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  1. I think it's a cause. We've had a great Polish forum for keeping in touch with our schoolmates. It wasn't much about conversation, but if you wanted to find a Polish person, that was the place to go. As soon as FB grew more popular, people wandered off and the forum had to close. While FB is a kind of pub you go to see your buddies, the other one was more like a school reunion site: different purpose, different vibes.
  2. This was already hard to find a Forum back then. I cannot manage more than one obsession at the same time, so I was rarely writing somewhere else and I was so happy to be here, that I didn't notice that the change was universal. I think it's places like FB that killed forums. Social media is mostly about spreading own ideas, not discussing them with others. Everybody is their own Moderator and Admin, and they make their own rules: "It's my post, I don't have to tolerate opinions different from mine." It's so boring, that one wants really to shoot some wall.
  3. But at least they are good ones. Some comments I see now make me wonder if people posting them are able to write a single sensible sentence.
  4. God save me from Tumblr. Don't know Reddit yet, but I will take a look at all your links, thanks. I also just realized that finding a Sherlock forum wasn't that easy either.
  5. As some of you might have read, I got myself another show to obsess about, The Walking Dead. I was a bit hesitant about diving into another rabbit hole, especially when it comes to another fandom: I've got enough Sherlock fandom drama for the rest of my life. Above that, to catch up after 10+ years feels quite scary, it was bad enough after 5 years of Sherlock. My brain will all the information available out there - and it wants it all at once. 🤪 But… The problem is that I have reflections. And they won't disappear, they want to be shared. At least mine want that very strongly. I just need an exchange of ideas and information, and I feel like it's a shame nobody will get the pleasure to know them. "Information metabolism" is as essential for me as the physical one. So after a lot of deliberating, I finally decided to look after a forum. And now comes the surprise: there are as good as none out there. Most are completely gone (dead links on old listings), or almost dead right now. I tried one, and after a few posts, I feel like talking to a void, which is very disappointing. The other one had two threads still running this year, so I doubt it's even worth the effort. Facebook is even worse, all you find there is some chain-posting of photos with "oh, he's so hot"-comments, or shallow rants. No real EXCHANGE of thought. I have been in discussion forums since I got web access in 1997 or -98. Do you remember Yahoo! Groups? I was there. Since then I always had an online home (or two) for my current obsession. Even the IMDB movie discussions, despite all the trolls and verbal wars, were much better than what happens now. Are forums dead? Is intelligent discussion dead? It feels like the end of an era right now.
  6. I use PayPal for all the transactions. I think once or twice it happened that the service wasn't cancelled, but it's not so much money, definitely less than paying several services parallelly. Amazon btw. offers instant canceling and they give you a partial refund. Don't know if it's permanent or they just try a new thing.
  7. At least in Germany, most services offer one-month subscriptions. So I mostly buy one month, watch, what I find interesting and then hop to another service. Watching Netflix, Amazon, Sky and Disney this way.
  8. I think I've seen recent photos from the location. It's a kind of a theme park.
  9. Not in the Kitchen. https://www.google.com/maps/@51.5262505,-0.1369613,2a,87.3y,335.66h,48.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYq_higYx9iQAAAQvxSNYfg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=de&entry=ttu I also didn't see a washer in and of set photos of Mr. Hudson's kitchen.
  10. Okay, this is possible.
  11. Carol what I meant with the window - the horizontal strut in the middle has a break. Why? While other details might be attributed to the poor skills of the artist*, like the strange shadows on Leia's face or her teeth, or the way hair is shown, and the "snowing" as adding a bit of Christmas mood - what sane human would do this? Too bad posting images here is so complicated without a hosting service. *it definitely doesn't look like a photograph.
  12. And here is an interesting text about the other use of AI https://daviddlevine.com/2023/12/ai-is-poisoning-your-brain/
  13. After a while, you get a feeling for it. The cheap ones, made by amateurs are not hard to recognize. Look for illogical parts. Hands were good to recognize - wrong number, unnatural positions etc. Leia's left hand and the white finger on her right look strange. Then, there are illogical details- e.g., chairs or tables, the number and position of the legs - because AI doesn't understand how those pieces work. Clothing: does it work? are buttons where they are supposed to be, do they have respective buttonholes? Here we see the creases of Leia's dress look odd, esp. the left sleeve. The window in the background: even an unskilled painter wouldn't make a mistake like this. Usually, AI cannot write, here I suppose the letters were added later, and the perspective is a bit off. As for how it works. The algorithms analyse pictures available online and learn how things look like. What is a horse? Shapes, colors, positions, it's not totally unlike the way we learn to paint by looking up photographs and pictures made by others. They also learn about styles, like what is a style of a particular artist (and here is where the copyright problems start), what is an aquarell, pastell etc. Then they learn by being used by ppl online: what variations they chose, what is considered as good looking etc. So the artists are also training partners. The descriptions (aka prompts) are a whole science. There are all kinds of rules, a lot of experimenting. Getting what you really want can take hours and hard work. The problem that I see is that you also can get bad images pretty quickly and ppl seem not to care. I'm regularly spammed at FB by such images and some are ridiculous. Ppl believe they are real photos though. Which is a huge field for fakes and a reason I got allergic to AI images after a short period of fascination. Recently I read that AI images flooded the net to the extent, that the algorithms started to learn from them and that caused the mistakes to cumulate. 🤪 So maybe AI turns to be useless.
  14. Looks like an AI-image.
  15. I think so, at least some of them. But they are not growing well in the soil here, so I hardly have some now. Which is a shame, because I remember them like this: And now the best I can get is this:
  16. Oh, I didn't even know that or paid attention to the spurs. Maybe it's because we don't have hummingbirds here.
  17. A random thought about storytelling that came to me while vacuuming: Already in my twenties, I concluded that the main difference between fiction and reality is that a story has to make sense and have a point. And today my brain added: Maybe that's why we are so obsessed with stories: They are an attempt to make us believe, that there is some sense and meaning to our lives.
  18. Okay, guys, it's really a long time since I've been so impressed with someone THAT much. Like a BC-level of being impressed. Like I-need-to-share-it-or-I-will-burst kind of impressed. It's an hour-long interview, but I think it's worth listening even if you don't know him or haven't watched a single episode of TWD. Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso - Jon Bernthal https://talkeasypod.com/jon-bernthal-replay/
  19. I've seen recordings of Coriolan, The Madness of George III and The Vote.
  20. Mark Gatiss is the 2023 UK Theatre Awards recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to British Theatre Award https://uktheatre.org/mark-gatiss-is-the-2023-uk-theatre-awards-recipient-of-the-outstanding-contribution-to-british-theatre-award/
  21. … and probably in one piece. 😄
  22. A nice interview: https://glasgowguardian.co.uk/2023/09/08/dr-who-is-sherlock-holmes-in-space-in-conversation-with-steven-moffat/
  23. An interview in The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2023/jul/20/mark-gatiss-id-be-the-first-naturist-doctor-that-would-scare-away-the-daleks
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