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  1. Let's write a petition. We could also proofread the dialogues, so they don't look like attempts made in the fist week of learning the language. I bought the show on Amazon Instant Video first - it was the weekend after Christmas, and I just couldn't wait! Some of the episodes were multilingual, but others weren't, and I took the german ones, because without subtitles I would be completely lost. I had to buy TEH twice - I wanted to hear the restaurant scene in English. Have the German Sherlock DVDs no original sound? I bought the UK version, because it was cheaper. I'm very sensitive about languages for some reason. When it goes wrong - in movies when the person is supposed to be a national speaker - it makes me cringe like the awful sound made by rubbing styrofoam on glass. Auch!
  2. AMEN! It's Sherlocks take on Ockham's razor and it always makes me smile.
  3. Wow, great deduction, Redbeard! But I think we all do such deductions all the time - we are just not aware of them. They run subconscious and are stored somewhere in the back of our heads. If we are lucky, we get an access to this information and call it intuition. You have surely heard about making the first impression in.. how namy seconds? It*s sherlockian observation. Human brains are full of miracles, we just don't know about them. What makes Sherlock special is his immediate and conscious access to his observations, which makes me think of the Asperger spectrum phenomenon of savants. Or he is able to put himself in a kind of trance, a meditation-like state of heightened conscious awareness. There was a person I had to think all the time watching Sherlock: Temple Grandin. The first time I saw her on TV (long time ago) she said something like: "you see an animal and get an impression that this animal is nervous, scared or aggressive. I have no such ability, but I see the widened eyes, tensed muscles, heavy breathing and make my conclusions." Sherlock reads people like Temple Grandin reads cattle.
  4. Actually, what made me read this thread first was the title. I read it like "How would Sherlock Holmes look like under a door".
  5. Sorry, I gave up on the page 17. Maybe later I will look through the rest of this thread. I just start to understand why I suddenly cannot understand the half of what I read - not to mention the confusion in my ears. I remember a line said by someone (general Patton?) about two nations divided by the common language. :P What I learned in school was supposed to be British English, but the most I learned by using message boards and such, but right now I realize that I was hanging around in the US or "English as foreign language" parts of the www. Now it feels like everyone is using a strange slang. ;) This is quite old post but it made my jaw hit the floor. How do you pronounce this? Because as I read it in my own pronunciation I immediately thought about a word used in the area I live now (Swabia, southern Germany): heidenei (hay-deh-nay) meaning "oh, my". And now, I have to rant about the German dialogues in Sherlock. They are... RIDICULOUS! It was painful - and I am not even a native speaker in German. In Many happy Returns the one guy is speaking proper German, but I don't think he is a native speaker, the others are a disaster. Herrgottnochmal this is such a great show, why do they have to ruin it?! Are there no native speakers around? If not for the actors - at least for the dubbing? Take fans, they would be happy to do it for getting their names mentioned in credits! It happens so often and so many languages are "raped" in movies. This might seem like nitpicking, but such little things are able to kick me out of a show's universe for minutes, that's why I hate them so much. The other nitpicks in Sherlock are Sherlocks violin playing and typing, BTW.
  6. I cannot stop thinking what an actor of Freeman's talent could do with Frodo in LOTR. It almost makes me cry. As for all Middle Earth movies: actually what I always waited for were the Extended Editions, and not so much for the extended movies, but for the additions. I swear I enjoy that stuff more than the final product. I remember the first Hobbit stuff - I spent 2 or 3 evenings gazing at the monitor with a wide, happy and surely silly looking smile glued to my face. The first documentaries were much about forming the dwarf characters and made me care more for each one of them. I remember Bofur stealing my heart in the dialogue when Bilbo wants to leave the company. I wish those established personalities survived the story, they are just fading away. IMO PJs love for effects and grotesque is the greatest weakness of both LOTR and Hobbit.
  7. As Speedy is actually in 221A it might as well pay the highest rent. In the Pilot the local belonged to Mrs Hudson. My old landlady was a little bit like that. She didn't really need the money, the rent from two flats was helping her to pay the costs, and there was always someone in the house to help her when needed. But she didn't live with us to a degree Mrs Hudson does. I could put a lot of money aside because the rent was so cheap. Bless her...
  8. Thanks for the welcome and for the explanations. And the link. Looks like something after my fancy. :D BTW, I was able to dig out some outstanding ... metas too. Bright people out there. And sometimes you read and see totally new perspective and have to re-watch a bit or two. I think it's the only way to survive the waiting.
  9. The question was bugging me too, along with: why would Sherlock want share his space with someone else? He doesn't look like he needs money - he doesn't get paid for solving cases, and his wardrobe or his HiFi equipment are not what I would call economically priced. Could Mycroft have his fingers in that strange coincidence (and what we know about coincidence?) of two people talking to Mike Stamford about flat sharing...
