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  1. I moved my mum into a nursing house last week: sorted clothes with her, put all her stuff into place, built a shelf and moved stuff around the room. All with a mask on (the so called paper mask). For a whole beeping day of ca. 30 Celsius heat. You can get used to it and forget you have it on your face - I realized it as I was already driving. But maybe you have to get used to it, the first few times were indeed a bit weird. There are people with problems that cannot wear a mask, but the rest is just whining.
  2. Oh, then I surely missed the joke.
  3. Oops, I actually meant VIII and IX. It surely is an age thing too. I was about 10 when I saw IV in the cinema. And honestly, the sentiment I have for the "old" 3 movies is the memory of the feelings they caused back then. It's definitely not about the merch or fandom as we didn't have much of it, but it was something that stayed with you. Watching now though, I see them as quite cheesy, so I don't rewatch them any more. The memory is nicer. I would NEVER voluntarily rewatch IV-VI, the only good things about it were the costumes.
  4. It was a bit of funny feeling as I left the cinema after VII and IX. Because it definitely felt right. But the story… there was hardly any.
  5. It's here. From the quick look it's absolutely not my kind of show.
  6. I have a blurred memory of seeing it somewhere online, but the topic didn't seem to be of interest for me. I could look up again.
  7. Corona time surely isn't over. I would be happy if it was, but it's more like an eye of the storm. Fortunately the wave of demonstrations didn't feed the virus, so at least we know it's rather safe outside, but looking how people deal with the masks and run for vacation abroad, I see a second wave coming as soon as we are back indoors in the fall. As long as there is ONE person still infectious in the world, it's not over. Maybe it will never be. https://www.thelocal.de/20200617/schools-and-kitas-in-german-district-to-close-after-400-workers-at-meat-factory-test-positive-for-coronavirus
  8. Definitely not. If I was any of the makers I wouldn't want touch the matter any more in my entire life. There is practically no topic online posted by anyone even slightly involved in the show, without someone whining about S5. If you consider the fact that a big group of fans want S5 solely to finally get their ship done, I see it like a lost case right now. Why would they want to go trough that shitstorm valley again? I'm afraid the TJLC part of fandom and their petitioning killed the show in first place.
  9. Well, maybe he's just surprised that someone would like to talk to him as a person and not as a colleague. A bit like Sherlock baffled that John mad him his First Man. I bet with his way of interacting with people he doesn't get much invitations to chat.
  10. The reopenings of most venues are under restrictions too. It's still not the normal "normal".
  11. Yes, we are reopening. There is no significant rise of the daily cases after the "freedom"-protests last weekends, so it's probably less risky to meet outdoors than we feared. We've had some super-spreader cases, but AFAIK they all happened indoors. Still, I don't share people's urge to travel, especially travel abroad. Or go to a cinema, restaurant… oh, wait, I've never felt like that, actually. Forgot, again, that I'm an 👽.
  12. I'm afraid we would need at least Mycroft. And even he would have to bribe Eurus with some nice present. Seriously, the situation in the USA seems to be so messed up, I cannot even imagine how we could ever come back to normal. In the meantime the other part does as the corona crisis was over or even non existent. Opening borders and outdoor swimming pools. Vacation frenzy. Full malls. Where the hell is that rocket to Mars!
  13. https://twitter.com/Markgatiss/status/1268497792407932929?s=20 TheMadnessOfGeorgeIII is streaming from 11-18 June for free on YouTube with #NationalTheatreAtHome.
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