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    Crocheting, Drawing, PLaying Instrument - Clarinet, Watching TV, Taking care of animals, Biking, Being GEEKY, Making movies, Sleeping, Browsing on the internet, talking and analzing things that happen in shows and movies, People watchHanging out with friends, Eating Ice-cream, Larping, Glowstick gun battles, Reading - manga and regular books, Taking pictures, Traveling - Hope to go to France for College
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    A Study In Pink
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    The Reichenbach Fall
  1. Teen titans Teen titans or The Flintsones
  2. Wacky Races Wacky Races or It only hurts when I laugh
  3. I found this very cool website that has images that someone created. These are very, very col if I do say so! http://www.graphic-exchange.com/exellence/prologue.htm
  4. May is ask why you say kill? Also, I like the shield kiss I guess Harrison Ford
  5. Top cat Top cat or Hong Kong phooey
  6. Indeed if I had time to think about dying that would be a terrible feeling
  7. Must be fast and painless, just so I don't have to think about what is happening to me.
  8. He killed himself so that Sherlock would have to too as well. He is a sadistic man who wanted Sherlock to suffer without his friends or really die. Although I don't know if would have expected Sherlock to fake his death, but then again he had one goal and mind and he usually thought everything out as did Sherlock, so who knows.
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