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  1. Did he actually say that? I mean, do we know that he did? I have heard what he said about John McCain. I don't believe 100% he said those words, but I think it's quite possible.
  2. Just read: "Police are appealing for information after a man attacked a 63👀-year-old NHS worker, leaving them unconscious on a bus in north London." Why THEM and not him or her? I think I've seen this form before.
  3. Usual reformatting discs will only delete the directories. The data itself is still there and a specialist can still access them. There are options on the newer devices with the names like secure delete or similar. You could try to fill your disc with some huge amount of trash data, but it would take a lot of time.
  4. Well, I rather suspect Mofftiss didn't think of Martin's shooting hand while writing the script. I wonder if any of them even noticed Martin is left-handed of ambidextrous.
  5. I bet we have some christmassy stuff already in the stores.
  6. Okay, let's see. The normal in Germany is mostly 40 h / 5 days a week. Where I work, we have 38,5 h/w with quite flexible times. Now with Corona and home office, they are even more flexible. I'm working 30h/w which is considered part-time but it doesn't change anything but the payment. We've got 24-30 paid days of vacation, depending on company. But I remember… As I was at school, in Poland we've actually had 6 day weekdays, with 46 h/w, then it slowly changed into 1 free Saturday a month, then it was 1 "working" Saturdays a month. It changed to 5d/w some time in the 90ies. When I started working I've had two weeks of paid vacation - must have been 10 or 12 days, but they counted Sat/Sun into it (or was it only Sat?) After 10 years of working you've got 1 month.
  7. Dunno. As I started my first job, I was the one for making dummies of flyers and brochures. That involved a lot of cutting paper. And for cutting paper, unlike cutting potatoes I use my left hand. A colleague went by and was terrified: I cannot even look at you doing this with your left hand, it looks wrong and dangerous.
  8. I use my left hand for the fork and right for the knife, which is the usual way of eating in Poland and Germany. I mostly use spoon with my left (dominant) hand. Sometimes I use the other hand and wonder why it's not really functioning. Generally, when cutting things I usually use my right hand. I know, it's confusing.
  9. It's crazy isn't it? You could say, being cautious would be a normal reaction - that means if something might be dangerous, you behave as if it WAS dangerous, until you are sure it isn't. But people behave like: "if it might be dangerous we will do as if it wasn't, until someone proves it is. So let's us do (or not) only the things that are required, but not an inch more than that." How did Humanity manage to come down from the trees? Maybe we evolved from the apes that were to dumb to climb and fell down. 😕
  10. Re: the dying from COVID vs. dying with COVID: If you die in a car accident, it doesn't matter that your heart was too weak to deal with the blood loss, or if broken bones caused fat embolism, or if your brain swelled in your crushed skull until the blood stopped to circulate. You die because you were in a car accident, no matter how your health was before. You would still be alive without that accident. The same is for Corona imo. BTW, the more we know about the virus, the darker it gets. It does not only wreaks havoc in your system if you were seriously ill. There is also long term damage - to your heart, your blood vessels, your kidneys, even to your brain, and that also applies to people who were hardly sick, or even not sick at all. I'm afraid we are in deep trouble.
  11. They will surely ask why thousands and thousands of people went on vacation as soon as it wasn't forbidden.
  12. Are they renovating the façade? Mesh "curtains" are used to cover the scaffoldings and keep the dust from flying around.
  13. The video btw was posted by me. Did I made an extra thread for this? I think so, but don't ask me where.
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