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  1. That's hard. I actually do not desire or want (any more) love, but it still can happen, that my hormones go berserk over someone and because I always fall for those I know I can't - or even want(!) to get, it's always super-annoying and feels more like an illness. Not to mention it's a waste of time and energy. Good, it doesn't happen too often and the last time it happened 10 years ago.
  2. J.P.

    The possibly good and the definitely bad.

    Maybe they will, once fans stop moaning "give us S5" under everything they post at social media. Herlock, if you would be interested in changing your mind about Will Ferrell, you might have a look at Stranger Than Fiction.
  3. J.P.

    What other TV shows do you watch?

    The same is usually told to singles. I mean, WHEN should one be hellishly picky, if not by choice of a potentially life-long partner one is about to share everything with? Not really applicable to my situation, but I find saying this to anyone really stupid.
  4. It's not even the hostility. It's the baffling (to me) importance of definitions, categories and flags. I mean awareness is important, it would most probably give me more years free of wondering what's wrong and trying (half-heartedly) to fix it. But once I put it ad Acta, it doesn't matter anymore. It's not a thing in my life, not more than - let's say - base jumping. Or soccer. I still occasionally get annoyed by the over-sexualization of the world or shipping, but that's it. Maybe it's the combination of ace and introversion, maybe normal people experience more pressure or discrimination. It's possible that my coworker gossip about me (they gossip about everyone), but I don't remember anyone ever making any remarks. They might think I'm lesbian, but who cares? Neither I remember any pressure in the school, or family, besides of those annoyingly stupid questions at family meetings. Don't feel any need of coming out or so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The same about gender. I was oscillating from one side to another, found it amusing if people took me for a boy, as my friends did. Or hearing from young women that I would make a great guy. I never ever thought of chirurgical intervention. I mean I'm annoyed by my big boobs and the other parts, but I think a penis would be equally annoying. I don't understand men. Nor women.
  5. We have an Asexual Awareness Week and after reading the posts on Twitter I come to a conclusion that my sexual orientation and gender should be called "no" aka "I don't give a beep".
  6. J.P.

    Recently watched movies

    If been trough that when I was about seven. I still think it was a very important lesson.
  7. Oh, the ads are coming already. If there was no Halloween they have to cannibalize commercially, we could buy Christmas trees already.
  8. J.P.

    The Political Thread

    I'm seeing is with my mind's eye.
  9. J.P.

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    I meant the possessive form of nouns. They are similar to English but without apostrophes. Which doesn't prevent some people from using them anyway. The same for plurals.
  10. Oh… Was a customer to German public transportation from 1990 to 2004. Cannot blame anyone who doesn't want to use it. It's expensive, ineffective and in most of the countryside - practically non-existent. I'm starting to think the automobile industry is the German equivalent of NRA, when it comes to political influence. They were systematically killing the public infrastructure while pushing car sells. You should hear the present head of the German Ministry of Transportation. He sounds like a car salesman, wanting to solve the problems of cities reaching their traffic capacities by selling… electric cars. We are doomed.
  11. J.P.

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    I'm afraid all those apostrophes emigrated to Germany. They are everywhere where they shouldn't - in plurals and possessive genitives.
  12. J.P.

    Introverts, how is your day?

    A couple of things? You are very extroverted for an introvert…
  13. J.P.


    Today I had a dream - a crossover of The School Doomsday and The Loo Apocalypse. I was at some school, trying to find out about the exams I'll have to take (3 Months, no idea about what the exams would be) and while running around through this school/uni building I made a little trip to the toilet. Messy as usual in my dreams, but it was the first time I remember, when I've got massively contaminated during that visit. Woke up from trying to wash my blazer. Urgs…
  14. Yes, some wild animals adapt to the living in an urban environment.

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