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  1. The Vote with Mark, Part 1
  2. Frankenstein is free on YouTube. Both versions. For a week. https://www.youtube.com/user/ntdiscovertheatre
  3. I understand it. But imagine - noone would come. He would explode.
  4. I remember I was gladly sitting still for 8 hours in my mum's office, entertaining myself with some quiet activity instead to go to the kindergarten. On the other hand, homeschooling would make me into a complete weirdo not knowing how to behave around people and I would surely have huge issues with the self-discipline. I even have them now.
  5. But I think he can fire them. That's the only reason why Faucci tries to keep a straight face and Birx "kind of" praises him for his response. They should have sent him to his room for so many times… I wonder why there are any journalists still coming though.
  6. There is an article that sums it up nicely: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/04/trump-coronavirus-sunlight-disinfectant-brix-sceince.html
  7. The German 1. League is certainly not having no money. They seem to be the second holy cow in this country just behind car industry, I wouldn't be surprised if someone was pulling some strings lobby-wise. If we open soccer, others will come and want to be opened. We already have the arguments about one stores being able to open, while others can't, about "why I cannot visit my relatives?", "Why I can walk, but not read a book on a bench", etc, etc…
  8. He was clearly presenting his brain fart to the lady who spoke before him. Dr Brix? Have you seen her face? (OK, I found a video) Then, he stated afterwards he was being "sarcastic" to a reporter, who haven't even been at the briefing. To be sarcastic you need 1. an IQ higher than 10, 2. being actually aware of being sarcastic, 3. having a sense of humour. His sense of humour is mocking disabled journalists. He have heard of UV and disinfectants are killing germs, maybe about the Healight from some dubious "medical" company (if it's not another one he actually owns). And he had that idea, like kids have them and they immediately come up with the weirdest stuff. Sadly he is speaking faster than he can think, obviously and talks every trash that comes to his mind.
  9. Actually last time I watched, you can get plenty of needles on the internet. Yes, he didn't directly said about injecting stuff, but the way His Monstrosity presented it to long year professionals reminded me about a 5 year old having a "tremendous idea". He really lost any connection with reality. BTW, have you seen the woman doctor's face during the speech? *facepalm*
  10. Re: soccer. I've seen the pictures from the trainings. No sign of distancing. And how do you want to distance while trying to get a ball from the opposite player? All of them breathing heavily, shouting etc. What I found worse, they want to keep them tested all the time - while the average folk has to have symptoms AND a contact with a sick person to get tested. IMO The teams would have to be group-quarantined, and there should be 14 Days between the matches to exclude the possibility of getting it from the other team. Not to mention all the people keeping that whole circus running. It's madness. I'm also convinced by reasoning that people will get together in the areas around the stadiums, even if they are closed, and they would meet with each other to watch the matches on TV. And above all - it's a wrong statement, showing the players as someone better than the rest and soccer as being more essential than… well, being essential at all. Meanwhile only 60% of people in my state agree with the obligatory carrying of facemasks. They are opening schools without being able to apply the hygiene and distancing rules. France urges their citizens to spend their vacation travelling only in the country. I mean, WTF, does we have a cease-fire with the virus? Have it left, bored with us? Are we suddenly immune? We do deserve to go extinct. I even made a T-shirt for it, funnily enough some weeks before the corona bomb exploded. There were reasons enough, even before COVID.
  11. This goes beyone EVERYTHING any writer could even imagine. No dystopia beats this.
  12. Just watching TV with herds of people on the streets and in the parks of Berlin. Police had to close a whole recreational area because of such behaviour. They are partially opening schools and… seriously discussing opening the Soccer season. I mean WFAF???
  13. I bought toilet Paper yesterday! The isle was quite… draughty, but there were some expensive sorts and one cheaper, fortunately the one I use.
  14. I'm afraid that business as usual is exactly how people will act. Some will be disobedient by their political views, others will ignore them because they don't believe it's a threat. And from those who won't - a part is too stupid/nor informed enough to do it properly.
  15. Mycroft can learn a language in 1-2 days. Probably all Wikipedia is written by him.
  16. I've watched The Day After, because it was included in Prime. Geeez, this movie aged terribly. It's not even the bad SFX, but the make-up and cheesy dialogues, not even the cast - actually very good actors - can save it. But I still remember the enormous impact it had.
  17. I don't know what EXACTLY they were testing, so it's hard to say. But still, the self-disinfecting metallic surfaces don't apply to COVID19. Probably to other viruses too. AFAIK the oligodynamic effect is slowing the metabolism of bacteria. Viruses don't have any metabolism. German Wikipedia says the effect is not very reliable and the mechanism is still not understood very well.
  18. If you need a distraction: Arwel is posting tons of never seen BTS pictures from Sherlock, Dracula and Dr Who. I love this guy. https://www.instagram.com/arwelwjones/
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