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  1. Actually it doesn't make sense. She couldn't kill him because he had stuff on her. We need to remember EVERYONE thought the Vaults were a real place. If CAM died, Appledore could be found and opened, and many nasty secrets would come to light. There is also a very elaborate text out there about what Mary wanted to achieve breaking into CAMs office, I'll see if I can find it. That's why Sherlock wants to buy Mary's secrets from CAM with Mycroft's laptop. That's why he is so desperate as he realizes that the only way to destroy Appledore is to kill Magnusen. Mary's doings may at least partially be fueled by fear of others. Because CAM's way was to hurt your loved ones, if he wanted to hurt you - just like in Lady Smallwood's case. With a child and a husband she were a threat for them by simply loving them. (Why she didn't think about it before is another thing)
  2. In Sherlock Diogenes Club was exclusively for Diplomats Politicians and British Government. Mycroft explains this to John. They don't talk to prevent giving away state secrets by accident.
  3. If the collar is anywhere near elastic and soft, it's useless - until you are not moving at all.
  4. Probably they just want you to delete your account to make place. Yes, I also remember the beginnings of Photobucket. There was a time when I found it one of the few really useful places in www.
  5. I think the writers just wanted to mess with our brains. I think I remember a similar thing in an episode of Dr Who written by Mark. What is reality, what is fiction, what are they from the perspective of the show's universe? Is modern Sherlock in canon Sherlock's head or the other way round? Is the canon Sherlock a real man or just a charakter written in the Strand Magazine by canon Dr. Watson - and both of them are in modern Sherlock's mind, because he thinks he doesn't live up to the Blog-Sherlock written by John? I also think, that Mofftiss didn't intend to answer any of those questions. They play with us, and to be honest, I imensely enjoy the ambiguity of it all.
  6. *whisper* There is a search funktion in this forum.
  7. Beryl Vertue is also seen in the Pilot along with Arwel Wyn Jones. Also: "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive" became "Afghanistan or Iraq?" You just won the Phillip Anderson Prize for connecting the loose threads. I'm impressed. There was a plaque? There were tours? O_O
  8. Cześć, Kaśka I think, it's what Mary said to Sherlock - she was ready to do everything to keep her secret from John - and this included killing him. She thinks she is going to meet the man she shot and who may think she wanted to kill him. I think he does. He says something like: "you are such en excellent shooter, so why did you miss me?" It's a hint that he knows, she didn't intended to kill him. Because if she wanted to, she wouldn't miss.
  9. Yeah. Damn phone calls. And the other thing too.
  10. I don't think about the masks & co in terms of what's allowed, but what's safe, because by far it's not the same. People often think following the rules will keep them from an infection, that's why they are more than willing to do everything that's allowed, and even some more. I've been wearing a mask at the office when noone else did it - and mostly because they didn't, because it was a sign, they didn't care much about themselves, and even less about others. This "it's only old and sick are in danger" works as a perfect excuse for young not to take it seriously. And because nobody else cares for you, you have to take special care about yourself. The British mutant can get you after few minutes without a mask in a closed room. If I were in your situation I would do everything to eat outside of the room, even if it meant doing it outside.
  11. https://sleepingexplorer.tumblr.com/post/642251350210756608/a-few-of-andrews-drawings-and-paintings
  12. Long time no see… https://rox712.tumblr.com/post/642042145136607232
  13. Those could be some of my "Toilet Dreams".
  14. This is a whole new mutation. A hyper-meme so to say.
  15. PPS: there is an article at Wikipedia, that seems to be quite neutral. It's good thing to have a look at the "Talk" section sometimes too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unite_the_Right_rally
  16. My Problem with the "fine People" statement: If I look at the photographs from Charlottesville I see VERY unpleasant parallels to German history. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/10/07/white-nationalists-charlottesville-again/743624001/ You have KKK folks, some wannabe Hitler Jugend members with torches, many apparently belong to groups I cannot identify. Where are those normal, fine people? Maybe there are pictures of regular citizens protesting, if yes I'd like to see them. It also seem to be hard to get pics of the counter-protesters. Are there any sources? But what's most important, at least to me: Even if you want to protest against something you find wrong and do it in a civilized manner - why do you take part in a demonstration organized by a known Far-right white nationalist? If you march with Nazis you are not a "fine person". You are a Nazi supporter. This is why I have a problem with Trump's statement. PS: Was the monument of gen. Lee on the University campus? Anyone knows?
  17. Yes, it is funny and it is also quite heartbreaking at times.
  18. I was asking myself the same, but finally I think they don't care if it's true, as long as it serves their goals and confirms their believes.
  19. This ☝️ is absolutely the best. There were also some with Sherlock, btw
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