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  1. Ben is in New Zealand right now. 🙄
  2. Yeah, I found it too, but I'm not sure if the money was also a joke.
  3. And Ben might be too expensive now. PS: the "one shot" thing might be a misunderstanding, because it's technically impossible. But it's another story.
  4. You mean our Sherlock? Well, "made in the 70" - that means in the formative years for both Mofftisses. so they could have seen it - and borrowed something. Or do you mean you thought the Godzilla movie was inspired by Sherlock?
  5. Hah, Agatha and her "detective friend"! Actually, it's a closed case for me. I'm so fed up with this topic, also due to people demanding it by any (appropriate or not) opportunity they get. When I imagine that many of them just want their ship to finally come true, I think the case better should remain closed for a while now.
  6. That's a really detailed question. . It's seem to be knowledge and memory he inherited from the people he bit (and it was the reason for him collecting certain people on the ship). But if it was purely chemical (which still would be true with sniffing things from blood, as he did) he would have download everything. Maybe he can filter useful things from the background noise, who knows? He had ages to learn.
  7. Their physical relationship wasn't long, but he had her whole life in his mind, all her experiences from her childhood. This is not long in physical sense, but still a lifetime. At least I see it that way. A-Z don't know if it was even purposeful, but it's still like beginning and end. I don't remember anything regarding it from canon, but there are several hints to other shows, even to Inside Nr 9, which is a show running by the other guys from The League of Gentlemen. So who knows?
  8. Well it's all based on the concept of "oral download" (which I loved btw). Dracula had her inside his mind as all the people he fed on, with the difference that he saw her as someone interesting, full of knowledge and an adequate adversary. It's not so much sexual, but very intimate relationship. Their chess play reminded me very much of the confrontation between Sherlock and The Cabbie. Then, he saw Zoe as an incarnation of Agatha, because of her bloodline (actually it makes no sense because Agatha didn't have any children, but erm… okay) , but also because he "downloaded" Zoe with Dracula's blood. And he didn't sacrificed his life for her, he used her to kill himself and end her suffering. (BTW, did you notice A to Z in their names?) I do agree with the other arguments, they concentrated on Lucy while there were so many deliciously interesting themes to explore. And Lucy was a very shallow and unconvincing character. I think it was a nod to canon, but she was the weakest part of the whole show.
  9. It's us dealing with the Climate Change…
  10. There is a plenty of nods to the older Dracula films, but - in their own way - they worked with elements that didn't find much attention in other adaptations. The most shallow female character (being the weak point in Ep 3) can also be interpreted as quite shallow in the book. No, she meant scary. She was scared as hell, she said, but she's a self-proclaimed movie-coward.
  11. I hear the voices in the wind bitching about Moffat's female characters and have to agree to an extent. But after going through the original material, some things make more sense now - and give the appearance of Mark's character a humorous touch. And, as it was with Sherlock, it's a funny game: watching where and in which disguise the original characters will pop up. Especially the 3rd ep feels a bit better to me now. Not to mention all the Easter eggs placed by the set designers. And to my own surprise - I liked that slightly cheesy ending. The last line really moved me, so afterwards, I felt really satisfied, like after a good meal. And I have to say, I loved the "blood is lives" approach to the topic. At least to me, it was something new and original. BTW, coworker of me said, the show was too scary for her. Cannot say I understand. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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