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  1. To tell the truth I have always liked Loci, even before the films made Tom famous. The god of fire and mischief, even keeping Odin on his toes! Compared to dutiful son, merchant and housewife-friendly Thor, he was always the most exciting character in Norse mythology! Tom just made him more glamorous.
  2. The National Theatre has had to close until the end of August. Notification went up yesterday, as I am a subscriber. From now on every Thursday past performances on National Theatre Live on its iPlayer, and I should hope they would re-do Frankenstein and Hamlet with BC! In the meantime, he and Meryl Streep played the two wicked aunts of Part two in Taika Waitiki’s reading of James and the Giant Peach on YOuTube for a fundraiser!
  3. I and the family are enjoying a hot and rather humid end of July by watching Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, the Gary Oldman version on TV. Now, as it is generally known in this fandom, Peter Guillam is played by dear old BC. So far, so nice, especially with his blonde hair, which is much closer to his natural colouring, young and talented and even then a good driver, when in a reminiscing scene of a Christmas past, Peter is ordered to play the Russian anthem, and an uncredited proboscis of a nose holds a lady by the arm! Just imagine, discovering the British Government in a walk-on part, while bratty younger brother is prim and proper actual MI6, HM SIS or whatever. The mind boggles! P.S. I do hope everybody here remembers that Percy Allelyne is played by the incomparable Toby Jones, of TLD fame also!
  4. Going back to the Irene-Sherlock dynamic, what are your views about the possibility of the Scandal in Bohemia/Belgravia beats having been taken from the real-life story of the Jersey Lily (Lily Langtry) and the Prince of Wales ( later Edward VII) affair?
  5. YouTube is OK until the copyright owners pull the plug on popular uploads. The BBC and ITV are particularly stringent in enforcing their rights. DVDs or Blu-ray for me. You can freeze it, get up off the sofa or armchair, do other stuff and then unfreeze it and continue watching.
  6. Dear Carol, only eleven run-throughs is pretty average for hard-core fans, although I tend to give TRF, HLV and TFP a wide berth, skipping and fast forwarding. It’s cheating, but I still want to watch part of them, all the good bits. Other than that, being a hard-core fan of Granada Holmes, I regularly watch JBs version of Rebecca and An Ideal Husband. Then, there’s A whole lot of Rumpole of the Bailey, written by a self-confessed SH fan, Arsene Lupin with Georges Descrieres, Maigret with Michael Gambon and Bruno Cremer, Cadfael and I, Claudius with Derek Jacobi, the entire Batman and Star Trek sagas, both original and sequels. One is literally spoilt for choice!
  7. If you mean the one about The Lost Special, that was originally an ACD bona fide short story, and like with Hound of the Baskervilles, Sir Arthur retrofitted it to include Sherlock Holmes during the original hiatus. I bought the CDs ages ago, but have no desire to subscribe to anything Apple at the moment, the way the Big Bad Wolf Mr Cook is going to remove iTunes in favour of sheer capitalist lucre! It's already a joke that the stand to their newest iMac costs an extra $1,000!
  8. From S3 there are two scenes that stand out: Lestrade’s reaction to Sherlock’s call for help, with the helicopter hovering so close overhead as to blow the sheet music on the stand, and the part of The speech taken directly from ACD: ‘If I burden myself with a companion in my various little inquiries, it is not done out of sentiment or caprice...’ But if we are talking S2, Scandal in Belgravia stands head and shoulders above the pastiche of Hounds and the maudlin TRF. That scene in Mycroft’s house, where Sherlock looks so beaten and then snatched victory from the teeth of complete and utter failure is unbeatable, as is his whole interaction with the American agents mistreating his Mrs Hudson! ‘And exactly how many times did he fall on those bins?’ ‘I forget detective inspector”
  9. Dear Carol, it’s the same site, quizforfan.com, underneath the Which Sherlock character are you. Hope this helps.
  10. On the same subject there are two rather interesting quizzes: one for completing the sentence with 8 minutes to get everything, missed one, so I got 93%, and another about which Holmes villain you are. I am James Moriarty, the original mathematics professor, not the buffoon in the series, who thinks he would look good in a crown, the short-arse of TAB, thank heaven!
  11. Oh dear! Forties, here, and I actually got to Rathbone after the Granada series. Surely, you cannot have loved them all, there were highs and lows the size of hurricane waves!
  12. Oh, thanks for the intel besleybean. ‘Since you watch what you like, give the Granada version of The Dancing Men , The Norwood Builder, The Blue Carbuncle, The Red-Headed League, The Abbey Grange and The Second Stain a look-see. As Baryshnikov once said of Fred Astaire, “I dance, he’s doing something else.” Jeremy Brett wrought magic at his best.
  13. They can certainly do what they like with their show. If and when there an S5, we can take a head -count and see how many remain as loyal fans after TFP. By which, I mean that at the moment, out of the 120,000 -odd fanfics in Ao3 nearly 59,000 are Johnlock. Frustrated fans taking up their keyboards to make up for the indescribable mess that was TFP? Personally, being old-fashioned in my Sherlock preferences, married to his work is my cup of tea, but tell that to almost half the fandom and see what you get!
  14. Please not to forget the gratuitous insult to all true Sherlockians of the abominable Three Garridebs moment. It is probably true that Plaidadder is right when she says in one of her Ao3 essays that the universe must hate the Three Garridebs story. In the Granada version, Jeremy Brett was too ill to film this, so it was incorporated into the Mazarin Stone episode, with Mycroft (Charles Gray) filling in at the last moment. But in TFP, it was a deliberate nose-thumping , a poke to the eye, to all the Johnlock part of the fandom. Simply not cricket, Mr Gatiss, if you consider yourself a gentleman, which has been called in doubt in other forums.
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