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  1. This! Thousand time this! I never thought I would feel Mycroft's goldfish quote THAT MUCH. That's a longer story actually and it started with Putin's war. Belarus is his ally and AFAIK they have invited migrants, flown them in by planes, and then sent them to the Polish border on feet. Apart from this being a humanitarian catastrophe, it was an additional burden for Poland, especially as they were dealing with a flood of Ukrainian refugees at the beginning of the war already and they had never before dealt with immigrants on that scale. The former government has chosen the US way of dealing with it and built a fence. Which of course doesn't solve the problem of people being stuck in the woods and getting desperate. I'm afraid I don't have a full picture of the situation, it's only things I catch on the radio and it's not that much. Anyway, just going back "home" isn't too tempting right now, even if there is hardly anything keeping me here besides the job. (And of course, the prospect of the move itself I hardly have energy for, but that's another story) The world became such an uninviting place.
  2. Yes, I've seen The Last of Us, mostly because of Bella Ramsay. It was okay-ish. Still, it got me surprisingly emotional in the last episode, as they told Joel about the the operation. The whole show is carried by the actors' performances imo. The story itself is quite standard - they just exchanged a virus with a fungus, that's all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yes, they are both based on the same book. ETA: this is an article in German, maybe you can let Google translate it. It made me curious. I'm waiting for more interesting stuff to go back to Netflix, but it will be on my list. https://www.ndr.de/kultur/film/Netflix-Serie-Ripley-Andrew-Scott-als-talentierter-Hochstapler,ripleyserie100.html
  3. But does it have what you might call the "soul" of a genuine XYZ piece? I'm afraid it doesn't matter - yet. When I see what people are gushing over on FB, I doubt most of them even know what the reality looks like. They don't want a "soul" - they want "fast" and "cheap". But it won't go well for very long imo. Here is an article Brands Are Beginning to Turn Against AI After lots of hype from big tech and a rush to integrate trendy new tools into every aspect of our lives, the backlash seems inevitable https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/ai-image-brand-backlash-1235040371/
  4. The problem is: why should anyone buy anything from you when they can let AI make it? Everyone can create an image "in the style of XYZ", without XYZ knowing or agreeing to this. Renowned artists have problems with that and I understand it. It's literally flooding the "market" with falsificates.
  5. You have to define "belonging". It's not like they resell those works and make money from that. They feed their AI with it to make money from the AI. I think we need a whole new category of laws here. It is. But it's also scary as hell if you consider that some kinds of AI (not necessarily visual ones) are practically everywhere. We might get a Terminator scenario, but not because AI is so clever, but because it grows dumber. It kind of happened already. https://edition.cnn.com/2024/06/14/style/flamingo-photograph-ai-1839-awards/index.html Soon we'll have two groups of ppl: Those who believe anything as soon as it's in a picture (and don't care about the actual source) and those who doubt everything. The second situation is especially sad for artists and photographers, who now have to provide proof their art is not… art-ificial. Finally, we started to develop an AI to detect AI. 🫣
  6. I was fascinated by the AI possibilities, I even played with Midjourney for a while. My greatest concern was fakes and I was right so far. I'm not completely on the "art theft" bandwagon yet, but I'm getting there fairly quickly, and I fully understand the concerns of artists fearing for their jobs. You can theoretically opt out of AI using your images on Meta - but it's so ridiculously complicated and seems not to work in many cases. So I was happy about Nightshade. But hardly it's out, there comes Adobe and claims everything you made with their software is free for them to use. No opting out. In the meantime, I've read somewhere that the net is so flooded with those bad fakes, that AI starts to learn from AI and therefore the mistakes cumulate and the pics' quality worsens.🤪
  7. It started long before the attack in Gaza. It's the old antisemitism that was never gone. Things like this: https://www-rbb24-de.translate.goog/panorama/beitrag/2023/10/berlin-davidstern-schmierereien-polizei-zunahme-israel-.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp Many people think about this development as being similar to 1933 when Hitler started his "career". In the meantime, the far right openly talk about deporting non-Germans - and people supporting them, about bringing old order, showing women their place… etc, etc. And they are winning, especially in the former East Germany. The same happens around Europe, in Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia… it's unsettling. In Poland, surprisingly, the conservatives lost by a close vote last year, so at least the religious indoctrination and their taking over media and education have been stopped - yet. Still, it's not a place I would like to go back to right now, esp. with the war over the border and ongoing Bielarussian provocations, reliving old national resentments and attempts to leave the EU.
