nosy busybody who loves to stick their uninvited noses into other people's private business tends to avoid those kind of topics because it is boring for them and or they have real difficulty on joining the discussion because of lack of knowledge to make their opinion count in that particular circle.
  14. On my side of the network it has been several days of exchanging ghost stories, both from reading about it to personal experience. I have one to share here. One day around midnight at a funeral home I attended a ceremony for a member of my extended family. When I went towards the parking lot I passed the side of a building used to store human ashes, that's where I saw a shimmering column of light. That column looks smoky / semi-solid at best, floating about a meter above my head and as tall as the average adult around here. At first I didn't think of supernatural cause, in my mind it might be some sort of atmospheric phenomenon or trick of light but when the car that carried me and my cousins about to pass there and I pointed towards the column they said that they didn't see anything there. It was not the first nor the last time I saw something that could fit into the category of possible paranormal occurrence.
  15. Some people call this particular system as fraud, a complete lie etc but for me it is useful to understand some of the idiosyncrasies of people in general. This time it is an ISTJ woman (yeah, I know at least one ISTJ woman here and I actually respect her), self-tested several times but I don't know the percentages. Sensors according to the MBTI classification system were moulded by their environment. If they grew up in a good one then they will adopt the value and be truly pillars of the society. However, if they grew up in an environment where there are plenty of bad examples then they have big chance to absorb and mimic the behaviours and mindset. This time it is my own sibling. She is bossy, loves to impose 'order' (which is actually her own version for it and according to my standard is idiotic and ineffective to deal with the actual problems), dumb but hates to learn and expand her horizon unless being prodded with the tip of sword called life's necessities, loves to try to control her surrounding (crazy, the only thing we can truly control is ourselves), and ego-driven most of the time. What is the female equivalent of the Peter Pan Syndrome? Because at the past she had several times expressed her wish that she is still a child. Childhood is not something I prefers to repeat unless I can bring the current mindset and abilities with me, it is the period where I am most vulnerable to the whims of my nuclear family, the period when I am most helpless on the face of their physical, mental and psychological abuses. I loathes that period in my life, at least now as an adult I can decide how I would like to live and away from their clutches. No, I don't have intention to help my sister, the way that spoiled brat treated me for years already ensured that I would watch her sink without lifting a finger at all. I envy people with family who did not treat them like freak who needs to be forced to fit the cookie-cutter ideal of how people should lead their life. I think after all of that that the most important lesson I need to learn in life, which I never get from my own biological family, is kindness and compassion. I saw them doing things that might look kind and good to outsider but actually was driven by their own need for gratitude. I saw how they reacted when the expected gratitude didn't came. Like it or not it shaped my view of the world. I am a blend of cynical and idealist most of the time.
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