  10. Oi, it's hard being a filmmaker nowaday... You have people who just go and look up on Google. Or visit the place with StreetView and point out "faults" that are nothing else than usual methods of filmmaking. :P I did. I can provide a pic if requested. There are actually two spots on Bart's roof where the scene was shot. One for showing Sherlock from John's POV, and another one for the showdown between Sherlock and Moriarty. It doesn't mean that S was actually cheating. It would be like accusing 221B's door being a beaming machine because the street is in London and the interior... er... somewhere else, far far away. This is how movies are shot. Now, if there was a normal show, I would say it is wrong to make cutting techniques into conspiracy theories, but with Mofftiss - I would say there is a 5-10% chance that there might be something... Now, to the theories: There is only one "true" version of the fall. It is the one we have seen in TRF. This version has huge holes, but I wouldn't fill them with anything that was shown in TEH. What we see? Sherlock jumping from the roof. A living person falling - that's why a dummy or dead body double don't work - they don't try to stabilize their fall. It doesn't have to be Sherlock, but don't try to prove it by making screencaps of the fall - the guy flying is OF COURSE not BC. That's what the stuntmen are for. Then there is a body hitting the pavement. Later we see it from above with people gathering around. (it could mean someone is observing the scene from above, or it's just another camera angle) John is coming and fighting his way to the body. I write body because it could be a double. IMO John was in shock, and because he actually saw Sherlock jumping, he wouldn't recognize a fake - we all see what we expect to see and not what's there - and John was absolutely focused on the idea of dead Sherlock lying on the ground. Alternatively it could be Sherlock faking death with the false blood and the ball trick. But John is prevented from any longer contact with... whoever lies there. So far so good. I am really not sure if S deducted a possibility of Moriarty shooting himself. But even if - there were more options, and in other alternate outcomes M was alive. And that's why any preparations had to be hidden not only from John, but also from M on the roof and from the sniper who seems to hide somewhere in the building on the opposite side of the street. So Big Blue doesn't work for me. Too big, too loud. A simple Life Net would be more handy, but M would have seen it from above. Even if he was few steps away from the edge after S asked for a minute of privacy, still the "dead-body-on-the-ground" scenery had to be prepared in few seconds. Well, I think the Mary Poppins theory fits the best so far.
  11. Wait a minute... does any army in the world send it's doctors in the field? It would be... erm... not so good. The "medics" in the battle zone are paramedics? So John actually shouldn't see too much action... I think I have to research on this. (or was it discussed elsewhere?)
  12. If all floors have the same shape, the flat would be the size of the bath and bedroom of Sherlock's. 221C I omitted - it's empty.
  13. You know what my problem is with the 221B? Where do Mrs Hudson actually live? As you see in this picture Speedy takes most of the space on the front, and a local like that needs kitchen and storage space - so where is room for a decent flat? As for the book list - there are 3 or 4 of them about flying. I wonder why?
  14. That clip about Darren Brown doing Sherlock was AMAZING. I just recently discovered who he was and that he was the guy in TRF who hypnotized John. As I first watched the UAP it was online and the version looked like one of those amateur re-enactments of movies. :D On the DVD it is much clearer but still there is a big difference in the quality. The newer one with more expensive camera looks much sharper, more detailed, and the small tricks and visual additions give the show a distinct character that is kept through the whole series. The pilot looks cheap. I am a huge behind-the-scenes geek and love to observe story development, so the UAP is like Christmas and Birthday all in one day to me. Deliciousssss... I was more concentrated on the similarities in both versions so far. It was absolutely fascinating to watch them parallelly. I'm quite sure the scenes that were reshot, still used the "old" dialogue- and storyboards. Actually both movies can run for 10 or 15 seconds, which is quite long, having the same pacing and almost identical delivery of their lines. It's almost spooky... What I didn't like in SIP was the position of Pink Lady's body - completely unnatural until your legs are tied together. The showdown with the cabbie was better in ASIP as mentioned before, and it shows much clearer how easy S can be manipulated when you know his buttons. What I liked better in UAP was the blanket scene. Sherlock starts deducing about the gunner: the man with military history, used to violence, nerves made of steel... and he looks at John standing on the other side of the street: this... Hobbit, looking lost and innocent, like he couldn't hurt a fly. In ASIP John is hidden in shadows. The meaning is the same in both versions, but the first one is actually funny, while the second - more a light-bulb-moment. I will surely come back with more very soon. PS: Despite all that red in the apartment it was still more friendly to my eyes than the collection of "loud" wallpapers. The ugly sofa made it to the series though - it is in Kitty Riley's apartment in TRF.