  8. It has nothing to do with the recent situation.
  9. VBS, <- but with my owl coffee mug. I'm afraid it is. Actually, it's not scary THAT way. It's gory/macabre, but the Zombies are actually rather a part of the scenery. Once I got used to them, I didn't even notice them. BUT: the real horror lies in things people are doing to each other, and it's not the human gore that's most difficult to watch sometimes. I've had a moment when I considered breaking it up because it was so depressing (knowing that people actually can be even worse in RL, didn't help). It still has good/engaging characters, an interesting story and some great moments. It "got me" while I was watching it as a background for knitting, not paying 100% attention - so it was a bit of a surprise. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same problem all long shows have - they start to be written for money, so the quality decreases in favour of length and to me, it is really visible. Fear The Walking Dead is a kind of sister show. It's the same universe and a similar timeline, but different locations and characters. To me, it was much less engaging. The same for other spin-offs and there are… wait… four more of them. Haven't seen Ripley, but I can hardly remember the movie version, which meant I wasn't that impressed by the story. BTW, have anyone of you seen Eric with Ben?
  10. Yeah, it becomes "them vs. us" too much and you have to "buy the whole package". Sometimes I've had the impression the Civil War has never ended - and that was on IMDB movie discussions! On the other hand, our system is going south too. You have the impression ALL of them are liars or idiots or both. The rise of radical right/fascists is scary and that shows in the EU parliament as well. Don't know if it's true, but I've read about (mostly) Jewish people literally packing already and many more are considering emigration. …which also crossed my mind, but well… actually there is nowhere to go.
  11. I still somehow remember the old one and I'm amazed how different they look regarding costumes. Of course the style of making movies/shows changed a lot, but they look as if they were placed in two different timeframes.
  12. I've seen the first 3(?) Seasons of Sons of Anarchy. It has some good aspects, but it starts to drag. I'm making a break* from streaming and I'm not too eager to watch the rest. I might do it though, the next time I get Disney. *because I've bought myself the complete The Walking Dead on DVD for my birthday. You might guess, I'm still stuck with it. 😆 Have you seen Yellowstone? I liked it a lot, for the (very good) performances and story, and also for the wonderful cinematography + Western nostalgia. ETA: Hey, VBS!
  13. Watch, if you haven't yet - as long as it's out there…
  14. https://corporate.uktv.co.uk/news/article/filming-begins-further-cast-confirmed-mark-gatiss-bookish-alibi/
  15. Watched Andrew's new film All Of Us Stangerst on Disney+ It's such a sad movie, but good.
  16. Do they still have any users to threat? I'm long gone… And I remember this site as it was just a simple, script-free and fast tool to keep your pics handy.
  17. This seems to be quite recent.
  18. BTW: Mark Gatiss is the 2023 UK Theatre Awards recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to British Theatre Award https://uktheatre.org/mark-gatiss-is-the-2023-uk-theatre-awards-recipient-of-the-outstanding-contribution-to-british-theatre-award/
  19. Another good show, keeping the quality through all seasons, with a story that seems to be written from beginning to end: Black Sails. I needed a second try, though. I saw it on TV once, not from the beginning and all I remembered was the incredible face of Zack McGowan. But it's well done and a more realistic counterpart to Pirates of the Caribbean.
  20. Welcome, Outlaw. This looks like one of those self-made books, even if it's made very well. Could be printed by an online service. Or maybe it's a bookbinder's exam piece? I doubt if you find the other piece, even if there is one at all. If you are interested in the scripts themselves, they were available online. You might look up this thread: https://www.sherlockforum.com/forum/topic/3639-sherlock-scripts-and-other-info-sources/ @Carol, Ariane made transcripts from the episodes, the original scripts (final drafts) may vary, even if it's not much in the case of Sherlock. I always wanted to see the early drafts, but they are not online AFAIK.
  21. I think it's a cause. We've had a great Polish forum for keeping in touch with our schoolmates. It wasn't much about conversation, but if you wanted to find a Polish person, that was the place to go. As soon as FB grew more popular, people wandered off and the forum had to close. While FB is a kind of pub you go to see your buddies, the other one was more like a school reunion site: different purpose, different vibes.
  22. This was already hard to find a Forum back then. I cannot manage more than one obsession at the same time, so I was rarely writing somewhere else and I was so happy to be here, that I didn't notice that the change was universal. I think it's places like FB that killed forums. Social media is mostly about spreading own ideas, not discussing them with others. Everybody is their own Moderator and Admin, and they make their own rules: "It's my post, I don't have to tolerate opinions different from mine." It's so boring, that one wants really to shoot some wall.
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