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  1. Absolutely. Especially after Trump's rhetoric became "fancy". All the neo-nazi-zombies crawled out of their holes feeling validated at last, happily adapting all possible conspiracy theories, with T as the saviour of our world. Poland's ruling party had it's head so deep in T's a** that they didn't see the light anymore. They seriously wanted to take the troops moved from Germany and build a big, new, beautiful military base called Fort Trump. I'm really curious what the current theocratic government will do now. The whole country is torn between two factions which seem to remind those in the USA, AFAIK. PS: To me it didn't look like a demonstration that went out of control (and as I mentioned, I was watching the whole thing almost in the real time). Why there were hardly policemen at site, even though EVERYBODY knew the mob would appear, wearing guns and looking for trouble. Why the mob was let in? Where was the Nat. Guard - during BLM protests they were called long before anything happened. Why it took so long to send out the orders calling them?
  2. The only hope is that he's disappointed his base by not showing up at the Capitol and (even iv half-heartedly) condemning the violence. Maybe also other of his supporters could jump off, as soon as they realized they could not make money or increase their influence with him any more. Or if they stop fearing his revenge. I've had an impression that as soon as Biden won, the EU stopped to treat anything he did or said as relevant. Maybe he stopped being THAT relevant in the US too. It's interesting times, sigh.
  3. How should they react? Accept the unacceptable? Pence didn't want to invoke 25. Amendment. What else could they do to show their stance? Remember what the subject of Impeachment was in Clinton's case? If they get him impeached, he cannot run for 2024. He would lost his salaries and other costly privileges. As for the majority: I'm not so sure any more. Once Trump got irrelevant, many of the Reps might change their minds to save their faces, like those who "realized" the coup "was too much" for them. Also - it might be the matter of how massively they are threatened by their own electorate and how they react to it.
  4. Yepp. it's faster than the virus. I looked up the original singer, he's a cute and talented kid. And the babyface bass singer has an amazing voice. And here is an earlier and longer version.
  5. Would you elaborate a bit? I agree that both sides are quite aggressive and loud.
  6. Absolutely. Even though I wouldn't call him a leader. More of a puppet, he is so full of himself he must be quite easy to manipulate. But in the end nobody knows and maybe won't ever know.
  7. ETA: crossposted with Arcadia I think - as we were talking about it discussing Sherlock - The effect of words depends not only on who is saying them, but also - or even more - on who's listening. There is still a Twitter account with the name "Trump War Room". He knew who his fans were and how they will react. Call it deliberate misunderstanding. His auditory was for years now dominated by militant, gun loving, flag waving freedom fetishists. They love him for allowing them to keep their assault rifles. They wanted to use the second amendment to overthrow Obama. They feel entitled to own the country. What was missing: a leader. I'm not saying all his supporters are like this, but a big part of the bunch that came to DC surely were. And they were told, again and again that they have been robbed, duped, that there is a conspiracy to take their landslide victory away and they have to prevent the parliament to declare Biden's victory etc etc. How could they react? Then you have the pictures of policemen opening the fence for the protestors and taking selfies with them, which suggests the whole action was prepared. A bit much for a "joke we have misunderstood again".
  8. The stupid thing about the SM ban is you cannot quote him and all his talking about "fighting" and "taking our country back".
  9. If you know who some of his followers are, the result was foreseeable. They wanted to march on the Capitol for a long time, especially under Obama, but I was witnessing this civil war between left and right since I'm on Internet and it's 20+ years now. Other thing: the speech he had - it was long, full of numbers and names and for someone who so often wasn't able to read a whole sentence from a prompter, this was really remarkable. Can it be, he was only playing an idiot?