  15. Well, it's a little late, but you made me curious and just tried it out: what you need is a small mirror. the vertical figure is the door, the horizontal - the floor. the blue one is the mirror. If you hold it with one edge to the ground and move it like in the picture looking from above (the funny symbol is an eye looking down) you can achieve surprisingly good view from the other side. The mirror should be possible flat, the door not too thick (ca. 20 mm in my case) and the crack should have 5-7 mm. Have I won something?
  16. Ugh, sorry I just realized going OT with my post. So back to the track: I have seen everything. More than once. How could it be any other way, I'm already a MONTH into it. ;) In TRF Freeman's performance is a part of long and very emotional sequence, while in TEH it takes you by surprise and you can hardly see what hits you. The Fall starts already with a gem - the dialog with the therapist. It happened to me - losing my voice in an emotional moment (no matter how much you try, your vocal chords won't work) and I imagine it is hard to play. I don't think I could fake it. The fall itself: everytime I hear "he's my friend" I feel queasy. Physically. I can imagine thousand ways to act in this scene and each would be weaker. BTW, Freeman literally saved the finale of Hobbit for me. I wasn't moved by Thorin's death at all, until I saw Bilbo's reaction.
  17. I don't think S is stronger than average, but he is quick and know some tricks. (Mycroft don't have to be strong. He has his mind.) I think he was just taken by surprise - I bet he expected John would give him a big hug. In a way he did... :D BTW the restaurant scene literally blown me away. MF's performance - I swear I have never seen something like that before. Every time I watch it, I get a lump in my throat. I also want to slap the camera operator for Mary's head in the picture and rip the bloody mustache off from MF's lip so I could see his face clearly.
  18. For me shipping is what I have to pay buying my UK edition of Sherlock. I had some really weird associations... I've been quite active in Viggo Mortensen community since 2003, but drifted away as he is only making films now, and this is not what I am interested in. This here is not about a person but about the whole show, the magic that was born from the right mix of right people in right time and place. I am a big show-off - I like my theories shiny and NEW. :D
  19. Okay, the term luxury is probably a little be too much for all the things, and I have no feeling for how the prices are in the relation to normal goods, but alone the black chair being an old Corbusier classic, the Mirror for over 400£ and the Navarre wallpaper for over 100£ a roll... Sherlockology has the whole list here, all possible props on Pinterest, a whole article about wallpapers. Someone even made a book list which is an interesting lecture itself. BTW, has any of you ever recognized anything you possess in the show? I did. It was one of the books in Van Coons flat (TBB) and I almost shouted aloud. I had the german translation of Simon Singh's Fermat's last Theorem, I don't know if I still have it... I also owned Karnov's History of Vietnam, and still have the Selfish Gene. Oh gosh, the things that make us happy...
  20. Are you sure the pattern (which is not really black-and-white btw) is recognizable by non-insiders? As for the 221B interior: as much as it looks homely and cosy and realistic with a clear victorian touch, I personally couldn't live in this room, not to mention work there. Having different patterns on each wall, all of them actually not suitable for small and crammed rooms would make me mad. I am only slightly synesthetic, but especially the Navarre wallpaper - The Wallpaper - is literally making noise in my head, like some machinery doing clickety-clickety-click all the time. Sherlock's bedroom is much better. What I found very interesting though is the fact that although the living room looks like a well used second hand store mix, the pieces that people were able to recognize turn out to be luxurious designer stuff.
  21. Hi, I'm another one from Germany. It's exactly one month since I had my close encounter with Sherlock and I was lost in an instant. It's hard to believe the series could stay below my radar for all those years, but then there were many reasons for that: Not my kind of genre. Not even remotely interested in the original story. Not knowing the actors. And it would stay this way if I hadn't heard a small comment in one of Hobbit extras on EE DVD, that BC and MF had to fly to London for Sherlock between the shootings in New Zealand. As I saw it aired during Christmas I thought I might take a look. What have I done... *said in Mycroft's voice from the finale of E3.3 My mind was caught by the shiny baited hook of the all over cleverness and humor and surprises (my mind likes shiny and clever things) while - as it seems - the writers knew all my strings and pressure points to play my emotions like a piano. It's like the Baker Street invaded my brain and made itself at home. Not good for healthy living (like exercising, balanced meals, going out) or hobbies and other interests. But I like obsessions. Something about me? Half German half Polish living in southern part of Germany, far on the wrong side of forty. It feels a little bit odd to join another fan community after 12 years. Times changed, community changed, it's quite overwhelming and a little bit uncanny. I needed a while to find out what shipping is (and no it is not my field of interest, just as I looked last time it was called slash ) and still don't get the term "meta". And then it also feels strange to join years after it all started. It's so frustrating - any bright idea you can pop up in your brain, any interpretation or interesting fact - all seems to be thought, written and found out long ago. So that's it. I'm looking forward to in depth discussions and also some fun.
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