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  1. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Oh dear! Forties, here, and I actually got to Rathbone after the Granada series. Surely, you cannot have loved them all, there were highs and lows the size of hurricane waves!
  2. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Oh, thanks for the intel besleybean. ‘Since you watch what you like, give the Granada version of The Dancing Men , The Norwood Builder, The Blue Carbuncle, The Red-Headed League, The Abbey Grange and The Second Stain a look-see. As Baryshnikov once said of Fred Astaire, “I dance, he’s doing something else.” Jeremy Brett wrought magic at his best.
  3. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    They can certainly do what they like with their show. If and when there an S5, we can take a head -count and see how many remain as loyal fans after TFP. By which, I mean that at the moment, out of the 120,000 -odd fanfics in Ao3 nearly 59,000 are Johnlock. Frustrated fans taking up their keyboards to make up for the indescribable mess that was TFP? Personally, being old-fashioned in my Sherlock preferences, married to his work is my cup of tea, but tell that to almost half the fandom and see what you get!
  4. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Please not to forget the gratuitous insult to all true Sherlockians of the abominable Three Garridebs moment. It is probably true that Plaidadder is right when she says in one of her Ao3 essays that the universe must hate the Three Garridebs story. In the Granada version, Jeremy Brett was too ill to film this, so it was incorporated into the Mazarin Stone episode, with Mycroft (Charles Gray) filling in at the last moment. But in TFP, it was a deliberate nose-thumping , a poke to the eye, to all the Johnlock part of the fandom. Simply not cricket, Mr Gatiss, if you consider yourself a gentleman, which has been called in doubt in other forums.
  5. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    What’s not to like? Let me count the ways: Scaring your brother out of his wits although you have already deduced the answer. Surviving intact a fall from the first floor of a building by bouncing off a super-resistant awning over the cafe just below, vaulting so far out that you and your shorter best friend take a flying leap over said flat’s wrought-iron balcony. Swallowing the whole Musgrave background whole, hook line and sinker. Poor little psychopath Euros just craving Sherlock’s attention as a child. Being sedated and then miraculously transported back to said Musgrave ruin in time to save your best friend by deciphering the moronic tombstones (Nemo, indeed!) although the outward trip was clearly seen to last as long as at least in the middle of the Irish Sea. Being arrogant enough to think that an irredeemable schizoid personality (little girl on the imaginary plane and all-powerful controller of the asylum) can be ‘cured’ by playing music together. Having the absolutely overweening arrogance of Mary’s last voiceover simply to restore our two heroes to their factory settings, according to Mr Gatiss. And that is just the major stuff. If I am forced to re-watch the flipping thing, I am pretty sure I shall find more WTF moments.
  6. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Lucky you, Bonnie lass! As for me, I rewatch S1&2 once a month, skip S3 except for parts of TEH and SOT, and watch TST selectively and TLD regularly. After that, TFP is simply not worth paying for the electricity to re-watch. The THIRD one is actually a super-brain, but, hey, she’s female, and intelligent females are all liable to be total nut-jobs if they aren’t freelance assassins! TAB is another kettle of fish, because of its Granada subtext, but is women’s suffrage worth the death of several abusive husbands? Certainly a WTF issue, not to mention the moronic choice of super-fat Mycroft. Mr Gatiss actually presented their project to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London before they even wrote the screenplay for the pilot episode, to test the waters. By the end of S4, they should have started a petition to have him resign his membership, IMHO.
  7. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Personally, I believe that the Sherlockians should have collected enough signatures from other outraged members of their club and forced Mr Gatiss to resign after HLV. The cudgel before the brain, indeed, as it was so aptly put in the original story by ACD!
  8. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    What is particularly irksome about the Sherlock BAFTA is that it was awarded for HLV! Thanks a million Messrs Moftiss for making a thinking machine into a panicky one-man execution squad! Not that we haven’t analyzed the cons of this phenomenal mess-up in the related thread, just saying... especially in view of the easy--peasy solution the powers that be came up in TST! Why in Heaven (or Earth) their flipping technicians couldn’t have come up with the appropriate digital manipulation before all the grandstanding at the aeroport? (Just an excuse for TAB?) Still another example of Mr Moffat’s sloppy, lazy, writing! Mr Freeman is probably right in saying that enough is enough already.
  9. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    There’s always Facebook and YouTube, dearest amphibian princess! Both American, if memory serves. P.S. Are you sure you want to be classed as John Watson’s best friend? Are you a Kung-fu master or hold any self-protecting martial arts certificate? The dear doctor has a violent streak a mile wide, as became evident in TLD. That Sherlock forgave him is a totally different kettle of fish!
  10. Inge l-w

    "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    Well, Benedict's has seriously taken off with the MCU, and the BAFTA he won for Patrick Melrose as Best mini-series tonight will be an extra boost. And they have already paid a kind of homage to the Granada series with TAB, not to mention going up against Jeremy Brett's masterly interpretation. Whatever Mr Freeman's views are on the fandom, he could not replace Edward Hardwicke, either.
  11. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    _O_/_AN/I _/_O_/_I_E,/_ _E/_ _ _ ER_ _AN_ _/_ E R_/ _I_ _ _E. oh, dear, Fantasy Lover, think Sign of Three and tea! Have a whopping good convention.
  12. Inge l-w

    Born as a Holmes

    You do realise that the song of the Mycroft videos comes straight from a James Bond film? The World is not enough with Pierce Brosnan, before the franchise was rebooted with a blond Bond, James Bond, in Casino Royale? So, effectively, Mycroft was, is and will remain M, whatever Mrs Hudson things of him! What fun!
  13. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Hope you are enjoying some off-time to relax! _O_/_A_/I_/_O_/ _I_ _,/_E_ /_ _ _ER_ _A_ _ _/_ER_/_I_ _ _E.
  14. Inge l-w

    "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Here goes, and a very Happy Easter to you and yours. I shall be here, there and everywhere in the next few days, so please excuse any delays! _O_/_AN/I_/_O_/ _ I_E,/_ _E/ _N_E_ _ _AN_ _/_E_ _/_ I_ _ _E.
  15. Telepathy? No way Jose! May I have teleportation instead? In other words, ‘beam me up, Scotty’ ? What I particularly dislike about Sir Arthur’s interview is his description of poor Dr Watson. Surely, that gave rise to all the dim-witted versions over the years, Nigel Bruce presiding, until they were dispelled by the Granada series, bless David Burke and Edward Hardwicke for trying so hard. Holmes would never have tolerated a dimwitted goldfish as his ‘friend and partner’!

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