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  1. Well, the most movies are like lessons how NOT to do stuff. Otherwise the s**t needed for a story wouln't happen.
  2. It might be things like the last line that continue to save this show. I found several peaks of profound or moving, but they are like the iceberg part over the water. Funny thing, though 12 Monkeys still haunts me. The music haunts me, mostly. PS: I was probably one of the very few people who just -ed when they announced Season 2 for Good Omens. I used it as an example why it is good for shows to be short and written in one piece.
  3. I think you would hear a drone. And I don't think if it could perform "knocking". I'm almost 100% sure, they all are remote-controlled and someone is watching one way or another. As for peering in windows… ahm… maybe don't ask. Maybe you could try something that would usually scare birds?
  4. Lucifer runs again on TV, so I decided to give it a second chance, because I wasn't that impressed by the story the first time. Well, if you watch something from the beginning it definitely makes more sense, so I ended binging all of it on Amazon. Very mixed emotions about this one. It's like a LOT of trivial, silly to stupid things mixed with occassionally strike of funny, profound, heartbreaking and food for thought, that makes you keep watching. It definitely suffers from all series too-long-to-be-good syndrom, but what made me crazy is the inconsequent writing. It's like watching 6 Thatchers for at least 3 seasons. Looks like nobody really knows, who their characters are, or each writer wants them to be someone else. Characters suffer from the dementia and seem not to remember what developement they went trough an episode ago. What makes me watch it is probably Tom Ellis and some other amazing actors that I enjoy watching - except the leading actress Lauren German, who I find extremely annoying and lacking chemistry with her on screen partner. In the whole this reminds me a bit of Sherlock - a story about a chosen family that grows around a self centered, annoying brat with some special skills. Aaand IMO it could end with S5. Because with all the ridicoulous, over the top stuff that happens at the finale at the end - it was a rare case of a story saved by the last line. Maybe that's why I think if could end here, even if it was a bit unsatisfying with its rushed storrytelling. But - because I'm not really attached to it emotionally, I don't fear watching S6. PS: wasn't Lucifer a case of a show saved by the fans, when the producers wanted to drop it?
  5. Got my second shot today. I think it's time to go to bed as long as I can move my arm. As for ditching the masks etc. - we shouldn't be to enthusiastic about it. You can still get the Covid and give it to others, even if the risk is much smaller. I'm a bit concerned about the "cuddle parties", especially as people use fake certificates.
  6. The pistol is one thing, but Sherlock also has that huge Magnum revolver, he shoots while quoting Shakespeare in TLD. And didn't Sherlock asked John to get rid of the gun after shooting the Cabbie, or was it only in Pilot?
  7. Amazon. It's crazier than the movie. And you shouldn't be too strickt when it comes to believability of the "science". Still it has not THAT many of cringeworthy moments.
  8. Ok… kay. Twelve Monkeys. Timey wimey… time travel. 4 Seasons of loops and loops and mind bending. Could be maybe two season shorter, but it's so complicated you don't notice the continuity errors, if there are some. Got over the disappointment of it being not like the movie and actually learned to like it. It's a wild ride, something a bit over the top, but also some terrific little elements from an obvious TV-nerd among the makers. Aaaand what really stands out from the most of the shows I've seen lately - it seemed to be written as one story and it has a satisfying end.
  9. Looking back I think we might have put much too much meaning into something that was meant as a playful new adaptation of the old materials. This would explain Mofftiss sometimes strange reactions.
  10. It became a hit at TicToc. The story is actually better than the song itself. A postman from Scottland was recording shanties. Obviously there is a function on TicToc allowing others to join and re-record stuff. Some amazing voices joined in, the song went viral and became a hit. It's in the British Charts AFAIK, and I've heard it on both German and Polish radio (hence the stucking in my head). https://www.polygon.com/2021/1/12/22226992/tiktok-sea-shanty-wellerman-longest-johns-of-thieves
  11. Okay, two days ago while going to bed the last thing I've heard was Wellerman. It stuck so hard, that I heard it in my head after switching off the radio. I checked all the playing devices, because it seemed some of them still play the tune just on the theshold of audibility. Finally, I put on the radio again to exorcise it from my mind. That was a bit scary. Don't listen Wellerman while going to bed.
  12. You probably never had the flu because you got the shot each year. I wasn't that much at risk, having only few contacts at work and privately. But the numbers from 2018really got me thinking differently. It might turn out to be a good thing: people comparing covid with flu - the later could get more attention in the future. What we know now is that distancing, handwashing and masks reduced flu cases almost to nothing compared with the past.
  13. Yes. This sitcom style put me off very effectively. I couldn't connect with the characters. (And I love both Vision and Paul Bettany). Maybe Marvel is just not good at series? And yes, I meant the Infinity War and Endgame. I do think it worked out well, but sometimes I was like: "how the hell can X and Y exist in one Universe?"
  14. I've got the flu jab once, and was a bit unwell after that. BUT Seeing the numbers from 2018, it might be a good idea to do it again.
  15. This guy had to be at Sherlock's over night. https://arianedevere.livejournal.com/26320.html
  16. The only kind-of continuity error I remember now, is when Sherlock walks out of his bedroom in a sheet and has the driver from the "Boomerang case" sitting in his living room. I think there was something else… I don't really count the small continuity glitches made in the production as continuity errors. BTW, if you want to see how many goofs fit into one movie you can have a look at Gladiator.
  17. It reminds the reaction you have after an infected tick bite. And it wanders! I was just: WTF? Two weeks after the jab? My arm is still kind of "bumpy", but the rash is almost gone. So far so good.
  18. I think Iron Man movies were my favorites. Because the hero has no superpowers beside his brain, and the movies were indeed kind of realistic. What irritated me in the Avengerst movies was that they had to mix not only several, quite different (imo) Universes, but als different moods. While I remember Iron Man as rather sober, Guardians are almost a kind of crazy comedy. To navigate between all those elements was a difficult thing. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier… well, it started very interesting, and I liked the themes they put into the series, but with each episode it went worse and worse. The end was unbearably pathetic and unrealistic (even for the genre).And then there was the costume… I also dindn't like Wanda Vision. Just… no.
  19. https://www.google.com/search?q=covid+arm+vaccine+side+effect&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwilteSZ_aXwAhXh_rsIHS4yD3QQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1366&bih=639
  20. Got Moderna. 2 Weeks after the shot I've got what is called Moderna- or Covid-Arm. Wearing it like a medal Oh, and felt like hit by the bus for two days: hardly could lift my arm, and didn't sleep very well because of the pain.
  21. Not sure if curiosity is an emotion or not (I think it rather is), but this actually is spot on about my reasons for social interactions, and that's why I feel like Internet is a good place to be. Oh, I always knew, I was an alien…
  22. They all went crazy with their prices.
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