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  1. Teen titans Teen titans or The Flintsones
  2. Wacky Races Wacky Races or It only hurts when I laugh
  3. I found this very cool website that has images that someone created. These are very, very col if I do say so! http://www.graphic-exchange.com/exellence/prologue.htm
  4. May is ask why you say kill? Also, I like the shield kiss I guess Harrison Ford
  5. Top cat Top cat or Hong Kong phooey
  6. Indeed if I had time to think about dying that would be a terrible feeling
  7. Must be fast and painless, just so I don't have to think about what is happening to me.
  8. He killed himself so that Sherlock would have to too as well. He is a sadistic man who wanted Sherlock to suffer without his friends or really die. Although I don't know if would have expected Sherlock to fake his death, but then again he had one goal and mind and he usually thought everything out as did Sherlock, so who knows.
  9. Oh yes most of the people who do this I are older women.
  10. I think they did a very good job portraying the characters. I mean every adaptation of this series is going to be different but Im glad that this one works so well. I agree with you about the Watson thing, it seems as though they always make him big and kind of like an old man.
  11. Kiss, since people enjoy him and it wouldnt be fair for me to kill someone like him. Rick Astley
  12. For some odd reason I want to see something like a X-Files and Sherlock mixer. Im not really sure how that would work out but i just want to see what they come up with
  13. The Time Machine The Hunger Games (the series) The Land of Elyon (series) Sherlock Holmes (I am almost done with the first book and love it so far)
  14. Well right now I am totally obsessed with Rick Astley, he has fried my brain to where I cannot stop singing his songs. Ha, my friends sing his songs as well and then yell "Damn you Chantell!!" and all I can do is laugh my butt off.
  15. Oooh dear me, this is going to be fun!! Indiana Jones (all of them, except the 4th one, that one should have never happened) I Spy Star Wars (all of them) SpaceBalls Austin Powers (all of them) THe Lion King The Fast and The Furious (1st and 2nd) French Kiss The Land of the Lost Batman (all even the old movies) Independence Day Godzilla The Mummy (1st only) Wild Wild West And soooo much more...I love movies, a lot
  16. I play the Clarinet! 'Tis a fun instrument to play, most definitely!
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