  10. The transcript https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/donald-trump-speech-save-america-rally-transcript-january-6
  11. I don't think they use anything old. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55656385
  12. Sorry, but I have heard Trump's calling for violence from this side of the pond. I've had the "luck" to be on Twitter as it started and have seen the pictures and videos coming almost in real time. It was a second time I was witnessing a crisis that way and I don't think I want more of it. I also listened to Trump's statement "condemning" violence - after that, for the first time in my online presence, I openly called someone a MF. For someone who hardly passed a dementia test, he is surprisingly good in making allusions. "The election was stolen from us, we are right but now we need peace". I'm expecting more of it on the inauguration day to be honest - and that with or without Trump. I suspect the whole "movement" has gained such momentum, that now, if Trump himself stood in their way, he would be swept away. Some of the people who were at the Capitol call him a traitor already because he wasn't there (as he promised minutes before) and condemned the raid he called people to. Funnily enough not so long ago we have had a similar situation in Berlin. People almost got into the Parliament, but thanks goodness the policemen who were securing the building weren't on the side of the mob. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/08/opinion/germany-parliament-us-capitol.html https://www.dw.com/en/capitol-hill-riots-are-western-democracies-under-attack/a-56163820
  13. It is necessary. It will prevent him from holding any position in politics, and from trying to go for 2024 election. It strips him from his Ex-President salaries, security and so on. It would prevent him from doing something stupid until end of his term. But since he's gone from SM, nobody knows what he's up to - and it feels a bit uncomfortable.
  14. You can walk through it with Google https://www.google.com/maps/@43.508335,16.4402209,3a,75y,244.45h,87.15t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjaYsKHYJ7Er3AFwgfYyQzA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  15. I was there. It's a really strange place, the newer parts growing out of the old walls.
  16. VBS, it might be something similar to what happened to Diocletians Palace in Split. https://www.daytripsfromsplit.com/split-attractions/diocletians-palace-old-town-of-split/ The plaque is in Russian but I cannot decript it, it's "??? of Russia", so it might be some historical building that was taken down except for the facade, and someone went a bit too creative with it. It's also what most probably happens to Bart's in London.
  17. My problem with Apple is that I've been working on their Comps for almost 30 years now. They started as machines for professionals, with no nonsense - and ended as an amusement park. Actually, there should be two lines of the system: for "average" users and pros. I prefer my processor power for doing a job and not for rotating beachballs, translucent windows and other stupid gimmicks. I even don't WANT iTunes on my machine, but I cannot "just" delete it. Once I made the mistake an let it "order" my music - and ended up restoring all of it from a backup. I'm old fashioned, I like my music pieces sorted in folders, because - yes - I do it on purpose. I've got a second hand iPhone recently from my work and while it has nice features to work with a Mac, I'm still unable to JUST PLAY music from my own files on it. It's all a big money-making machine for the online services. And this damn technical wonder worth several hundred Euros cannot perform things my Nokia 1100 mobile phone was able to do twenty years ago. 😕 I don't know, they got rid of the magnetic, safe plug for power supply (that was one of their best ideas) for the idiotic Typ C USB nobody else is using. And I very much can see THAT. So while we have new machines to work with, we cannot connect them to anything we've already had, until the IT decides to buy us adapters. Last but not least - they stopped making peripheries with USB connection. It's all Bluetooth now with batteries - so much for Eco-friendly. I just start fuming each time I see their adverts. Actually this post fits more into the "Shoot the Wall" thread…
  18. Oh, don't let me start on updates. We've got new Mac Laptops at work and I send Apple the darkest wishes I can make up. I kind of got used to this in the 20+ years, but hell, they always manage to surprise me. They seem to make their main sales on adapters and cables. You cannot even charge your beeping iPhone from their own laptop without a special gizmo! Not to mention other stuff you usually need to stick into a computer you work professionally with. This came together with a huge glitch in our IT system, introducing of the new Teams and Microsoft365 for mobile working and firing our team boss, which means we all are doing his job. Instead of ours. My brain constantly runs on overload for weeks now. I mean there are some some things coming with updates that are actually usual, but Steve Jobs' idea of an operating system is like a garden shovel with golden adornments, pretty flowers painted all over it and a load of funny noises it can make while digging.
  19. There is a building site directly at my house. When I open the door I can hear the workers talking. They sound Serbian. And each time I get a flashback of the torture scene and the bad guy getting to know his wife has an affair with the coffin maker. 😂
  20. I had a talent to mask my gender. Which spared me stupid encounters with males but also almost got me into a brawl.
  21. It might be that leather was the best material for motorcycle suits before all those fancy modern materials. As an ex-owner of a leather jacket I can tell you it's breathable and warm, and definitely feels better than synthetics, giving you better protection from the elements than natural voven fabrics.
  22. Hey, you "can" punch them. If you hit the nose, you don't need much strength. A headbutt is also very effective. The problem is - what happens after that. In my youth you could quite strongly relate on the assumption that a man won't hit a women (except exceptions, of course). Now I wouldn't count on this. PS: the best way to make me do something, was to tell me I can't because I'm a girl. Not in a sport department though.
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