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  1. Sorry, won't be responding elaborately this week. I'm on vacation and have WiFi with a hiccup. What I wanted to show in the first place is that what "seems" a solution don't have to be one. Banning cups, straws and bags may be the first step in the right direction - or just a cover for doing nothing about other aspects of the plastic problem. Because people usually don't look any further.
  2. Cotton bag? You might have a look at this website. https://qz.com/1585027/when-it-comes-to-climate-change-cotton-totes-might-be-worse-than-plastic/ It's not even real toys I'm talking about, it's the trash you buy for your smartphone, for your shoes, the giveaways you get at the cash-point. Things you throw away, things with no use at all. The same is for the reusable plastic bottles, but they are much lighter. They actually are a little bit better than recyclable plastic bottles AFAIK.
  3. J.P.

    The Political Thread

    If they're talking about keeping non-viable infants as comfortable as possible but not putting them on life support, then there's precedent. It's comparable to the option of not putting an adult on life support when there's no hope of their recovery. I cannot imagine the other version being even considered a possibility, not in the US. That's why this kind of misinformation is so dangerous. People (aka idiots) will start believing it, which is disastrous.
  4. J.P.

    Game of Thrones

    I'm quite disappointed that they didn't show the effects of the Night King being killed. What changed? Was'nt Winter his doing? After the disaster of two last weeks, this episode felt right again. Or at least right-ish.
  5. J.P.

    The Political Thread

    It makes no sense, like post-mortal murder. Postnatal means after birth. Then it cannot be an abortion which is terminating a pregnancy by medical (or other) procedure. I think the real issue was about premies/newborns with no life expectancy. After birth, doctors are discussing the treatments, but it's more about not forcing life prolonging procedures onto those newborns. But - surprise, surprise - the term nonviable is obviously overlooked. Because people are able only to read headlines and maybe the first sentence of any text. Not to mention that the word is too diffiult to understand.😕
  6. J.P.

    The Political Thread

    Good to know. Most of the terms used in the discussion are misleading, the "best" of the being post-natal abortion. But who needs facts? Mr. President says they kill babies, so it must be true. 😕
  7. J.P.

    Game of Thrones

    AFAIK they are trying again. I'm not looking!
  8. TLD was actually quite good. But not the other two.
  9. Well, you might start your own. You would be in a great company. https://www.change.org/p/hbo-remake-game-of-thrones-season-8-with-competent-writers https://thecutteralicia.tumblr.com/post/156327163686/my-letter-to-the-london-switchboard https://www.change.org/p/make-hartswood-films-bbc-gatiss-and-moffat-answer-for-the-queerbaiting-of-sherlock https://www.change.org/p/michael-fassbender-for-sebastian-moran-on-bbc-sherlock-request-formichael-fassbender-to-play-sebastian-moran-on-bbc-show-sherlock https://www.change.org/p/we-need-a-season-5-of-sherlock-holmes
  10. J.P.

    Game of Thrones

    Which one? The Lynch's one was more Lynch than Dune, but I like some of the cast choices. And music. The series - I don't remember almost anything of it. Which actually tells it all. (Oh, yes I remember how I was wondering why they chose roundish Uwe Ochsenknecht to play a Freman) PS: I always wondered if Petyr Baelish was named after Piter de Vries.
  11. Sometimes it's the lack of ability to distinguish between "possible" and "complete BS". This is really scary.
  12. J.P.

    The WTF Thread

    Maybe it would be better to answer "because there are no clouds"?
  13. J.P.

    Game of Thrones

    There were no books with an end, as the shows are written on the go. Dune and Witcher started well, but the following books felt more and more like the characters were just strolling around in the search for meaning and the writers are paid per word. Dune at the end actually felt like written by a ghost writer. In GoT, as long as there were books all seemed okay…
  14. J.P.

    Game of Thrones

    As I said - gonads. And their hormones. Chemical defect etc.
  15. J.P.

    The WTF Thread

    I wouldn't trust photographs. They lie. There is a waves-factor, the reflection-factor (sun position, light intensity, whatsnot), but there is definitely a color the water has. It can be brown-yellowish, blue, green, probably depending on stuff dissolved in it, algae, etc. Marsh water is dark and brown like tea. The river that flew through the town of my birth was actually opaque-grey, like liquid graphite from all the coal dust and sewage in it.

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