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  1. I'm also concerned about the long term effects. It's just too soon to think about it now, we have to literally survive it first. And the stricter the rules the sooner we are over it. Just cannot stop thinking what would happen if they have put the areas on quarantine after the first cases (we knew what it looked like in China already) and closed the borders. Theoretically if all movement was stopped for the period of time needed for an infected person to get rid of the virus, we could have the problem sorted out - there would be sick people in isolation and the rest of us could go back to business. The problem is - none of the politicians want to be responsible of the economical costs of a shut-down, so they waited, debated and tried to pass the responsibility down the chain of command. PS: Actually I'm still undecided if I'm more concerned about the changes that will follow - or that nothing really changes.
  2. Doing fine, but my brain cannot decide if it's in work mode or not. It's a funny state. I didn't have any fears of isolation, I also don't freak out about the restrictions and the proclaimed state of emergency*, but it doesn't feel like your regular cocooning for 2-3 weeks when you are on holiday. Need some kind of prospect and then I need to get used to it, but at the moment all is still uncertain. I'm alone in the office, nobody bothers me all day long, but I cannot concentrate. Next week my company goes into short-time working, but we weren't told on which conditions yet. It can be total close or part-time working. Almost all colleagues are working from home (yet) and we still have quite a big project to be finished quickly, but after that I doubt we'll have anything to do for a while. Schools and non-essential shops are closed, also restaurants, cinemas and every place made for gatherings. Many big corporations are going into short-time working too. We are still short of toilet paper and cheap soap, also toast bread and many brands of pasta, flour and rice, but it's not like the whole supermarkets are empty, at least not where I go shopping. Case numbers still going higher. I hope that we won't have a situation like Italy, but it will show in the last two weeks, if the implemented measures were enough. In my eyes they came at least a week, if not two weeks too late. * I realize that the most of the people here didn't experienced any nation-wide trouble since… maybe the oil crisis in the 70ies. They take all for granted, also the right to be anti-social jerks. As a survivor of the Martial Law period in Poland it's not that new for me.
  3. Military coup, or something similar was what I was thinking of. He doesn't care about constitution or anything else. And his followers would march on DC with guns if he asked them to. He kind of mentioned being the president until the end of times, with a huge applause. This will be interesting. I have a new fine show title for you: Orange Is The New Plague.
  4. And don't forget he will do everything to stay where he is. Be it a third (and fourth, and…) term, be it by not going away even if he loses the election. I can easily imagine he will go Putin in that regard.
  5. Well, watch Stuart The Life Backwards. I bought a cheap DVD without subtitles and gave up after several minutes.
  6. It keeps surprising me how people are afraid of staying in, esp. with their kids. This is like I get confirmed more and more how much of an alien I am. I cannot remember much my parents being responsible for me having fun at home. I was glad I was able to stay at home and play in peace. PS: we have 1st case of Corona in our company. Sigh, I'm so tired of repeating: "haven't I told you?" It's not easy being right all the time, when you are an optimist… with experience.
  7. Yepp. That will be really hard. And wit the Orange in Charge I imagine you don't even have much hope for help.
  8. Gosh, I feel so privileged having all the social security protecting my back. It will be a hard year, when the effects of demand decrease (except for noodles and toilet paper) and broken delivery chains start to show, but at least I don't have to worry about things like that for now. At the moment the biggest concern is staying healthy in the time of soon-to-be overflowing hospitals and overworked doctors an nurses. Because people are idiots and throw big parties before the announced shut-down. Some folks' statements make me want to throw up and then kill them. I'm curious about the Monday - after bringing several hundred people together last weekend my company thinks of letting as many employees as possible working from home-office. Have I wrote I hate leap years? And people.
  9. Of course it is. It just depend on your definition of "love".
  10. J.P.


    I had another of those dreams… I needed a while after waking up to reassure myself: I'm 50+, I never enlisted to a class for getting a master craftsman's diploma that was much too stressful for me. and I'm not late fighting with my car. And yes, I've had dreams about missing school or exams I'm totally unprepared for, but it were DREAMS! There are two kinds of dreams I get. One can be dramatic (recently I dreamt a whole new Avengers movie), but even if I experience them in first person, I'm still kind of watching them like movies, emotionally unattached. The other kind is when I dream a stressful life situation and it's VERY emotionally engaging and feeling real to the degree that after waking up I need time to recall my real life.
  11. I thing the problem with it is not the severity or mortality, but that it's so infectious. And even if it's not life threatening to the most people, if there are too many people just sick and infectious, it becomes a problem of logistics, availability of hospitals and medication - and in the end a threat to the economy. Right now there are problems around the world, because the shipping of parts made in China are delayed and it disturbs production of cars, machines and such. Which clearly show the risks of globalization, both to our health and our economies.
  12. 😷 Okay, folks. Put on your protective gear. There is a first case of Corona in my city.
  13. Just a thought about the chair: I imagine it must be hard to sit down or get up from it. Plus - if you are a rather small person you might get problems with the leg part. I've had an old chair that unfolded itself into a similar shape, but because my legs were too short, I've got knee ache after a while.
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