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  1. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    A happy start to the spring for both of you. E coming right up! _ _ _/_ _ _/I_/_ _ _/_I_E,/_ _E/_ _ _E_ _ _ _ _ _/_ E_ _/_I _ _ _E
  2. Inge l-w

    Jeremy Brett

    Hi, there, Juggler! Always nice to see new faces around! As a matter of fact, you may be more privileged than us old Sherlockians, because the adaptations, with a few (minor IMHO) misfires are so much more fun than the actual stories. In fact, Plaidadder has done a complete rewatch both on tumblr and Ao3 worth reading. My only bone to pick with the Granada production is The Eligible Bachelor, and even dear late Brett’s son was against it for health reasons! P.S. Anyone watching dear JB flinging on his overcoat in the Illustrious Client will recognise a familiar trait of our beloved Sherlock, AKA Dr Strange.
  3. ...When you have reached forty yourself and start wondering if you will live long enough to watch the putative fifth season!
  4. Inge l-w

    Episode 3.3, "His Last Vow"

    Lovely takes on a really dark episode. We have discussed the point-blank shooting quite enough, but I found in both ACD canon and the Granada JB Sherlock version the great consulting detective pointing out that 'brains come before the cudgel', so the creators have for the umpteenth time played fast and loose with their pet project. Nothing new under the sun, but...*sigh*
  5. Inge l-w

    Jeremy Brett

    Recently, just as a change from binging on Granada episodes, with all the technical limitations of the 1980s, I stumbled upon a production of The Merry Widow, by Franz Lehar, where, contrary to My fair Lady, JB does all his singing in his own voice, and it's a treat. Not to mention his Byronic curls. Now... where have I seen this hairstyle again? Moftiss version, perchance? And Plaidadder has written a wonderful meta called The Best and Wisest Adaptation on the Granada series, which is thoughtful, insightful and about 90% spot-on. Addendum: You have got to hand it to the French, they do everything in style: Sherlock Holmes received the Legion d'honeur for saving the Mona Lisa in The (original) Final Problem, Jeremy Brett received the same award by the French president a few months before dying. Meanwhile, on the British side, not even a single BAFTA or other honour for his multifaceted talent. Oh, well, maybe getting out of the EU, AND staying out, may prove salutary in the end.
  6. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Happy New Year, amphibian headmistress, the I s have it: _ _ _\_ _ _\I_\_ _ _\_I_ _, _ _ _\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _\_ _ _ _\_I_ _ _ _.
  7. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Happy New Year to all Sherlockmaniacs! Since Pamela gave up her place, I shall gladly jump in: _ _ _/ _ _ _/_ _/ _ _ _/_ _ _ _ , _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  8. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Can I have an A please?
  9. Inge l-w

    Jeremy Brett

    Oh, no doubt she is a good actress. But Anna Massey has the razor-sharp features and stance down to perfection. YouTube at Cehache, if you are prepared to watch four hours' worth of an epic in 10-minute instalments. As of this instant, you could knock me down with a feather! The two Sherlocks have also played William Pitt the Younger. JB in 1983 in Number 10, and Benedict in Amazing Grace with Ioan Gruffyd as Wilberforce.
  10. Inge l-w

    Jeremy Brett

    Oh, yes, Carol! She could never be as creepy as Dame Judith Anderson in the Olivier version. Of course, for us Trekkies, we have the last laugh, as she played the High Priestess in ST:The Search for Spock. Apparently, like the late Professor Hawking, she was a fan, and did it for the kudos at eighty-odd!
  11. Inge l-w

    Jeremy Brett

    Add high cheekbones, a thoroughbred look, and you are there. When they turn on the charm full blast, oh my! The camera loves both of them to bits, although JB has the more hooked Holmes nose. On another topic, I have been watching JB play Max de Winter in a 1979 adaptation, and he is up there on a par with Sir Laurence Olivier and Charles Dance, in the more famous versions. What a great actor!
  12. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Can I have an L please?
  13. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Could I have an H please?
  14. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Correct, Camper, your turn by rights
  15. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Wow! A very successful course of home schooling, then! All my warmest best wishes on his success! _ _O_ON_E_/E_ _ OS_ _E/_ _O_E/T_E_/INSANE.

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