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  1. It's strange about the cigs. I've heard they use nicotine-free ones, but maybe it's the smoke itself, that's getting worse without filters. Comes with the job I suppose.
  2. I imagine someone is trying to make a machine write in a foreign language (without naming the potential suspects). Some might be good at programming but not so good at spelling. Plus - it doesn't matter. They want people to engage in any way, if it's bashing the writing style, it's as good as anything else.
  3. The problem is that the forum does not accept "http://…", it has to be https://…" Adding the letter fixed it. ETA: of course it works only with servers that offer save connections.
  4. I also noticed I cannot post pictures directly using the code. The code parts are deleted once the post is saved. Probably need to rething… things. [img=http://www.alveni.de/Smilies/yess.gif]
  5. Oh, how good to meet someone with a similar view! It's almost like admitting you watch pornography, because most people see it as such. Prequel - you mean Season 2, the story before Spartacus? It's a bit weaker I think. I suspect it was made to fill the gape due to the lead being sick and dying (it's a really sad story, so damn young). They probably thought that it would prevent the viewers from loosing interest. As for the plot: for me it was interesting to realize that the conspiracies among the Roman nobles were as brutal as the fights on the arena, only with a bit more sophisticated methods. Or even they were worse, because gladiators had at least a kind of code they followed.
  6. Maybe people are using too much of those littel typing helpers or even say their textes and post them without checking? Bad grammar seems also to be a feature of bots.
  7. In the last few years I often feel a hell of validated, even before the Pandemic.
  8. This is exactly what my interpretation is. Sherlock noticed that John sees Mary (or senses her, or just leads an inner dialogue with a part of his psyche that escapes his control) and acknownledges this. Or just shows off to impress John. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I am. I float on the surface like those folks on that photos from the Dead Sea. Having a quite "windy" guts my also add to this effect. A propos: the thing about big boobs - sometimes they look like inflated. Not mine though.
  10. I think there are two, actually different, developements here. One is the (also lingwistically) acknowledging non binary people, the second is a male/female emancipation of the language. To go on with the example: if you speak of a group of female actors you would say actresses. But if it is a mixed group you would say actors, and treat actresses as automatically included. The hope is to make women more visible in the language. Really not sure if it will work, the discussion might even distracts from the real problems. And it sound strange - but this is probably just a matter of getting used to it. Beside this, english speaking countries seem not to be more emancipation-friendly. I'm curious how it turns out. For now, the change seems to develop really fast. And I see the same development in Poland, that despite having different structure, has the same "gender problem".
  11. Decided to re-watch Spartacus. Because I'm on vacation without being away, the weather is ridiculous and the Corona incidence reached 100 in my town - so binging Netflix while knitting doll socks and sweaters seems the best option available. Well, I only got my opinion confirmed after almost a decade. Actually, it's a good story, with solid writing, interesting and twist-rich plot with many surprises, decent acting, LGBT-representation and interesting visual style. It even managed re-casting of the lead character really well. BUT Someone there decided that literally buckets of red paint, body parts flying through the air and orgies that would made GoT makers blush* - that it all would make the show even better. It does not. So it probably will be only remembered for a bunch of dirty wrestlers running around in leather diapers, cutting each other into pieces in slow motion and showing of their clean shaven (WTF?!) d**cs - which is kind of sad and does not give the justice to the story. This show probably lost many potential viewers who couldn't stomach the butchery. So it's Lanisters who will be remembered as the masters of intriguing, even if they wouldn't survive a day in the Houses Batiatus or Crassus. *actually, beside wild orgies and rapes, there are also some explicit sex scenes full of love, caring and tenderness - something that GoT was remarkably bad at.
  12. Don't think so. He has other projects to concentrate on. On the other hands, the scripts and a whole bunch of transcripts are available online.
  13. I think I remember he had pads to stuff his cheeks for the part. Sadly, I don't remember where I've read it.
  14. Just learned she was also a painter https://www.panterandhallarchive.com/artist/una-stubbs/Available-or-Enquire
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