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  1. Oh my. Vienna's tea. Never believed, water can have an influence on taste of tea or coffee, until I went to Vienna. You people could sell your tap-water. (Vienna ist the only City I know having fresh spring water supply - it's ice cold and de-li-cious.)
  2. J.P.

    Inside Man

    What I actually meant: he himself didn't seem to be very eager to do this - or anything else tbh. He might have had a "generally disinterested teenager" phase though.
  3. J.P.

    Inside Man

    I did recognize him. But I had a bit of advantage seeing him at Sherlocked 2017. I'm a bit surprised he is acting again, though.
  4. J.P.

    Inside Man

    Watched it and hell, I enjoyed the ride. I would probably watch it for the cast alone, many familiar faces. Short series have a big advantage, there is no time wasted on just filling the length. Neatly tied and knotted plot, witty and humorous in a way. Loved the opening scene. I was imagining Seven writing it with his mischievous grin - and grinning myself all the time.
  5. Sometimes they get bitter at the end, but it's getting probably succesfully eliminated by breeding. I still test every one for the taste. https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/bitter-cucumber-taste-explanation/
  6. Most probably it's Google's StreetView. (the orange human logo) Apple started it's own project recently, but their symbol is a binocular. BTW, if you want to virtually drive through Germany, it's the only way.
  7. That's what would be Johns Bedroom. I remember photos of the flat above Speedy's somewhere. It was a while ago though.
  8. Here is not balmy. It's perversely warm. I would be happy with a summer like this. It's definitely not normal, it breaks all possible records in history, up to 80F.
  9. Saw the trailer and honestly, I will miss Olivia Colman.
  10. How does hand washing prevent you from spreading or inhaling droplets carried through the air?
  11. Do you know this one?
  12. Cool And still better than lying down with the rider already in the saddle.
  13. If you don't mind showing the documents to a stranger - I have Photoshop and though I'm have no superpowers when it comes to it, I might try some tricks.
  14. Have you tried to enhance the pics with Photoshop?
  15. https://www.cosplaycentral.com/topics/cosplay/feature/benedict-cumberbatch-meets-his-doppelganger-at-doctor-strange-premiere
  16. Would they start to shoot it without saying? They would need to start soon, if not doing it already, to be done in Nov. Also - are they going to work with Una's ghost? It's some stupid fake news imo. Someone out there wants attention.
  17. Oh, Polish is especially nice to borrowed words. Because we have to flex (pun intended) and do other funny things to them. First example coming to my mind: The Beatles. The name is a word in plural. But Beatles sounds like singular masculine in Polish. So it was changed to plural (because it's a band of forur Beatles), and it's Beatlesi, which translated back to English would make quite gollum-y (The) Beatleses. The same with Rolling Stones, The Stranglers… and probably most of similar built band names. This link below shows what my language makes to foreign names, as well as any foreign nouns - as far as they are physiologically pronounceable. https://www.inpolish.edu.pl/single-post/2017/05/22/how-to-decline-names-and-surnames-in-polish
  18. As for Poland, you must understand, that there is a lot of common history of both countries. Here is a gif that shows the development of polish borders. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Territorial-changes-of-Poland-1635-2009-small.gif#/media/File:Territorial-changes-of-Poland-1635-2009-small.gif that will explain a lot I hope. The fact is, that a part of Ukraine belonged to Poland until the end of WWII. There are lot of Poles living in Ukraine, there are many people in Poland that were living on the Ukrainian territory before it was taken by Soviet Union. (My mom was born in Lviv and fled with her family at the age of 12.) Many Ukrainians live and work in Poland now, having families on the other side of the border. The language is quite similar, obviously many people living in Ukraine know Polish. There were also some dark chapters with Ukrainian separatists siding with Hitler, but now the positives seem to be more present. So much for the history. It doesn't mean, I'm not bothered by the obvious difference in treating Ukrainian refugees differently in the whole Europe and that there are obviously better and worse kinds of refugees. Maybe people think that it all would be over soon, that it's only women and children, and they intend to go back asap. I'm afraid that if the war will go on for longer, the attitude might change.
  19. It looks like Putin became the first "leader" who implemented the idea from Ender's War. "Just tell them it's a drill". I'm taking the disinformation war into consideration, but it still looks like Vlad has lost his mind.
  20. You can talk. It's easy posting embarrassing pics of others, while hiding behind frosted glass. PS: I can't post my gifs anymore.
  21. I'm from Poland but living in Germany. Not panicking yet, but I get my share of chills and deja vu's from the eighties. Sting's "Russians" runs in the radio. I didn't expected that. At least not on that scale (there is a war since 2014 in parts of Ukraine that is still running). Many people think Putin went mad and I can understand this, especially as he looks a lot like a paper tiger - so far. Unless this is a trick too. I wonder if that was the reason behind Russia supporting Trump - they wanted to have an ally in the USA.
  22. Maybe Mrs Hudson has also a secret sister? Or daughter, who would inherit the place and become Mrs Hudson 2.0?
  23. Oh, another thing - the dialogues often felt forced, not fitting the situations. All that Bronco Henry talking, referring to the parents as the old ones, it all didn't fit, even with the characters. My impression was too often: "people don't talk like this".
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